Chapter 714: The Negotiation

    Chapter 714: The Negotiation

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    In the imperial palace of Raymlan Empire, Jaray was staying in a study with a 50-year-old man in an imperial crown, who was the Alta VII, the emperor of Raymlan Empire...

    At some point in time today, all the royal members of Raymlan Empire had evacuated from the imperial palace silently. Later on, they came back silently. During the process of a few hours, nobody else knew about this event across Saint Maner City. Even now, only a few people knew the whereabouts of the prince for the sake of his safety. If everything went smooth, crown prince would appear in the vision of the public tomorrow.

    The knight's raid was a grim, sharp guillotine hovering above the heads of weak royal members. In the 2nd holy war, numerous human countries and royals of small countries were chopped off by demons and Three-eye Association.

    "You mean Zhang Tie is that Selnes Eagle, who's promoted to a knight at 20 years of age?" Alta VII asked in an extremely amazed voice while his mouth could almost hold an egg.

    Alta VII had seen too many people who were born to be emperors, kings and billionaires. However, it was his first time to hear someone promote to a knight at his 20s even in Blackson Humans Corridor, although there might be such cases in the Eastern Continent.

    "Yes! Zhang Tie's real age is a bit elder than 20. Given his look, he's just 16-17 years old!" Jaray told Alta VII.

    "No way. Has Jinyun Country and Huaiyuan Palace been so powerful?" Alta VII asked with a bit flurried look.

    "Jinyun Country and Huaiyuan Palace are indeed very powerful. However, I think the reason that Zhang Tie promoted to a knight at such a young age mainly depends on his efforts and luck. He's favored by the God!"

    "He's favored by the God?" Alta VII mumbled it twice before sighing with a jealous and admiring look, "Alas, why Alta Clan couldn't produce such a talent!"

    "Your Majesty, the princes have been very diligent. However, some things could not be made only by individual efforts!" Jaray had to say something for those princes as their private teacher and the No. 1 knight of Raymlan Empire.

    "Facing the great pressure from the clan and the empire, the princes of Raymlan Empire have been very diligent. The 3rd prince has already reached LV 13 battle general; however, knights cannot be cultivated only by money. If the princes can cultivate in the tower of time for enough time, are you sure that they will promote to knights? It's uncertain!" Although Zhang Tie didn't say how many years had he stayed in the tower of time, Jaray knew clearly that only real powerhouses with the hearts of real powerhouses could make it in the lonely and distant cultivation environment. "Only strong-willed people could put forth their brilliant flowers of lives in loneliness. Otherwise, you could only get lunatics or corpses after throwing them in the tower of time. Such a case truly existed."

    After hearing Jaray's explanation, Alta let out a sigh. Closely after that, he became thrilled and asked, "Jaray, do you think we can have my daughters marry Huaiyuan Palace? I have over 10 daughters, whose ages range from 7 to 30. They are all beauties. Erm, that Zhang Tie..."

    "Your Majesty..." Jaray accented his voice...

    Alta VII realized that he was a bit rude just now. Therefore, he closed his mouth at once. It was really a bit whimsical for him to have a Hua knight serve Alta Clan with only a woman called princess. Even a battle spirit with the poor background would not sell himself so easily, not to mention Zhang Tie who had Huaiyuan Palace on his back. In the eyes of many powerful cultivators, the alleged women and princesses were not even as valuable as a useful rune equipment. Of course, unless that man required something from the female's side, a knight would never treat a princess of Raymlan Empire as something. Princess was just a product of empires. However, a powerful knight could be able to build an empire himself.

    "What's your opinion?" Alta VII sat on the chair with a frustrated look.

    "Your Majesty, if you looked too anxious, it would make others belittle Raymlan Empire and Alta Clan. Zhang Tie is in my battle palace. Your Excellency could have the 9th prince and one princess take a valuable gift to pay a visit to Zhang Tie in my battle palace. It's polite and not light-headed to do this."

    "Ahh? Why Kru? He's just an innocent kid." Alta II asked out of amazement.

    "As Kru is an innocent kid, he's the best one to go there. Kru likes glider. The best driver of glider across Blackson Humans Corridor is in Saint Maner City. Therefore, he can ask Zhang Tie to teach him!"

    As an emperor, even though Alta VII didn't mean to be a hegemon, he could understand Jaray's words at once.

    "Hmm, fine. Just let Kru and Candis go there. As to the gift..." Alta VII hesitated about the gift.

    "Your Majesty, do you believe me?"

    "Of course!"

    "We'd better prepare some special, valuable gift. As Zhang Tie is a Hua man, Your Majesty, you can gift him that item that you brought back from the Eastern Continent last time!"

    "Ahh? Do we have to do that?" Alta VII looked unwilling.

    "Your Majesty, do you know where's that missing demon knight in Upton battle?"

    "Is there any relation?"

    "The missing demon knight might have been killed by Zhang Tie!" Jaray replied calmly.

    "What?" Alta VII instantly sprung up from his chair like being stabbed by nails.

    Although Zhang Tie didn't say the battle force of the demon who chased after him, Jaray could infer that the one chased after Zhang Tie was a demon knight as Zhang Tie, a human knight, said it was a demon powerhouse. Although Zhang Tie didn't say the result of the demon knight, he survived back from the underground space. Therefore, the demon knight obviously had been killed by Zhang Tie.

    "Perhaps that gift is valuable for Zhang Tie at this moment. Otherwise, after a few years, that item would be nothing for him. Given Zhang Tie's deed in Selnes Theater of Operations, he's a righteous man who treasures friendship very much. In the holy war, even knights would die. If something bad happens to me in the future, I will not be able to guard Raymlan Empire and Alta Clan. By then, I wish Alta Clan could be protected by such a powerhouse. The friendship between us and this man might bring a hope to Alta Clan in the future! Your Majesty, don't you think it is a proper trade?"


    After the flagship landed, Jaray went to the imperial palace of Raymlan Empire. Being accompanied by Way, Zhang Tie was visiting the private collections of Jaray in his battle palace. Watching those collections, Zhang Tie finally understood why Jaray was so interested in the tower time. Because almost all the private collections of Jaray were marvelous items left by prehistorical human civilizations, which could be barely seen by commoners in their whole lives...
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