Chapter 735: Bet on A Duel

    Chapter 735: Bet on A Duel

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    The two who came to propose conditions to Zhang Tie on behalf of the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago were both influential figures in Ewentra Archipelago: Connar, the head of Rainald Clan in Akray Island and Brightman, the head of Willies Clan in Gantiadu Island.

    They were both above 60 years old. In this era, such an age was the heyday of men.

    If Zhang Tie didn't appear, Connar and Brightman were both hot candidates for the speaker of the Ewentra Parliament. Actually, Connar, the head of Rainald Clan was even the most important person on the back of Ewentra Parliament.

    Zhang Tie watched this guy seriously--ash brown hair, raised hooknose, sunken eyes and thick and plain jaw. Given his special look, he must not be average.

    By contrast, Brightman, the head of Willies Clan looked like a harmless, gentle, dignified engineer in eyeglasses.

    Of course, Zhang Tie didn't treat Brightman as a harmless engineer. As Willies Clan in Gantiadu Island was a bosom ally of Spencer Clan in Ewentra Archipelago. Of course, Willies Clan was not average, not to mention Brightman, the head of the clan.

    "Your Excellency. This is the condition proposed by all the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago. If you can adopt this condition, we will proceed according to it. Otherwise, we have to fight Ice and Snow Wilderness at any price for the sake of Ewentra Archipelago!" Connar said as he put one document, which had been signed by all the attendants of this conference, in front of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie turned open the document politely. Actually, he had long known the contents of the document. As the owner of Navyblue Castle and Zhang Tie's liaison with all the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago, Ms. Olina had contacted the major clans many times these couple of days and figured out their bottomlines.

    If Zhang Tie disagreed with their condition, more than 70% of major clans would evacuate from Ewentra Archipelago and establish an exile Ewentra Parliament in Western Continent. After that, they would always find Zhang Tie trouble. It would be very tricky.

    It was Connar, the head of Rainald Clan, who proposed to establish an exile Ewentra Parliament overseas.

    "Make a duel between 1/2 of North Wind Fleet and the same scale of the allied fleet of Ewentra Archipelago on the sea. If North Wind Fleet wins the battle, all the major clans and islands across Ewentra Archipelago will pay allegiance to me. If the allied fleet wins the battle, besides Saint Herner Island which maintained its current situation, all the other islands across Ewentra Archipelago will also maintain their current situations. Additionally, Ice and Snow Wilderness will not seek to annex other parts of Ewentra Archipelago." Zhang Tie skimmed over the contents of the document before watching Connar and Brightman, "I have to admit that your condition is considerate!" Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile, which was confirmative or ironical.

    Although the condition seemed fair, it was unfair to North Wind Fleet. Actually, based on the battle experience and drilling level of the fleet, the North Wind fleet, which had been established for just less than 5 years could still not match the allied fleet of Ewentra Archipelago which lived and trained on the ocean all the year round.

    'It seems that this condition is especially designed for the possible loss of North Wind Fleet. Even if I was defeated, I would only lose half of the battle force of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Additionally, I would also keep the control of Saint Herner Island. In this way, I wouldn't look too much embarrassed or arouse more casualties and damages due to extreme fury.

    "This is a bet on the duel between two fleets without the participation of knights from Ice and Snow Wilderness!" Connar added frankly, "Ewentra Archipelago worships ocean, where each one has a special feeling about the ocean and respects the real brave who could conquer the ocean. Therefore, you could not make us succumb to Ice and Snow Wilderness faithfully unless you show an overwhelming power to conquer us on the sea. If you want to conquer Ewentra Archipelago by pure force then the only outcome is to see Ice and Snow Wilderness turn into ruins! I think you've already heard a proverb in Ewentra Archipelago!"

    "What's that?"

    "Knights could conquer the land, yet they could not conquer the ocean!"

    Zhang Tie replied with a faint smile. 'It's true for common knights. The area of ocean is broader than that of land. Even though knights can fly, their flight ability weakens sharply above the ocean. Because most of the knights can only fly a bit longer than 1,000 miles at most. By contrast, the fleet has better maneuverability and the ability to conceal themselves, which pose greater deterrent force to traffic routes on ocean and ships [on the ocean]. Therefore, this proverb spread in Ewentra Archipelago. However, this proverb is not completely true. It's just a self-consolation of an archipelago community. However, it's just a joke for me.'

    Facing the joke, Zhang Tie replied with a smile. He didn't care or wanted to argue something. He just threw a glance at Brightman, "Do Willies Clan also think like this?"

    "As we are not only defending the interests of Ewentra Archipelago, but also the dignity of Ewentra Archipelago through this bet. If Your Excellency could allow major clans across Ewentra Archipelago to lower their heads in front of you in a dignified way, I think it would be nice for all of us. Otherwise, we could only destroy each other in the end!"

    "Dignity?" Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "Alright, I agree with your condition. I promise that none of the knights from Ice and Snow Wilderness would attend this duel, including me. Just let the two fleets make a duel in the public. The remaining fleet would be the winner! But I've also got a condition..."

    "What condition?"

    "I hope it is Rainald Clan's fleet which fights the North Wind Fleet. I know that Rainald Clan's fleet will be able to participate in such a bet based on its scale and battle force!"

    A light flashed by Connar's eyes. However, he still maintained a smile, "I agree! But there's one thing that I have to remind you. For the fairness of this bet, the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago have already submitted 0.2 billion gold coins as the caution money of this bet and invited Golden Roc Bank as the warrantor of this bet!"

    After hearing this, Zhang Tie swore inside, 'What f*cking rich clans! In order to prevent me from regret, these guys have already gathered 0.2 billion gold coins as the caution money so fast. Additionally, they even roped in Golden Roc Bank as their warrantor. What cunning guys! It seems that they've already won the duel. However, if I win, Golden Roc Bank will also supervise these clans to perform their bet.'

    'Generally, Golden Roc Bank will not interfere with such a battle which strive for territory and power unless the parties of the battle sigh a contract.'

    'What a valuable contract!'

    After pretending to consider it with a solemn look, Zhang Tie said, "No problem, I agree!"

    After hearing this, Connar revealed a faint smile at his mouth corners. Even Brightman's eyes contained something else, which was more like a faint sigh towards Zhang Tie's young age, low intelligence and false judgment than contempt.

    Seeing Connar and Brightman leaving the room, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile which gradually turned bright...

    'If you want to play, let's play something big!'

    Zhang Tie's eyes instantly turned extremely profound...


    At this moment, a side door opened slowly while Ms. Olina entered twisting her butts with a sad look. She was auditing in a neighboring room just now.

    "This bet is very dangerous!" Ms. Olina told Zhang Tie.

    "Is this where you usually work in Navyblue Castle? It's nice." Zhang Tie asked as he looked around.

    Ms. Olina's face blushed instantly, "Aren't you worried about that?"

    "Why?" Zhang Tie smiled as he put his arm around Ms. Olina, "Do you want to make money? Make a lot of money?"

    After being silent for a second, Olina watched Zhang Tie with a confused look, "What are you talking about?"

    "Hmm, if I'm your boss and you're my beauty secretary and a commercial spy who wants to steal commercial intelligence from me, what will you do?" Zhang Tie asked seriously as he threw himself on the chair with open legs.

    Olina blushed as her eyes turned watery and enchanting...


    After 2 hours, Elder Turin and Elder Gouras stood in front of Zhang Tie, who looked pleasant, with sad looks. Zhang Tie only told them, "I don't want to explain anything. I just want to tell you that, from now on, you go fetch as much money as possible in the name of the huge bear tribe or iron bear tribe in terms of gold coin, loan, mortgage or gold delivery right. There's an opportunity for you to make money. It depends how much you can fetch. And I promise to have your money at least doubled in 10 days."

    The two elders were both stunned...


    On October 2nd, the moment this bet was released to the public, it had shocked the entire Ewentra Archipelago and Ice and Snow Wilderness. Everyone wondered which party would be the winner, Ice and Snow Wilderness or Ewentra Archipelago...

    On October 3rd, Golden Roc Bank accepted the wager from both Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago.

    The bet, which shocked the entire Blackson Humans Corridor, took effect from then on...
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