Chapter 706: Promoting to a Knight

    Chapter 706: Promoting to a Knight

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    As Zhang Tie had eaten too many fruits, he was cultivating at an unprecedented high speed.

    To promote to LV 14 from LV 13, it required him to light 144 surging points. This process took Zhang Tie almost 580 days.

    If he did not have a trouble-reappearance situation, Zhang Tie even wondered whether he could stand such a tough cultivation in such an isolated space. He might have been driven mad in less than 1 year.

    However, during the past 584 days, Zhang Tie learned to sing songs. He always hummed songs alone.

    Previously, Zhang Tie didn't know how to sing songs. Nobody taught him either. He could only whistle at most or hum one or two lines. As there were music books in Breaking Heavens Library, Zhang Tie read some and learned to sing songs. He could even identify music scores.

    The imitating bloodline granted him an excellent talent in learning music which originated from humans' far-ancient ancestors; plus Zhang Tie's precise control about his singing skills and his long-lasting qi, he could dwarf all the human singers before the Catastrophe. When he heard his own song, Zhang Tie was so excited that he almost burst into tears. Zhang Tie had never imagined that he could sing so well.

    After that, Zhang Tie always killed time by singing songs in the tower of time.

    Zhang Tie found that singing songs was the simplest way to make the singer and others forget about loneliness which was least limited to tools and conditions. As long as he input his emotions and feelings, he found that he could release his loneliness, express his ideas, entertain himself and others by singing songs.

    Zhang Tie smoothly gained his protective battle qi before promoting to LV 14. Additionally, his defensive ability was also intensified by the "King Roc Sutra". He also gained a complete fulfillment on his "Soul Capture Skill".

    Zhang Tie promoted to LV 14 while singing songs. After that, he put all the demons and Master Abyan that he had killed into the same trouble-reappearance situation and mistreated them fiercely. This time, he felt the battle rather insipid. He could not seek any pleasure with them. Therefore, Zhang Tie remembered that huge deep-sea monster. He finally found back some feeling of freshness by fighting that huge deep-sea monster which had been killed by Stars and Moons Sword Sage in the trouble-reappearance situation.

    However, such a battle became boring once again after a few months when Zhang Tie promoted to 2-star battle monster.

    As he had realized a complete fulfillment of his "Soul Capture Skill", Zhang Tie found two more secret books from Secret Knowledge Pavilion when he was free. At this moment, Zhang Tie was tapping his interests rather than cultivating in such a lonely space.

    The two secret books were both about how to release hidden weapons. They were not advanced secret books. Due to limited destructive force, hidden weapons were devalued by humans. Therefore, the two secret books were placed on the 5th floor of the secret knowledge pavilion, one was called "Nets Above and Snares Below", the other was called "One Thousand Hands and One Thousand Fingers". The two secret books were not too attractive to commoners. However, for Zhang Tie, the two secret books could raise his original advantages to the utmost. After combining with his strength and his extremely precise throwing skill, Zhang Tie grew stronger. This was how Zhang Tie chose to cultivate himself. He chose those secret books that could raise his advantages to the utmost instead of just choosing advanced secret books.

    It was a distant and lonely journey from LV 14 battle monster to LV 15 battle spirit. Zhang Tie spent 2 years and 7 months on this process...

    It was a tougher test about Zhang Tie's will and soul from LV 15 battle spirit to a knight. During this process, Zhang Tie almost couldn't stand to move closer to the time ball.

    --Ants gather to seek for survival while powerful ones accompany with loneliness and stars.

    Each time Zhang Tie read this would he grit his teeth and stick to his cultivation. Due to his persistence, Zhang Tie completed the most important metamorphosis in his life from inside to outside.

    After tiding over the toughest 2 years of test, Zhang Tie felt that he had completely become purified inside. He felt like experiencing a sacred baptism as he started to sense a beautiful loneliness and silence under the stars. At the same time, he had a strong, brilliant life experience and recognition about his existence, which surpassed all the subjective senses and the bond in time and space. In such an experience, Zhang Tie knew that he could be free wherever he was and whatever he was doing...

    Zhang Tie knew that this experience was the foundation for him to be a real powerhouse.

    From then on, Zhang Tie completely forgot about time. He just cultivated, cultivated and cultivated...

    Not knowing how long had passed, after lighting the 987th surging point calmly, Zhang Tie watched the 987 burning surging points. He found that those burning surging points had linked with each other and formed a marvelous chakra. A seed rune of "King Roc Sutra" then flew out of his Shrine from the chakra and displayed an image of a golden roc king who stretched out its huge wings...

    Zhang Tie's qi sea and the Shrine surging point exploded at the same time like how the universe came into being and turned into a void universe. Closely after that, his battle qi turned into solid and became a hot sun whose bright rays endlessly provided a powerful knight's battle qi for him...

    At this moment, surging waves aroused in his mind sea, from where a bright moon rose up. The All-spirits Pagoda was above the bright moon. The moonlight cast off, breaking the qi sea at once.

    Sunlight surging upward while moonlight pouring down. The two lights converged in Zhang Tie's chest, where the Chakra's core rested. Closely after that, the entire Chakra started to rotate like a machine that absorbed the sheer terror in the universe. At the same time, the overwhelming strength entered Zhang Tie's body. Zhang Tie gradually floated up as he radiated strong luster. Meanwhile, each of the cells in his body started to change qualitatively...


    On September 1st, the battle of Upton City shocked the entire Blackson Humans Corridor...

    On that day, 10 human knights from Norman Empire, Jinyun Country and Qilan Country, the three powerful human countries in the south and the north of Blackson Humans Corridor, raided the super demon corps outside Upton City. Assisted by over 10,000 human battle airships, the entire battlefield lasted over 1,000 miles from outside Upton City to the north after over 20 hours of fierce battle. The powerful super demon corps suffered a loss for the first time...

    In this battle, one demon knight disappeared, one demon knight was heavily wounded. The entire corps suffered a loss of over 20,000 members. As a result, they had to evacuate towards the north...

    The news that the allied forces of three human countries heavily mauled the super demon corps spread to the entire Blackson Humans Corridor at once.

    On the same day, another elite force of the major clans of Jinyun Country led by knights raided Angus Clan of Free Commercial Federation. Angus Clan's status as the member of Three-eye Association was exposed. The entire clan was exterminated. When everyone was shocked by the real status of Angus Clan, they also admired the wealth being plundered away by Angus Clan. It was said that the wealth of Angus Clan filled more than 50 airships...

    After the human defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations was broken through by demons, humans finally won a battle in the north of the Blackson Humans Corridor through the battle of Nein City and the battle of Upton City. After drawing out a hidden force of Three-eye Association in the south of Blackson Humans Corridor, demons' aggressive momentum seemed to curb temporarily. Many humans saw the beach of hope.

    However, through this battle, the Demon General's three-in-one strength also shocked everyone. As a result, one of the ten human knights was killed, two were heavily injured. Being blessed by the Demon General's three-in-one strength, although the super demon corps paid a price for this battle, the super demon corps still slid away from the thick airship encirclement of the three human countries.


    September 11th, 10 days after the battle of Upton City, Huaiyuan Palace, Jinyun Country...

    Elders of Huaiyuan Palace were sitting on cattail hassocks with solemn looks in the magnificent palace.

    "Do you have any news about Zhang Tie?"

    "No news yet! We've had Zhang Yang contact him. But there's still no response from Zhang Tie on Elder Muyuan's side..."

    All the elders then let out a sigh inside while bending their brows.

    Right then, they heard a noise outside the palace.

    After seeing Zhang Tie being chased by a demon knight and disappearing into the river, Elder Muray was feeling pretty bad. Therefore, after hearing the noise outside the palace, he roared, "Zhang Shun, who's outside there. Shut up!"

    "Elder...there...there's some abnormal phenomena outside the palace. At the sight of the abnormal phenomena, the apprentices couldn't help but exclaim, "A shadowy figure appeared in front of the elders while his words were full of amazement."

    "What abnormal phenomena?"

    "Erm...please take a look outside, honorable elders!"

    After exchanging glances with each other, all the elders walked out of the palace. Some deacons were watching the sky while widely opening their mouths. After looking up, the elders were left too stunned to utter any word.

    Millions of fowls were hovering in the sky in the shape of a huge circular ring. They were twittering joyfully and circling around the sun. New birds joined them.

    Even the elders had never seen or heard such a bizarre scene. What a great strength was behind those birds!

    "Ah, elders, look!" A disciple abruptly shouted as he pointed at the pool outside the palace.

    There were some golden fish and some precious golden huge turtles in the pool. However, at this moment, all the golden fish had shrunk to the bottom of the water and did not dare to move, they seemed to be scared of something. Being different from the tortoise, golden huge turtles were always high spirited and mighty. It was rare to see golden huge turtles bury their head and limbs in their shells. What was happening?

    'Numerous birds are hovering in the sky while aquatic living beings are hiding at the bottom of the pool, what does this indicate?' The elders of Huaiyuan Palace exchanged glances with each other before revealing a shocking look at the same time...

    The same shocking scene happened in all the places where birds and aquatic living beings existed, such as; Qilan Country, Norman Empire, Ice and Snow Wilderness, Taixia Country, even the entire Western Continent.


    After accomplishing his cultivation, Zhang Tie yawned as he fell asleep. He woke up 3 days later...

    After waking up, Zhang Tie continued to cultivate as usual like nothing had ever happened. Being different from before, Zhang Tie kept stabilizing and consolidating his realm with the time that was once used to light surging points. Gradually, the sunlight in his body grew more brilliant while the moonlight grew denser. Besides, the Chakra's rotation gradually became stabilized and more powerful like a huge millstone...
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