Chapter 737: Big Figures!

    Chapter 737: Big Figures!

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    For many commoners in Ice and Snow Wilderness, they might not be able to cross Oro Strait and wander in Ewentra Archipelago in their whole lives. It was not Gangula's first time to come to Ewentra Archipelago. As a childe of the wild bear tribe, Gangula had already traveled across Ewentra Archipelago at a young age when he broadened his vision through learning the folklore of the north water.

    Gangula had been to Ewentra Archipelago two times. However, it was his first time to see such a splendid scene while tens of thousands of ships converged on the north waters.

    Watching those cruises and yachts, Gangula felt like watching a herd of cattle which had no master.

    Gangula felt unhappy, 'Why could such guys of Ewentra Archipelago live so well? How could they be so rich? By contrast, the tribes of Ice and Snow Wilderness only have powerful battle force, but we live a poor life. How unfair it is...'

    'What if I robbed them?'

    "My darling younger brother. Can you wipe off your saliva? Look at you, you must be thinking about robbing them with our soldiers."

    A lazy, female voice drifted from Gangula's side. The moment he heard the voice, Gangula revealed a brilliant smile as he turned around, watching his elder sister Sabrina, who had the same father with him and was known as a notorious slut across Ice and Snow Wilderness, walking towards him. She was watching him with a languid look.

    "Heh...heh...you think too much, my darling elder sister!" Gangula revealed a brilliant smile as he did not admit that he was thinking this just now, "If I dared do that in this water, that old wild bear would break my legs!"

    "No. If you were caught by others, the old wild bear would break your legs. He would punish you for not running fast enough. If you were not caught by them, that old wild bear would even praise you for your diligence. If you could clean a major clan in Ewentra Archipelago that converged in Saint Herner Island and get 10 million gold coins from them, that old wild bear might even pass the crown to you!"

    After hearing Sabrina's harsh words which were really destructive. However, Gangula had to accept it. Perhaps Sabrina's words were closer to the truth. Gangula had always been admiring his elder sister, especially when Sabrina hit on Peter. Previously, he felt a bit uncomfortable about this elder sister who was known as a notorious slut across Ewentra Archipelago; however, since Sabrina became the virgin mary of Ancient God School and made Peter, the lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness as his elder brother in law, Gangula had been completely overwhelmed by Sabrina. As a result, not only Gangula, even Sabrina gained a greater freedom from that old wild bear.

    "Ae I have any money left?"

    Gangula didn't lie to her. As a childe of the bear tribe, he could at most get a bit more than 100,000 gold coins a year. In Ice and Snow Wilderness, Gangula was relatively smart. Therefore, he had more chances to make money these years. By contrast, childes of mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe were so poor that they would even drool for one copper coin.

    "Don't you have a seabuckthorn chateau? All of your seabuckthorn wine has been sold to Ewentra Archipelago each year. Additionally, I heard that you and a business group in Eschyle City have discovered a copper mine near Haidela Glacier. Don't complain of being hard up in front of me." Sabrina revealed the truth mercilessly.

    Gangula then replied with a bitter look, "I've not got the payment of my seabuckthorn chateau back this season. The remaining money had been used to expand the chateau. Although we made a bit of money by that copper mine, it was used to build the road that links the copper mine with the Tribal Axis Railway. I only have tens of thousands of gold coins for the time being!"

    "You want money to chip in?"

    "Heh, heh, heh, heh, of course, as Peter spared me a chance to make money, how could I miss it. However, I have very less money available for the time being."

    Since he witnessed Zhang Tie manifesting the "God's will" in the dilemma of the underground ruined relics, Gangula had blind faith in Zhang Tie. Although it looked that Zhang Tie was in the disadvantageous position for the time being, Gangula was still full of confidence about Zhang Tie. He believed that Zhang Tie would be the winner.

    'If a person could manifest God's will, it would be not difficult for him to create some marvel and surprises.' Gangula thought.

    "Well, darling younger brother. Your reason is legitimate. As I've just bought a castle, I don't have too much money available. I could only lend you 200,000 gold coins. You owe me now." Sabrina put it straight.

    Gangula grinned.

    As Sabrina replied, she directly took out her gold check clip...

    When Gangula was waiting for Sabrina's gold checks, he found Sabrina became still as she looked in the distance...

    Gangula turned around and saw a huge ship with a special banner in the distance. The banner was a brilliant golden mace that hung in the void...

    "The commissionary group of Sacred Light School..." Gangula slightly changed his face.

    "I've not imagined the Saint Herner Island will become more boisterous now. Darling younger brother. I heard you chopped off the heads of Sacred Light School. You'd better not run about in Saint Herner Island. If you died, that old wild bear and I would feel painful for sure." Sabrina sighed faintly as she took out of 200,000 gold checks and passed it to Gangula. After throwing another glance at that huge ship with the banner of the mace muling of Sacred Light School, she entered the cabin.

    Gangula's face slightly changed and looked a bit solemn. At this moment, everybody could imagine the heads of mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe were in that huge ship.


    The old wild bear and the head of fire bear tribe were sitting in a top cabin of Chief while watching that huge ship which was hanging the banner of the mace muling of Sacred Light School.

    "Old fire bear, did you see that? Someone has already forgotten about the honor of Slavs for the sake of profits. They would flatter any party as long as they could share profits. It's said that the creed of Sacred Light School was that everything in the world was created by their God, including the followers' wives and daughters. If Sacred Light School could root in Ice and Snow Wilderness one day, those jerk clerks and mulings would be entitled to enjoy the followers' wives and daughters on behalf of the God. I wonder whether the wives and daughters of the heads of those tribes have been enjoyed or not!" Old wild bear Dali said scornfully. As he gnawed a fat fish, he wiped the fish oil onto his mustache. Closely after that, he blew his nose using the hand.

    The head of the fire bear tribe blushed as he felt this old wild bear had some implications. If not the last message from Elder Turin which woke up fire bear tribe, he might have been the one who flattered Sacred Light School.

    "Come on, enjoy yourself!" The old wild bear heroically tore apart the fish that had been touched by his hand which had just been used to blow his nose and put one half of it into the plate of the old fire bear.

    Watching the half "juicy" fish in his plate and the old wild bear's oily hand, the old fire bear then forced a smile, "Hmm, I've eaten breakfast, I'm not hungry for the time being..."


    On the ship of Sacred Light School, the mace muling was holding a golden mace in a golden, brilliant robe that was embroidered with a complex religious pattern which represented sun and brilliance. Meanwhile, he also watched the Chief while a sharp light flashed by his golden pupils...

    "Those in that ship have abandoned the opportunities spared by the God of Brilliance. Therefore, they have to take the punishment of the God of Brilliance!" The mace muling told the other 3 people in the room after turning around.

    "We've not seen God at all. However, the duel will start soon. We only want to know what can we get from this bet." One bad-tempered guy couldn't help but ask.

    Narrowing his eyes, the mace muling of the Sacred Light School accented, "Ally!"

    "Ally?" The three guys repeated as they exchanged glances with each other.

    "After Peter loses the bet. Golden Roc Bak can ensure Peter to perform the contract. However, they cannot ensure whether someone would find the winner some troubles after Peter performed the contract. Doesn't the winner require some allies from Ice and Snow Wilderness to ensure their rights and interests along the Tribal Axis Railway? Isn't that what we're seeking for now?" The mace muling of Saint Light School explained with a profound look.

    After hearing that, the other 3 guys understood it right away. One of them had one more doubt, "As there are 8 bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness, why should the winner choose us as their ally? We're not the most powerful ones."

    "Because we can help them win the battle; of course, we can share the fruits of the victory with them. This is the condition for us to be their allies!" The mace muling explained calmly.

    "But no other party is allowed to join the battle apart from the two fleets!"

    The mace muling didn't say anything; he just clapped his hands twice.

    A person in the cloak of ascetic slowly walked out of a shadowy corner of the room...

    Meanwhile, an invisible vapor spread over the entire room...

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