Chapter 733: The Gentle Strength-Supreme Protection

    Chapter 733: The Gentle Strength-Supreme Protection

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    Zhang Tie seemed to return to the most contradictory and helpless moment in his life.

    Aurora appeared in front of him and watched him with a sad look...

    "Gangula has already reached a confidential agreement with the heads of other small and medium-sized tribes. As long as the heads of the tribes support him, Gangula promises to survive some influential figures of each tribe. According to Gangula's plan, only 200-300 people could persist till 3 months later when the rescue would break through the tunnel!"

    "Tomorrow, the allied force will start to clean the pioneers in this ruined relics! In order to survive the fighters in Grey Eagle Tribe, I will join the battle. I prefer to die with my fighters; instead of surviving myself alone!"

    After saying that, Aurora left...

    Sabrina appeared in front of Zhang Tie...

    "My little man. Don't worry. We could still keep in touch with the outside world. The rescue team of Wild Bear Tribe and other tribes would arrive after a couple of days. We only need to stand here for 3 months. As long as I could survive out, I swear to take you out of here!"


    Sam and Gerri appeared in front of Zhang Tie with the same sadness.

    "Peter, Sam and I are here to bid farewell to you. After negotiating with Sam, we've decided to go back to the team of pioneers. As nobody can leave out of here or wait until the underground tunnel is broken through; we prefer to die as pioneers so that we still retain a bit dignity!"


    The heart-wrenching pain and helplessness returned to Zhang Tie.

    In the pain, Zhang Tie returned to the distant, dark tunnel in Wildwolf Valley...

    In the distant and deep underground tunnel, he marched forward, followed by a team of miners while holding burning torches...

    He took out his dagger, followed by all the others. Closely after that, he cut through his wrist and dropped the fresh blood into the pit on the stone.


    "This is the blood of brothers. How can you dry up before the completion of the sacred great blessing skill?"

    "Ahh, no..."

    "Use mine, use mine blood..."


    Strange faces reappeared in front of Zhang Tie...


    "Brave sacrificers. You sacrifice yourself to your brothers. This is the supreme, righteous deed. This is the most satisfactory love...your names will be carved on that sacred arch door forever. When you can treat your brothers as yourself, you have entered the realm of truth. Time will end; oceans will dry up; high mountains will collapse. However, your names will never fade away. Your sacrifice means eternity. One day, all of us will gather in the sacred realm of eternity. Each perfection that you've done for your brothers will finally come back to you. Your brothers will never leave you alone. You know, the light is in your body. Everything that you create will stay along with you like how you stay with the God."


    Potter who had become the fire holder exclaimed with a sacred look, "I wish to sacrifice myself for my brothers!"


    Hallan Wood jumped out, "I wish to be the sacrificer!"


    Jack Jones jumped out, "I wish to be the sacrificer!"


    Natili Gandi jumped out, "I wish to be the sacrificer!"


    Francis Franca jumped out, "I wish to be the sacrificer!"


    Finally, only one word was reverberating in Zhang Tie's mind.

    --Sacrificer! Sacrificer! Sacrificer! Sacrificer! Sacrificer! Sacrificer! Sacrificer! Sacrificer! Sacrificer!

    Yes, sacrificer!"

    Turning oneself into the burning torch in the dark--burning oneself to illuminate the road for others!

    It turned out that the sacred light was buried in everyone's heart!

    Zhang Tie through it through at once...

    Based on his marvelous perception, each one within 100 sq mile became a fine string that could resonate with Zhang Tie in his consciousness...

    'This is the Gentle Strength!'

    'Actually, I've already mastered that in the ruined relics. However, as I've not reached the Knight level at that moment, I could not display it.'

    When the huge visible halos and the invisible chakra were running, Zhang Tie felt like becoming a bell, a huge bell, which could ring in a certain state and could cause the resonance of other rings of lives.

    The bell rings were the praise for sacrifice while sacrifice was the supreme protection of Zhang Tie and all the others.

    Zhang Tie felt that something was in his body while those awakened genes and abilities integrated into that halos like musical notes and turned into a certain frequency in the halos and the huge bell, which was increased by times...

    'That is a super great strike-resistant ability that I gained after eating so many iron-body fruits!'

    'That's a super effective ability which could accelerate the recovery of all the wounds after activating the preliminary recovery body which I got after setting free so many earthworms!'

    'And the ability to resist coldness granted by sandscale fish.'

    Zhang Tie opened his gleaming eyes while an invisible strength spread across everybody within 100 sq mile...

    The faint strength that everybody felt being plucked inside just now was intensified this time, causing everyone in Saint Herner Island feel a powerful, dauntless strength rising in their own bodies.

    Being pushed by such a great strength, the battle-qi totems of all the fighters above LV 6 rose up along with one bright, yellow mysterious halos...

    Actually, the halos appeared on everyone's body, but it was especially obvious on fighters above LV 6. The higher level the onlooker was, the more brilliant halos he would have.

    In a split second, exclamations could be heard everywhere from the harbor to Saint Herner City...

    "What's happening..." All the fighters in Saint Herner Island shouted.

    At the sight of the sacred totem Bloody Fiercy Heavens Curtain that covered the entire sky, many citizens on the streets suddenly felt an unprecedented strength rising in their bodies which felt pretty comfortable. All the guys who had wounds and pains felt much better. Being shocked by all this, they just felt everything in front of their eyes was like a wonder.

    "It's Peter, Peter manifests the wonder!" A smart guy immediately felt that he found the right answer when he remembered those legends about Peter.

    "Ahh, wonder!" All the others started to exclaim with full of excitement.

    "Yes, it's a wonder. I feel full of strength..."

    A middle-aged woman raised her hand with full excitement as she explained, "The wound that was left when I chopped vegetables yesterday healed instantly. What a wonder..."

    More people exclaimed...

    The extremely brilliant sacred totem Bloody Fiery Heavens Curtain became the best note and background of the wonder in the eyes of the innocent people.

    Some people even directly knelt down and started to pray while their faces were covered with tears.

    For those innocent people across Saint Herner Island, very few of them knew the so-called wonder was just the manifestation of the knight's Gentle Strength.

    Even many commissioned officers above LV 6 in Saint Herner Island didn't know what was happening when they were experiencing the knight's Gentle Strength, not to mention commoners. Even common knights didn't exist in Saint Herner Island, not to mention knights who mastered Gentle Strength.

    Some senior commissioned officers might have thought of the legendary Gentle Strength of knight. However, they were not sure about it. After all, nobody had experienced such a marvelous skill of knight before.

    However, they were sure that this special strength and the bizarre phenomenon in the sky was brought by Peter!

    Among all of them, only Elder Turin of Eschyle City and Elder Gouras of Huge Bear Tribe who flew towards here knew that it was knight's Gentle Strength.

    The invisible strength also reached the two elders who were still dozens of miles away, causing two huge golden halos. As a result, the two elders became more eye-catching in the sky.

    The two elders had great perceptive abilities on their bodies. In a split second, they felt that their defensive ability and strike-resistant ability had increased by at least 3 times, even their protective battle qi had become about 10% firmer. Additionally, their cell healing and recovering ability increased by at least 6 times. Additionally, the two people felt that the chill instantly disappeared in the air...

    This was knight's gentle strength, very powerful gentle strength. After being aided by such a strength, it was like wearing a cold-resistant super powerful armor, which could defend harms and accelerate the healing speed of wounds...

    The two elders soon arrived at Saint Herner Harbor. After landing in front of Zhang Tie, they gave a salute to Zhang Tie.

    "Gouras, the elder of Huge Bear Tribe!"

    "Turin, the elder of Iron Bear Tribe!"

    "Sorry for being late, clan head!"

    "It's okay. Please don't be that polite. Now that you've arrived, just wait here with me for the North Wind Fleet!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

    Finding that the two knight elders from Ice and Snow Wilderness respected Zhang Tie so much, many so-called "big figures" in Saint Herner Island forcefully swallowed their saliva before swarming up to greet the two elders.

    The two elders just nodded towards the heads of Fein Clan and Bell Clan, not to mention those so-called "big figures".

    "Clan head, is that your gentle strength?" The Elder Gouras asked Zhang Tie with desired eyes as he tried to recover his composure.


    "What's the name of this gentle strength? It's too powerful!" Elder Turin asked with a respectful look.

    After thinking about it for a couple of seconds, "I want it to be called supreme protection!"

    'Supreme protection?' After exchanging a glance with each other, the two elders eyes shined.

    One hour later, the North Wind Fleet finally arrived at Saint Herner Island while being greeted by Zhang Tie's Bloody Fiery Heavens Curtain.

    Right in the greeting ceremony in Saint Herner Harbor, the 3 major clans of Saint Herner Island issued the joint statement. They declared that Saint Herner Island would be integrated into Ice and Snow Wilderness from today on under Peter Hamplester's ruling...
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