Chapter 724: A Clean-up

    Chapter 724: A Clean-up

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    Zhang Tie slowly moved his hand away from a lackey in Demon Snake Island. The moment he loosened his grip had the corpse fell onto the ground in a hidden sentry post.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that such a small Demon Snake Island could be so heavily guarded. There were observation posts in many places across Demon Snake Island. The moment a stranger was discovered would the observation post send the warning.

    If Zhang Tie was not a knight, these observation posts might play their roles when they discovered Zhang Tie; however, as a knight, the moment Zhang Tie was close to Demon Snake Island had he discovered the observation posts on the seaside. Zhang Tie then swept all of them like patting flies. Closely after that, he even read those lackeys' memories using the secret method of bloody soul temple.

    After promoting to a knight, Zhang Tie's "soul capture skill" had already entered the supreme level. He could read people's memory easily in an efficiency that was over 10 times higher than that before. In a split second, he could skim over one person's recent memory.

    After taking a round in the Demon Snake Island, Zhang Tie silently cleaned all the hidden observation posts. He then strode towards a place nearby the volcano.

    Zhang Tie was a bit shocked by reading those lackey's memories. At this moment, there were only a few people in the Demon Snake Island. Berusken, the boss of Demon Snake Island had silently left Demon Snake Island with a great batch of subordinates two days ago.

    Those lackeys left in the island didn't know where had Berusken gone to. There was only one roundtable fighter in their nestle.

    Zhang Tie soon found the nestle of those roundtable fighters.

    It was in the valley in the middle of Demon Snake Island. There were many grottoes in the valley, where lived those people in Demon Snake Island.

    Zhang Tie soon arrived at the entrance of that valley at the speed of 100 m per stride.

    Zhang Tie didn't hide himself; instead, he straightly walked inside.

    A bolt was shot towards Zhang Tie from a brushwood. Zhang Tie just pointed towards the bolt while a terrifying battle qi flashed out, shattering the bolt into pieces and entering the brushwood in a fiercer way. As a result, the lackey was exploded into the bloody mist.

    Zhang Tie just walked all the way into the valley while pointing at everyone he saw, one point for one life.

    After Zhang Tie entered the valley for half a minute, the shrill whistle reverberated in the valley.

    The whistle originated from a tree which was over 300 m away from Zhang Tie. Closely after the whistle, Zhang Tie had flicked a copper coin towards the lackey with a yellow light. Before the lackey jumped off the tree had his head been exploded.

    What was shriller than the whistle was the sonic boom caused by the flying copper coin. After exploding that lackey's head, the copper coin penetrated through the 2 m-diameter trunk, leaving a small hole on it...

    As it was dawn, the moment the shrill whistle and the succedent sonic boom sounded had the entire valley been shocked. Many people ran out of their grottoes in only underwears with weapons in their hands.

    "Enemy..." The lackeys who were awakened instantly exclaimed in the valley.

    With a pile of copper coins in his hand, Zhang Tie just wandered ahead, causing clatters.

    'For these b*stards in Demon Snake Island, now that they like money so much, just satisfy their demand; one copper coin for one life. It's a fair trade. If they don't want it, just force them to do it; after all, these b*stards have been used to do that.' Zhang Tie thought.

    After mastering the usage of the two hidden weapons, "Heavens Net" and "One Thousand Fingers" and promoting to a knight, Zhang Tie could use any item as a terrifying weapon. The copper coin was almost like his palm bolt.

    After coming to a spacious place in the valley, Zhang Tie just waited there patiently while flicking his copper coins...

    The crispy sound of the copper coin was like a magic which attracted all those people out of their grottoes.

    The clatters of the copper coins should be low; however, in Zhang Tie's hand, it reverberated throughout the valley in a bizarre rhythm. Even those cunning guys who wanted to hide in the grottoes first couldn't stand to rush out of their nestles with weapons in hand.

    Only after 2 minutes, Zhang Tie had been surrounded with people within 50 m. After sensing that everyone has arrived, Zhang Tie stopped his secret method of bloody soul temple which had a strong function of mental manipulation.

    All the people of Demon Snake Island were glaring at Zhang Tie with ferocious looks. At this moment, even those cunning guys among them had forgotten how they had rushed out.

    At this moment, a guy with a prosthetic hand, who lacked an ear, walked out of the crowd.

    At the sight of his poor look, Zhang Tie revealed a sneer.

    That was Bonnie, a roundtable fighter in Demon Snake Island whose one hand and one ear were chopped off by Zhang Tie in Navy Blue Castle.

    Bonnie's eyes turned bloody. Given his smell, he must have just drunken liquor. In the beginning, his eyes were confused while watching Zhang Tie; however, he suddenly popped out his eyes as he exclaimed, "Peter!"

    Bonnie would never forget this man right in front of him.

    Zhang Tie became reassured, 'Now that this guy recognized me; it means that others could also recognize me. It would be no problem when I return to Ice and Snow Wilderness.'

    "Hehe, long time no see!" Zhang Tie greeted Bonnie kindly and passionately just like seeing an old friend, "How do you feel? Have you been used to eat food with one hand these years?"

    Bonnie's eye corners twitched as Zhang Tie's words reminded him of the miserable memory like a poisonous needle.

    "Call out everybody that you brought from Ice and Snow Wilderness. I've not imagined that Ice and Snow Wilderness could destroy the agreement that they had made with Ewentra Archipelago. Now that the strength of Ice and Snow Wilderness have invaded Ewentra Archipelago, you just wait for the war..." Bonnie said as he glanced over the valley intensely like being afraid of someone suddenly jumping out of somewhere.

    After hearing a bandit talking about credibility with him, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "I was usually told that when a person always used his left hand, he would be much smarter. It seems right. Do you think that I need help from Ice and Snow Wilderness?"

    "You alone?" Bonnie looked around once again.


    A fleer instantly appeared on Bonnie's face, '5 years ago, this Peter was just a bit sharper than me in Navy Blue Castle. I've long promoted to LV 10 now. Additionally, I have over 300 brothers in Demon Snake Island...'

    "Now that you are seeking for death, I will satisfy your demand. Kill him!" Bonnie roared at once.

    All the lackeys in Demon Snake Island then rushed towards Zhang Tie with battle calls. Bonnie himself then moved backward.

    'Even in Selnes Theater of Operations, I killed so many people easily, not to mention now.'

    Zhang Tie shook his head as he threw out the pile of copper coins immediately.

    With the sharp sonic explosions, a large net being interwoven with lights formed by those copper coins instantly spread in all directions--Heavens Net!

    Zhang Tie's "Heavens Net" contained the special strength in his ancestral bloodline, which was many times more powerful than that recorded in the secret book. Additionally, his "Heavens Net" had many changes. This move was very effective to a mass brawl. As for such lackeys, the highest battle level of which was LV 9, of course, they had to die.

    In a split second, all the lackeys that rushed forward had been penetrated through by at least 4 copper coins.

    In less than half a second since the battle calls started, it had already recovered to tranquility.

    A copper coin penetrated through Bonnie's chest from his back. Bonnie, who was retreating backward, instantly stopped as he knelt down and spurted out blood forcefully. As a strong fighter, he had a greater vitality than that of commoners. Bonnie didn't die instantly. However, he could not think through how he was shot by someone from his back using a hidden weapon. Peter was obviously standing in front of him. Widening his eyes, he saw all the yellow lights returning to Peter's hand after cleaning up everybody else without dropping blood. Peter just rocked them in hand, causing another crispy sound...

    It seemed that Peter had just performed a magic as all the battle forces across Demon snake Island had disappeared.

    "You...you..kni...knight..." Bonnie realized it; however, it was too late.

    Zhang Tie walked over there while pressing his hand onto Bonnie's head. Bonnie then felt that he started to recall what happened before as a strength opened his brains and withdrew his memory so fast that Bonnie felt that his head was going to explode...

    The roundtable fighter's eyes were full of fear while he quivered all over.

    After a few seconds, Bonnie's head exploded. Zhang Tie then put his hand back with a distant look. He finally knew where Berusken had gone to...


    In the secret treasury of Demon Snake Island, there were large boxes of gold coins, pearls and gems and some other valuable items. All these were looted by these b*stards in Demon Snake Island these years...

    The treasury was delicately hidden in a maze-like karst cave in the valley. It was a natural place. Other strangers might not be able to find it even after wandering in those tunnels for a few days, however, it was no problem for Zhang Tie. He had kept its location in mind when he read Bonnie's memory.

    As there were so many precious items in the treasury, Zhang Tie directly moved all of them into Castle of Black Iron without even counting them.

    There were also kerosene and gel combustible bombs being used for naval battle in the treasury. After moving the greater part of kerosene and gel combustible bombs into Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie burned the nestle of these bandits using the rest kerosene and gel combustible bombs.

    In the rising flames, Zhang Tie flew off Demon Snake Island and dived into the ocean. After that, he instantly increased his speed to above 2,000 miles per hour...

    Berusken had gone to Stars and Moons Island, which was once the territory of the Stars and Moons Sword Sage who was well-known across the Ewentra Archipelago...
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