Chapter 723: Revenge in Demon Snake Island

    Chapter 723: Revenge in Demon Snake Island

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    Zhang Tie broke his limit in seawater once again.

    Zhang Tie's driving force in seawater was provided by the reaction caused by the vacuum effect when seawater was sucked into Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, he adjusted it by his spiritual energy.

    A few years ago, when Zhang Tie arrived at Ewentra Archipelago by sea for the first time, he penetrated through 10,000 miles in the water in 3 days with the help of Castle of Black Iron and ocean currents. At that time, Zhang Tie's speed was restricted by his bearing capacity about the friction caused by the water flow. Due to the existence of water friction and stress, Zhang Tie could even gain iron-body fruits on the way.

    After promoting to a knight, Zhang Tie could better control the space suction tunnel of Castle of Black Iron through his knight's heart. His bearing capacity had reached a terrifying level. Additionally, Zhang Tie had a water-proof body, with which, he could do whatever he wanted in the water. Being protected by battle qi, especially with the effect of rapidly moving rune, he moved even faster than his flight speed in the water.

    It was the largest speed that Zhang Tie's body could stand in the water when Zhang Tie's protective battle qi and physical bearing capacity encountered an unprecedented challenge and stress that Zhang Tie had never imagined before.

    This challenge and stress came from the tiny bubbles that he had not paid attention to before.

    When Zhang Tie reached a certain speed in the water, a lot of invisible bubbles came into being on the friction surface between his body and the seawater due to the difference in stress before and after his body. They formed and broke in each split second, bringing a great impact force on Zhang Tie's body.

    When those bubbles broke, they would simultaneously cause a great impact force and high-temperature macro-jets, which eroded Zhang Tie's protective battle qi like water arrows and hammers with dense high-frequency noise. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt like flying in the volleys of gunfire.

    After such a phenomenon appeared a few times, Zhang Tie realized that the moment he reached a certain speed in the water would he encounter such a strange phenomenon. Therefore, he asked Heller why.

    "Heller, what's wrong? Why are there so many destructive bubbles around me when I reach a certain speed?

    "It's because of the cavitation phenomenon and cavitation effect caused by the friction between your body and the seawater!" Heller briefly explained it to Zhang Tie.

    'Cavitation phenomenon and cavitation effect?' Zhang Tie became more confused.

    "Cavitation phenomenon is a physical phenomenon. When the partial pressure inside the liquid decreased to the saturated steam pressure of the liquid, a lot of bubbles would form, expand and break inside the liquid or on the surface between the liquid and the solid. In the process of cavitation, bubbles would form, expand and break rapidly, causing shock waves or high-speed micro-jets, heat release, noise and erosion effect, which is called cavitation effect. Castle lord, you can take a look at the paddles of naval ships. The traces of spotted erosion on old paddles of naval ships were caused by cavitation through the friction between paddles and seawater!"

    'Those invisible bubbles' appearance and disappearance could cause sharp shockwaves, micro-jets, high temperature and corrosive effect!' Zhang Tie was shocked, 'Aren't these the effects of the most destructive battle qi? If knight's battle qi could have such an effect, it would be 10 times more destructive.'

    As he moved at a high speed in the water, Zhang Tie kept sensing and comprehending how those invisible bubbles came into being with his knight's consciousness.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's moving speed in seawater was almost 3 times that of his navigation speed in air, namely, almost 600 m/s. That was to say, he could move over 2,100 miles per hour in sea water.

    Last time, it took Zhang Tie 3 days to arrive at the Ewentra Archipelago from the nearby coastal area of Huaiyuan Prefecture. This time, it only took him about 5 hours.

    The vast ocean was an abyss for others; however, it was a highway and super expressway for Zhang Tie that he had ever dreamed for. In the sky, he had to consume battle qi; however, in the ocean, he only needed to open the space suction tunnel of Castle of Black Iron which was both simple and time-saving.

    With a "splash", Zhang Tie flew out of the shimmering sea level and reached over 100 m high above the sea level. After that, he took out a compass and confirmed his location against the stars. After recalling the sea area map of Ewentra Archipelago, he flew towards the southeast.

    Zhang Tie's first destination was Demon Snake Island.

    'It's time to end the animosity between me and Demon Snake Island.'

    'When those b*stards in Demon Snake Island dispatched people to kill me, they might not have thought that I could come back for revenge so fast.'

    Those people in Demon Snake Island were Zhang Tie's major targets on the way back to Ice and Snow Wilderness. Actually, he was doing good for Ewentra Archipelago by killing those d**chebags. Besides, he could have new fruits as a reward and further improve his battle force. If he was lucky enough, he might transfer the treasury of those guys in the island into Castle of Black Iron. What a rare opportunity!

    Zhang Tie flew high. Therefore, people on the sea could barely catch sight of him. In the flight, Zhang Tie changed his look into Peter Hamplester. Of course, this Peter Hamplester should never be as same as that 5 years ago. Although Zhang Tie's own look remained unchanged these 5 years, if Peter Hamplester also remained unchanged in his look, soon after the rotating Chakra ceremony would his real status be exposed. Such two young famous knights, once being compared with each other, would reveal the loopholes, even if they were tens of thousands of miles away from each other.

    Thankfully, Peter was white-colored, who looked strong and mature.

    "Heller, give me a hand, please show me the look of Peter at the age of 21."

    "The period from 16-21 is the most important growth and shaping period of a person. During this period, one's look would be influenced by many aspects such as environment, mentality, living habit, etc.. One's look would change greatly in these 5-6 years. Which look do you want?' Heller said in Zhang Tie's mind.

    "Ahh? Is that real?"

    "Of course, if a young man masturbated 7 years from 15-21, he would look very obscene even though he looked handsome before. However, if a person with an average look always lived in a happy and healthy environment and compromised to everything, he would also be very handsome. Masturbation would make people ugly while being sunny would make people beautiful. Which look do you want?"

    When he heard the word masturbation from Heller, Zhang Tie felt bashful. When he recalled Heller's look which was as handsome as that of Apollo, a whim occurred to his mind, 'After all, nobody wishes himself to be ugly', "Just make me look handsome. Suppose I was living 5 years in the best environment. Not let those familiar ones fail to recognize me!"

    "No problem. You will maintain your current charm and face shape. I promise that those familiar ones could still recognize you the moment they see you!" After being silent for a second, Heller added, "I want you to confirm it once again, whether do you want the best change in your look or not?"

    "Yes, the best change!" Zhang Tie confirmed.

    "Alright, please trigger your body-changing bloodline. I will directly project that mobile module into your body-changing bloodline so that you can change your look automatically. Later on, that module will change towards the best look as the time passes by. No worries..."


    Zhang Tie then triggered his spiritual energy and the body-changing bloodline when he felt Heller projecting a module into his body. Closely after that, his looks and body shape gradually changed subtlely.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how he looked now; however, he believed that Heller wouldn't cheat him.

    Only after a bit longer than 1 hour, Zhang Tie had seen an island on the sea level in the distance.

    The island covered more than 200 sq miles. Zhang Tie saw a volcano that radiated a glow and erupted black smoke in the island. The black smoke made the greater part of the sky above the island dusky. Besides, Zhang Tie saw a great amount of magma gushing out of the nearby sea while the vapor turned the neighboring sea level into a steaming sea, which looked like the misty sea where he once cultivated in...
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