Chapter 698: Pre-war Preparation (II)

    Chapter 698: Pre-war Preparation (II)

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    More than 20 wild hunters came to welcome Zhang Tie. All of them were wearing clothes and hats made of animal hides. Many of them were carrying crossbows and bolts on their back.

    This was a great force. Of course, there were more wild hunters in the Hunting Castle, 287 people in total, about half of which were LV 5 warriors, while the other half varied from LV 6 to LV 9. The head of these wild hunters was a LV 11 battle master called Hany. Such a combined force definitely ranked high among all the countries in Blackson Humans Corridor.

    In usual time, these people were wild hunters. However, when needed, they were maneuver force of Three-eye Association. These people had already robbed business groups many times nearby the Gusbay Trail of Kalay Mountain Range. Each time, nobody in the business groups survived. Leeb even joined one case. Besides, some murders in Free Commercial Federation were also involved with these people. Angus Clan even used these people to clear many opponents and disobeyed ones.

    "Young Master, please mount the horse!" A tall person with a tattoo in his face invited Zhang Tie as he led a magical horse here.

    "Hany, what's up in Hunting Castle these days?" Zhang Tie asked as he mounted on the magical horse adroitly. As Zhang Tie had already unveiled the 4th floor of All-spirits Pagoda, he was very sensitive to the senses of all the animals below LV 4 and was able to communicate with them. When that magical horse found a stranger was moving closer to him, it threw a glance at Zhang Tie. However, it instantly recovered its composure when Zhang Tie touched its neck with his hand. Besides, it intimately rubbed Zhang Tie's arm with its head.

    "With your blessings, everything is well!" Hany answered respectfully.

    "We've not hunted for a long time. I'm sure those preys have been impatient. We need to have a big party this time!"

    After hearing this pun, Hany's eyes gleamed as he licked his lips. Meanwhile, all the others burst out laughing.

    Before Zhang Tie's cars left, Zhang Tie told them to come here to pick him up 4 days later. Actually, they would have been disbanded by the steward after 2 days.

    " Gya 1  ..." Zhang Tie clutched the belly of the magical horse by his legs, making it rush towards the Hunting Castle, followed by others hurriedly.


    The magical horse moved very fast. In only a couple of minutes, Zhang Tie had already caught sight of the Hunting Castle of Angus Clan, which was a quality castle. As it was featured by hunting, it had a stronger defensive ability and aggressiveness. Its castle wall was higher with more collective firepower than that of common castles. Additionally, its location was steeper. Furthermore, there seemed to be a live spring in the Hunting Castle. On the back of the Hunting Castle, a snoed Zhang Tie also followed him in the Hunting Castle. Besides Hany, who followed Zhang Tie in the lobby, all the others went to do their own jobs.


    "Young master, are we going to set off soon?" Hany instantly asked the moment he entered the lobby.

    "Tell everybody to prepare for it these couple of days. There's a big action after 3 days!" Zhang Tie issued the order routinely. Even if the real Leeb arrived here, he would also say this. According to Leeb's plan, when the super demon corps were close to Upton City after 3 days, he would have these people disguise themselves and plunder some business groups in the downtown. After that, he would pretend to escape away from Upton City by an airship in the Hunting Castle together with these people and the items plundered by them. After arriving at the south of Blackson Humans Corridor, he would continue to be the young master while hiding his real status.

    "Ah? What's our target?" Hany asked anxiously.

    "You don't need to know that for the time being!" Zhang Tie waved his hand impatiently as he added with a grim look while narrowing his eyes, "Tell them to stay here these couple of days and ensure that there's no tricky person near the Hunting Castle. Additionally, have them check the functions of the airship and maintain it in the optimal state. I want it to fly off as soon as possible when in need!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    "As I will also prepare for the action, I will cultivate in the backroom these couple of days. When Aral comes back, tell him to take a rest in the castle for a couple of days and don't disturb me!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    "Alright, you can leave now."

    Hany then moved out of the lobby.


    Until Hany left did Zhang Tie start to glance seriously at this lobby. Watching the expensive crystal generators in four corners, the bear hides on the floor and the beasts' heads which had been made into specimens hanging on the walls, Zhang Tie swore inside, 'What a f*cking luxurious life...'

    Various animals, which had been captured by these people from Kalay Mountain Range were bred in a place of the Hunting Castle. Now that these people disguised as wild hunters, they had to hunt something when they went out like real wild hunters do. They could use some living animals to tell others that they were not bad wild hunters; additionally, they could eat these animals when they wanted.

    After the space in Castle of Black Iron was upgraded, Zhang Tie had been intending to move some more animals into Castle of Black Iron to make it more vigorous. Meanwhile, he could have some more incarnations in different emergencies. This time, he could make his dream come true.

    'But this is not the right time to do it. I will do it before leaving.'

    Zhang Tie wanted to make a good preparation for the coming battle in the Hunting Castle. No matter what strategies would Huaiyuan Palace adopt after 3 days, now that he could capture the shadow of that super demon corps in Upton City, Zhang Tie intended to kill a batch of iron-armored demons so as to take one more fruit of source of iron-armored demons.

    'Besides LV 9 iron-armored demons, there are also numerous demon powerhouses in that super demon corps such as at least 5 knights, a lot of battle spirits and battle demons. It's very necessary for me to further improve my battle force while risking some dangers. Coincidentally, I've just killed so many assh*les these days. I must have new fruits of brilliance and judgment. It is a good opportunity to digest it.


    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie entered Leeb's backroom in the Hunting Castle.

    There were two tunnels underground in the backroom, one led to Leeb's bedroom, the other led to a secret emergency escaping tunnel, which was only known by Leeb in the Hunting Castle.

    Zhang Tie entered the backroom from Leeb's bedroom. Besides millions of gold coins, Zhang Tie saw many practical items that he could use to cultivate, such as various medicaments, over 100 vials of all-purpose medicament and some quality armors and weapons that Leeb collected.

    Without even identifying them, Zhang Tie straightly swept all the items from the backroom and moved them into Castle of Black Iron.

    Closely after that, Zhang Tie contacted Leeb's father who was in the south of Blackson Humans Corridor using the remote-sensing crystal in the backroom. He used Leeb's tone to communicate with his father and "performed" how Leeb used to do.

    After doing this, Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron...

    There were 3 ripe fruits on the small tree, one leakless fruit, one fruit of brilliance and a fruit of judgment, which contained a medium "cracking" rune...

    Watching the 3 fruits, Zhang Tie grinned.


    Two days had passed, during which period, besides cultivation, Zhang Tie also studied the map of the north of Upton City. He even silently left the Hunting Castle in his incarnation and checked the terrain carefully in the north of Upton City. If the super demon corps marched towards here, they would definitely come from the north, west-north and east-north. The farther it was away from Upton City, the more difficult it would be to precisely locate the traces of the super demon corps. Finally, Zhang Tie reached a conclusion, 'Huaiyuan Palace could only ambush within a fan region about 150-300 miles away from Upton City in the north. As to the concrete location, it depended on the direction the super demon corps came from.'

    Actually, Zhang Tie was a bit indecisive these two days. Because he failed to find any abnormal situation outside Upton City even though he had circled many times outside there in the incarnation of the thunder hawk. In this case, there were only two possibilities, his intelligence didn't arouse the attention of any influential figure; the humans' preparation outside Upton City was out of his imagination. Zhang Tie expected that it was the second one. If it was the first one, it would be a great trouble.


    On the second evening, Zhang Tie came out of the backroom after making his preparations well.

    The moment Zhang Tie walked out of the backroom had he issued his order, "Re-group all the members of the Hunting Castle in the lobby. I will invite all of you; meanwhile, I have something 'important' to proclaim..."
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