Chapter 725: A Falling Pillar

    Chapter 725: A Falling Pillar

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    Among the hundreds of islands across Ewentra Archipelago, Stars and Moons Island was not the largest one; however, it was the most famous one. Because the only knight across Ewentra Archipelago once came from this island--Samaranth, the Stars and Moons Sword Sage.

    Samaranth was the pride of the entire Ewentra Archipelago. As he once lived in there, that island was renamed as Stars and Moons Island. Additionally, the largest swordsmanship school across Ewentra Archipelago came into being on this island--the Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School.

    Once upon a time, all the powerhouses across Ewentra Archipelago were proud of using swords. Samaranth founded a swordsmanship school in Stars and Moons Island. In the heyday of the school, Stars and Moons Sword Sage had tens of thousands of disciples, when the entire Stars and Moons Island became the sacred land of craftsmanship across Ewentra Archipelago.

    Nevertheless, all the brilliance had come to an end with the death of Samaranth for the sake of the God's Star.

    In the beginning, nobody across Ewentra Archipelago believed that Stars and Moons Sword Sage would lose his life as they all thought that it was just a rumor fabricated by someone. However, when there was no message about Samaranth from Ice and Snow Wilderness in 3 years, the rumor gradually became the truth. As a result, the entire Stars and Moons Island slowly withered.

    A knight's offsprings were not destined to be knights; neither a knight's disciples were destined to be knights. Without a knight as the pillar, the entire Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School collapsed at once.

    Young men who poured into Stars and Moons Island from everywhere in Ewentra Archipelago two years ago also left in large numbers. As a result, Stars and Moons Swordsmanship's heyday went forever.

    One year ago, Stars and Moons Swordsmanship broke out an internal conflict and split into parts. Consequently, some of Samaranth's good disciples left Stars and Moons Island and started to found their own swordsmanship schools across Ewentra Archipelago as they proclaimed to get the true knowledge of Stars and Moons Sword Sage.

    Since Stars and Moons Swordsmanship broke out an internal conflict and split into parts, only Samaranth's clansmen and a couple of disciples were left maintaining the Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School in Stars and Moons Island. As a result, Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School collapsed completely.

    Before the dawn of September 25th, three pitch-dark big ships silently drove into the harbor of Stars and Moons Island in the twilight. Seeing these ships, the customs officer, who had not find pickings for a long time, instantly sprung up from the bed in the harbor's taxation office and rapidly put on his uniformed clothes. After cleaning his face with water casually, he woke up those tax policemen by kicking them. Closely after that, the group of people hurriedly arrived at the harbor and boarded on the ships to check and levy taxes.

    "Besides freight houses, pay attention to sailors' berth cabins. Those sailors always hide tobaccos and spices beneath their bedplates. Whatever you get, confiscate them all!"

    When he boarded on one ship, the customs officer who had lost his weight by 10 kg over the past 2 years had his halos back. He was thinking about how much pickings could he find this time so that he didn't pay attention that these sailors were different from those before. These sailors' looks were full of banters and cruelty.

    Those tax policemen were also rubbing their palms and fists. Soon after they heard the order of the customs officer had they rushed into the cabin.

    "Captain, where's your captain? Come out. I will check your logbook..." Standing on the deck, the customs officer ordered while raising his head towards the sky.

    However, the captain didn't come out; instead, some round objects rolled out of the cabin and reached the foot of the customs officer. Lowering his head, the customs officer saw the heads of tax policemen whose eyes were widely opened with a great fear.

    The customs officer instantly felt cold between his legs because he shat his pants.

    Right then, a man in a black eyeshade with full of terrifying qi walked out of the pitch-dark cabin while grabbing the hair of a tax policeman's head, which was still spraying blood. The head's blood sprayed all the way to the customs officer who had been scared too much to move his foot.

    "You're the customs officer?"

    The customs officer was scared so much that his teeth quivered. He didn't dare utter any voice in front of such a man, who was almost the code word of terror in Ewentra Archipelago.

    "What a coincidence! I'm also a customs officer today!" The man revealed a terrifying smile, "But I'm here to level head money!"

    Closely after his words, the man swung the head and smashed onto the customs officer's head, blasting two heads at the same time. As a result, brains and blood sprayed over the deck.

    The man then threw off the hair which was only connected with a skull before kicking the customs officer's corpse into the ocean. After that, he closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath in an intoxicated way. After a couple of seconds, he opened his eyes and watched the mountain in the distance and the castle on top of the mountain as a bloody killing qi flashed across his eyes, "Brothers, go enjoy it. We have a complete day to enjoy such a grand meal in Stars and Moons Island!"

    The three big ships that anchored in the harbor then rose the bloody demon-snake skeleton flag, which indicated that they were going to start their loot and massacre. Under the leadership of some roundtable warriors, over 1,000 people with ferocious looks from Demon Snake Island wove their weapons and rushed out of the 3 big ships while wailing and howling...

    In a split second, some houses in the harbor and the town were burned down. At the same time, cries and mournful wails reverberated in this town...

    Hearing the urgent bell rings from the castle on the top of the mountain in the distance, Berusken revealed a sneer on his thin face. He then rushed towards that Sage Sword Mountain where the castle rested on with the other roundtable fighters and a team of elite killers...

    Stars and Moons Island covered less than 100 sq miles. It was actually a bit smaller than Demon Snake Island. Across the whole land, there was only one harbor and one town and some buildings left by the Stars and Moons Swordsmanship on the Sword Sage Mountain. The current total population of inhabitants in the island was only a bit more than 30,000 people. Compared to its heyday, Stars and Moons Island at this moment had withered.


    At this moment, Zhang Tie broke out of the ocean and flew close to the seawater. The black smoke that rose straight to the sky became Zhang Tie's best coordinates.

    In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie had arrived at the harbor. Watching this town being looted and slaughtered, a killing qi flashed across Zhang Tie's eyes. He instantly flew across the town as he tossed out his copper coins one after another, exploding a great batch of b*stards' heads in a split second within 500 m...

    The residents in the town were very sturdy. They didn't just resign themselves to adversity; instead, they chose to fight back. In the square of the town, a batch of young adults was fighting hundreds of bandits from Demon Snake Island with weapons. As being affected by the living environment, all the young adults in Stars and Moons Island knew some swordsmanship. Some youth who learned in Stars and Moons Swordsmanship even had reached LV 9. However, in the encirclement of the bandits led by a LV 10 roundtable fighter and 2 LV 9 roundtable fighters, these people could barely stand it while youths were constantly killed.

    "Brothers, kill them, you will have the girls in the town!" A LV 10 roundtable fighter of Demon Snake Island exclaimed while he released an off-body battle qi, causing a LV 9 fighter, which was a few meters away, spurt out blood and fly backward.

    All the bandits growled madly...

    At the sight of this, Zhang Tie flew over there. When he flew over that square above 30 m from the ground, he released hundreds of sharp battle qi by his ten fingers in the blink of an eye, exploding all the b*stards, common lackeys or LV 9-10 roundtable fighters into sh*t...

    Before those youths realized what happened, they saw the heads of all the bandits from Demon Snake Island being exploded. Therefore, they widely opened their mouths...

    "Sword Sage, Lord Sword Sage is coming back..." A smart guy exclaimed as he suddenly turned around and saw a faint figure flying towards the Sword Sage Mountain in the far.

    'Knight, only a knight could have such a great battle force.' As nobody saw clearly who did it just now, they all thought that was Samaranth. Additionally, who else would come to Stars and Moons Island besides Lord Sword Sage?

    The morale of the youths in the town rose immediately as they sensed a strength that they could rely on. Closely after that, they roared and started to clear the rest lackeys of Demon Snake Island in the town...

    Watching the battle-qi totems rising from the castle on the top of the mountain in the far, Zhang Tie straightly flew towards there.


    At this moment, a tragic atmosphere was covering the Sword Sage Mountain. Disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School laid all the way from the foot of the mountain to the Stars and Moons Castle at the top of the mountain. With the powerful battle force of a LV 15 battle spirit, the defensive facilities and high city walls of the internal and external castles of the Stars and Moons Castle were as fragile as decorations. Only after half an hour, all the passes of external and internal castles had been broken through by bandits. As a result, a large number of disciples of Samaranth Clan and Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School fought to the death.

    Being covered with others' plasma, Berusken revealed a brutal faint smile as he led a batch of elites from Demon Snake Island and encircled those who were still resisting into a palace of the internal castle of Demon Snake Island...
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