Chapter 700: A Head-on Strike

    Chapter 700: A Head-on Strike

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    Nobody had imagined that the fiercest collision between humans forces and the super demon corps would break out on the wilderness over 200 miles away from Upton in the north after the demonized puppets corps broke Humans' defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was rushing towards the battlefield as fast as a lightning bolt. With the effect of Kuafu Bloodline, Zhang Tie felt that the entire land became a huge spring. Each time he landed on the ground would he spring up and fly over 100 m ahead. He kept springing up and rushing forward in this way like a meteor chasing after the moon.

    With the effect of the senior rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie's Kuafu Bloodline raised its speed by 3 times, enabling Zhang Tie to almost match a knight in speed.

    In only a couple of minutes, Zhang Tie was just 30 miles away from the battlefield.

    Right then, a large number of fury-level airships dived towards the place where the battle-qi totems rose from behind the clouds like sharks that were chasing after their prey.

    Within Zhang Tie's vision, those airships started to drop a large number of black spots towards the battlefield like spraying beans.

    Zhang Tie knew that most of the black spots should be combustible gel bombs, while the others might be...

    Right then, some ground-breaking sounds drifted from afar, which were caused by more than one alchemist's bombs. Closely after that, Zhang Tie saw the fiery flames over dozens of miles away which almost tainted the whole sky.

    'How fierce!' Zhang Tie had never imagined that Huaiyuan Palace could launch such a head-on blow towards the super demon corps at the beginning.

    At this moment, all the people inside Upton City had been awakened by the loud sounds. All the garrisons in the airship bases outside Upton City were looking up at the sky with surprising looks as the whole sky had been covered with huge battle airships.

    It seemed that all the huge battle airships were hiding in the mountain near Kalay Mountain Range. At this moment, they all rose up and rushed towards the north at the fastest speed while being covered with a killing qi.

    Over 3,000 airships almost covered the whole sky, making onlookers' hearts pound.

    "My God, what's happening?" all the soldiers in an airship base outside Upton City were looking up at the sky with surprising looks. Even those refugees in the constant refugee camps outside Upton City had walked out of their tents and watched the terrifying airship troop rushing towards the north with dumbfounded looks.

    A major general of an airship base hurriedly rushed out from his dorm, improperly dressed, into the highest watchtower of the base. He then grabbed the telescope from the watchtower and targeted those airships.

    "Ah? They are from Jinyun Country and Qilan Country in the south. What's happening?"

    Nobody could answer him. When a whim occurred to his mind, the military commissioner instantly turned the telescope towards the north...

    Through the telescope, that military commissioner only saw obscure shadows at the beginning. After focusing on the targets, he could almost see those shadows clearly in the north dawn...

    The major general's face instantly turned pale as he saw over 10 battle-qi totems rising over 200 miles away from Upton City in the north. He knew what did it mean...

    "Ring the battle alert. The super demon corps is attacking us..." The major general roared, which could almost be heard across the airship base. The entire Upton City then became chaotic...

    According to the plan of Three-eye Association and demons, at this moment, Leeb had already chopped off one of the double-headed parent worm's head and turned millions of refugees outside Upton City into demonized puppets, causing the entire Upton City into a hell. However, because of Zhang Tie's deed, although many people were growing flurried, none of them turned into a demonized puppet.

    While running, a whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind. He then rapidly took out the remote-sensing crystal that he used to communicate with his elder brother. Benefited from the skill "mental arithmetic by abacus", he sent a key message to his elder brother.

    --Elder brother, are you there?

    --Yes, I am!

    Given the rapid response, it seemed that his elder brother and 6th granduncle had been waiting for his message.

    --Angus Clan of Free Commercial Federation belong to Three-eye Association, never let them go!

    Zhang Tie knew that this message would be sent back to Huaiyuan Palace at the fastest speed. After confirming that his earlier message was accurate, this message almost sent Angus Clan to the gallows. It was forgivable that humans could not punish those humans clans of Three-eye Association; however, if they could not even catch the exposed humans clans of Three-eye Association in the territory of humans, they didn't need to fight demons anymore.

    After sending out this message, Zhang Tie put away his remote-sensing crystal as he accelerated towards the battlefield.


    The battle had started in the fiercest state from the sky to the ground. The human elites that ambushed here didn't spare any time for demons to respond. The fiercest collision occurred at the beginning.

    In the sky, Elder Muray from Huaiyuan Palace was coordinating with the airship troop as he was shooting out bolts towards wing demons. Each of his bolts was effective within 2,000 m.

    After the wing demons' threat was cleared, the airship troop that flashed out of the clouds immediately dropped batches of combustible gel bombs towards the super demon corps like how hens laid eggs, causing hot fiery nets rising to the sky on the battlefield.

    No matter how rapid the super demon corps responded to the strike, they were a troop of 100,000 demon fighters. They occupied almost 1-2 sq km on the ground. Given such a great density, even if they were dead rats, they could also be hit by the combustible gel bombs, not to mention that each combustible gel bomb would cause a fire sea within 100 sq m. Even stones could be burned, not to mention living beings. What was more was that some of the ammo were terrifying alchemist's bombs.

    The first round of strike of the airship troop was the most effective as the formation of the super demon corps had not been fully dispersed. As a result, the first round of strike burned over 5,000 super demons into ruins or exploded them into pieces; meanwhile, almost the same number of super demons were injured. This was the most brilliant achievement that the human airship troop had made across Blackson Humans Corridor since the beginning of the holy war.

    The 4 human knights encountered 4 demon knights, 3 human knights circled the Demon General, 2 human knights were making a massacre in the super demon corps horizontally and vertically. The ground-breaking clashes and booms could be heard dozens of miles away.

    The battle range of knights was quite wide. Between the sky and the ground, they could move miles in a split second and clash with each other dozens even hundreds of times. Besides the 3 human knights who circled around the Demon General, the 4 human knights who fought the 4 demon knights had been dozens of miles away from the main battlefield and dispersed in four directions only after a couple of minutes.

    Together with the dispersing knights were the super demon corps. After suffering a severe loss from the first round of attack of human airship troop, this super demon corps had dispersed at a terrifying speed while displaying a terrifying battle force. As a result, the human airship troop made a poor achievement in the second round of attack.

    After realizing that they had fallen into the delicate trap of humans, the super demon corps had already started to evacuate rapidly towards northeast before greater batches of human airships arrived from afar. At this moment, it was blowing northeast wind in the sky. Being resisted by the wind, the airship troop slowed down. As a result, they could only watch the super demon corps escape farther and farther away...

    Even moving against the wind, the airships could also fly over 140 miles per hour. However, the airships could still not catch up with that super demon corps. What a terrifying super demon corps!

    After Elder Muray issued an order to the airship troop, he had been chasing after the rest wing demons. It was a rare chance to give a severe blow to the airforce of the demons.

    During the evacuation, 8 battle-spirit demons blocked 2 human knights. As a result, the 2 human knights' destruction to the super demon corps sharply reduced...


    "Lin Changjiang..." The Demon General in a pitch-dark fully-body armor roared as he glared at that man with its eyes which were as fierce as that of ghosts after the 4 meteors separated from a collision.

    On the opposite of the Demon General, that man was at his 50s. With a faint purple face, sword-sized eyebrows and snowwhite whiskers, he looked pretty dignified. Plus, a pair of heroic, shiny crane-like eyes, he could leave a deep impression on people at the first sight of him...

    Two more human knights were standing in the air behind the Demon General, one was the Lan elder that Zhang Tie had met in the Crystal Battle Fortress, while the other was from Norman Empire who broke out and left Mocco City when it was collapsed by demonized puppets...
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