Chapter 712: The Mountain of Brightness

    Chapter 712: The Mountain of Brightness

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    In a luxurious lounge of Goddess Lake, the flagship of the royal airship troop of Raymlan Empire, Zhang Tie and Jaray were sitting on a comfortable sofa and chatting casually.

    The airship just moved over 100 miles per hour. In this state, it would take them at least 6 hours to arrive at Saint Maner City, the capital of Raymlan Empire. After Zhang Tie's status was confirmed by the commissioned officer in the airship, especially after seeing that Zhang Tie was pretty relaxed, Jaray didn't doubt about Zhang Tie anymore; instead, he started to communicate with Zhang Tie frankly.

    Zhang Tie also knew that the airship troop was moving a bit slowly. However, he didn't complain about it. After all, he was not in a rush.

    Zhang Tie finally knew how his trace was discovered. 'I've not imagined that I have been traced four times by the observation posts and air-defense posts in the flight of over 1,000 miles within 2 hours. Given this point, the countries in the south of Kalay Mountain Range seem to have made better preparations to the holy war than those in the north. The intelligence network of the Central Countries Alliance in the south of Kalay Mountain Range is more established. However, this is also related to my flight route and flight time. If I could be more meticulous, I'm fully confident to not be noticed by anyone. In the evening, as long as I keep my Chakra running slowly, I will not release my battle qi and become as dazzling as a meteor in the sky. As a result, those observation posts and air-defense posts on the ground would barely find my trace.'

    Jaray then sent a feedback to the side of Central Countries Alliance. The content of the message strictly complied with some information feedback rules about knights. Zhang Tie's status and concrete trace remained confidential--the unidentified knight is confirmed as a Hua knight from Jinyun Country. He's going to take airship in Saint Maner City.

    After this message was sent, it indicated that the crisis was relieved. Even if the major clans of Jinyun Country received such a message, they would also think that other clan's knight was executing some secret task outside.

    Through Jaray, Zhang Tie knew the final result of the battle of Upton City. Although Zhang Tie was not amazed by this result, he figured out what was happening at that time. He knew why those demons suddenly became as spirited as having eaten viagra.

    What helped the super demon corps save some loss was the Demon General and its Three-in-One Strength. Without the Three-in-One Strength, at least half of the super demon corps would be cleared by 10 human knights and so many airships.

    However, with the Three-in-One Strength of the Demon General, the speed of all the demons could increase by 30% instantly on the battlefield.

    The sacrificed human knight was a royal member of Norman Empire, who was killed by the Demon General when it broke out of the encirclement.

    Through the battle of Upton City, the plan that demons and the Three-eye Association wanted the northern tunnel of Kalay Mountain Range, went into bankruptcy. Norman Empire was the biggest beneficiary in the battle of Upton City, who had made the most contribution in the battle. This was the first human knight that Norman Empire lost since the beginning of the holy war.

    Zhang Tie felt pitiful about the sacrificed knight.

    The holy war was cruel! Even knights would be killed in the holy war. From Mocco City to Upton City, Zhang Tie had experienced two battles when human knights fought to the death. He had also killed one demon knight and one mixed-blood knight of Three-eye Association, one by raiding, one by head-on collision.

    Jaray was a very decent and traditional knight. When he talked about knights, Jaray wanted to ask Zhang Tie about something several times; however, he finally didn't do that.

    Of course, Zhang Tie knew what Jaray wanted to ask him about. Actually, Zhang Tie had already prepared for that.

    "I've also joined the battle of Upton City!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Jaray became stupefied, "Really? I heard only 10 human knights were dispatched out by Norman Empire, Jinyun Country and Qilan Country. Were you hiding somewhere?"

    "I joined it accidentally. After the Demon General released its Three-in-One Strength, I was chased by a demon powerhouse and flurriedly entered an underground tunnel beneath Kalay Mountain Range. The demon powerhouse kept chasing me all the way to an extremely deep, mysterious underground space, where there was a crystal pyramid. After entering the pyramid, I found the time inside the pyramid was much slower than that of the outside. Therefore, I only cultivated inside for many years until I promoted to a knight!"

    Speaking of the tower of time, Zhang Tie didn't worry about it being uncovered. 'As Kalay Mountain Range is so large, my expression is also blurry, others could never find the precise entrance of the underground space. Even if they did find it, they were definitely seeking for death in the subterranean watercourse if they were below LV 14. Even if they were above LV 14, they could have less than 1/10,000 probability to enter the underground space. Even if someone hit the jackpot, he had to wait 6 decades until the tower of time reopened. Even if it was a human knight, after entering that underground space, he could barely escape out of that underwater swirl which had such a terrifying, great suction. As a result, the human knight could only stay in the underground space for 6 decades, during which period, even if the human knight didn't turn mad or die, it would depend on whether I agree to spare him such a chance to enter the tower of time when it reopened.'

    'The tower of time is a big trap, if someone really plans to find it, he deserves to have a big trouble!' Zhang Tie thought.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Jaray was so excited that he almost sprung up. This No. 1 knight of Raymlan Empire watched Zhang Tie with gleaming eyes, "What? You discovered the prehistorical relics--Tower of Time in a mysterious underground space beneath Kalay Mountain Range? Hurry, tell me something about the Tower of Time. What's it made of? What's the time velocity ratio inside it? I was told that the time velocity ratio in some tower of time could reach 10 years:1 day. Is that you met one of these?"

    After hearing Jaray's questions, Zhang Tie instantly understood it that tower of time was not a big secret in the circle of knights; otherwise, Jaray could never know it so clearly.

    "Ahh? Tower of time is divided into many categories?"

    "Of course, don't you know that?"

    "Erm...I have not touched such knowledge before!" Zhang Tie shrugged.

    Jaray watched Zhang Tie as he suddenly realized that, "It's normal. This knowledge could not be touched until you promote to a knight! Now that you've already promoted to a knight, I can tell you now." Jaray, who was restraining in words before, suddenly became talkative, "Tower of Time could be divided into many categories according to different methods. If it is just divided by the time velocity ratio, according to some literature, there are 7-8 categories of towers of time in total since the Catastrophe to now. Their time velocity ratio ranges from 1 month:1 day to 10 years:1 day, etc.."

    "You mean some of the discovered towers of time are still in the hand of humans?"

    "Of course!" Jaray threw a glance at Zhang Tie with a special look, "According to my knowledge, Hua people in Taixia have the most towers of time. 80% of towers of time that have been discovered are in the hand of Hua people in Taixia Country. It's heard that the super clans and schools in Taixia had 7-10 towers of time. Outsiders don't know about the details about the tower of time. The super clans and schools in Taixia Country call the underground space where the tower of time rested in Dongtian 1  . Tower of time was the biggest secret of a clan or a school!"

    "What about other division methods?"

    "Of course, it's heard that there are better conditions and resources in the tower of time. After entering it, the cultivator could rapidly grasp some skills and abilities with the conditions and resources inside it. In a very short time, the cultivator would become a powerful pharmacist, a rune manufacturer or an alchemist master. However, such a tower of time is just a legend. If there truly was one, no details about it would be exposed to the public!"

    Zhang Tie was shocked by this. However, Zhang Tie understood that the rules to access the tower of time should be the same. For instance, only one person was allowed at one time. It required enough time for the tower of time to restore energy. Even though some super clans or schools had towers of time in some Dongtian, very few people were qualified to access it.

    'Whether that mysterious underground space that I've discovered is a Dongtian?' Zhang Tie thought out of curiosity.

    "You'd better not expose the secret of the tower of time to the public in case of trouble. I promise to not expose your secret to the 3rd person!" Jaray told Zhang Tie solemnly.

    "Oh yes, nice, thanks for the warning!" Zhang Tie hurriedly appreciated him. As a No. 1 knight of a country who dared defend his duty and honor at the risk of his own life at the critical moment would have a good moral standing for sure, "As I've just come out of the underground space today after promoting to a knight, I'm too excited. Therefore, I flew a bit fast. Will I have any side-effects?"

    Zhang Tie asked with a solemn look.

    "Do you feel that your chakras are still functioning properly?" Jaray asked seriously with a bit concern like an old man.

    "Hmm, it's okay. Only a bit light!" Zhang Tie fabricated. Actually, that flight didn't pose any influence to him at all. At this speed, even if he flew another 10,000 miles, his Chakra could still run as steadily as a 100 tons' millstone.

    "You're still too young!" Jaray let out a sigh, "Average black iron knights have to take a rest after a flight of 700-1,000 miles. Take me as an instance, if I need to take a long-distance journey, I will take a rest in every 1,000 miles. If I fly longer than 1,000 miles one time, I have to consume more battle qi. I can fly over 2,000 miles one time; however, it would cost over 80% of my battle qi. As a result, my battle force would reduce sharply. If so, I will not be able to deal with emergencies. If not use rare advanced medicament or pills, I will not be able to recover my battle qi completely in even a week. For knights, it's a cool experience in flight. However, the most frugal and safest way is to run on the ground, and occasionally use the flight to assist. In that way, we can move faster while consuming less energy; besides, we can deal with emergencies..."

    Zhang Tie silently swallowed his saliva, 'Even knight's battle qi could be used up and required some time to recover. Knights could only insist a bit longer than those below knights. I thought that knight's battle qi could be provided endlessly like me.' Since the moment he promoted to a knight, even though Zhang Tie had a head-on fight with that demon knight in the underground space, Zhang Tie still didn't feel any problem with his battle qi provision. The sun in his qi ocean was releasing brilliance, namely, his battle qi was endless. Zhang Tie almost needn't worry about running out of his battle qi.

    'Is this the terror of emperor-level secret knowledge?' Zhang Tie thought inside, 'Thanks to Jaray, otherwise, I might expose my secret to the public in the future.'

    "What about the knight's plate and the Mountain of Brightness?"

    Jaray smiled, "Do you know Fighters Association, Pharmacists Association and Mercenaries Association?"


    "Mountain of Brightness is equal to the association of human knights. It's the most powerful human organization. After promoting to knights, all the human knights have to ask for their own ID plates, namely knight's plates from Mountain of Brightness."

    "Can I go there?"

    "You can. You're free to go there. However, if you don't go there to register your status, you will isolate yourself from the knights' world and cut off the road towards higher ranks. I think even the elders of Huaiyuan Palace would not agree with that if you don't go there!"


    "Because the founder of the Mountain of Brightness is Xuanyuan Emperor of Hua people. It is right in the territory of Jinyun Country!"

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