Chapter 739: Take the Bull by the Horns

    Chapter 739: Take the Bull by the Horns

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    On the next morning, Zhang Tie saw Sabrina whose eyes turned swollen. After 5 years, Sabrina still remained unchanged. Her change could not match that of Zhang Tie, who had triggered his body-changing bloodline.

    "What's up? Didn't you sleep well?" Zhang Tie asked her with a big smile.

    Among those women, although Sabrina was the only one who had not made love with him, the two people had a very tacit understanding. Therefore, after 5 years, Zhang Tie could still greet her in a casual way like how they did 5 years ago.

    "I slept on someone's neighboring room last night and enjoyed a symphony overnight!" Sabrina rolled her eyes towards Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he put his arms around Sabrina, "You've not changed at all!"

    Sabrina let out a sigh before she cupped Zhang Tie's face and looked into his eyes seriously, "You've changed so much. You were a sunny big boy 5 years ago; however, you're a real man now!"

    "Isn't it good?"

    "No, it's not good at all!" Sabrina shook her head as she added, "I treated you as a naughty younger brother several years ago. I could play with you at that time; however, I dare not play with you now!"


    "I'm afraid that I will fall in love with you. After that, just like other women, I will treat you as the center of my whole life. From then on, I will lose freedom and be slaved by love. I will treat your sorrow and happiness as mine. This is not the life that I expect for!" Sabrina stroke over Zhang Tie's lips with one finger as she added, "Each woman is an angel; if a woman falls in love with a man, it's equal to cutting off her wings. I don't want to have my wings cut off for the time being!"

    Zhang Tie watched Sabrina seriously before faintly kissing her face. Closely after that, he let off his hand, "You know that I will never force you to do anything. In my heart, you're always that mermaid who can swim in the river freely!"

    Sabrina responded with a smile.

    A warm feeling surged in their hearts at the same time.

    "And, I saw your father last night. Guess what did he tell me?"

    Before Sabrina opened her mouth had Zhang Tie imitated what the old wild bear told him last night in front of Sabrina. After awakening his imitating bloodline, Zhang Tie's tone and expression were very vivid when he imitated the old wild bear.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Sabrina gritted her teeth, "The old jerk!"

    "I also felt so at that time!"

    After exchanging a glance with each other, the two burst out laughing once again.

    "Do you know that I've chipped in over 1 million gold coins for you? It's all of my wealth. If you lost it, you would have to compensate it for me!" Sabrina said as she pointed at Zhang Tie's chest.

    "The opponent is too powerful. That mace muling of the bullsh*t Sacred Light School arrived here yesterday. I'm afraid that he's here to find me trouble. It seems that I have to compensate for you. If I went bankrupt, could I compensate you with my body?" Zhang Tie sighed with a grevious look.

    "No way!"

    "If not, accompany me to watch the North Wind Fleet in the afternoon!"


    "I found that you've changed a bit!" Zhang Tie said with a solemn look.

    "Ahh, what has changed?" Sabrina became amazed as she wondered whether it was Zhang Tie's trick or not.

    "Previously, it's E-cup, now, it's bigger. I wonder how it feels!" Zhang Tie lowered his head and watched her breasts.

    Sabrina's face blushed at once as she instantly pushed Zhang Tie away, "You're also a jerk!"

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter...


    In the afternoon, Zhang Tie, Elder Turin, Elder Gouras, the two heads of the wild bear tribe and fire bear tribe, Ms. Olina and the head of Bell Clan left Navyblue Castle for the dock of Saint Herner Harbor. They then embarked the flagship of North Wind Fleet--Snow Bramble Battleship. After that, the entire North Wind Fleet set out for the open water of Saint Herner Island.

    In less than 1 day, the number on the notice board in Saint Herner Harbor had already reached 800 million gold coins.

    Zhang Tie had no feeling about that terrifying number. As to others' expressions, only the head of Fein Clan looked a bit anguished.

    Olina and old Bell had chipped a lot in Zhang Tie. In order to clarify his instance, Fein Clan also had to chip a lot in Zhang Tie. However, honestly, Fein Clan looked good on the battle force of the allied fleet of Ewentra Archipelago. As the old saying went, it took 10 years to establish the land army and 100 years to establish the navy. Navy could never be improved simply by steel and gold coins. This could be indicated by the odds in Ice and Snow Wilderness, which was always 10% higher than that on Ewentra Archipelago, no matter how many knights were in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    The 10% was determined by the difference in the battle force between two fleets such as firing rate per minute, firing error, comprehensive strength of sailors, commanding and judging ability of commander...

    The difference of 10% in both literature and military was decisive in a real fight.

    Snow Bramble Battleship was a steel giant whose displacement was 86,000 tons. Its maximum speed was 21 nautical miles per hour while being driven by 4 steam turbines. Its main firepower was three 37 cm-wide supervoltage steam centrifugal cannon; each cannon could fire 2 shells at the same time. Additionally, it was matched with many steam ballistas.

    In the command center of the battleship, the commander and the captain of the North Wind Fleet were reporting to Zhang Tie about the preparations of the fleet during the past few days with solemn looks.

    After knowing that they shouldered such a great task, the North Wind Fleet prepared and trained around the clock these days like having taken viagra.

    "How's your preparation?" Zhang Tie asked the commander of the fleet.

    "All the crew members of North Wind Fleet have tried their best from the captain to the boilersmith for this duel!" The commander replied.

    "Are you confident to win the battle?"

    After being silent for a second, the commander opened his mouth, "If I tell you that I'm confident to win the battle, it's like cheating myself. Although Slavs are not the best sailors, we are the bravest sailors for sure. I won't promise you that we will win the battle, but I can promise you that each soldier of North Wind Fleet will fight to the death for victory!"

    After making the promise, all the captains in the command center of North Wind Fleet looked highly spirited.

    "Good!" Zhang Tie nodded satisfactorily, "As long as we have such a dauntless spirit, North Wind Fleet is always the winner in my heart!"

    Having not imagined that Zhang Tie could comment North Wind Fleet in this way, all the commissioned officers in the command center of North Wind Fleet became spirited as they chinned up and chested out.

    "Have you carried out live-fire drill these days?"

    "We carried out live-fire training every day during the past few days. Navyblue Castle prepared us some targeted ships for us every day so as to ensure the effects of the drill. Please allow me to extend my thanks to Ms. Olina!" The commander faintly bowed towards Ms. Olina who was on his side.

    "Hmm, nice!" Zhang Tie nodded as he threw a faint smile towards Olina. 'What a virtuous woman! She has already taken care of everything well for me.' When Zhang Tie was going to say something, he suddenly caught sight of the banner of the mace muling of Sacred Light School hanging on a ship in the open water miles away.

    Watching that ship, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile over his mouth corners. He pointed at that 10,000-ton ship in the distance and asked the commander, "Have you tried such a huge targeted ship?"

    The commander shook his head. Of course, the targeted ships were not complete 10,000-ton ships. If they used such a huge ship as their target, Navyblue Business Group might have already gone bankrupt.

    "Now, that ship is your target, show me how long does it take for you to sink it!" Zhang Tie issued the order which shocked everyone at the present.

    After hearing this, the head of Fein Clan changed his face, "Tha...that is Sacred...Sacred Light Empire's..."

    Zhang Tie changed his face instantly as he pointed at the commissioned officer of North Wind Fleet, "As an old Hua saying went, soldiers are the braveness of the general. If my soldiers are not afraid of the death, do you think that I'm afraid of the death? Do you think that I'm afraid of Sacred Light Empire?"

    The head of Fein Clan became silent. By contrast, all the commissioned officers of North Wind Fleet became spirited as their faces turned red.

    After saying that, Zhang Tie turned around and watched the commissioned officers of North Wind Fleet as he issued the order, "You can move closer to it and target at it precisely. Just f*ck those b*stards; remember not to have other ships involved!"

    After making a military salute to Zhang Tie at the same time, the commander and all the commissioned officers instantly returned to their own posts. Only after a few seconds, the active alert of the Snow Bramble Battleship had sounded...

    The huge ship with the banner of the mace muling of Sacred Light School could never imagine that they would almost be destroyed in a few minutes before they made any preparations in such a remote area, which lagged behind the western continent so much; although they could be unrivaled in the waters of the western continent...

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