Chapter 727: A Hitchhike

    Chapter 727: A Hitchhike

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    When the 50,000-ton ship Narwhal from Sinaira Island to Saint Herner Island was only about 200 nautical miles away from Saint Herner Island, a guest landed on a small observation stand of the highest deck quietly.

    The sea wind at dawn was a bit cold, especially on the highest observation stand of Narwhal. Therefore, besides noontime and afternoon when some travelers would enjoy the seascape over there, nobody was there in the evening and in the morning.

    Except for Zhang Tie.

    Given the direction, Zhang Tie knew that it was heading for Saint Herner Island. Additionally, as this place was not far from Saint Herner Island, Zhang Tie directly landed onto the free passenger liner.

    Narwhal was a luxury liner. The snomon passenger liner would never have swimming pools.

    There was truly a heavy wind on the highest observation stand. The moment Zhang Tie landed on and put away his battle qi, his hair had been a mess.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he walked towards the stairs on his side.

    The moment he arrived at the stairway had he seen a young sailor thudding upstairs with a bucket and a towel while water was dilapidating inside. They almost collided with each other.

    "Ahh, sorry, sir..." The sailor hurriedly moved to the left of the stairs at the sight of Zhang Tie, giving way to Zhang Tie as he kept apologizing to Zhang Tie.

    "It doesn't matter!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he walked downstairs.

    Until Zhang Tie reached the bottom of the stairs had the sailor become dubious as he scratched his head and murmured, "Strange, the director said he saw nobody here just now; therefore, he called me upstairs to clean the handrails of the observing stand. Didn't the director see this man?"

    Of course, the young sailor would not report it to the director as he didn't want to find trouble. After shaking his head, he didn't care about it anymore.

    After walking off the observation stand, Zhang Tie saw the schematic diagram of this luxury liner on the wall of the aisle. As it was a large ship, for the convenience of the passengers, many places on this ship were marked with its diagram.

    This passenger liner was matched with dining rooms, bars, theaters, gambling houses, gyms and beauty parlors. After reading the diagram, Zhang Tie knew it was called Narwhal. After finding the location of the bar, Zhang Tie walked towards it.

    The bars and entertainment facilities in this luxury liner were available around the clock.

    The aisle was paved with a bright yellow carpet. Even the deck was paved with a comfortable wooden floor. As it was early morning, most of the passengers had just gotten up. Gradually, the ship became boisterous. He met many passengers on the ship, given whose dresses and styles of conversation, Zhang Tie knew they were rich people.

    "My Barbie and Boddey need to walk half an hour a day. Attention, don't take them to high places in case they catch cold. Just walk them on the lowest deck. After that, you need to prepare a medium-cooked steak fried with olive oil; no spice. Prepare a fried salmon; remember to remove its bones; daub some cherry jam from Kolin Island onto the fish. After they finish their food, remember to massage them for 20 minutes!"

    "Alright, what else can I do for you, Madam Martina?"

    "Hmm, nothing else for the time being!"

    At this time, a hatch door in front of Zhang Tie opened when a 50-odd servant in formal dress and white gloves waited outside the door. Closely after that, he pulled out two big dogs. At the sight of Zhang Tie, he hurriedly dragged the dogs to one side. Zhang Tie threw a glance at the two dogs. Closely after that, the dogs moved to the left side of the aisle kindly, giving way to Zhang Tie.


    Zhang Tie came to the bar on the 2nd floor. Although the bar was still running, it only had few guests.

    Only two groups of guests were in the bar. Some gentlemen were sitting around one table while a young couple was sitting at the other table who were leaning against each other, watching the seascape through the window and whispering something.

    A girl in longuette was playing piano in the bar. As a result, the entire bar was filled with a melodious piano music. A beautiful female bartender was wiping glasses behind the counter while a beautiful waitress in an alluring kilt was greeting guests. Those men were attracted by her beautiful legs.

    As soon as Zhang Tie sat on a relatively remote seat next to a window, the beautiful waitress walked towards here while twisting her waist. The waitress released a youthful enthusiasm which could fascinate any men.

    "Sir, what do you want to drink?"


    "Hmm, are you new here?"


    "How about a glass of seabuckthorn wine?"


    Before the waitress left while twisting her waist, she couldn't help but throw a couple of glances at Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie touched his face. Actually, he had not seen his new look; however, he knew it should be maturer than his original look. 'Based on the template provided by Heller, this new look should not be too ugly.'

    After a short while, the beautiful waitress served a glass of wine to Zhang Tie. The moment he sipped it, he identified the familiar taste--mutated seabuckthorn fruit, a species that was produced in Castle of Black Iron.

    "Hmm, this wine tastes nice. Did you get it from Ice and Snow Wilderness?" Zhang Tie asked the waitress with a smile.


    "The seabuckthorn wine in the Ice and Snow Wilderness didn't taste so good before!"

    "Yes. Previously, very few seabuckthorn wines in Ice and Snow Wilderness were sold to Ewentra Archipelago. However, a new seabuckthorn tree appeared in Ice and Snow Wilderness a few years ago. The wine brewed by the new seabuckthorn fruits tastes much better than that before. Therefore, it is even sold to Ewentra Archipelago!" The waitress explained passionately as she fondled her hair in a womanly way. From her eyes, Zhang Tie saw a familiar thing, which had nothing to do with wealth and reputation, but full of feminine charm.

    "Oh, thank you!" Zhang Tie smiled as he raised his glass, "May I invite you for a drink as a part of my thanks?"

    "Not now. We're not allowed to drink in working time!" The waitress shook her head as she added, "But I will be off duty in half an hour. Someone will replace me then. Will your invitation still be effective after half an hour?"

    "Of course!"

    The waitress smiled.

    At this moment, some new guests entered. The waitress then walked towards them before ogling towards Zhang Tie.

    Of course, the new seabuckthorn fruit was different than those before. The new ones were bigger and sweeter with some aura values. The wine brewed by such new fruits would definitely taste much better than those before. As he tasted the wine, Zhang Tie was thinking, 'Now that this buckthorn wine has been exported to Ewentra Archipelago from Ice and Snow Wilderness, the new seabuckthorn trees must have been planted in a large area of Ice and Snow Wilderness; those residents in Ice and Snow Wilderness must have a greater reliance on the new seabuckthorn trees. My dream is gradually coming true.'

    'Additionally, I've left No. 1 earthworms and No. 1 soybeans in Ice and Snow Wilderness. During the past 5 years, they should have expanded.'

    'Besides blades, there is another mild way to conquer others--reliance!'

    'If you rely on something, you will be conquered by it.'

    Zhang Tie's eyes turned profound...

    As for those gentlemen in the far, they were discussing one thing that Zhang Tie was interested in. Therefore, Zhang Tie just leaned against the sofa and drank the wine as he watched the seascape through the window and listened to their conversation. Meanwhile, he started to recall what he had experienced during the past day.

    'Last night, I was in the Zhang's old mansion in the Golden Sea City of Huaiyuan Prefecture; this morning, I arrived at Ewentra Archipelago. After that, I went to the Demon Snake Island, then Stars and Moons Island. After exterminating the dark force that had existed in Ewentra Archipelago for many years, I watched the seascape, listened to the music and drank the wine in the bar of Narwhal. What an unimaginable knight's life! Perhaps, this was why knights made people crazy for--freedom. After becoming a knight, I have few limits. I could change many people's fates so easily...'

    Zhang Tie was fascinated by such a feeling...

    Those men were discussing a major event that happened in Akray Island these days--After joining hands with each other, the major clans in Ewentra Archipelago wanted to establish an Ewentra Archipelago Parliament in Akray Island. This event was indeed influential for those forces across Ewentra Archipelago which were always in a loose state.
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