Chapter 703: An Unknown World

    Chapter 703: An Unknown World

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    Under such a great underground suction, Zhang Tie and that demon knight were flushed into the bottomless abyss along with the terrifying huge swirl. In such a sheer terror, even that demon knight could barely balance his body. It could not attack Zhang Tie in such a situation. If not having been granted a super great anti-resistant ability by a great number of iron-body fruits, Zhang Tie might have been collapsed in the great suction and pressure of the terrifying swirl.

    In such a scene, Zhang Tie felt that he and the demon knight were just two trivial insects who were flushed into a huge toilet seat.

    Zhang Tie had never imagined that he could come to such a bizarre place after casually choosing an exit from the numerous underwater turnoffs and karst caves.

    The water flow flushed downwards at a high speed. Zhang Tie estimated that he moved at least 300 miles per hours in the water flow.

    After being sucked in the swirl, Zhang Tie experienced a cliff-like drop like a waterfall. Closely after that, he was involved in another maze-like subterranean river course and continued to flush downwards, followed by another cliff-like drop. The demon knight was still gazing at Zhang Tie tightly from 100 m away. As it had already followed Zhang Tie in such a deep unknown space, if it lost its target and its own life, it would be a great tragedy.

    Zhang Tie also sensed the demon knight's killing intent; however, he ignored it. As for Zhang Tie, he could always survive in the water with Castle of Black Iron as an auxiliary cheat wherever he was taken by the water flow.

    100 m was a safe distance that Zhang Tie purposefully kept with the demon knight. If it was narrower than that distance, Zhang Tie would be attacked by the demon knight. Even in water, a knight's battle force was still very destructive. As long as the demon knight pointed towards Zhang Tie with its finger, a strand of battle qi like a bolt of a strong crossbow would penetrate through dozens of meters in the water towards him. If Zhang Tie was hit, he would spurt out blood for sure.

    Although Zhang Tie's safe distance was 100 m, the actual distance between him and the demon knight was smaller than that in underwater turnoffs and curves. Therefore, 3 hours later, after making some turns in the torrents and entering some turnoffs, that demon knight finally faced a tragedy. The moment Zhang Tie entered a curve had he disappeared in front of the demon knight. Two underwater turnoffs appeared in front of the demon knight. After hesitating for 0.1 seconds, the demon knight chose the left one while balancing his body; then...

    Then, he found he lost his target forever.

    Zhang Tie could hear the roar of the demon knight faintly. He knew that the demon knight had lost its target. So what? In such a case, Zhang Tie preferred to not be the landmark by reappearing in the vision of the demon knight at the risk of his own life.

    Zhang Tie faintly let out a sigh as he felt a bit regretful.

    'But if that demon knight is suffocated here, it's also worthwhile for me.' Zhang Tie thought.


    After half an hour, Zhang Tie heard the sound similar to that of the waterfall. Before he responded, he had been ejected out of a cave by a torrent and fell in the air...

    In a split second, Zhang Tie saw the glow in the sky and the vast shimmering water, thousands of meters away under his feet.

    Zhang Tie then descended at an extremely high speed along with the water flow. Heart racing, Zhang Tie started to worry about the situation under the water. If there were stones under the water, he would be severely wounded at least, if not dead.

    With a sound "bang", Zhang Tie punched towards a nearby cliff as fast as a lightning bolt. With the reactive thrust, he got rid of the torrent. At the same time, he stretched out his limbs for the greatest resistance in the air flow. When he was about 100 m above the water, Zhang Tie let out a sigh, 'Thankfully, it's bottomless here.'

    Before entering the water, Zhang Tie immediately launched dozens of punches towards the water. With the reactive thrust, he abruptly slowed down. Closely after a "splash", he dove into the water.


    After over 10 seconds, Zhang Tie showed his head above the water, 1,000 m away from where he entered the water. Hearing the distant splashes, Zhang Tie started to look around with widely opened eyes.

    This was an underground ocean. According to the falling time and speed, Zhang Tie knew that this underground ocean was at least 1,000 miles beneath the ground's surface.

    Zhang Tie had long known that there was an ocean beneath the ground. However, it was his first time to see a real one.

    This was a very vast underground space. At least Zhang Tie had not seen its border when he fell off.

    Taking a broad view, Zhang Tie saw some splendid waterfall falling off the dome of this underground space within dozens of miles. Zhang Tie himself was spurt out of the waterfall on his side, which was over 10 miles above the water. After falling on the water, the torrents aroused a large area of sprays, which covered 1 sq km. Being tainted by the glow in the sky, the white sprays also became red, which looked fantastic. If above ground, such a fabulous scenery would definitely become eye-catching.

    The glow originated from the stones that distributed on the rocks at the dome of the space. The highest place of this space was about dozens of kilometers away from the ground surface, which looked like a huge bubble. Zhang Tie predicted that those red stones were a special fluorescent stone or crystal. Those stones were distributed in evident mineral veins and irregular stripes like fabulous huge natural luminous zones embedded in the wall.

    It was between 20 and 30 degrees Celcius here. The air was not muddy here; instead, it was very refreshing. Additionally, the underground ocean was composed of fresh, translucent water. Some odd-looking fish were swimming in the water. Right now, Zhang Tie caught sight of many thumb-sized little fish whose heads were luminous and some bizarre aquatic plants like waterweeds.

    'Whether that demon knight had also fallen inside here?' Zhang Tie wondered as he looked around vigilantly before diving into the water...

    The moment he dove into the water had he seen some little luminous fish swarming up out of curiosity. They weren't afraid of Zhang Tie at all. Neither did Zhang Tie care about them; instead, he just slid faster towards the far.

    When Zhang Tie fell in the water, he saw a broad land over 40 miles away. Before that demon knight appeared, Zhang Tie wanted to take a look at the land first.

    It only took Zhang Tie 7-8 minutes to arrive there. Coming out of the ocean, Zhang Tie walked onto that land and the beach one step after another.

    Besides fine gravels, there were also many plants on the land, some of which were huge fungi in the shape of an umbrella; some were like huge palm trees which were as high as 100 m; some were grey ferns. Additionally, there were numerous purple grasses that Zhang Tie had never seen before.

    As the red luminous zones were not evenly distributed, some places were brighter, some were darker; some were even pitch-dark due to the terrain. The entire space formed a very splendid, three-dimensional light and shadow zone. In brighter places, plants would grow better; by contrast, there were fewer plants in darker places. Some places were empty.

    After a few minutes, with a cracking sound, Zhang Tie broke a rotten leaf and fell into a pit. Zhang Tie was so scared that he even thought that he fell into a trap. However, after realizing that it was just a natural pit, Zhang Tie mocked himself. Lowering his head, he kicked away that dried leaf and moved out of the pit.

    Zhang Tie then became meticulous. After a few more steps, he found another pit. With a smile, Zhang Tie strode over from aside...

    After a short while, Zhang Tie stopped as he frowned. He realized that the two pits were too symmetrical. It looked a bit familiar...

    Zhang Tie then turned back and looked at the two pits carefully as his frowns grew deeper. After moving a few steps back, Zhang Tie waved his hand while his iron-blood battle qi flew over the near ground like a tender razor. As a result, the thick rotten leaves and dust were blown away, exposing the real look of the two pits.

    A huge skull appeared on the ground. Zhang Tie realized that the two pits were just the eye sockets on the skull.

    Given the look of the skull, Zhang Tie predicted that it had existed here at least hundreds of thousands of years. Although only a small part of the skull was exposed above the ground, the two eye sockets were completely like the baby's bathtubs.

    Zhang Tie drew in a mouth of breath as his trains of thoughts seemed to have been frozen. Because he realized that the skull belonged to a giant instead of a wild beast.

    Zhang Tie then quickly moved away from the nearby rotten leaves and mud using his iron-blood battle qi. Finally, he saw a looming, small half of a giant skeleton as high as 20 m...

    Giants were usually taken as legends by humans before the Catastrophe when their ideology was limited in a narrow space. Giants were usually carved on frescos. However, actually, giants indeed existed. The giants' skeletons were indisputable evidences. Even before the Catastrophe, humans had discovered giants' skeletons across the world. As the existence of giants would overthrow the authorized history about humans fabricated by demons and enable humans to re-evaluate themselves in pursuit of their own halos, all the giants' skeletons and discovery experiences before the Catastrophe were covered along with the truth of human history. Those bribed experts, authorities, alleged biologists, historians, media and governments would emphasize that no giants existed in this world and everything about giants were lies and legends.

    However, that was real. After the Catastrophe, the truths were gradually exposed while more and more evidences were acknowledged by the humans. By then, humans discovered that their history was unimaginably brilliant. Many things that were labeled as legends and myths by the main-stream society before the Catastrophe indeed existed...

    Before Zhang Tie came to this world, a giant' skull had been discovered in the iron ore area outside Blackhot City. At that time, all the humans in the entire Blackhot City rushed to see the giant's skull. It even shocked Andaman Alliance. Zhang Tie was told by his natural science teacher in the No. 7 National Middle School. When the teacher talked about this, he even sighed with full of emotions. Later on, that giant's skull was purchased by a mysterious figure and carried away by an airship after lying there for a couple of days. From then on, nobody across Blackhot City saw the giant's skull any longer.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could see a giant's skeleton here. Such a complete giant's skeleton which represented the real history being hidden by demons would be worth at least 1 million gold coins as the most expensive collection above the ground...
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