Chapter 734: The Sacred Light Empire

    Chapter 734: The Sacred Light Empire

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    After finishing the ceremony, Zhang Tie finally spared some time to listen to the introduction of Elder Turin and Elder Gouras about Ice and Snow Wilderness in a study of Navyblue Castle. Zhang Tie then slightly frowned...

    During the past 5 years, many unexpected things had happened in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    "Sacred Light Empire? Sacred Light School?" Zhang Tie mumbled this strange name from the Western Continent.

    "Sacred Light School has a branch in Blackson Humans Corridor--God of Brilliance School. God of Brilliance School even founded a country called Sun Dynasty, which bordered with Norman Empire. After the holy war broke out, Sun Dynasty encountered a large-scale demonized puppets disaster and had already been exterminated. Therefore, God of Brilliance School and Sacred Light School are the same religion in different regions. Their creed and organization structure are the same." Elder Gouras explained. He even told Zhang Tie about Sun Dynasty and God of Brilliance School as he thought Zhang Tie was unfamiliar with them.

    Zhang Tie was stunned. He had not imagined that God of Brilliance School and Sun Dynasty originated from Sacred Light School. However, he was familiar with God of Brilliance School and Sun Dynasty. When he joined Iron-Blood Camp, he had fought the corps of Sun Dynasty in Kalur Theater of Operations. Additionally, one of his subordinates was the muling of Sun Dynasty.

    Everything about Sun Dynasty and God of Brilliance School made Zhang Tie feel disgusted.

    "The one who founded God of Brilliance School in Blackson Humans Corridor was a red-robe muling of Sacred Light School. Later on, God of Brilliance School founded Sun Dynasty. As Blackson Humans Corridor was far away from Western Continent, plus certain internal problems facing Sacred Light School, Sacred Light School gradually lost its control of God of Brilliance School." Elder Turin added, "Sacred Light School has a tradition; it encourages expansion. This school allows its clergies to leave Sacred Light Empire and duplicate all the regulations of Sacred Light School in all the continents and countries in the name of preaching. Clergies are allowed to establish churches even theocratical states so as to increase the influence and controlling forces of Sacred Light School."

    "Like a virus?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Yes, the expansion mode of Sacred Light School is like how the virus spreads!" Elder Turin nodded.

    "How big is the influence of Sacred Light Empire in Western Continent?"

    "Sacred Light Empire is one of the major states in Western Continent. Its force mainly gathers in the eastern region of Western Continent. The total area of Sacred Light Empire is 5 times more than that of Blackson Humans Corridor with more than 10 billion people!"

    "How's the relationship between Sacred Light Empire and other states in Western Continent?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Sacred Light School is widely forbidden in many states and regions as a heresy. Sacred Light Empire doesn't get along with the other major states!" Elder Gouras explained.

    Zhang Tie nodded as he knew clearly about the f*cking tricks of God of Brilliance School.

    In one word, the creed of the so-called God of Brilliance School was that everything in the world was created by God of Brilliance. Therefore, everything belonged to God of Brilliance. All those who didn't believe in God of Brilliance were guilty and had to go the hell after death. Those who believed in God of Brilliance were righteous and were destined to go the heaven after death. It sounded noble. Actually, if you believed in it, everything of yours would belong to God of Brilliance. As God of Brilliance would not manifest itself in front of commoners; only those mulings who were close to God of Brilliance knew the will of God of Brilliance. Therefore, mulings administered and enjoyed everything that was created by God of Brilliance on behalf of the God of Brilliance.

    Your belongings belonged to God of Brilliance; however, the belongings of God of Brilliance belonged to mulings. Therefore, your belongings belonged to mulings.

    You were the citizen of God of Brilliance; mulings were the servants of God of Brilliance. God of Brilliance expressed his will and ruled his citizens through mulings. Therefore, mulings were the spokesmen of God of Brilliance. Muling's words were what the God of Brilliance wanted to say; Muling's will were the will of God of Brilliance and the truth. If you violated mulings' will, you violated the will of the God of Brilliance and the truth.

    Everything of God of Brilliance School was interpreting how a group of worms, jerk clergies, liars, bandits and thieves bullied and slaved the followers using that God's statue.

    Such a trick remained unchanged before and after the Catastrophe. However, the things that were worshiped always changed. If it was a God's statue being worshipped, they said that God created everything and brought people paradise and intelligence; if it was a great man or sage, they said that the great man or sage created everything and brought people truth and fashion; if it was science, they said that science created everything and brought people happiness.

    As the God's statue remained silent, the mulings' words were God's will.

    As the sage passed away, the politicians interpreted the truth.

    As the science was profound, experts said only they understood it.

    Only the God knew how many mean and dirty lies were fabricated.

    Such a trick had been played for thousands of years; however, it still had a great vitality until today. Although age and environment changed, human greed, desire and fear remained unchanged.

    "What are the stances of the major bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness?"

    "A few days ago, the wild bear tribe had chopped off the heads of a group of clergies from Sacred Light Empire and sent them to the huge bear tribe. The fire bear tribe and sea bear tribe didn't express their stances for the time being. Mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe might have been roped in by Sacred Light Empire. The commissionary group of more than 200 people dispatched by Sacred Light School to Ice and Snow Wilderness this time was ruled by a mace muling. The mace muling was a knight

    "How many knights do the three tribes have?"

    "Mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe have one knight, respectively, who are the most dignified elders in their tribes. Julius, the clan head of demon bear tribe is a 5-star battle spirit, who mastered the skill of secondary instant promotion. After secondary instant promotion, his battle force is close to that of a knight. Plus that mace muling of the commissionary group of Sacred Light Empire, they have 4 and a half knights precisely!"

    'Four and a half knights, plus Sacred Light Empire on their back, no wonder the tribes dared covet my territory. Actually, huge bear tribe and iron bear tribe have 4 knights. However, the opponent had not imagined that I also became a knight. Additionally, I've mastered the gentle strength of knight. Therefore, my party is more powerful.'

    As a wide area of territory in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor had collapsed, the strategic importance of Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago grew. Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could collide with the power of Western Continent here. However, as it had happened, he had to make his decision.

    Besides Sacred Light Empire, through reading Berusken's memory, Zhang Tie knew that other forces of Western Continent had already reached their tentacles in Ewentra Archipelago. Due to the huge amount of wealth that was accumulated through trades between Ewentra Archipelago and the other parties and its geographical position, which was closer to Western Continent than Blackson Humans Corridor, Ewentra Archipelago had already made some people drool with envy. This crisis in Ice and Snow Wilderness and the will that Ewentra Archipelago would like to establish Ewentra Archipelago Parliament were actually pushed by certain forces from Western Continent. Due to their tacit cooperation, if they made it, one western force would devour Ice and Snow Wilderness while the other western force would occupy Ewentra Archipelago.

    'However, they have to admit that they have selected the wrong places due to my existence.'

    "After handling affairs in Ewentra Archipelago, we will return to Ice and Snow Wilderness!" Zhang Tie told the two elders.

    After exchanging a glance with each other, Elder Turin and Elder Gouras nodded at the same time!


    On October 1st, after receiving the invitations of Peter Hamplester, all the heads of clans across Ewentra Archipelago, even the elders of barbarous clans in Sinaira Island arrived at Navyblue Castle in Saint Herner Island by airship to negotiate about the future deployment of Ewentra Archipelago.

    Accompanied by the heads of major clans were their own fleets. The allied fleets of Ewentra Archipelago converged in the open water of Saint Herner Island, whose overall battle force was over 3 times than that of North Wind Fleet in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Only 40 people or so were qualified to be invited to negotiate about the future deployment of Ewentra Archipelago by Zhang Tie. They represented the local forces of the entire Ewentra Archipelago.

    Evidently, the battle force of North Wind Fleet could not match that of the allied fleet of Ewentra Archipelago. However, the allied fleet of Ewentra Archipelago and the major clans on Ewentra Archipelago didn't have knights on their back. In this case, as long as the war between Ewentra Archipelago and Ice and Snow Wilderness broke out, North Wind Fleet would be exterminated for sure; however, Ewentra Archipelago would also suffer a great loss. Additionally, the three knights from Ice and Snow Wilderness would definitely exterminate the local major clans on Ewentra Archipelago as a revenge. As a result, the trade and prosperity of the entire Ewentra Archipelago would be weakened. That was to say, even if Ice and Snow Wilderness won the war in the end, it could still not organize an established navy army in a long period.

    Each major clan could be able to make such a deduction.

    All the major clans on Ewentra Archipelago knew the outcome if they fought Ice and Snow Wilderness; however, they didn't feel like losing the war in this way. Therefore, after one day of negotiation, the major clans on Ewentra Archipelago dispatched two representatives to tell Zhang Tie about their conditions on October 2nd...
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