Chapter 738: Another Gathering

    Chapter 738: Another Gathering

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    Besides the two heads of the wild bear tribe and fire bear tribe and their entourage, 6 women who were gifted to Zhang Tie by Spencer Clan along with great hopes also arrived here by Chief.

    Seeing Zhang Tie being always together with Ms. Olina and the increasingly shiny skin of Ms. Olina these days, Elder Turin told the 6 women of Spencer Clan to gather with Zhang Tie in Saint Herner Island. The longer they stayed with Zhang Tie, the more likely they would have Zhang Tie's babies and the safer the Spencer Clan would be in the future.

    The Chief directly anchored in the exclusive berth of Saint Herner Harbor. Closely after that, all the passengers disembarked and headed for Navyblue Castle by cars.

    The moment the luxury fleet set off the dock, Gangula had seen a row of huge rolling numbers on a high building outside the dock.

    When he caught sight of that number plate, it stopped at 715987240.

    "What's that number?" Gangula asked the driver.

    "It's the total amount of cash being used for this bet from all parties!" The driver replied.

    'Seven hundred and fifteen million, nine hundred and eighty seven thousand, two hundred and forty gold coins?' After counting that number seriously, Gangula almost passed out. He knew that those major clans on Ewentra Archipelago were rich after hundreds of years of accumulation; however, he had not imagined that they could be so rich.

    'F*ck, compared to those major clans in Ewentra Archipelago, those bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness are simply beggars. If Peter won, he would become the richest guy in the north water; the Tribal Axis Railway could bring Peter a bonus of 270 million gold coins. Additionally, among the over 700 million gold coins, the Tribal Axis Railway alone could stimulate at least 70% of the total amount of capital. How terrifying it is! Such an unrestrained gambling could not be met for a millennium. No wonder why so many people arrived here. Even though being just onlookers, they've felt it proud to talk about it for the rest of their lives.

    Gangula's eyes turned red in a split second, even his nostrils expanded.

    "Where to chip in?" Gangula gritted his teeth while touching the 200,000 gold coins that he borrowed from Sabrina.

    "You can do that in Navyblue Castle. Golden Roc Bank set a chip-in point especially in Navyblue Castle!"

    When he recalled the huge ship which hung the banner of mace muling of Sacred Light School, Gangula controlled his impulsion.

    The streets of Saint Herner Island had never been so boisterous before. Barbarians who heft huge axes and young masters of major clans followed by a lot of bodyguards and retinue were crowded closely. Few people had seen such a scene before.


    The huge ship of the mace muling of Sacred Light School didn't gain a berth at the dock. Therefore, it only anchored in the open water. Soon after it anchored, a large airship from Saint Herner Island landed on the deck of the huge ship and carried those passengers to the Saint Herner Island...


    10 minutes later, two big pitch-black ships with sharp steel-clad rams drove in the open water of Saint Herner Island and queued up for the vacant berth. Someone recognized that they were flagships of two pirate forces near Sinaira Island. It seemed that even pirates couldn't help but watch the battle.

    However, at this moment, Saint Herner Island was converged with powerful forces. By contrast, the two pirate ships were as docile as wolf pubs entering a tiger's den.


    After half an hour, over 20 freaks stopped near the dock by mutated billhead sharks.

    The moment these freaks appeared, a small turmoil was aroused in Saint Herner Harbor. Many people poured in and watched those people who rode mutated billhead sharks, each of which was longer than 10 m with frightening dark blue tiger stripes.

    Those freaks just wore a waterproof hide while being covered with grease. Under the gaze of the onlookers, those guys got off the billhead sharks and took off their waterproof package. Closely after that, they took out the clothes from the package and changed their looks soon.

    After changing their clothes, those guys left the dock.

    Soon after those guys left, those mutated billhead sharps that were swimming near the dock sunk in the water and disappeared.

    "These guys are all from sea bear tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Only powerful fighters of sea bear tribes could tame mutated billhead sharks!" Someone shouted.

    With the arrival of the duel on October 10th, more and more people poured into Saint Herner Island.


    The group of people in Chief soon arrived at Navyblue Castle.

    Elder Turin and Elder Gouras were waiting for those people from Chief in Navyblue Castle. Due to their dignificed status, Elder Turin and Elder Gouras would not go to welcome them at the dock unless the knight elders of the wild bear tribe and the fire bear tribe arrived. However, due to the intense situation in Ice and Snow Wilderness, the knights of the wild bear tribe and fire bear tribe had to stay in their nests in case of an emergency.

    In a backroom of Navyblue Castle, the heads of the wild bear tribe and fire bear tribe were talking with Elder Turin and Elder Gouras.

    "The mace muling of Sacred Light School and the three stupid old bears are on the way!" Dali introduced what he had seen just now to the two elders in a restrained way.

    After hearing his words, a killing qi flashed by Elder Turin's and Elder Gouras' eyes at the same time.

    "Does Sacred Light Empire really think that we dare not kill their knight?" Elder Gouras said with a killing intent.

    After knowing that three knights in Saint Herner Island were hostile towards him, the mace muling of Sacred Light School still dared to lead his commissionary group here in Saint Herner Island. If he was not extremely powerful, he must have felt that Ice and Snow Wilderness dared not deal with the mace muling of Sacred Light Empire. What a presumptuous guy!

    Elder Turin also narrowed his eyes, "Let's talk about it when Peter comes back!"

    "What? Peter is not in Saint Herner Island?" Korman, the head of fire bear tribe asked with an amazed look. He thought that Peter, as the most important person, should stay in Saint Herner Island at this moment.

    After exchanging a glance with Elder Turin, Elder Gouras nodded, "Our head has left Navyblue Castle 3 days ago. We declared that he's in cultivation these days!"

    "Where has he been?" Dali asked out of amazement.

    The two elders shook their heads.

    "When he left, he said he would come back tonight!"


    In a parlor of Navyblue Castle, feeling the weird atmosphere, Gangula, whose nickname was "mad dog", shrugged and slipped away as it was not a proper place for a man to stay.

    8 women were sitting in the parlor. 7 of them were looking at the female owner of Navyblue Castle, Olina, who was known as an enchanting fox. Ms. Olina also watched the rest 7 women. The atmosphere was subtle.

    Probably, when all the women who established connections with each other due to a man would be in such a subtle atmosphere when they saw each other for the first time.

    Those women just tried their best to show their elegance and beautiful look by chinning up and chesting out; meanwhile, they glanced over the other women and made comparations stealthily on the figure, breasts, skin, face, temperament, and skills on the bed. At this moment, no women would refer to bullsh*t talents.

    "Now that you are here, Peter is yours tonight. I cannot stand him any longer after these days of torture!" Ms. Olina put it straight firstly as the host of this castle and the one who had a close relationship with Zhang Tie.

    "Given your enchanting look, if he came back tonight, he would never let you sleep alone. How about finding a bigger bedroom?" Matia, the one who looked more like a dowager in Spencer Clan revealed a faint smile.

    "Hmm, good!" Ms. Olina nodded frankly.

    "Sabrina, do you like to join us tonight?" Matia watched Sabrina with a faint smile.

    After hearing this, Sabrina felt bashful, "I'm uncomfortable these days, I will sleep alone!"


    Zhang Tie really returned to Navyblue Castle quietly in the deep night.

    Elder Turin and Elder Gouras felt that Zhang Tie was a bit fatigued. However, he looked calmer than before. It seemed that he had been fully relaxed about the coming duel.

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to see the two elders of the wild bear tribe and fire bear tribe. After knowing that Zhang Tie had promoted to a knight and mastered a powerful gentle strength--supreme protection, the old wild bear and that relative of Spencer Clan showed their respect to Zhang Tie so much that completely transcend the estrangement of age. In this age, power meant everything. Even a 2-years old knight could win the respect of everybody else, not to mention a 20-years old knight.

    After talking with the other 4 people in the backroom for about 2 hours, Zhang Tie left.

    Before he left, the old wild bear stealthily drew Zhang Tie to one side as he told Zhang Tie with a mournful look, "Sabrina once told me, since she fell in love with you, she could not accept others in her heart any longer. Alas...she's very regretful about her previous shameful experiences. She's hoping that you do not mind her past. However, she felt bashful to tell you about that herself; therefore, she was very anguished...As her father, I don't know what to say...I only hope...you could console her and expect you two could have a complete result!"

    After hearing these words, Zhang Tie became stunned for a couple of seconds. After that, he glanced over this old jerk from his head to toe seriously. No matter what the gossips were, he was the only one who knew Sabrina's secret. Although they had a close relationship with each other, they had not gone to bed. Actually, Sabrina was still a virgin...

    'How could Sabrina tell this old jerk about this? Obviously, it's fabricated by the old wild bear so as to trap me...'

    Looking at the average look of Dali, Zhang Tie finally understood that people could not be identified from his look.

    'Jerk! What a jerk!' Zhang Tie swore Dali inside hundreds of times...


    After leaving the backroom, it was already too late. Under the guidance of a maid of Ms. Olina, Zhang Tie came to the bedroom of Olina. The moment he opened the door and entered, Zhang Tie, even being a knight, almost spurted out his noseblood...

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