Chapter 732: A Hot Welcome

    Chapter 732: A Hot Welcome

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    On September 29th, when the North Wind Fleet of Ice and Snow Wilderness arrived at Saint Herner Island after 4 days of travel, the entire Saint Herner Island had long been dressed up and waiting for it liking holding a festival.

    The average citizens in Saint Herner Island might not know that the 3 major clans in Saint Herner Island had already paid allegiance to Ice and Snow Wilderness. However, the atmosphere of the ceremony made many people who were worried about possible wars reassured. No matter what, it didn't look like that a war was going to break out.

    All the people in Saint Herner Island had rushed to the harbor to watch the heroic North Wind Fleet of Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    At about 2 pm, a limousine fleet left Navyblue Castle for Saint Herner Harbor. The moment they left Navyblue Castle, they had seen soldiers of Saint Herner City standing on the roadside in a red formal dress while chinning up and chesting out like poplars 1   with a distance of 3 m or so.

    Zhang Tie and Olina were sitting in a limousine in a very formal dress.

    Zhang Tie wore a brilliant ceremonial robe, which was a noble grand duke's costume being matched with black, red and gold according to the rules of Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Olina also wore a beautiful, black ceremonial dress, making her noble and beautiful.

    They were sitting on the back row of the limousine. The windows of the vehicle were composed of one-way glasses, which could not be seen through from outside. The driver was Gitta.

    A lot of onlookers on the roadsides were waving fresh flowers and flags with blushes. They were yelling "Peter...Peter...Peter...". Therefore, the car didn't move fast.

    After leaving Navyblue Castle for a mile, more and more people gathered on the roadsides with ear-deafening exclamations.

    Although it was only a couple of days since he came here, the news that Zhang Tie visited Navyblue Castle had already shocked the entire Saint Herner Island. Not only residents in the downtown of Saint Herner City, even many people in the remote areas of Saint Herner City had arrived so as to witness the heroic look of the Lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    In Saint Herner Island, Zhang Tie had too many halos on his head. Besides the status as the Lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness, his Knight-level battle force, his heroic deed in Demon Snake Island and so many events about him in Ice and Snow Wilderness and the entire Ewentra Archipelago made Zhang Tie much more brilliant than any superstars before the Catastrophe.

    Zhang Tie became a mixture of authoritarian, hero, idol, superstar and religious leader.

    In the heart of average people, such a person was even more brilliant than the sun.

    Since the limousine fleet drove out of Navyblue Castle had the entire road become boiled. If not all the soldiers in Saint Herner City were maintaining the order, the entire road might have been covered by people.


    The sound insulation effect in the back row of the limousine was very good; even though Zhang Tie could still hear clearly the ear-deafening exclamations outside the car and see their frenzied and excited looks.

    The onlookers constantly sprayed fresh petals over the road...

    "I've been in Saint Herner Island for so many years, but it's my first time to see them completely boiled up for one person!" Olina watched Zhang Tie with a bizarre look. It seemed that Zhang Tie's honor was hers.

    "Actually, I'm as same as them!" Zhang Tie smiled at Ms. Olina, "Perhaps you don't believe it; seeing them, I feel like watching myself!"

    Olina blinked her eyes as she didn't understand why Zhang Tie said so...

    Watching the average looks on the roadsides, Zhang Tie took a deep breath as he did one thing--He opened the windows on both sides. After that, he watched outside with a tender look. He was waiting to be noticed by the roadside people. Zhang Tie would always reveal a genial and simple look to these people.


    The moment Zhang Tie opened the windows, the onlookers on the roadsides had stretched out their necks to witness the look of the Lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Ms. Olina smiled towards the roadside people while sitting close to Zhang Tie in a beautiful and elegant way.

    "Peter...Peter...that one must be Peter. I saw him!" A roadside girl shrieked as she instantly passed out due to extreme happiness.

    "Ahh, that's Peter. The one sitting close to Ms. Olina is Peter!" Someone exclaimed with an excited look.

    After catching sight of Zhang Tie, many people started to shout loudly due to the excitement.


    When Zhang Tie opened the windows, the fleet was always accompanied with much more louder cheers. The moment the other onlookers heard the louder exclamations, they knew that the fleet was arriving.

    The limousine drove in Saint Herner City along the designated route. In Saint Herner City, not only roadsides, even the balconies, windows and roofs of buildings on both sides had been crowded with people. Everyone was exclaiming and cheering. They even didn't know why they were so happy.

    The fleets of Bell Clan and Fein Clan converged in the fleet of Navyblue Castle before heading for Saint Herner Harbor.

    Hearing the cheers of the entire city, the head of Fein Clan felt lucky and fearful. He had not imagined that Zhang Tie could have such a great influence in Saint Herner Island. Watching such a boisterous scene, some clansmen of Fein Clan who felt unpleasant just now instantly changed their faces as they forcefully swallowed their saliva and didn't speak anymore.

    Sitting in a car of his own fleet, the old Bell let out a sigh as he turned around and told his grandson with a solemn look, "Remember, Philis, unless you can arouse the same shock in a strange place after leaving Saint Herner Island, never stand on the opposite of such an influential figure if you want to survive Bell Clan. Because you don't know how many trump cards does this figure have. Many people will send your head to him in order to flatter him!"

    His 20-year old grandson nodded solemnly. Closely after that, he whispered to old Bell, "Grandpa, is that Peter really younger than me?"

    Zhang Tie was staying in Navyblue Castle these days. In the entire Bell Clan, only old Bell was qualified to see Zhang Tie. Even old Bell's grandson Philis, who was the successor of old Bell, was not qualified to see Zhang Tie. Only on today's occasion, Philis was able to stand closer to Zhang Tie under the leadership of old Bell.

    "You should believe that someone in this world would always be favored by the God!"


    The complete fleet then entered the Saint Herner Harbor, the periphery of which had been completely covered by onlookers. More than 10,000 soldiers of Saint Herner City were maintaining orders here.

    After passing by the crowded road, the fleet came to an open dock. Watching the front cars parking, all the big figures of Saint Herner Island followed Zhang Tie off the vehicles.

    A simple yet solemn welcome ceremony was held here while the ground was paved with red carpet. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of the North Wind Fleet.

    After getting off the car, Zhang Tie drew Olina's hand and walked to the edge of the dock. They then looked into the distance.

    Following some frigates of Saint Herner Island, the North Wind Fleet appeared on the sea level with rising black and dense smoke.

    In this age, a fleet composed of artilleries and huge ships symbolized maritime right and wealth. Without the deep background, a nation could never afford a fleet.

    Two dense glow slowly rose from Zhang Tie's body spiritually. In a split second, the two glow twisted with each other and shot to the sky. Closely after that, an extremely brilliant heavenly curtain gradually spread like numerous bloody suns while the bloody flames covered the entire Saint Herner Harbor, even the Saint Herner City like a judgment in the doomsday and gods' fury...

    The bloody heavens curtain reappeared in the world.

    At this moment, watching the sacred, brilliant heavens curtain rising from Zhang Tie, all the influential figures in Saint Herner City standing behind Zhang Tie were dumbfounded...

    When the bloody fiery heavens curtain appeared, two meteors set off the North Wind Fleet in the distance and flew towards Saint Herner Island.

    The numerous suns radiated jarring luster, which poured into Zhang Tie's scalp. Closely after that, a huge wheel of golden light composed of complex geometric patterns came into being at Zhang Tie's feet. The moment the huge wheel of light came into being, an invisible strength swept over 100 sq miles like radio waves centered by Zhang Tie.

    Everyone felt that something inside was plucked by that strength...

    Last time when he released Bloody Fiery Heavens Curtain, it was 5 years ago. Zhang Tie had not predicted such a great change in Bloody Fiery Heavens Curtain. When the luster poured into Zhang Tie's scalp, Zhang Tie was in a bizarre state. Meanwhile, the scene that he released his Bloody Fiery Heavens Curtain in the ruined relics and the unforgettable, heavy feeling shocked Zhang Tie's soul once again like rebroadcasting a slide...
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