Chapter 729: Shocking the Ice and Snow Wilderness

    Chapter 729: Shocking the Ice and Snow Wilderness

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    Eschyle City, Ice and Snow Wilderness...

    With remote-sensing crystals, the news was spread so fast. Therefore, in only a few hours, what Zhang Tie did in Stars and Moons Island had been spread to Eschyle City.

    Spencer Clan received the news from a business group in Ewentra Archipelago and transmitted the news to Eschyle City at once.

    In only 5 years, a higher and more magnificent Iron Bear Castle had been built in the original address of Iron Bear Castle of Spencer Clan in Eschyle City.

    Within an underground backroom of Iron Bear Castle, Elder Turin of Spencer Clan was entering a deep meditation.

    After receiving the news, Elder Rodolfo arrived at the backroom of Elder Turin immediately and woke him up urgently.

    After waiting outside the door of the backroom for 10 minutes, the alloy door finally slid away while Elder Turin slowly appeared in front of Elder Rodolfo with a cold look.

    "What happened?" Elder Turin asked calmly which sounded a bit unpleasant.

    Any knight would feel unhappy when his cultivation and meditation was interrupted. In Spencer Clan, everybody knew that the one who could really master the fate of the clan was Elder Turin, who had become a knight. Although Elder Rodolfo was also an elder, he was not a knight. Additionally, his seniority in the clan was utterly different than that of Elder Turin. Especially when there was no outsider on their side, Rodolfo treated Turin meticulously as his elder.

    Rodolfo reported the news instantly.

    After hearing that, Elder Turin's unpleasant look instantly disappeared as his eyes shot out a shrewd light.

    "Is it true?"

    "It's true. All the disciples of Stars and Moons Swordsmanship School have seen that. The news came from Stars and Moons Island. All the roundtable fighters in Demon Snake Island have been killed!"

    After taking a deep breath, Elder Turin revealed an aggressive qi while his face turned solemn at once, "Order North Wind Fleet to get prepared in 3 hours, we're setting out for Saint Herner Island!"

    "Ahh, Prepare North Wind Fleet to leave Oro Strait?" Elder Rodolfo became shocked as such a movement might cause a war between Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago. Additionally, this had broken through the bottom line that was tacitly approved by both parties.

    "I will go there together with North Wind Fleet to welcome our Lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness!"

    "Bu...but this might arouse a war!" Elder Rodolfo had to remind Elder Turin considering the potential severe outcome.

    "It's time for the war!" Elder Turin replied which shocked Elder Rodolfo so much, "I'm afraid that Peter was waiting in Saint Herner Island for the arrival of North Wind Fleet. If we don't go there, we may disappoint him!"

    "Ahh..." Rodolfo became dumbfounded.

    "It's estimated that an elder of Huge Bear Tribe will appear in Eschyle City in 2 hours and go to Saint Herner Island together with me!" Elder Turin revealed a faintly mysterious smile, "Pontiff Sarlin, who has the eye of time, must have seen that and made the corresponding preparation!"

    After thinking for a short while, Elder Rodolfo seemed to remember something as he whispered to Elder Turin, "What about the Fiery Bear..."

    "Just tell them the news honestly, they will make their own choice. Tell the old bear, it's the final chance for them to clarify their stance!" Elder Turin said faintly.


    In the hieron of Elzida Mountain, Pontiff Sarlin had also opened his eyes at this moment. Watching Elder Toles in front of him, he nodded.

    Receiving the answer, Elder Toles just bowed towards Pontiff Sarlin and slowly retreated the hieron.

    After 1 hour, the cavalries of Thor's Hammer set out Gozida Plain, shocking the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness...


    In a main tent of Wild Bear Tribe...

    On the main seat was sitting a robust mountain-like man, who was tearing a roasted cattle and chewing it forcefully. Meanwhile, he listened to those sitting below him reporting to him. After eating each piece of beef, the man would always clean his oily hands on his bear-hide coat.

    "Clan head Dali, what's your opinion about it?" A 60-years-old man asked.

    "Hahaha...this is a big event; of course, I need to consider about it..." The one on the main seat put him off.

    "Our whole family have stayed here for 7 days..." Another 20-years-old man interrupted.

    "Hahahaha, you four have stayed here for 7 days; then you want the lives of over 13 million people of my wild bear troop?" The man who was tearing beef narrowed his eyes while releasing a depressive qi.

    The 60-years-old man threw a stern glance at that young man before opening his mouth calmly, "You're very clear about the power of our Sacred Light School. If you cooperate with us, you will not suffer any loss!"

    "Hah, speaking of Sacred Light School, I remember that a country called Sun Dynasty who believed in the God of Brilliance School have been exterminated by the demonized puppets disaster. Does the God of Brilliance School originate from your school? I wonder what other powers does your school still have in Blackson Humans Corridor now."

    "Sun Dynasty is just a small country!" The 50-odd years man explained calmly, "That country's God of Brilliance School is just a small branch of our school in Blackson Humans Corridor. Additionally, as they had left the halos of the God of Sacred Light, that branch had been attracted to the evil route by demons. Therefore, they finally came to an end. In Western Continent, our Sacred Light Empire's power is thousands times greater than that of Sun Dynasty. Our believers are like numerous water drops in the ocean. As long as there's sunshine, there will be the follower of our school!"

    "Then, what do you want?"

    "Belief, we only need belief!" The 60-odd years man replied with an extremely righteous expression, "Besides belief, we need nothing else. If clan head Dali could promise to cooperate with us, the wild bear tribe would gain the opportunity to share the interests of Ice and Snow Wilderness and have power increase greatly; additionally, the assistance of our Sacred Light Empire would also be transported to Ice and Snow Wilderness through our fleet constantly, helping wild bear tribe grow stronger! Our only condition is to do missionary work in Ice and Snow Wilderness. The creed of Ancient God School is pretty absurd and intolerable. We cannot stand it bewitching people's minds here!"

    "Hmm! I will think about it for a while, hahahaha..." The clan head of wild bear tribe continued to put him off.

    "We can only stay in the wild bear tribe for another 3 days at most. If clan head could still not make that decision by then, we would have no chance then!"


    After half an hour, the 4 people left the main tent, leaving that Dali continuing tearing his beef. Chewing the beef, the man narrowed his eyes while flickering weird eye-lights.

    Gangula hurriedly came in from outside. After that, he walked to the man's side and whispered to that man.

    Gangula was more steady now than he was 5 years ago while he kept a dense mustache.

    After hearing Gangula's words, the man stopped chewing beef. After a short while, he pounded the cattle's leg onto the table. Closely after that, he glared at Gangula and issued an order, "Go chop off those b*stards' heads and send them to the huge bear tribe!"

    Gangula licked his lips excitedly and nodded silently before turning around and leaving the main tent...

    "Wait for a second, where's Sabrina?"

    "It's said that she bought a castle of Spencer Clan in Eschyle City last month!" Gangula said.

    "Hmm, you can leave!" The clan head rubbed his mustache with his oily hand while waving another hand towards Gangula. Gangula then strode away.

    Watching Gangula leaving, the clan head of wild bear tribe revealed a sneer, "F*ck, b*stards, preach your sh*t! You just want to share my benefits with some talkative lackeys and a bullsh*t knight from Western Continent. Do you think that this father has not seen a knight or our Slavs have no knights? Peh..."


    Sabrina was indeed in Eschyle City; precisely, she was outside the military harbor of Eschyle City. Sitting in a black sedan, she was watching the battleships of North Wind Fleet setting off the military harbor together with numerous residents of Eschyle City.

    Only the command iron-blood battleships and heavy cruisers above 10,000 tons of North Wind Fleet could pass by Oro Strait. From the beginning, North Wind Fleet was founded for blocking Oro Strait. Therefore, North Wind Fleet was only matched with the above two kinds of battleships.

    Those common civilians were cheering and watching the battleships setting off the harbor. Sabrina was shocked by the colorful flags that were hung on a battleship which was closest to her while feeling goosebumps all over.

    One triumph flag and two black-iron throne flags...

    Triumph flag indicated that the fleet was ready for battle while the two black-iron throne flags meant that there were 2 black-iron knights in the fleet!

    All the battleships started to whistle at the same time, which reverberated around the Eschyle City like a roar.

    'What's that for?' Sabrina was dumbfounded for a second before telling the driver to go back to the castle...

    After 20 minutes, hearing the latest news, Sabrina revealed a bizarre look--Knight? The lad became a knight?
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