Chapter 728: On the Way

    Chapter 728: On the Way

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    "It's said that Renard Clan has a background in the Western Continent. Conor, the head of Renard Clan may take the position as the speaker of the parliament!"

    "Not that simple. Without the corresponding force on his back, it's meaningless for him to become the head of the parliament. Don't forget that Willys Clan in Gantiado Island has the largest fleet across Ewentra Archipelago. In Gantiado Island, Willys Clan could control the will of two-thirds of major clans on that island. It's said that Willys Clan has a close relationship with Spencer Clan in Ice and Snow Wilderness. If the head of Willys Clan becomes the head of the Ewentra Archipelago Parliament, Ice and Snow Wilderness will support him for sure!"

    "Speaking of Ice and Snow Wilderness, don't forget about the most important person--the sexy fox. Isn't the sexy fox closely related to the Wild Bear Tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness? Isn't the Wild Bear Tribe more powerful than Spencer Clan? The barbarous tribes in Sinairi Island are still silent about the establishment of the Ewentra Archipelago Parliament. It would be meaningless no matter who became the head of the parliament if the authority of Ewentra Archipelago Parliament could not be guaranteed on the biggest and the most important Sinairi Island of Ewentra Archipelago. It's said that the sexy fox also has a good relationship with the barbarous tribes on Sinairi Island. What a terrifying woman! She has a relationship with both Ice and Snow Wilderness and Sinairi Island. Even in Saint Herner Island, she could still get the support of Bell Clan. I think that maybe this sexy fox could be the head of the parliament."

    "I disagree with you. Just because of the close relationship between sexy fox and Ice and Snow Wilderness, she could not be the head of the Ewentra Archipelago Parliament. Don't forget about these major clans' target to establish Ewentra Archipelago Parliament. If sexy fox became the head of the parliament, it would be inconsistent with the target of the establishment of Ewentra Archipelago. How could those major clans agree with that?"

    "Does Ice and Snow Wilderness pose a threat to Ewentra Archipelago? They've maintained peace for so many years..."

    "No idea. Do you think the Ice and Snow Wilderness is unchanged? The tonnage of the North Wind Fleet of Ice and Snow Wilderness has surpassed that of Willys Clan two years ago, although it could still not match the total tonnage of the fleets of major clans across Ewentra Archipelago for the time being. What would those major clans do if that lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness became interested in Ewentra Archipelago one day?"

    "Hasn't that Peter disappeared 5 years ago? Nobody knows whether he's dead or alive. Additionally, the bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness were still splitting. How could they have a surplus force to cast greedy eyes on Ewentra Archipelago?"

    "When did you go to Ice and Snow Wilderness last time?"

    "4 years ago!"

    "If you go there once again, I promise you will not say so when you come back. Additionally, I have to remind you. If there are Slavs on your side, watch out your words."

    "What words?"

    "You said that nobody knows whether Peter is dead or alive. If you dared say that in Ice and Snow Wilderness, Slavs on your side would definitely spring up to chop off your head!"

    "Erm, is that so serious?"

    "Haven't you heard those legends?"

    "Yup, but I feel it's a bit exaggerating..."

    "In Ice and Snow Wilderness, what you hear and see will be much more exaggerating than what you hear and see in Ewentra Archipelago..."

    "Do you mean those fanatics of Ancient God School..."

    "How do you know that?"

    "I met a pioneer last time, who came from far away to make a pilgrimage in Ice and Snow Wilderness. After that, he joined the Ancient God School. These years, there has been a legend that the ancient god of Ancient God School is the patron of pioneers and Peter is the incarnation of the ancient god in the secular world..."


    Those men didn't know that the Peter that they were talking about was leaning against the sofa comfortably, sipping the seabuckthorn wine and listening to their talk.

    At the beginning, Zhang Tie remained a calm look when he listened to them talking about the parliament of Ewentra Archipelago. Later on, he choked and coughed when he listened to them talking about Ancient God School...

    Those men turned around and thought that Zhang Tie, the young man was choked by his wine; therefore, they threw a despised look at Zhang Tie.

    After recovering his composure, Zhang Tie raised his head and saw three beautiful legs standing in front of him in high-heeled shoes. The girl who played piano, the waitress and that female bartender were standing in front of him and watching him with a curious look. The girl who played the piano was still wearing the same skirt; while the waitress and the female bartender had put on a coat and covered their work clothes, making their legs more dazzling.

    "Can you invite 3 of us for a drink now?" The beautiful waitress asked with a smile.

    "No problem!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile. Closely after that, he recovered his composure and invited them to take a seat. He then called the new waiter for a bottle of seabuckthorn wine and three glasses. Later on, they started chatting.

    The waitress was called Venika; the female bartender was called Daliana; the piano player was called Wallis. They were all students of Sinaira Business College on Sinaira Island. They would graduate next year. As it was the vacation, through the introduction of Daliana's family members, the 3 girls found a part-time job in the Narwhal. Besides making money, they could also have a free travel and broaden their horizon. They also wanted to find more opportunities for development here.

    Ewentra Archipelago had developed commercial civilization and navigation trade. Besides having business relationships with each other, the islands on Ewentra Archipelago even had trade contacts with Ice and Snow Wilderness and Blackson Humans Corridor. Its trade route reached Western Continent while its developed commercial civilization provided more employment opportunities and more open and inclusive environment for young women here.

    After knowing that Zhang Tie was called Peter, the three girls exchanged glances with each other before bursting out into laughter.

    "What? Is my name so funny?"

    "No, actually too many people have the same name. We have many Peters at school. There's one more Peter in Ice and Snow Wilderness!" Wallis explained as she threw a bashful look towards Zhang Tie. Compared to Venika and Daliana, this piano player looked more introverted.

    Zhang Tie touched his nose.

    "I've not seen you before. Are you new here?" Daliana asked Zhang Tie.

    "Hmm, I've just been to Narwhal!" Zhang Tie explained seriously.

    "Just? No way? Nobody could board on this ship as soon as it left the harbor. Did you come here by yacht?"

    "No, I came here by air. When I saw such a ship heading to Saint Herner Island, I just landed to take a hitchhike!" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly.

    The 3 girls felt that Zhang Tie was very humorous.

    Gradually, Venika had moved close to Zhang Tie's side. Being closely touched by her beautiful legs, Zhang Tie could even feel the smooth skin and temperature of her legs.

    In less than 1 hour, they had drunk up the bottle of seabuckthorn wine. The 3 girls blushed and looked pretty cute.

    "Well, thanks for your wine, we have to go to bed now. We worked the whole night!" Venika said as she stood up together with the other two girls.

    "You're welcome. It was my pleasure to invite you for a drink!"

    "Aing back. Berusken and the other roundtable fighters' heads became the first batch of sacrifice for the return of the lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    The entire Ewentra Archipelago and Ice and Snow Wilderness were shocked!
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