Chapter 716: Returning to Huaiyuan Palace

    Chapter 716: Returning to Huaiyuan Palace

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    Zhang Tie flew towards Yiyang City at the speed of 0.6 Mach. This time, he learned to hide himself by flying above 10,000 m behind clouds. Even in the sunny day, most of the people could barely find such a person flying above 10,000 m, not to mention a knight.

    The head-on sharp airflow was blocked off by that invisible protective battle qi covering him. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't feel chilly in the high altitude. When Zhang Tie was in the underground space, he had tried it. As long as he didn't accelerate to above 0.6 Mach, his battle-qi brilliance would not be exposed. That was to say, 0.6 Mach was his navigation speed and invisible speed.

    There were many airships in the air. As long as he lowered his head, he would be able to see many of them. Because of the holy war, the powerful Jinyun Country being away from the north theater of operations seemed to become more prosperous.

    After a few years, the demonized puppets troop with above 100,000 members in the south of Kalay Mountain Range had already been dispersed or annihilated. Now, the demonized puppets only existed in small teams in the south of Kalay Mountain Range. They were wandering like bandits and wild beasts in the urban ruins and wild. However, they became more tricky. Many places in the south of Kalay Mountain Range had become depopulated zones. Jinyun Country and Qilan Country were least damaged by demonized puppets as the demonized puppets disasters in the two countries were suppressed at first. At this moment, great batches of people were pouring into the south from north, filling everywhere in Jinyun Country and Qilan Country. In another word, it was boisterous in the two countries. Looking down at the brightly-lit cities in the night, Zhang Tie felt a sharp contrast from those deserted cities being covered with corpses in the north. Zhang Tie felt like returning to the human world from the hell. As a person who had fought demonized puppets in Selnes Theater of Operations and experienced almost 100 battles in 1 year, this was really a warm feeling, Zhang Tie really felt warm at this moment.

    After flying over 500 miles, Zhang Tie saw a huge airship formation of almost 2,000 huge whale-level airships flying towards Yuanjiang River in over 10 rows like 10-odd long dragons and airbuses. The formation lasted over dozens of miles.

    The symbol of the airships was a red bloody-dragon flag.

    This was the airship formation of Norman Empire.

    After flying over the natural chasm of Yuanjiang River, the airship formation entered the air territory of Huaiyuan Prefecture and landed in the large airship base which almost covered 100 sq miles being not far from the river. Zhang Tie slowed down and watched the formation for a short while. After those airships landed, almost 400,000 people got off 2,000 airships...

    Taian City was on the plain being not far from the airship base. Two railways extended out Taian City from east and west. Right beside the railways, a lot of towns and residential areas were coming into being. The ground completely became a huge construction site.

    At this moment, Taian City and its affiliated land which covered 50,000-60,000 sq miles had been sold to Norman Empire. This place had become a general base of Norman Empire in the south of Kalay Mountain Range and an asylum for the population of Norman Empire to migrate to the south. All the Hua people here had been evacuated.

    After checking the layout of Norman Empire here, he continued to fly towards Yiyang City.

    1 hour later, Yiyang City, the most brightly-lit city appeared. Compared to the brightly-lit scenery, what made Zhang Tie more amazed was the 10-odd large ships in a row berthing in the Yiyang Harbor, which Zhang Tie had not seen before. Even when he looked down at them, he was still stunned by the huge body and length of the huge ships. Million-tons ship! Only Taixia Country in the Eastern Continent could produce such super huge ships. Even the tens of thousands tons' ships were dwarfed by such giants.

    'F*ck, how many people would such giants hold at one time? Is this the legendary great retreat?'

    Zhang Tie watched Yiyang City for a while as he turned around and scratched his head. At this moment, he didn't know the whereabouts of the elders of Huaiyuan Palace. Finally, he released his battle qi for a second. Zhang Tie knew that it was equal to a roar outside others' home with a trumpet by doing this.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie saw two meteors flying off a mountain in Yiyang City towards him.

    "Which friend is visiting Huaiyuan Palace?"

    Before the two meteors drew close to him, a voice had arrived a few seconds ahead.

    Given the sound, Zhang Tie knew it was Elder Muray, whose sound Zhang Tie had heard many times.

    Zhang Tie firstly heard this sound in the ancestral bloodline palace of Clansmen Pavilion, when he felt it pretty lofty and aggressive.

    Zhang Tie heard this sound secondly in the camp of the middle corps of demonized puppets in Stancy City. When Elder Muray scolded, "When you beat the young, the elder would come for revenge naturally", Zhang Tie was pretty moved. It was Zhang Tie's first time to sense the warmth and loveliness of Huaiyuan Palace on his back. When he was bullied, Elder Muray instantly appeared and boomed his tricky enemy into bullsh*t with a bolt.

    Zhang Tie heard this sound thirdly when he was chased by a demon knight. Elder Muray roared angrily on the way to save him...

    At this moment, it was Zhang Tie's 4th time to hear this sound, when Zhang Tie felt pretty intimate and blood boiling.

    In the blink of an eye, the two elders had arrived. The one came here with Elder Muray was Elder Muen, whom Zhang Tie had seen before too. The battle that Huaiyuan Palace launched towards Heavens Cold City was led by Elder Muen. When Zhang Tie violated the regulation of Huaiyuan Palace by taking his friends in the Heavens Cold City without the consent of the superiors, he was also punished by Elder Muen.

    Watching the two elders, Zhang Tie felt complex inside.

    The two elders became stupefied at the sight of Zhang Tie, who was suspending in the void. They rubbed their eyes at the same time.

    "Zhang Tie, the unfilial offspring of Huaiyuan Palace, comes back! Honorable elders!" Zhang Tie bowed towards them very respectfully...


    "What a shadow demon. You dare to disguise the offspring of Zhang Clan, Huaiyuan Palace. I will chop off your head!" Elder Muray roared as he straightly charged at Zhang Tie with a purple face...
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