Chapter 707: Off the Tower

    Chapter 707: Off the Tower

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    After promoting to a knight, Zhang Tie's cultivation pattern didn't change essentially in the tower of time. From one perspective, Zhang Tie just jumped out of a deep well and could see the outside world more clearly. The sky at the bottom of the well was not the entire world. It was more like a window. This world was much bigger than that Zhang Tie could imagine. The well mouth was not the highest point in this world; instead, it was just equal to the distance from the bottom of the well to the ground. The ground was called Black Iron Age. All those who could stand in this age by feet steadily had climbed out of the well. Those people had a common name--Black Iron Knights! They could control their own fates and the fates of others who were still in the well in this age.

    However, that was just a beginning. From the ground outside of the well mouth, black iron knights could overlook all the living beings in the well who were still trying their best to jump and climb out of the well. Besides, black iron knights could also look to the distance. Naturally, they would look up at peaks in the far. Each peak represented the climax of the powerful civilization that had ever existed on the ground. The highest peak even deepened into the clouds and broke the heavens into the immortal nation that was built among the mysterious stars by gods.

    Zhang Tie didn't overlook; neither did he look up. He chose to look at the front horizontally. After looking at a peak in the distance, Zhang Tie, who had just climbed out of the well mouth, slowly adjusted his breaths as he gradually straightened up his body. Closely after that, he walked towards one peak in his vision firmly step by step. Compared to the distance from the bottom of the well to its mouth, the following trip was longer and more difficult.

    Those levels below knights could be divided by the number of surging points being lit; however, above knights, each peak represented the Chakra of a new element and domain. It was pretty complex to form a new Chakra, which was over 100 times harder than lighting all the surging points. Many black iron knights were limited to this rank in their whole lives for hundreds of years because they could not form the 2nd Chakra.


    5 years elapsed...

    One day, when Zhang Tie woke up, he found one exit on the crystal wall which had been enclosed for 15 days. It was the entrance from where he came in 15 days ago. The runes on the crystal wall stopped running.

    After blinking his eyes, Zhang Tie sat up from the crystal bed. Patting his a*s, he walked towards the exit.

    When he passed through that energy film, a whim occurred to his mind. Closely after that, he launched a punch towards the wall abruptly. The room then reverberated with a muffled thunder while vibrating for a second. At the same time, the runes in the crystal wall radiated strong luster and offset Zhang Tie's terrifying strength after quite a while.

    Zhang Tie looked around before yawning and stretched out his limbs. Closely after that, he walked in that crystal aisle once again which looked like a kaleidoscope.

    After coming to the crystal gate of the tower of time which was dozens of meters in height, Zhang Tie stretched out one hand and slightly pushed it open.

    After Zhang Tie walked out of the tower of time, the crystal gate closed automatically. It would take 60 years to open the crystal gate again.


    Nothing changed in this underground space. It was still how it looked 15 years ago...two weeks ago. Standing at the entrance of the tower of time, Zhang Tie watched the mountain range in the distance and the glow at the top of the space. He then felt that he returned to the real world. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt refreshing once again. Like sprouted seeds and butterflies breaking out of cocoons, he faced this real and living world once again.

    A long-lost smile reappeared in Zhang Tie's face.

    'Previously, I slept 3 years in Castle of Black Iron like 1 day; recently, I lived 15 years in the tower of time which were equal to 15 days of outside. What a wonderful world!'

    Being excited, Zhang Tie straightly sang a song loudly. With special tones of ancient Hua language, his song was fervent and passionate about how he felt at this moment. The underground space was like a big theater which could spread Zhang Tie's song into all directions...


    In the underground ocean, the demon knight who was extremely infuriated was wresting with a huge monster in the ocean.

    Over the past two weeks, almost all the animals had been killed by this demon knight. Therefore, it transferred its battle field to the ocean. 3 days ago, it met a huge monster in the ocean.

    That huge monster was a bizarre long, narrow fish longer than 50 m. It was covered with thicked-scales. Besides, it had a pair of bulged icy blue eyes and sharp teeth. With a strong killing qi, the water arrow being shot out of its mouth could reach over 1000 m away and penetrate through metals and stones. Additionally, its scales were very defensive. Common strikes could never hurt it. Moreover, this monster could move swiftly in the ocean. It was very smart. Even the demon knight could not catch up with it in the ocean. As long as it was in the disadvantageous situation, it would escape away by drilling into its narrow cave. Meanwhile, it would release rank poison, making the demon knight helpless.

    After wrestling with this huge monster for 3 days, that demon knight still failed to kill it.

    In the beginning, the demon knight just wanted to beat this monster; when it found this monster was very tricky who could release a rank poison to corrode its protective battle qi, another whim occurred to the demon knight's mind.

    'Such a magical beast must have lived in the underground space for many years. It must have a high level. Its flesh and blood must contain a very high energy of qi and blood. It is a great supplement for demon knights who were not choosy in food. Additionally, its toxins or poison gland was a rare raw material for Demon General's cultivation of his all-poisonous battle qi.' Thinking of this, the demon knight determined to kill this magical beast.

    After concluding the former two days of experience, this demon knight prepared a new set of tactics today. If it went smoothly, this magical beast would not escape today.

    Realizing that the monster had shot out over 100 water arrows towards him at a decreasing speed and power, the demon knight knew that the magical beast had almost exhausted its strength. The demon knight became thrilled inside as it estimated that the magical beast would slow down its speed when it escaped away. Right then, a song drifted over here...

    " Wild gooses come back welcomes the spring 1  ,"

    "Younger sister has one person in mind yo 2  ."

    "Yellow and green grasses on the hillside hai 3  ."

    "Your younger sister is waiting for you here again yo..."

    After hearing the song, the magical beast who was wrestling with the demon knight quivered all over before diving into the water and exerting its utmost effort to escape towards its nestle as fast as a lightning bolt...

    The demon knight was also stunned. As it didn't know about songs, it could not identify the quality of this song. It only knew that it was a special language of Hua people, the No. 1 enemy of demons. Additionally, it sensed a great strength in this song. Like thunders, the song bounced back from the dome. What was more amazing was that there was someone else in this space, who was even singing a song.

    The demon knight instantly recalled the person that he chased two weeks ago. With narrow eyes, he straightly flew towards the source of the song like a meteor.

    "Morning glory blooms in night yo 4  ,"

    "Your elder brother has a little secret hai 5  ."

    "Sunrise brightens the ground yo,"

    "You shine in my eyes hai."

    The song was the best navigation. Flying in the air, the demon knight gradually became amazed about the source of the song--tower of time.


    Singing the song, Zhang Tie frankly looked up while the demon knight flew towards here like a meteor.

    "Wild gooses fly towards south yo, twitters miserable hai,"

    "After deserting your responsibility field, you have fertilized household plot."

    "White legs yo, watery holes 6  hai,"

    "Why you still leave yo."


    "Why you still leave yo..."

    At the end of the ancient Hua song marked as "xintianyou", Zhang Tie raised his voice passionately.

    Soon after he finished the discourse filler "yo" had the demon knight arrived in front of the tower of time. Watching Zhang Tie standing in front of the tower of time safe and sound, the demon knight was pretty shocked.

    The demon knight suspended over 20 m above Zhang Tie and overlooked Zhang Tie while radiating a cruel glow and a bit amazement.

    "As you're lucky enough to be the first audience of my nice song, you should applaud!" Zhang Tie teased casually.

    The demon knight didn't realize that Zhang Tie was teasing him; instead, it just looked around rapidly. After finding no abnormal situations in the surroundings and ensuring that Zhang Tie had nowhere to go, the demon knight jeered, "I will see where you go this time."

    Zhang Tie just watched that demon knight calmly as he smiled, "Hmm, it should be my dialogue."

    The demon knight ignored Zhang Tie. It was also afraid that Zhang Tie might play tricks once again. Therefore, it appeared in front of Zhang Tie in a split second and punched towards Zhang Tie's head at once...

    After being flushed over here and being replaced by an insect from entering the tower of time, the demon knight was always furious these days. When it caught sight of Zhang Tie, it couldn't wait to mistreat Zhang Tie blatantly.

    The demon knight had determined to have Zhang Tie watch himself being shattered one piece after another...

    However, the demon knight's terrifying punch didn't hit Zhang Tie; instead, it was blocked by Zhang Tie's palm, causing a muffled loud sound. Whereas, Zhang Tie's palm remained unchanged.

    Before that demon knight responded, Zhang Tie had already kicked onto its lower abdomen. Like a shell being shot out, the demon knight was sent flying backward 100 m. It didn't stop until knocking down some huge trees.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie gradually floated in the air and stood still. After that, his eyes gradually turned icy while a strong qi covered his body...

    After its protective battle qi was almost collapsed by Zhang Tie's punch, the demon knight widely opened its eyes...

    "Boom..." Zhang Tie rushed towards that demon knight, causing a loud sonic sound in the air.

    "No way..." The demon knight roared as it rushed towards Zhang Tie face-to-face once again.

    The fierce collision between two knights started in the air...

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