Chapter 699: The Arrival of the Super Demon Corps

    Chapter 699: The Arrival of the Super Demon Corps

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    On the evening of August 31st, all the 287 wild hunters gathered in the lobby of the Hunting Castle...

    There were only burning torches that used beast's oil instead of fluorescent lamps in the lobby, under the reflection of which, all those in the lobby looked red.

    After Zhang Tie proclaimed that the super demon corps was going to raid Upton City tomorrow, everyone in the lobby exclaimed.

    What an amazing news!

    Zhang then told them about their jobs for tomorrow according to the arrangement of the real Leeb. After the exclamation, all of the wild hunters started to pant as they shot out bloody eye light.

    Some barrels of liquor was served. After casually moving his hands over those barrels, Zhang Tie took a barrel and made a glass of liquor for himself; closely after that, the barrel was passed to all the rest.

    After a short while, everyone in the lobby lifted their glasses.

    "After tomorrow, half of the land of Blackson Humans Corridor would belong to our Three-eye Association. All of you at present would be the rulers of this land in the future. You will have countless money and beauties. Let's cheer for the triumph tomorrow!"

    Watching Zhang Tie finishing his liquor, all the others lifted their glasses and finished them up with a great passion.

    After seeing all of them drinking off the liquor, Zhang Tie let out a sigh, 'How terrifying it is for me to combine the body-changing bloodline, secret methods of bloody soul temple and Castle of Black Iron! With them, I can easily do many things that can never be imagined.'

    "Young master, why do you sigh?' Hany asked Zhang Tie with a brilliant look as he was sitting right below Zhang Tie's side.

    "Alas, why did you choose to be the lackeys of demons and Three-eye Association? Remember to be a good person in your afterlife, if there's a chance!" Zhang Tie said sincerely as he watched Hany.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, everybody became stunned...

    "Young master, you..." Hany's face immediately turned as black as charcoal. Before finishing his words, he had already fallen on the ground in front of Zhang Tie stiffly.

    Almost at the same time, with consecutive noises, everybody in the lobby fell down like an ear of wheat, except for Zhang Tie. All of them looked as pitch dark as charcoal.

    As a result, the noisy lobby instantly became quiet. Only Zhang Tie was still sitting in the original seat. Hearing the rattling sound of the burning torch that had been immersed in beasts' oil and seeing the flames swaying in the air, Zhang Tie felt an icy and terrifying qi spreading in the lobby.

    Zhang Tie was also shocked, 'This kind of poison is sometimes more destructive than any other force.'

    Zhang Tie sprayed a poison named Poison of Black Sand in the liquor just now. Zhang Tie got it when he raided Zhen Clan Mansion in Huaiyuan Palace. Such a simple and efficient way occurred to his mind when he thought about how to cope with those b*stards of Three-eye Association in the Hunting Castle these couple of days.

    Thankfully, all the guys were used to drinking alcohol before they were dispatched out to do tasks by Leeb. Therefore, Zhang Tie believed that they would not doubt him if he poisoned them with liquor. Additionally, Zhang Tie found another powerful function of Castle of Black Iron, namely, nobody would find him spraying the poison of black sand into the barrel in front of them. Because nobody else could add the rank poison into the barrel only by touching the barrel.

    As of now, all the forces of Angus Clan in the north of Kalay Mountain Range had been easily swept over by Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie sat there and watched those corpses for a short while. After then, he picked himself up and took a round in the lobby. After throwing all the corpses in the Abyss of Chaos, Zhang Tie opened the gate of the lobby and walked out. Standing on the stairs outside the lobby, Zhang Tie looked up at the brilliant stars.

    It was almost midnight. Being blown by the cold night wind, Zhang Tie finally let out a deep sigh as he recovered his composure from the complex feelings when he killed 287 people at the same time. This was Zhang Tie's first time to kill people with poison. Compared to punches and blades, it brought Zhang Tie a new feeling. Pitifully, there were too few people at present. If there were hundreds more of them, Zhang Tie might even have tried the effect of the eggs of the double-headed parent worm.

    'All these b*stards of Three-eye Association deserved death. I just fought poison with poison.' Zhang Tie comforted himself.

    No matter how many murders had happened on the land and how many pains had it carried; no matter how many species had thought that they could be the owner of the land, the stars in the sky had remained unchanged since the ancient times. Looking up at the brilliant stars, Zhang Tie felt a great, firm power from them.

    The Hunting Castle became quiet at once as Zhang Tie could only hear the twitters of the insects in the mountain and the rustles of the tree leaves outside the Hunting Castle...

    Zhang Tie left the lobby and strode towards the stable of animals. It was beside a small garden in the east of the Hunting Castle.

    There were various animals, birds and beasts in iron cages, big or small. All of them could be seen in Kalay Mountain Range such as tigers, leopards, brown bears, mutated pangolins, huge wolves, lizards, some snakes with bizarre colors and some birds in different sizes. The most special one was an ant's nest in a huge metal can, while the ants inside were a bit larger than common ants. However, they were shining looming luster all over...

    When Zhang Tie was thinking about moving all the animals into Castle of Black Iron, he was suddenly puzzled by a question. Patting his head, he asked himself, 'It's easy for those omnivorous or vegetarian animals to survive in Castle of Black Iron, what about carnivores like tigers and leopards? What do they eat? To the final analysis, it seems that Castle of Black Iron has not established a complete ecological system yet. After so many years of collection, the plants inside have been very plentiful; however, it still lacked animals. Besides numerous bees and earthworms, Zhang Tie could almost count all the animals using his 10 fingers, 'I'd better not lock these carnivores in the cages and have people feed them everyday inside Castle of Black Iron. Otherwise, Castle of Black Iron would become a zoo.'

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang straightly moved all the vegetarian and omnivorous animals into Castle of Black Iron including that ants' nest. As to the other carnivores, he just set them free from the cages.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie had been an eligible descendant of the Great Wilderness School. Those carnivores behaved in a docile way in front of Zhang Tie. After sensing some special qi from Zhang Tie, the huge wolf was even a bit scared of Zhang Tie.

    In the dark, Zhang Tie led these animals out of the Hunting Castle and set them free in the wild. After that, Zhang Tie came back to the Hunting Castle and moved all the valuable items into Castle of Black Iron, including over 100 barrels of liquor in the cellar, over 10,000 secret books in the study, numerous grains and seeds in the warehouse, crates of tools and some senior metal and wood processing platforms.

    Leeb also had an extremely luxurious costume room here, where there were hundreds of wholly-new hunting costumes, warrior's costumes, leather boots, gloves and waistbands. All of them were of top quality. Zhang Tie then straightly moved all of them into Castle of Black Iron. 'Just take them as customized ones. From now on, I don't need to buy clothes anymore. Actually, I couldn't buy such high-end costumes from anywhere.'

    'Ahem..ahem...I have a family now, I have 3 babies to feed. Just save some money.' Zhang Tie thought stingily as he had completely forgotten that he had gained over an enormous wealth with the unit of 100 million in Tokei City.

    After sweeping over all the valuable items in the Hunting Castle, Zhang Tie set free all the living beings. After producing such a scene that was usually portrayed in detective novels, Zhang Tie incarnated into a black beetle and left out of here.

    One hour later, Zhang Tie reappeared in the pitch-dark No. 16 manor in Wealth Avenue. At this moment, nobody in Upton City had found that everyone in this manor had disappeared. The steward might have disbanded all the members here almost 10 hours ago. After that, the steward himself escaped successfully. The steward would be proud of the courage and awareness that he plucked up today for the rest of his life as long as he's alive.

    Being afraid of getting murdered by Leeb, the steward dared not take away any item from here when he left, except for his personal savings.

    In this manor, Zhang Tie also moved those costumes that he saw in the costume room two days ago into Castle of Black Iron.

    As men's costumes remained unchanged for hundreds of years, Zhang Tie knew that he didn't need to buy any costume for the rest of his life.

    After clearing the last benefit of Angus Clan, Zhang Tie incarnated into a thunder hawk and flew towards the north...

    After flying over 200 miles towards the north of Upton City, Zhang Tie landed on a twig of a huge tree near the peak as he started to look at the front, left and right with his sharp eyes.

    There was a possibility of 33% for the super demon corps to pass by the road beneath this peak. If not, they would rush towards Upton City from the other two directions less than 50 miles away from this road. Therefore, it was easy for him to detect the trace of the super demon corps.

    Zhang Tie then waited for the arrival of the super demon corps silently...

    After 4-5 hours, the super demon corps finally arrived at the dawn of September 1st.

    Precisely, Zhang Tie didn't see the super demon corps; instead, he saw a familiar bright bolt-shaped light pillar targeting the heaven. It reminded Zhang Tie of the same ground-breaking bolt that Elder Muray shot towards the sky in front of him...

    Closely after that bolt-shaped light pillar, Zhang Tie saw almost 10 powerful battle-qi totems rising up, which almost scared him to death...

    'F*ck, 10 knights! 10 human knights! What a scene...'

    Zhang Tie instantly showed his original look. Being blessed by his Kuafu Bloodline and senior rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie strode off the peak only by a couple of steps and rushed towards the far straightly.

    When he came out of Castle of Black Iron, he was still "Leeb"; however, after striding off the peak by 3 steps as fast as a lightning bolt, he had already recovered his original look. At this critical moment, Zhang Tie dared never join the battle in the look of a stranger. As there were so many human knights over there, if any of them recognized that he was a member of Three-eye Association or demons, they might launch a strike towards him when they passed by him; it would a tragedy if that really happened. By comparison, in the orthodox look of Hua people, he would be safer...
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