Chapter 730: Protection

    Chapter 730: Protection

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    The sunset afterflow sprey over the sea, turning the sea level of the entire Saint Herner Harbor into glow...

    At this moment, the Saint Herner Island was more prosperous than that 5 years ago when Zhang Tie came here for the first time benefited from the great growth in trade and personnel exchanges in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    The Narwhal anchored in a new berth, allowing passengers to disembark.

    According to the schedule, the Narwhal would stay in Saint Herner Island for 2 days. After then, this luxury liner, which belonged to Sinaira Shipping Company, would set out for Akray Island. After circling around the major islands across Ewentra Archipelago, it would finally return to Sinaira Island and finished its remaining travel.

    Such a relaxed and pleasant travel was the favorite leisure travel of rich people in Ewentra Archipelago.

    Previously, Blackson Humans Corridor was also a favorite tourist attraction of rich people in Ewentra Archipelago. However, as Blackson Humans Corridor was covered with battle flames, those rich people lost their interests in it. By contrast, Ewentra Archipelag and Ice and Snow Wilderness which were far away from the continent became shangri-la.

    The fishery and shipping industry across Ewentra Archipelago gained a momentum in growth these years. Great batches of rich and poor people escaping from Blackson Humans Corridor brought more gold coins, greater consumption capability, demand and cheap labor force.

    As Saint Herner Island was close to Ice and Snow Wilderness, the passengers disembarking Narwhal could buy sufficient specialties of Ice and Snow Wilderness from here at a low price, which was the transfer station of the trade between Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago.


    "Sir, Narwhal will set off Saint Herner Island on 16:00 pm, September 27th in 2 days. Please carry your ticket and pay attention to the returning time!"

    A staff reminded him kindly at the entrance of the gangway when Zhang Tie walked downstairs.

    Zhang Tie responded with a smile as he left the Narwhal.

    The dock was prosperous and crowded. Those disembarking the Narwhal were surrounded by all sorts of peddlers. Penetrating through the encirclement of the peddlers, Zhang Tie finally walked out of the dock.

    Standing on the street outside the dock where he came several years ago, Zhang Tie felt everything familiar yet strange.

    Right then, Zhang Tie saw a lot of trucks driving into the dock. The moment the trucks parked, those city guards of Saint Herner City had jumped off the vehicles and started to assemble.

    "Company 1 takes charge of security of the east area; company 2 takes charge of west area; company 3 takes charge of the streets nearby the dock; company takes charge of maneuver supervision. Crack down any trouble that you meet!" A major issued his order to those soldiers. Closely after that, he wove his hand towards them, scattering the soldiers at once.

    About 1,000 soldiers' arrival shocked many people nearby the dock. They exchanged glances with each other and wondered what was happening.

    Zhang Tie was also watching them on one side as he sensed the sudden restless and urgent atmosphere in Saint Herner Island.

    At this moment, a slight chaos drifted from a commodity trading hall nearby the dock. Someone rushed out of there while waving something in hand. Like being stimulated, he shouted loudly, "News from a business group in Ice and Snow Wilderness. The North Wind Fleet of Ice and Snow Wilderness have left Eschyle City a few hours ago..."

    The man's exclamation puzzled many people on the street. However, someone understood it and changed their faces at once.

    It was a bit chaotic in the street. However, the basic order was perserved. However, after hearing this news, someone accelerated their steps while a vehicle drove out of a parking position outside the gate of the commodity trading hall so fast that it even rubbed a taxi and caused a partial traffic jam.

    Zhang Tie rubbed his jaw and smiled as he raised his hand. A taxi instantly parked in front of him.

    "Sir, where are you going?" The driver turned around and asked him.

    "Navyblue Castle!"

    "It costs you 1 silver coin and 40 copper coins!"

    Zhang Tie nodded. Then the driver started to car.


    After leaving the dock, the overall situation in the streets was a bit intense while an increasing number of soldiers on duty could be seen everywhere in the street. The driver, who didn't know what happened, mumbled, "Ahh, what happened? Are they catching criminals?"

    Zhang Tie closed his eyes and started to visualize 4 abacuses. About 20 minutes later, the car parked. Zhang Tie opened his eyes and found the car couldn't move any more as a group of soldiers from City Guard Administration of Saint Herner City set roadblocks in front of them.

    The driver got off the car and talked with one soldier for a short while before returning with a sad look.

    "Sir, I'm sorry, the City Guard Administration have blocked the way. I have to stop here. If you walk two miles ahead, you will arrive at Navyblue Castle!"

    Zhang Tie slightly frowned as he took out a gold coin and gave it to the driver.

    "Ahh, a gold coin? I have no changes!" The driver explained with an embarrassed look.

    "Keep the changes!" Zhang Tie got off the car.

    For these commoners who survive themselves and their family members by labor work, Zhang Tie always treated them generously since he became a new rich in Tokei City and left Selnes Theatre of Operations. He had no concept about one gold coin at all. However, a gold coin could make commoners happy for a long while. Perhaps, with one gold coin, they could tide over their current difficulties. As it could make both others and himself happy, Zhang Tie felt it was worthwhile to do that.

    After being stunned for a couple of seconds, the driver looked excited, "Ahh, Sir, wherelse are you going to? Even though I cannot get you to Navyblue Castle, I can send you to Basa. I usually work nearby the dock. Remember my plate number. You can enjoy a free ride later!"

    'What a benevolent commoner!' Zhang Tie smiled as he waved his hand towards the driver and walked towards the pass.

    The driver didn't leave; he just parked on the roadside and seemed waiting for Zhang Tie to come back.

    "Stop, this road has been blocked. Nobody could access to it!" Two soldiers blocked Zhang Tie.

    "I'm going to Navyblue Castle!" Zhang Tie explained to the two common soldiers calmly.

    "You're going to Navyblue Castle?" A first lieutenant instantly turned around and stared at Zhang Tie with a vigilant look. After glancing over Zhang Tie, he asked, "Are you a member of Navyblue Castle Business Group?"


    "What are you going there for?"

    "It's nothing to do with you!" Zhang Tie answered faintly.

    The first lieutenant commissioned officer became furious as he roared, "Catch him!"

    All the near soldiers surrounded up him. Zhang Tie shook his head as he waved his hand, causing over 10 soldiers fly over 10 m back, including that commissioned officer.

    Before those people climbed up, Zhang Tie had already flown towards the Navyblue Castle.


    Outside the Navyblue Castle, dozens of armored vehicles and over 5,000 soldiers of the City Defense Administration of Saint Herner City were surrounding the Navyblue Castle. The Navyblue Castle was closed tightly while all the city-defense weapons on the castle were pointing at those soldiers of the City Guard Administration of Navyblue Castle. The current situation was very aggressive.

    Gitta, the tough man was standing on the top of the castle wall with a cold look in full armor as he asked, "Major General Dim, what's the purpose of the City Guard Administration? Why do they surround our Navyblue Castle?'

    "Nothing, the head of our Fain Clan wants to invite Ms. Olina to visit Saint Herner City for 2 days!" A man in major general uniform replied Gitta while standing on the top of the armored vehicle.

    "F*rt. If that old man wants to see our Ms., just let him come to Navyblue Castle!"

    "I'm sorry, if Ms. Olina doesn't think through it in one more hour, we will have to use force!" The Major General Dim replied in an icy way.

    "Really?" A sound drifted from the sky. Closely after that, under the gaze of over 5,000 soldiers of City Guard Administration, a figure slowly descended and landed on the top of the city wall of Navyblue Castle. Everybody changed their face greatly.

    Zhang Tie then revealed a smile at Gitta, who was already dumbfounded by what he saw. Closely after that, he watched the over 5,000 soldiers of the City Guard Administration and said, "Let the head of Fein Clan come to see me her in 1 hour; if not, what you told to Navyblue Castle just now would be what I say to Fein Clan!"

    "You...you are..." Major General Dim felt hot all over as he almost fell onto the ground from the top of the armored vehicle.

    "I'm Peter, Peter Hamplester; the lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness, also the master of the entire North Sea Area in the future. From now on, I declare that the entire Navyblue Castle will be under my protection."

    Although Zhang Tie's voice was not loud, it could reached directly into ones' hearts. Hearing the name Peter Hamplester, everybody felt a dull thunder rolling by in the sky as they all felt goosebumps all over...

    Behind a window inside Navyblue Castle, a pair of beautiful cyan eyes were tightly gazing at that figure who slowly descended from the sky. After hearing the one's last words, the pair of beautiful cyan eyes turned wet.

    Ms. Olina then left the window and walked to the dressing table with undulating chest. Closely after that, she told her maids to help her dress up delicately...
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