Chapter 701: The Three-in-One Strength

    Chapter 701: The Three-in-One Strength

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    "Nice to see you, Demon General!" Lin Changjiang smiled.

    Although the distances between the 3 knights remained unchanged relatively, actually, all of them were moving rapidly in the air. The Demon General always stayed ahead of the super demon corps.

    "Three-in-One Strength!" The Demon General uttered a muffled voice through the air holes on its mask. It carried the bizarre sense of metal resonance. Commoners might feel disgusting when they heard this sound.

    "We could only use three-in-one tactic to deal with Demon General!" Lin Changjiang said.

    The other two human knights remained silent as they just stared at Demon General.

    "I've not imagined that I could fall into your trap once again after the event in Nein City. I really wonder how did you know I would raid Upton City."

    "It's simple. Your plan is exposed to us through our moles in Three-eye Association! What could be promised by demons could also be increased 10 times by us." Lin Changjiang explained calmly.

    After hearing this, Demon General slightly narrowed his eyes. Whereas, after only 2 seconds, Demon General had burst out laughing, "I was almost fooled!"

    "Really? Are you sure that I don't know that my lie would be seen through by you right away?" Lin Changjiang's eyes were filled with profound and mysterious brilliance.

    The red light flickered in Demon General's eyes, "I admit that I have indeed belittled you this time!"

    "It's the second time for you to belittle us!"

    "Lin Changjiang..." Demon General's voice instantly became icy while the red light in his eyes turned dangerous at once, "One day, I will chop off all the males' heads in your clans and string them together as my collection. All the females in your clans will be my slaves and playthings. Don't you humans hate clans of Three-eye Association? I will have all the females in your clans give birth to my descendants and have their offsprings as the new clans of Three-eye Association. Hahahaha..."

    After hearing this, Lin Changjiang threw a solemn look as he said, "It depends on whether you can survive today!"

    "Let's see who survives today!" The Demon General instantly accelerated as he launched the severe battle...


    The super demon corps moved too fast to be caught up by airships even against the wind. However, it was a piece of cake for Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie arrived at the initial battlefield and saw a lot of burning corpses of demon fighters and many other corpses that looked bizarre. After counting it silently, Zhang Tie estimated that at least 5,000-6,000 demon fighters were killed here.

    When he met those who had not completely died, Zhang Tie released his palm bolts to end their lives quickly.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was wearing a special band-waist which was filled with about 1,000 palm bolts. Hanging on Zhang Tie's body, they formed a special armor.

    It was the most efficient way to kill those iron-armored demons between LV 9 to LV 12. Within 100 m, Zhang Tie could definitely hit over 20 targets per second. This was really a sharp weapon on the battlefield.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't know that all the powerhouses above battle spirits in the super demon corps were busy with their own affairs.

    After passing over that battlefield, within 5 minutes, Zhang Tie had already caught up with the tail of the super demon corps.

    'God helps me.' Zhang Tie exclaimed inside after realizing that no powerhouses of super demon corps had paid attention to him. It was more like a customized chance for him.

    'Fruit of source, here I come!'

    After exclaiming inside, Zhang Tie kept releasing his palm bolts and exploded more than 20 iron-armored demons in a split second. Before the other iron-armored demons in the end of the formation realized what happened, Zhang Tie immediately rushed into the formation of the super demon corps and started his cool massacre.

    At this moment, the moving speed of the super demon corps was mainly determined by LV 9 iron-armored demons. Although they moved faster than commoners, they were crawling as slowly as tortoises in Zhang Tie's knight's consciousness. When Zhang Tie was LV 9, he could already easily kill a small team of iron-armored demons, not to mention now.

    With the terrifying speed and the destruction of his palm bolts, Zhang Tie felt as overwhelming as a baby shark breaking in a swarm of tadpoles. Wherever he went, all the iron-armored demons within 200 sq m were his targets.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was more like an unrivaled firepower output platform. In that case, even a knight could not match Zhang Tie's efficiency in diminishing iron-armored demons.

    After activating his skill "mental arithmetic by abacus", Zhang Tie targeted at iron-armored demons on his left and right sides at the same time while palm bolts flew off his two hands at the same time, making him a terrifying humanoid battery.

    During the 2 minutes, Zhang Tie shocked all the others, either demons or humans. None of them could imagine such a freak.

    During the 2 minutes, Zhang Tie kept rushing forward as he kept releasing his palm bolts. He would release 7-16 palm bolts per second from each hand. As a result, wherever he passed by was always accompanied by the cracking sounds of crackers...

    Mainly, Zhang Tie would kill each target with only one palm bolt. If he failed to do that, it indicated that the target was above LV 12; he would then never waste his time and energy to release the 2nd palm bolt towards the same target; instead, he would get rid of that target as fast as possible. After that, he would continue to kill those weaker ones below LV 12 within 200 sq m.

    What an extremely wretched and terrifying tactic!

    In usual days, Zhang Tie would never have such a chance. He might have already been chased away awkwardly by any demon powerhouse above battle spirit before he got close to the super demon corps. However, at this moment, Zhang Tie caught the God-given opportunity and created an amazing meritorious deed.

    Only in 2 minutes, Zhang Tie had already released all the 1,000-odd palm bolts. Almost 1,000 iron-armored demons fell on the ground. The tail of the super demon corps was severely destroyed. Certainly, Zhang Tie was followed by a big tail, which was composed of LV 13-14 demon powerhouses. Nevertheless, Zhang Tie just ignored them. As they could not catch up with Zhang Tie, they could only growl towards Zhang Tie's back with furious looks...

    At the sight of this, everybody else was shocked inside, even human and demon knights...

    'Who's that guy?'

    At the sight of this, Demon General, who was surrounded by 3 human knights, was instantly driven mad that he even wanted to dive down there and tore Zhang Tie into pieces.

    By contrast, noticing Zhang Tie's excellent performance, the Lan elder was also extremely stunned.

    'Zhang Tie...'

    A name flashed across Lan elder's mind. As the 3 human powerhouses were in a three-in-one state, their knights' consciousness were closely connected with each other. Therefore, Lin Changjiang and that knight from Norman Empire also knew that the human elite on the ground was Zhang Tie.

    'Selnes Eagle?'


    Zhang Tie attacked the super demon corps together with 10 human knights across Blackson Humans Corridor and killed over 1,000 enemies individually, namely 1/100 of the entire battle force of the super demon corps. After this battle, Zhang Tie had become a legendary person while his name was well-known across the Blackson Humans Corridor.

    After using up his palm bolts, Zhang Tie started to release his Iron-blood punches like shells. As a result, some LV 13 demon powerhouses were killed by him in an extremely arbitrary way. Additionally, all the iron-armored demons within 30 steps were exterminated by the off-hand battle qi of his Iron-blood Fist, one punch for one demon.

    After his palm bolts, Zhang Tie's Iron-blood Fist made him eye-catching on the battlefield once again...

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's performance, all the knights from Norman Empire widened their eyes.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt pretty satisfied. He even had a feeling of sacrificing himself. The more demons could he kill this time, the fewer humans would be killed in the future.

    In such a rising, dauntless battle consciousness, Zhang Tie's Iron-blood Fist evolved once again.


    Another 1,000 airships appeared in the northeast sky. Following the wind, they were accelerating towards the remaining super demon corps. As if they had long predicted that the super demon corps would rush in that direction, great batches of combustible gel bombs were dropped from the airships, causing a secondary severe casualty to the super demon corps.

    With a boom, the battle qi cloud formed by the 4 knights exploded. As a result, the 3 human knights looked a bit pale. Lin Changjiang's mouth corners maintained blood stains. The Demon General's armor was also damaged to a certain degree.

    The Demon General's eyes looked pretty grim under his helmet.

    "You forced me to do that!"

    A bunch of light rose from Demon General's back and formed the complex, geometrical halos. Closely after that, an invisible shockwave spread over the entire battlefield from the halos...

    "Three-in-one strength!" Lin Changjiang exclaimed as a firm look flashed across his eyes at once. After that, he rapidly took out a vial of rufous medicament and drunk it. The other two human knights also quickly took out vials of medicament or pills and drunk them. Meanwhile, they all looked solemn...

    All the human knights had been shocked by that shockwave. Therefore, they immediately drunk or ate some rare medicament or pills to sharply increase their battle force...


    Zhang Tie didn't know what happened in the sky. He could only sense a bizarre and invisible strength covering the entire battlefield. If he did not have the knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie could never sense such a change.

    Closely after that shock wave, all the demon fighters facing Zhang Tie had their battle-qi totems risen up. Meanwhile, there was a bizarre rune on each one's back. As a result, each demon fighter's speed increased by at least 30% in a split second.

    Zhang Tie immediately felt a sharply increasing stress.

    'What's happening?' Zhang Tie was also shocked...

    "Kill him!" A merciless order drifted from the sky.

    Before Zhang Tie figured out what was happening, the two colliding "meteors" had finished their battle. A human knight flashed away while spurting out fresh blood. The demon knight who had fought the human knight also had a bizarre rune on his back. He straightly flew towards Zhang Tie with a strong killing qi. Zhang Tie instantly felt that he was locked by a powerful spiritual energy...

    'Demon Knight? F*ck...'

    Zhang Tie instantly turned around and escaped at the maximum speed...

    The battle situation changed abruptly. The two human knights who were wrestled by a number battle-spirit demons rose up and headed for supporting other human knights, leaving the demons on the ground to the airships. No matter how great the three-in-one strength was, it could never enable those below knights to fly. However, the human knights in the sky were mired in a dangerous situation.

    After a few minutes, Elder Muray, who had scared the sh*t out of the wing demons, felt the abnormal situation here as he hurriedly flew towards here from the north. Before he joined the sharp battle qi clouds had he heard Lan elder's sound.

    "Brother Muray, hurry, Zhang Tie is being chased by a Demon Knight in the southeast direction..."

    'What? Zhang Tie...'

    After glancing over the battlefield, Elder Muray instantly flew towards the southeast.


    Zhang Tie had not felt such a feeling for a long time. Last time, this feeling appeared in the Wild Wolf Valley, when he was hunted by 3 wild wolves. However, this time, he was tightly locked by a Demon Knight with its spiritual energy.

    In this state, Zhang Tie felt like a rabbit being chased by a falcon. Although being in a dilemma, he felt pretty calm inside.

    The map about this region that he formed when he flew over this region in the incarnation of thunder hawk a couple of days ago appeared in Zhang Tie's mind at this moment. Zhang Tie started to rack his mind so as to seek for the chance to escape...
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