Chapter 720: A Party in the Old Mansion

    Chapter 720: A Party in the Old Mansion

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    The guardians outside the gate of the old mansion didn't know Zhang Tie. Seeing Zhang Tie wandering towards them, they stopped him at once. However, that woman and her car were let in.

    After the car drove inside, Zhang Tie was still standing outside the gate. The woman then threw an interesting look back at him.

    "Nana, how can you stare at a man so rudely. It's Zhang's granny's 70th birthday, you should not be as wild as before. Your Aunt Xue even wants to introduce some young talented men of Zhang Clan to you today." A noble Hua lady at her 40s with an up-do urged, who looked a bit similar to that girl. She looked pretty good. Given the top quality purple beads string over her neck and the jade green bracelets on her wrists which could be family jewels, she was definitely a noblewoman.

    "Zhang Clan of Golden Sea City is really prosperous these years. A couple of years ago, Zhang Clan could not match our Wang Clan. However, Zhang Clan's undertakings in Golden Sea City developed so fast. Zhang Clan's Milky Way Shipyard is worth over 10 million gold coins now, which rises to 2nd from 3rd. The old man Zhang Haitian of Zhang Clan is really great!" A 40-50-year-old man with glasses on the woman's side added as he watched the boisterous scene in Zhang's old mansion.

    "It's said that Jinwu Business Group has its channel to get all-purpose medicament. They could even share a business with Longwind Business Group. What a great Zhang undertakings!" Speaking of the all-purpose medicament, the noble woman's eyes gleamed at once.

    The man slightly frowned as he replied, "It seems that Jinwu Business Group has few business relations with Zhang's old mansion. However, Zhang Yang, the head of Jinwu Business Group is indeed a grandson of Zhang Haitian, the head of Zhang Clan!"

    "What's the reason? Doesn't Zhang's old mansion have shares of Jinwu Business Group?" The woman became a bit amazed.

    "Hehe, Zhang Haitian the old man has 4 wives, 11 sons and daughters, and dozens of grandchildren. Many of his grandchildren had got married and established their own undertakings. It's normal to have problems in such a huge family. Every family has its own difficulties. Don't we?" The man smiled softly.

    The noblewoman then became silent.

    The girl in the car made a grimace by stretching out her tongue.

    Zhang's old mansion was indeed very boisterous. As there was no vacancy in Zhang's old mansion anymore, some limos even parked on the road 100 m away from Zhang's old mansion. The steward of Zhang's old mansion was guiding servants to help drivers park their cars and lead guests into the old mansion.

    After getting off the vehicle, the girl couldn't help but throw a glance back at Zhang Tie, who was still standing outside the gate. At this moment, a guardian hurriedly trotted towards here. When he met a guardian of the old mansion, he whispered to the guardian. The moment the guardian heard this had he stridden towards the gate flurriedly.


    Zhang Tie patiently waited outside the gate a few minutes, during which period, two more limos drove into Zhang's old mansion. It seemed especially boisterous today in the old mansion. There would never be so many people in usual time.

    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie saw a familiar guardian hurriedly walking towards him.

    "Ahh, young master Zhang Tie..." At the sight of Zhang Tie, the guardian became startled at once. He had not imagined that Zhang Tie could appear at this moment. He hurriedly had the concierges let Zhang Tie in, "Ahh, as these guardians are newly employed, they haven't seen you before. Please don't blame them, young master..."

    As a great taboo, if guardians made their owner's family members uncomfortable, they would definitely be laid off. Even Zhang Haitian would not allow such silly guardians to stay in the old mansion.

    After hearing the guardian's explanation, the two concierges hurriedly apologized to Zhang Tie.

    "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, you're also fulfilling your duties. The old man would feel safe living here as he has concierges like you..." Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

    Knowing that Zhang Tie was so kind, the two concierges let out a sigh at the same time, 'I've not imagined that the old man has such a kind grandson. All the other grandsons usually come here by limos in a very dignified way while being favored by many people. However, this one just came here by taxi. It seems that he has a low position in Zhang Clan. Additionally, he just came here in warrior's costumes today. It looks too casual...'

    The guardian who knew Zhang Tie directly led Zhang Tie into the old mansion.

    "It's so boisterous today." Zhang Tie uttered.

    "It's the 70th birthday of the eldest grandma. So many people are coming here to offer birthday congratulations to her!"

    "Ahh, is Zhang Su here?" Zhang Tie asked out of amazement.

    Although Zhang Su and Zhang Tie both stayed in Hidden Dragon Palace, they just saw each other a few times. Later on, Zhang Su left Hidden Dragon Palace and carried out clan task. After the battle of Heavens Cold City, Zhang Tie left Hidden Dragon Palace. They hadn't seen each other for 5 years.

    "Young master Zhang Su has come back yesterday..."

    Zhang Tie nodded, 'As Zhang Su is the eldest grandma's direct grandson, he should come back on her 70th birthday.'

    Watching so many vehicles on the way, Zhang Tie knew that there were many visitors here today.

    After coming to the lobby of the old mansion, Zhang Tie entered it himself.


    The lobby was refurnished today. It looked happy everywhere. Over 200 people were gathering in the lobby, male or female, young or old. They were chatting together. Besides Zhang's family members, there were also many guests. Most of the guests were Zhang's old friends and influential figures in Golden Sea City. Male guests were in tidy clothes; female guests were in shiny jewels. Male and female were communicating with each other in different circles.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered the lobby had he caught sight of Zhang Su.

    In a small parlor beside the lobby, Zhang Su was chatting with the other young men and women whose age ranged from 16-20 or so. They were all sitting around Zhang Su and listening to him like how stars embraced the moon.

    Zhang Su in a set of military uniform ranked Lieutenant Colonel of Jinyun Country looked pretty heroic and handsome. Many girls admired him so much that their eyes were sparkling. Even males were showing venerable looks. When Zhang Su was talking about something, some female teenagers at their 16s couldn't stand to exclaim while covering their mouth with the hand.

    Compared to that 5 years ago, Zhang Su looked maturer and more confident.

    At the sight of Zhang Su, Zhang Tie knew that he was LV 10. It seemed that Zhang Su made a great progress these years compared to other members of Huaiyuan Palace; however, his progress was still dwarfed by Lan Yunxi, the chosen one. Of course, he could never match Zhang Tie, who always had marvelous experiences. Nobody across Waii Sub-continent could promote to knight at Zhang Tie's age, not to mention Zhang Su.

    Even though, a LV 10 fighter at such a young age was qualified as an elite and backbone. The killer of Zhen Clan who was dispatched to Hidden Dragon Island from Heavens Cold City to kill Zhang Tie was also LV 10. However, Zhang Su's military uniform and rank indicated his current position.

    Sensing someone on his side, he looked around and caught sight of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie revealed a big smile.

    Zhang Su became a bit stunned. Closely after that, he sprung up and strode towards Zhang Tie, leaving the others alone.

    The onlookers then moved their eyes onto Zhang Tie.

    Some of them were Zhang Tie's cousins, who saw Zhang Tie in the old mansion a few years ago and still had a blurry memory of Zhang Tie. However, those young guests didn't know Zhang Tie at all.

    "Ahh, who's that guy? I've not seen him before!" A young man asked a Zhang's member.

    "Hmm, he's Zhang Tie, a cousin!" That person answered faintly.

    Besides the troop that Huaiyuan Palace dispatched to Selnes Theater of Operations, few people across Huaiyuan Prefecture knew Zhang Tie's honor "Selnes Eagle". Because Hua people didn't pay much attention to such honors that were popular in Siberians. Later on, after Zhang Tie was captured by Senel Clan, rumors spread across Selnes Theater of Operations; Huayuan Palace then didn't propagate him anymore. The message about Zhang Tie that Zhang's old mansion gasped was still one and half a year ago when Zhang Tie was chased out of Hidden Dragon Palace. The old man Zhang Haitian of Zhang Clan didn't express his opinion about Zhang Tie's performance. As to those peers, some of them felt pitiful about Zhang Tie; some took pleasure in Zhang Tie's misfortune. In a major clan, young ones always compete with each other.

    "Cousin!" Zhang Tie called him.

    "You're still alive?" Zhang Su looked very excited as his eyes were filled with tears, "I heard about your experience from junior fellow apprentice Liu Xu when I went back to Hidden Dragon Island last time. I thought...I thought..."

    Watching Zhang Su's expression, Zhang Tie felt warm, too. When in Hidden Dragon Palace, he knew that this cousin was a bit arrogant; however, generally, he was a sentimental person. Additionally, he was pretty decisive and had a great sense of responsibility.

    Zhang Tie just embraced Zhang Su tightly.

    Given the bloodline, they were cousins. In Hidden Dragon Palace, they were fellow apprentices. When the holy war broke out, Zhang Tie defended demons in Selnes Theater of Operations while Zhang Su cleared demonized puppets in Qilan Country, namely, they were comrades-in-arms. Plus some common experiences in Hidden Dragon Island, they didn't need to talk too much; instead, they just embraced each other while patting each other's backs forcefully.

    Zhang Tie was not eye-catching in Zhang's old mansion. Few people paid attention to him when he entered the old mansion. By contrast, Zhang Su was the pillar of Zhang's young generation who was widely accepted by the family members in Zhang's old mansion. When they embraced so fervently at the gate of the lobby, everybody else moved their eyes on them. After recognizing Zhang Tie, a steward hurriedly went to report to Zhang Haitian the old man of Zhang Clan.

    After separating from each other, Zhang Su recovered his composure before drawing in a breath deeply. Closely after that, he guided Zhang Tie into the back drawing room.

    "The grandpa is always thinking about you these days. He also knew what you encountered in Selnes Theater of Operations. Over the past year, having not received your message, the old man has been worried about you. He must be very happy to know that you've come today..."

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile. Being silent, he just followed Zhang Su towards the back drawing room. Before they entered the back drawing-room, the old man had been already walking towards them. At the sight of Zhang Tie, the grandpa was so happy that he tightly held Zhang Tie's hands.

    "Fine, fine, nice to see you back, nice to see you back..."

    The one followed after the old man was his eldest wife. The old woman wore a gold-silk purple skirt with a green emerald as large as a chicken's egg on her forehead. Meanwhile, she was holding a brilliant crystal ruyi. She looked pretty dignified and rich. Although it was her 70th birthday, only one-third of her hair had turned pale. She looked like only a bit elder than 50.

    "I've just returned to Huaiyuan Prefecture last night. As I didn't know that today was grand madam's 70th birthday, therefore, I didn't prepare any gift for you. Please don't blame me for that!" Zhang Tie explained.

    "Su'er also came back with no gift. As you two fought outside for the clan, it's my best gift that you came back safe and sound! Your grandpa has not been so happy for a long time..." Grand madam said happily. No matter whether it was true or not, Zhang Tie indeed felt warm inside.

    "Have you registered in the clan when you came back?" The grandpa asked out of concern, which contained deep meaning.

    "Hmm, I've already registered. It's okay..."

    The old man then became reassured. In his opinion, if Zhang Tie could come back and register himself in the clan after being captured and stand safe and sound in front of him, he's indeed innocent. If there was really some problems with him, Zhang Tie had to undergo a strict interrogation carried out by the clan, even if he could survive back.

    "It's okay, young men should experience more. As long as there's a green mountain, we won't fear about having no firewoods to burn!" The old man comforted Zhang Tie. The old man even wanted to ask Zhang Tie about his experiences after being captured; however, seeing so many people circling around here, he became silent.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile without making any explanation. In most people's eyes, he was dismissed by Hidden Dragon Palace; after that, he was captured in Selnes Theater of Operations and his current status was definitely disgraced. As all the news in Yiyang Mountain were forbidden to be revealed to the public, even if those deacons and disciples knew something, they dared not expose the news to the public. Except for only a few people, most of the people across Huaiyuan Prefecture didn't know that he had already promoted to a knight.

    Seeing Zhang Haitian and the grand madam walking out of the back drawing-room to see Zhang Tie, many people in the lobby were surprised as many of them gathered here.

    "Old man, who's this young man?" A guest asked out of curiosity.

    "This is my grandson, who has been fighting in Selnes Theater of Operations with the airship troop of Jinyun Country. He's just come back today!" The old man explained faintly.

    At the same time, the old man threw a glance at Zhang Su. Zhang Su instantly got the old man's meaning as he grabbed Zhang Tie's arm and explained to the onlookers with a smile, "Uncles, as my cousin has just come back today, I will introduce some friends to him. Some younger female cousins are waiting for listening to my cousin talking about how humans fought demonized puppets in STO. I have to take him away!"

    "Haha...I've not imagined that Zhang Clan could have two talents who could fight demons. Old man, you have good fortune. You have so many talented offsprings of literary and military capacity!" The guest replied while all the other guests laughed out loudly. Zhang Su also took Zhang Tie into the back drawing-room.

    Given the performance of the old man and Zhang Su, Zhang Tie could sense that the old man was protecting him. Seeing Zhang Su and Zhang Tie getting along with each other so well, the old man also became relieved. From then on, he always kept a big smile.

    Seeing the old man happy, all the people in the old mansion also looked happy, even though some of them were actually unhappy. Therefore, Zhang's old mansion became more boisterous.

    Those young men who surrounded Zhang Su just now were indeed interested in Zhang Tie. The moment Zhang Su pulled Zhang Tie over there had a 16-17-year-old girl thrown her curious look onto Zhang Tie. Although Zhang Tie was already over 20 years old, he looked as young as the girl.

    Feeling like meeting a peer, the young girl instantly asked Zhang Tie about his job and military rank in Selnes Theater of Operations vigorously.

    "I fought demons with the airship troop in Selnes Theater of Operations. I'm a glider driver; sergeant first class!" Zhang Tie answered seriously. As the only air cavalry in Selnes Theater of Operations, he was indeed fighting with the airship troop as a sergeant first class.

    Zhang Su turned around and seemed wanting to say something. Zhang Tie then blinked his eyes towards him. After knowing that Zhang Tie didn't want to mention what happened in Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Su then became silent; he just listened to Zhang Tie flickering the young girl.

    "Ahh..."The young girl obviously looked disappointed. Judging from Zhang Su's and grandpa's attitudes towards him, the young girl even thought Zhang Tie was an influential figure. However, she had not imagined that Zhang Tie was just a newbie who drove gliders. Not only that, even the other young women moved their eyes away from Zhang Tie. In this circle, although being young, many people had known it clearly who were valuable to them. Undoubtedly, a sergeant first class who could only drive glider in Selnes Theater of Operations was not their target.

    "What were you doing before serving the army? You're younger than 18. How could you join the army?" The young girl asked the last question out of curiosity.

    "I stayed in Hidden Dragon Palace for a few days, but I was expelled. So I'm barely qualified as a fighter!" Zhang Tie explained seriously.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, even those men beside Zhang Tie became wordless--just a guy who was expelled from Huaiyuan Palace.


    Zhang Tie then felt quiet. After revealing a smile towards Zhang Su, he sat in the corner of the drawing-room with a glass of wine in hand and listening to young men chatting.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that it was the grand madam's 70th birthday. Previously, he wanted to leave soon after visiting the old man. It seemed that he had to finish the supper. It would be too merciless if he left now. 'Just wait then.'

    Zhang Tie drunk the wine as he listening to their talk. At the same time, he was imagining 4 golden abacuses and carrying out the four different arithmetic operations.

    Zhang Tie was already able to do two things adroitly at the same time. After promoting to a knight, with surging spiritual energy, he attempted to do different arithmetic operations on 4 abacuses at the same time.

    This attempt was almost as same as that when he just attempted to imagine 2 abacuses in mind at the beginning.

    When he did two things at the same time, Zhang Tie actually had already realized the potential value of "mental arithmetic by abacus".

    The more abacuses he imagined in mind, the more effective "mental arithmetic by abacus" would be to the improvement of his spiritual energy. When he imagined 2 abacuses at the same time, he could improve his spiritual energy by 2 times; when he imagined 4 abacuses at the same time, he could improve his spiritual energy by 3 times.

    The original 'mental arithmetic by abacus" could make a very limited improvement in his spiritual energy; however, after improving the effect by 3 times, Zhang Tie felt that "mental arithmetic by abacus" could almost match the effect of some secret methods on cultivating spiritual energy.

    'What if I imagine 8, 16, 32 abacuses at the same time?'

    The moment Zhang Tie imagined about the bright future had he faintly become excited inside.

    However, this was not the only effect of "mental arithmetic by abacus". The most important effect of "mental arithmetic by abacus" was that he could do many things at the same time...

    'What would happen if I could do 2 things, 4 things even 8 things at the same time...'

    Zhang Tie faintly felt a terrifying potential value of "mental arithmetic by abacus"...


    Suddenly, a gust of fragrance arrived. Smelling the familiar fragrance, Zhang Tie sighed, 'The girl comes again?'

    "Please stay far away from me. Can we just pretend to not know each other?" Zhang Tie sighed as he stopped cultivation.

    "I feel you were just flickering the young girl, right? How could you be that average?" The woman whispered to Zhang Tie.

    Raising his eyes, Zhang Tie looked at the woman in a brilliant womanly skirt. The woman's eyes gleamed dangerously like how a naughty kid found something funny.

    "So what?" Zhang Tie slightly raised his jaw, "You bit me?"

    "How about this? You tell me your life in Selnes Theater of Operations, I promise to not tell others about that!" The woman called Nana revealed a curious look.

    Zhang Tie just rolled his eyes and ignored such a naive suggestion.

    "Tell me about your requirement. How about racing car once again. If you lost it, you have to follow my order!" The woman rolled her eyes as she said smartly.

    "Little girl, your mom is calling you. Hurry, go meet your Mr. Right in the future. If you are rebellious in your puberty, just race cars with other boys. You can drill as many holes as possible on your ears. After all, you don't lack money. Just daub some senior recovery medicament on the holes. Additionally, you can also pretend as a fair lady with earrings on them in such a scene. When you get married, remember to give birth to some more babies for your husband as a contribution to humans. You can take care of your babies, walk dogs or make hairdressing at home everyday. Just be your young mistress of the house. As to battles, many people would die there. You'd better not involve in it. Neither should you be interested in the battle. If you are interested in stories, just go read cavalry novels!"

    The woman became stunned. She looked along the direction of Zhang Tie's jaw as she saw her mom and Aunt Xue standing in the far with a 20-year old man in a formal dress. Her mom was watching him with a worrying look and intending to have her back. 'How...how did he know that I daubed senior recovery medicament on my ear holes.'



    However, Zhang Tie made a wrong judgment about this girl's next movement. Under the gaze of the two women and a man, this girl just took a seat on the sofa beside her like a fair lady silently. At the same time, she threw a sweet smile at Zhang Tie while putting her arms on the handrails of the sofa. Closely after that, she leaned against the sofa and watched Zhang Tie obsessively with her hand on her cheek.

    What a picturesque scene!

    Zhang Tie soon sensed the girl's destructive force. The man who was waiting for her over there threw a jealous look towards him. Closely after that, the other young men transferred their eyes onto Zhang Tie. Even those girls who lost their interests in him also started to look at him with an amazing look once again.

    Zhang Su also looked weird as he thought, 'What a cousin! You could have dozens of girlfriends and female friends in Blackhot City silently and could have all of them move to Huaiyuan Prefecture voluntarily. But only after sitting here in an extremely low-key way for a few minutes, you've already fascinated the princess of Wang Clan...'
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