Chapter 731: A Bloodless Battle

    Chapter 731: A Bloodless Battle

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    Not until he saw Ms. Olina once again did Zhang Tie understand how much he missed this woman...

    Previously, Zhang Tie thought that this woman was just similar to Miss Daina. However, when he saw her once again, he realized that this woman had been inseparable from his heart.

    Perhaps, Zhang Tie was destined to have a deep touch with this woman since he saved her from the ambushed b*stards of Demon Snake Island.

    Actually, when this woman had her warriors kill that guy dispatched from Demon Snake Island decisively for the sake of Zhang Tie's safety in Navyblue Castle, Zhang Tie had felt an indescribable thing between the two of them.

    When he stayed with those girls of Rose Association, Zhang Tie felt that he was still immature mentally although being mature physically. By contrast, during the days when he stayed with this woman, Zhang Tie became a real man.

    Zhang Tie thought that this was another sort of compensation gifted by the God.

    Although it had been 5 years, this woman still had no wrinkles on her face. Conversely, her fervent, elegant and mature charm was like a delicately brewed rose liquor, which smelt more mellow, sweet and fascinating.

    When he saw her, Zhang Tie knew Ms. Olina had dressed up well.

    Olina was wearing a royal blue, bright heart-shaped long skirt while exposing her breasts in a pair of golden high-heeled shoes. The brilliant diamond necklace hung in the groove between her plump breasts.

    This woman knew what he liked.

    The moment he caught sight of Ms. Olina, the narwhal of Zhang Tie, who had enjoyed 6-7 hours' ride on Narwhal, became hard once again.

    From 20 m away, by looking into each other's eyes, the two people had been obsessed.

    When Ms. Olina moved her eyes away from Zhang Tie's face to the finger ring of awareness, a faint glow appeared on her cheeks, making her more beautiful.

    Gitta, who brought Zhang Tie in, silently left the parlor of Navyblue Castle as he closed the gate.

    With his eyes on her, Zhang Tie walked over there.

    Seemingly having anticipated that something was going to happen, Ms. Olina's breasts undulated faintly.

    Zhang Tie just walked over there and put one arm over her neck. Closely after that, he kissed Ms. Olina's lips intensely...

    Gradually, Olina started to respond fervently as her sexy tongue slid into Zhang Tie's mouth.

    After a long while, the two people departed from each other.

    "Do you want me to wear a 'blindfold' this time?" Zhang Tie asked Ms. Olina.

    A bashful look appeared on her face.


    Besides the head of Fein Clan, even the head of Bell Clan, who were the most powerful figures in Saint Herner Island, arrived in Navyblue Castle in 1 hour.

    After waiting for 1 hour in the parlor of Navyblue Castle, the head of Fein Clan became restless as bean-sized sweat started to drop off his half-balded head. He kept wiping off his sweat. By contrast, the head of Bell Clan looked calmer. Sitting in a dignified way, the old Bell sipped a mouth of tea water served by the waiter in Navyblue Castle.

    After 2 hours, Zhang Tie finally walked out with Ms. Olina who wore a purple skirt.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, the head of Fein Clan instantly sprung up while the old Bell looked calmer.

    At this moment, Ms. Olina looked brilliant and charming all over like a honey peach being moisten by morning dew.

    Only after throwing a glance at Ms. Olina had the heads of Fein Clan and Bell Clan bowed towards Zhang Tie.

    As they knew what this woman and this man had done in the past 2 hours from the look of Ms. Olina. As for men with rich experience, Ms. Olina's look indicated that she had not made love for a long time until just now.

    Zhang Tie nodded towards the two men. Ms. Olina revealed a kind look towards old Bell; by contrast, she turned cold towards the head of Fein Clan.

    The moment they sat down, the head of Fein Clan had sprung up once again as he watched Zhang Tie with a smile, "Erm...what happened today...was a misunderstanding?"

    In Saint Herner Island, Fein Clan might be able to do whatever they wanted; even across Ewentra Archipelago, Fein Clan was still an influential clan. However, in front of the master of Ice and Snow Wilderness, also a knight, Fein Clan was barely a rural rustic new rich. If all the rural new rich across Ewentra Archipelago could join hands with each other, they might form a bit threat to Ice and Snow Wilderness. However, if there was only one new rich like Fein Clan, they dared never fight Peter alone.

    Zhang Tie waved his head as he didn't want to listen to the boring explanation anymore.

    In the final analysis, what Fein Clan did today was just to protect themselves when they knew that North Wind Fleet was heading towards Saint Herner Island.

    "If there are a number of bandits and demons who do all the evil things outside your home, whom do you expect to help you guard your home; a strong braveman, or a businessman who only pays attention to profit and would escape away the moment they face the danger?"

    The moment Zhang Tie uttered, the heads of Fein Clan and Bell Clan had become silent as they understood Zhang Tie's meaning right away. Ewentra Archipelago was the portal of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Previously, the Ewentra Archipelago and Ice and Snow Wilderness could maintain a certain compromise and balance; however, after the holy war broke out, the Ice and Snow Wilderness could not allow Ewentra Archipelago to sustain the current state. Because Saint Herner Island was the last station for demons to reach Ice and Snow Wilderness from Ewentra Archipelago, that's why Zhang Tie appeared in Saint Herner Island.

    "When the demons would arrive here, your entire clan could escape out of here by one ship. But have you thought about the residents in Ice and Snow Wilderness? They have nowhere to escape!" Zhang Tie watched the heads of the two major clans as he added, "I'm not intimidating or threatening you. I just want to give you a choice. You can leave Saint Herner Island right away; I will not hurt you. You can go wherever you want with all the coins that you've made here. But if you want to stay here, you have to follow my rules!"

    Ms. Olina remained silent. She just watched Zhang Tie, who exhibited a fascinating masculinity, the only time when Ms. Olina felt that this man had already grown mature.

    After being silent for a second, the old Bell asked, "I wonder what do we need to do and what can we get if Bell Clan agree to stay?"

    "Everything about your clan would run as usual. You could also keep your private forces; however, Bell Clan would need to adopt the following two aspects: first, taxation power. In order to accumulate strength, I have to control the taxation power of Saint Herner Island. Second, military power. As long as the demons arrived here, a powerful and brave army instead of stragglers and disbanded soldiers would protect you and spare time for you to transfer your wealth and family members. If the demons really arrived, I would allow you a free migration! Additionally, each island in Ewentra Archipelago could share a greater autonomy. I would not dispatch my administrative officers to the islands. Your clan interests would be basically guaranteed. Ewentra Archipelago could even find an autonomous parliament..."

    Besides the taxation power and the military power, Zhang Tie promised a great autonomy to the islands and clans across Ewentra Archipelago. Furthermore, he used Ewentra Archipelago to balance the resistance coming from the lower middle class. This was Olina's advise during the past 2 hours when Zhang Tie made a "deep exchange" with Olina. With this advise, Zhang Tie could control the entire Ewentra Archipelago at the lowest price and face the least resistance. That woman was not only the best lover, but also the best adviser.

    If he unified the taxation power, it seemed that some clans would abandon some rights; actually, from the perspective of the entire Ewentra Archipelago, this measure could further promote the trade of the entire archipelago and enable each clan to make profits. The biggest bottleneck that restricted the development of the maritime trade of Ewentra Archipelago was that taxations had not been unified across the archipelago.

    As for the military power, it was the key for Zhang Tie to control the entire Ewentra Archipelago which reflected Zhang Tie's authority.

    Additionally, the greater autonomy and the right to migrate when the demons arrived, collapsed most clans' willingness to resist.

    Through the foundation of the autonomous parliament, he could not only allow the major clans on Ewentra Archipelago to pin down each other, but also handle many internal conflicts in the public. Besides, he could rope in middle class and citizens across Ewentra Archipelago and allow major clans to pin down common class. Apparently, this autonomous parliament could unify Ewentra Archipelago; actually, it collapsed the total power across Ewentra Archipelago, causing local force or clan to not predominate in Ewentra Archipelago.

    After thinking a short while, old Bell asked the final question, "Whether Berusken was...killed by you?"

    Through Ms. Olina, Zhang Tie had predicted that old Bell might ask this question. Because old Bell's two sons were killed by b*stards in Demon Snake Island, Bell Clan swore to clean Demon Snake Island.

    "Yes, the entire Demon Snake Island will become a history from today on!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    After watching Zhang Tie with a complex look for a while, old Bell finally stood up and made a deep bow towards Zhang Tie. Closely after that, he put his right hand on his left chest and said solemnly, "From today on, Bell Clan will pledge to be loyal to Peter Hamplester!"

    The 6 eyes finally fixed on the head of Fein Clan. The situation had been obvious. Two of the top three major clans in Saint Herner Island had already stood on Zhang Tie's side. Even if Fein Clan was still controlling Saint Herner City, it had no chance to bargain with the other two major clans, even a knight.

    Bigger sweat dropped off the head of Fein Clan.

    "Fein Clan doesn't need to answer me at this moment. Before the North Wind Fleet arrives, you have 4 days to make a decision, stay or leave!" Zhang Tie said calmly as he waved his hand to let the head of Fein Clan leave.

    When the head of Fein Clan was going to leave the parlor, he heard Ms. Olina talking to Zhang Tie.

    "Perhaps Fein Clan still wanted a try with tens of thousands of soldiers!"

    Zhang Tie sneered faintly like having heard a joke as he comforted Ms. Olina by lightly patting her hand--tens of thousands of soldiers were nothing but a sh*t in front of a knight ...

    After hearing this, the head of Fein Clan turned his face immediately, 'Although Peter said I could have 4 days to consider it, would that woman spare 4 days to me? As I've already offended that woman by surrounding Navyblue Castle with so many soldiers today, if that woman used any trick during these days or persuaded Peter that Fein Clan's really going to "struggle", then...'

    'Other women may not do such a trick but this one is different as she is "Enchanting Fox", who has been used to "kill" people.'

    'Don't forget how this woman handled Ballas Clan.'

    Therefore, the head of Fein Clan immediately drew back the foot which had stridden out of the parlor. After that, he turned around and returned to Zhang Tie's front. Lowering his head, he put his right hand on his left chest.

    "From today on, Fein Clan will pledge to be loyal to Peter Hamplester!"
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