Chapter 726: Sword Sage

    Chapter 726: Sword Sage

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    "Hahahaha..." Watching this scene, Berusken couldn't help but laugh, which reverberated around the entire Stars and Moons Castle, "Samaranth, you must not have imagined today when you forced me into Demon Snake Island. I will kill all your male family members and turn all your female family members into my sex slaves..."

    At this moment, hundreds of underprivileged family members of Samaranth were wailing mournfully in the palace. Outside the palace, there were over 200 people of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School who were defending the last defense line with long swords while being covered with blood...

    In the eyes of Berusken, those people defending outside the palace were nothing but sh*t because the only LV 13 battle general in the Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School, the most talented son of Samaranth and the head of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School in Stars and Moons Island at this moment, had been killed by him just now. After that LV 13 battle general, a LV 11 powerhouse in the Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School was also killed, the highest level among the remains was only LV 9 now.

    These disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School whose highest level was LV 9 couldn't even release off-body battle-qi attack, not to mention sword qi. Even though they had about 200 people, they were nothing but ants in front of a LV 15 battle spirit. Berusken felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction from the scared looks of the struggling disciples of Stars and Moon Swordsmanship School.

    At this moment, Berusken felt that he should not have killed Samaranth's son so fast. If that person was still alive, there might be more good plays.

    'At this moment, although Samaranth could not see it, it was also not bad to be watched by his son.'

    Berusken didn't know that Zhang Tie had already landed in Stars and Moons Island. A battle spirit's sense towards knights could never match that of a knight. Additionally, Zhang Tie purposely hid his qi. Even a knight wouldn't know that Zhang Tie had arrived, not to mention a battle spirit...

    "I only want to revenge Samaranth and his family members. I know not all of you are Samaranth's offsprings. As for disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School, I know you were just forced to fight us just now, neither did I spare any chance to you..." Berusken watched those disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School who were defending the palace while a weird light flashed across his only eye, "However, as the battle situation has been clear, I will spare a chance to you. As long as anyone being not related to Samaranth's family members could kill a family member of Samaranth or a disciple of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School in front of me, I would let him leave out of here safe and sound; otherwise, you could only stay here to accompany with Samaranth family members' corpses!"

    After hearing Berusken's suggestion, many disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School changed their faces while their eyes flickered a couple of times...

    "Don't listen to him. He's already killed so many people today. No matter what, he would never let us go. We'd better fight to the death than be teased by him!" A disciple of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School exclaimed.

    "This is your last chance. When I begin, you will have no time to regret. Do you really wish to fight to the death for Samaranth's family members?" Berusken continued to bewitch them.

    "This guy not only wants to kill us; he even wants to destroy the reputation of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School, don't believe him!" The disciple roared once again.

    At this moment, Berusken revealed a faint sneer, 'That guy is right. He wants to destroy Samaranth's family together with his Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School. As long as the message that the disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School killed Samaranth's family members at the critical moment was disseminated to the public, there would be no Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School in Ewentra Archipelago any longer as the only honor and influence that Samaranth left in the human world would turn into bullsh*t by then.

    All the smart ones understood it. So what? At this critical moment, what was tested was not humans' intelligence but humanity.

    Watching Berusken's sneer, before that disciple said anything more, a shiny sword had penetrated through his chest from his back. Closely after that, a figure jumped out of the crowd at an extremely high speed and moved to Berusken's side.

    "Othello, what are you doing?" Many disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School roared.

    "I will kill you!" Another disciple of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School jumped out as he rushed towards Othello who was running towards Berusken. At the sight of this, Berusken frowned as he released an off-body battle qi towards the latter disciple who was over 20 m away, causing him to spurt out blood and fly backward.

    In the chaos, some more muffled sounds drifted from those disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School as they were pierced through by those on their sides. Closely after that, some more disciples moved to the side of Berusken...

    In the blink of an eye, the remnants of disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School which was as firm as a Great Wall was collapsed. All the remaining disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School hurriedly jumped off as they watched those on their sides full of vigilance.

    Berusken burst out into laughter...

    "Anthony, what's that for...you said...you would love me forever..." A female disciple sobbed when she saw a male disciple killing another one, running to the side of Berusken and trembling with a sword in hand.

    "Ruili, I love you. However, I don't want to be killed together with your Samaranth Clan. Your clan is already over..." That man said mercilessly and decisively.


    "Even if Samaranth Clan was over, at least it had its glory before. However, even if you became a knight, you'd still be as dirty as a worm!" Another voice drifted from Berusken's back. Everybody became stunned. Even Berusken turned around.

    They saw a 20-odd-man slowly walking towards them.

    Of course, that man was Zhang Tie.

    Actually, Zhang Tie had arrived a few minutes ago. He just watched quietly on one side as he wanted to see what these disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School would choose.

    Zhang Tie knew it was about humanity. Although Zhang Tie had witnessed thousands of dirtiest and ugliest corpses, he had not seen the dirtiest humanity. Therefore, he just wanted to see what would happen out of his curiosity.

    Zhang Tie felt that he had to appreciate Berusken, because of whom, he learned something new about humanity.

    Zhang Tie knew that Berusken would definitely do more evil and pervert things in front of him if he just waited here. However, he was afraid that the entire Samaranth family would be cleaned and the bloodline of Stars and Moons Sword Sage would be broken off by then. When he recalled how relaxed Samaranth was when he killed the huge deep-sea monster for the sake of all the passengers of the steamer Polar Light, Zhang Tie let out a sigh inside before walking forward to stop this tragedy...

    He did this out of his respect to Stars and Moons Sword Sage.

    "Who are you?" Berusken's pupils contracted, releasing a great danger. Strangely, he didn't sense any aggressive qi from Zhang Tie. Given his qi, Zhang Tie was just a commoner.

    "My name is Peter, Peter Hamplester!" Zhang Tie said frankly.

    Although Zhang Tie's voice was not loud, his name Peter Hamplester was like a dull thunder.

    Peter Hamplester, the king of Ice and Snow Wilderness, this name had been spread across Ice and Snow Wilderness over the past 5 years. All sorts of legends about this name and his marvelous manifestation and brilliance had been spread across Ewentra Archipelago.

    As Zhang Tie said this, he stomped onto the ground with his battle qi, causing a long sword of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School to spring up and fall into his hand.

    Zhang Tie raised the sword as high as his eyebrows...

    In a split second, Zhang Tie's eyes turned as sharp as a lightning bolt while a terrifying sword qi went up into the sky like a battle-qi totem.

    After promoting to a knight, if one had reached a high level in swordsmanship, the knight would not release his battle-qi totem when using his long sword, but sharp sword qi--This is sword sage!

    Having awakened the sword affinity bloodline and spent much time in cultivating swordsmanship, Zhang Tie had long become a sword sage after promoting to a knight in the tower of time.

    The sword qi sprayed over and covered the entire mountain top...

    Berusken felt goosepumps all over. With a roar, he threw some disciples who had already stood on his side towards Zhang Tie before turning around, intending to escape...

    Although it was already late morning, they suddenly felt dark all over. It seemed that night arrived at once while a full moon and a crescent rose in the dark at the same time...

    Berusken moved fast; however, he was not as fast as the moons in the dark. When the full moon and the crescent rose up, the tender moonlights had already cast onto him while his protective battle qi started to crack heavily like frying beans...

    Time flew past.

    It could not be described as a swordsmanship, but as a scenery between heavens and ground, ebb and flow and waxing and waning...

    The crescent and the full moon changed their shapes in opposite directions. The crescent gradually turned into full moon while the full moon slowly turned into a crescent. When the full moon changed into its original crescent look, the crescent also recovered its original full shape. After one cycle, the moons and the darkness disappeared at the same time while the Stars and Moons recovered their original looks too.

    All the guys from Demon Snake Island and those rebellious disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School stood still in strange gestures like being applied with a magic...

    The other disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School just watched all this with widely opened eyes, 'What happened? Was that an illusion? Why did we see moons just now? Why did these people stand still?'

    As the wind blew over, all those [standing still] were blown away by the wind one bit after another, flying into the air without leaving any trace in the air...

    Berusken's body started to collapse like flour while his head seemed to have disappeared together with Peter...

    Only after 5-10 minutes, everything came to an end.

    Everybody in Stars and Moons Castle felt like dreaming.


    In the open waters of Stars and Moons Island, Zhang Tie was standing still in the void with his eyes closed while grabbing Berusken's fresh head by his hand, eyelashes quivering.

    Berusken's memory was withdrawn by Zhang Tie as fast as a lightning bolt. LV 15 battle spirit was the highest level that the "soul capture skill" could work on.

    After a long while, Zhang Tie opened his eyes while a bizarre light flashed across his eyes. He then slightly frowned.

    After the head was thrown into the ocean, it attracted some sharks at once. Zhang Tie felt bored of watching sharks eating food.

    After recognizing the direction, Zhang Tie straightly flew towards Saint Herner Island...
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