Chapter 705: Being Accompanied by Lonely Stars

    Chapter 705: Being Accompanied by Lonely Stars

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    After penetrating through that light film, Zhang Tie came to a huge space which was like the size of a football field. He was in the geometrical center of gravity of the magnificent crystal pyramid.

    After hearing the sound, Zhang Tie looked back and found the gate that he entered through had disappeared and turned into a huge piece of crystal. The entire space was sealed from outside, leaving Zhang Tie alone inside.

    'What happened?' Zhang Tie became surprised while numerous runes appeared in those crystals and started to run fantastically. The runes ran faster and faster. In a couple of seconds, Zhang Tie, although with his knight's consciousness, had found that he could not identify those runes. After a few more seconds, those runes turned into the light.

    The countless light was running in the crystals. The entire space was gradually wrapped in a layer of a light cocoon. Inside the light cocoon, the crystals gradually became obscure while a brilliant river of stars appeared above Zhang Tie's head...

    Zhang Tie was completely stunned by such an exotic scenery.

    However, before Zhang Tie asked the question, he had received a group of spiritual messages from this space.

    --The tower of time starts. The time torsion in this space is the standard difference between the rotation time and the revolution time of this planet. That is to say, one year in this space is equal to one day outside.

    --After half-monthly phase change period, namely 15 years in this space, 15 days outside, the time torsion value would recover zero, when the tower of time will enter silent energy storage period once again.

    --During this period, the vital aura value filling this space will naturally maintain all the daily demands for the incomer and prevent the incomer's living cells from aging.

    --If you want to leave in advance, you can rotate the time ball on the ground in the anti-clockwise direction.

    --After 60 standard years outside, this tower of time will restart.

    Zhang Tie finally understood the meaning of "tower of time". When this tower opened, it would enable the incomer to cultivate 15 years in this space without eating or drinking. However, it was only equal to 15 days of outside.

    After closing his eyes, Zhang Tie then sensed an extremely pure, tender, delicate and vigorous energy filling this space. Being immersed in such a natural energy, each cell in Zhang Tie's body was in a very cozy state. Almost one day had passed since the dawn of September 1st. After experiencing the high-intensity battle with demons and being chased by a demon knight, Zhang Tie also was a bit fatigued and hungry. However, at this moment, the exhaustion and hunger were gradually disappearing.

    Even fine dust could enter human's blood and body through skin cells, not to mention the life energy here.

    After thinking through it, Zhang Tie instantly felt relieved.

    The alleged golden time ball was on the ground in the distance which was as high as Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie walked over there while the entire space was resounding with Zhang Tie's clear footsteps. The feeling could only be described with one word--peace.

    After coming to the front of the time ball, Zhang Tie found it was a complexed rune or an alchemist's structure made of an unidentified metal. The entire time ball was slowly rotating on the ground in a clockwise manner. Zhang Tie noticed the circles of scales outside the ball, which seemed to represent the time elapse of this space.

    A whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind as Zhang Tie injected some spiritual energy inside the ball. As was predicted by him, he indeed got a precise time since the tower of time started and how much time was left in this tower.

    Besides the precise time, this time ball also contained a line.

    --Ants gather to seek for survival while the powerful ones are accompanied by loneliness and the stars.

    After reading the line for a short while, Zhang Tie looked more decisive.

    Besides this time ball, Zhang Tie also saw some square crystal platforms in this huge space. One of the square crystal platforms looked like a bed with nothing on it. Some platforms looked like an operating platform very much. Strangely, those platforms reminded Zhang Tie of someone fabricating various pills and medicaments and cast tools on them. If he had made full preparations, Zhang Tie could have brought many useful items inside and forged his own skills here.

    Thinking of skills, Zhang Tie instantly had an idea. He then closed his eyes and hurriedly attempted to activate a trouble-reappearance situation in his mind sea by running his spiritual energy.

    In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie had appeared on the sea beach of Hidden Dragon Island while the poor little sea snake was swimming towards Zhang Tie forcefully and wanting to bite Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie smiled. Because he ate the trouble-reappearance fruit which naturally contained the trouble-reappearance situation. Therefore, the trouble-reappearance situation was not influenced inside this space. Otherwise, he could only constantly light that stick of spiritual feather and store the ammo to light surging points instead of promoting to new levels inside this space.

    Zhang Tie pointed at that small sea-snake using one finger while the entire trouble-reappearance situation disappeared in light dots.

    After opening his eyes, Zhang Tie took a round in the space. Closely after that, he walked to the stony platform and started to polish that stick of spiritual feature in his Shrine.

    From then on, Zhang Tie entered his deep meditation.

    After 2 days, Zhang Tie's cultivation rhythm was fixed in the tower of time.

    Each day, he would spend 12 hours to polish the stick of spiritual feather in the Shrine, 5 hours to read the endless great wild true words and cultivate the mysterious methods in the "Great Wilderness Sutra", 2 hours to enter trouble-reappearance situation and 2 hours to forge his battle skills in the vast space of the tower of time, where he could release his battle-qi and battle skills in the most violent and shocking way. As to the remaining 3 hours, he would sleep.

    Actually, besides sleeping, he almost used all the time to cultivate.

    In the tower of time, being nourished by the pure life aura energy of pyramid, Zhang Tie wouldn't feel thirsty or hungry. He didn't need to go to the toilet either. Besides sleeping, he could always maintain a very vigorous state. Additionally, Zhang Tie found that the quality of his sleep was really unimaginable. Only after 3 hours of rest, he could recover his spiritual energy and physical strength completely just like sleeping more than 10 hours outside.

    As to the 2 hours in the trouble-reappearance situation each day, Zhang Tie would determine the next surging points to light, read mysterious books in the Secret Knowledge Pavilion or Breaking Heavens Library or take a walk on the seaside to listen to the sea waves and the waving tree leaves...

    Being blessed by the great energy of the crystals, he could light surging points two more times faster than that before. On the 4th day since he came in here, Zhang Tie had already lit the 146th surging point with his great spiritual energy...

    From then on, Zhang Tie gradually made progress towards LV 13 battle monster at the speed of lighting 1 surging point per 4 days...

    In such a cultivation, Zhang Tie almost forgot about time...


    After 350 days, sitting on the crystal bed with crossed legs, Zhang Tie opened his eyes as he had just lit the 233rd surging point...

    The moment he lit the surging point had he felt his qi sea vibrating while the entire qi sea expanded two more times. At the same time, the battle qi rolled in his qi sea and gradually became more condensed. After filling the entire qi sea, his battle qi overflew his qi sea and covered his whole body. By then, Zhang Tie could release battle qi attack from every part of his body. Additionally, his battle force rose to a new high. Once he was promoted to LV 14, his battle qi would condense and form a powerful protective battle qi outside his body.

    Not only that, when the battle qi rolled all over his body, Zhang Tie felt his eyes turning cold abruptly and as comfortable as being covered with two pieces of ice cubes. By contrast, his ears felt warm like being wrapped in a hot-water bag. After sustaining this feeling about half an hour, Zhang Tie felt that he had gained a great improvement in his visual sense and auditory sense. Undoubtedly, this was the reward gifted by the King Roc Sutra when he promoted to LV 13.

    Having the experience in incarnating into a thunder hawk, Zhang Tie knew it clearly how sharp visual sense did a thunder hawk have. However, at this moment, he found that his visual sense became even sharper than a thunder hawk. His visual sense got a qualitative improvement on the basis of dark vision...

    Zhang Tie picked up himself from the ground and moved his limbs. At the same time, all of his muscles cracked once again.

    Zhang Tie shot out a punch, which was more like a bloody, fierce tiger than a mass of battle qi. The tiger roared as it flashed over 50 steps of distance and disappeared on the mysterious crystal wall of the tower of time...

    Zhang Tie didn't become disappointed about that. Even the knight's strike towards the tower of time was like a tickle, not to mention Zhang Tie himself.

    Zhang Tie's iron-blood fist officially entered the realm of turning battle qi into real shape as was featured in LV 13. This realm was described as "punches are tigers which can sweep over an army of thousands of soldiers" in the mysterious book "Iron-blood Fist".


    Zhang Tie entered the shadow demon cell once again. This time, Zhang Tie found that Master Abyan turned much clumsier than last time. Not only that, Master Abyan even looked hilarious. Without activating a senior rapidly moving rune, Zhang Tie just collided with Master Abyan face to face based on Kuafu bloodline and his great battle force. Only after a bit more than 10 minutes, Abyan had been torn into pieces by a flock of bloody, fierce tigers...

    Watching Abyan struggling in front of his iron-blood fist, Zhang Tie felt Abyan became aged for the first time.

    The trouble-reappearance situation then broke into light dots...


    After banging the gate for almost one day, the demon knight finally panted wearily. Being driven extremely mad, the demon knight could not think through how the gate of the tower of time closed after almost being pushed open. It tried its best to think about the possible reasons. Closing its eyes, it racked its mind to recall all the details...

    After a long while, the demon knight seemed to get something with his super great spiritual energy and memory. When it was forcefully pushing open the gate, an insect seemed rapidly drilling into the gate through the crack. However, it didn't pay attention to that insect due to the great excitement...

    When the demon knight remembered the rules to access the tower of time, it gritted its teeth.

    'What? I was defeated by an insect?'

    The demon knight roared which could be heard within dozens of squares miles...

    From then on, all the plants and animals in this underground space were in trouble...
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