Chapter 741: The Arrival of the Airboat

    Chapter 741: The Arrival of the Airboat

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    Zhang Tie and North Wind Fleet didn't return to Saint Herner Harbor until evening. After destroying that huge vessel of Sacred Light Empire, all the crew of North Wind Fleet were in a high morale. They performed extremely high battle skills in today's training. Of course, they won Zhang Tie's praise.

    Zhang Tie paid an exclusive visit to the turrets of the main cannons and the core functional areas such as engine room on the battleship Snow Bramble so that he could have an overall recognition about the operation of the battleship. Zhang Tie then verified the name-list of the battleships that would attend the duel on behalf of the entire fleet tomorrow. After that, the fleet returned to the Saint Herner Harbor.

    Zhang Tie watched the afterglow in the distance on the head of the battleship Snow Bramble while facing the sea wind.

    He suddenly missed his family members, his dad, his mom, his elder brother, his wives and sons.

    If possible, Zhang Tie really didn't like to be involved in such a massacre and conspiracy. 'If it was peaceful across the world, I could build a city on the Eastern Continent and pass it to Zhang's offsprings so that they could live like a landlord without any concerns. I could live a carefree life with my wives and those girls in the Hidden Dragon Island such as Lan Yunxi. We can go wherever we want and play, eat and buy whatever we want. In the evening, we will try our best to prepare for having babies. After that, I will have my parents be the heads of a kindergarten and teach the babies of mine and my elder brother. What a nice life it would be!'

    'Pitifully, the damn holy war broke out so fast. Demons and those human b*stards who want humans to succumb to demons have everything involved in such a chaotic world. I could barely find a tranquil place in this world anymore. Therefore, I have to struggle forcefully.'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie heard footsteps drawing closer to him from his back. 'It's Elder Turin.'

    "The mace muling of Sacred Light School dispatched a person to Navyblue Castle to ask why North Wind Fleet would sink his flagship to the bottom with a very stern look. He even asked whether Ice and Snow Wilderness wanted to fight Sacred Light Empire?"

    "Now that he can stand us sinking his flagship to the bottom, it seems that he has made preparations to handle us tomorrow. Therefore, he doesn't show himself up right away in case of more loss!" Zhang Tie smiled. Before he turned around had he combed off his train of thought.

    Elder Turin became faintly stunned as he had not imagined that Zhang Tie had such an intention by ordering North Wind Fleet to sink the flagship of mac muling of Sacred Light School. By doing this, Zhang Tie was displaying the decisiveness and strength of Ice and Snow Wilderness and testing the mental bottom line of his opponent. Compared to that juvenile 5 years ago, Peter Hamplester was more formidable from both battle force and mode of thinking. This was what a real lord should have.

    "Do we need to reply to him?"

    Zhang Tie replied with a casual look, "Just fabricate a reason. Just tell him that one of our cannoneers made a mistake and aroused a chain reaction. We're very sorry about this. That cannoneer was forbidden to eat meat tonight. Hmm...how jerks of that Sacred Light School would be punished after their crimes were exposed...ahh...I got it, confess...raise high the birch for corporal punishment yet fall down slightly. We've already had that cannoneer confess about that..."

    Hearing this, Elder Turin frowned. Although it seemed to be an explanation and apology, it was actually nothing different than smacking the face of that mace muling of Sacred Light School. After destroying the flagship of mace muling of Sacred Light Empire, North Wind Fleet just told one cannoneer to confess about it. It was nothing different than insulting them.

    "If we do that, we're going to be the enemy of that mace muling completely!" Elder Turin reminded Zhang Tie.

    "So what? We're not friends either." Zhang Tie's eyes gleamed as his voice turned icy, "After the duel, I will chop off that b*stard's head. I will see how many missionary groups would be dispatched to Ice and Snow Wilderness by Sacred Light Empire. Maybe they will dispatch a powerful expedition corps composed of over 10 mace mulings to revenge for that b*stard?"

    After taking a deep breath, Elder Turin slightly bowed towards Zhang Tie before leaving with a reverent look.


    On the distant sea level, a familiar luxury cruise ship appeared in Zhang Tie's vision--Narwhal!

    'Even Narwhal are interested in that?"

    Touching his nose, Zhang Tie entered his exclusive lounge in Snow Bramble.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered, the 8 women who were chatting inside, turned around with tender and enchanting looks.

    "What are you talking about?" Zhang Tie came to one side of a sofa and sat between Ms. Olina and Matia.

    Actually, Zhang Tie had already heard what they were talking about outside the room. They were talking about professional topics about trade and commerce between Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago. Right in the chat, Navyblue Castle had already reached some commercial agreements with the business groups of Sabrina and Spencer Clan.

    All the 8 women were smart.

    "We're talking about you." Matia peered a small fruit using her tender and slim fingers and faintly pushed it into Zhang Tie's mouth.

    The moment Zhang Tie came back, those women had transferred their attention to Zhang Tie.

    "What are you talking about me?"

    "We are talking about what other tricks would you play tonight." Matia replied with an alluring voice.

    "Ahem..ahem..." Zhang Tie coughed under the teasing gaze of Sabrina before turning to Olina on his side, "Do Navyblue Castle have commercial relations with Western Continent?"

    "Navyblue Castle will sell some spices and high-end coral products to Western Continent!"

    "The relation between Ice and Snow Wilderness and Sacred Light Empire might be intense after a short while. You need to prepare for it in advance!"

    Ms. Olina replied with a smile, "Navyblue Castle Business Group's trading partner in Western Continent was Grymes Republic, whose navy is even more powerful than that of Sacred Light Empire. Sacred Light Empire dare not find Grymes Republic trouble!"

    "That's fine. Erm...does Navyblue Castle Business Group need more people now? I mean female graduates in commerce and accounting who have few internships."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's question, all the women popped out their eyes. Closely after that, they blinked their eyes as they thought they were mistaken.

    "How many?" Ms. Olina watched Zhang Tie with a faint smile, making Zhang Tie embarrassed.

    "Three, right in the distant ship Narwhal. They're doing part-time jobs in the bar of Narwhal, their names are Veronica, Dalina and Wallies..."

    With Zhang Tie's introduction, the other women watched Zhang Tie like having caught a love affair stealthily...

    "Hmm, I need some female assistants. When I disembark, I will have people ask whether they would like to work for Navyblue Castle Bussiness Group or not!" Ms. Olina answered.

    "Neither let them know that I'm helping them nor have them involved in a complex circle. As they live in Sinaira, just give them better jobs with higher treatment..." Zhang Tie hurriedly "rectified" his intention in case of being mistaken. If the 3 girls knew that he was the very Peter, the lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness, everything would change; perhaps he would barely see any passion, naivety, romance and shyness from the 3 girls. However, for Zhang Tie, these qualities were most precious in this world. He didn't mean to occupy all of them. Therefore, he just wished them and himself to take this as a good memory.

    "Hmm, Navyblue Castle Business Group has a branch in Sinaira Island. I will arrange it for them!" Ms. Olina immediately understood Zhang Tie's meaning as her eyes turned tender.

    Actually, Zhang Tie could give them more than that. However, for some female students who had just graduated from school, they might not be able to bear some sudden surprises. It might not be good for their later development. They would not feel happy by having so many brilliant things suddenly.

    For each one, the proper luck with some surprises was the best and the most suitable.

    Numerous young people would like to seek for jobs in big business groups such as Navyblue Castle Business Group which could rank among top places in Ewentra Archipelago. It was many young graduates' dream to enter such great platform and enjoy such good treatment.


    When North Wind Fleet returned to Saint Herner Harbor, all the people in Saint Herner City, including those on the luxury cruise ships and deluxe yachts raised their heads and watched that object suspending in the air above Saint Herner Island with shocked looks.

    It looked like an airship; however, it had no air sac. Additionally, it looked like a steel battleship in the air.

    Because of that object, the entire Saint Herner Island was shocked...

    After hearing the report, Zhang Tie and the other two elders walked out of the cabin of Snow Bramble. Standing on the deck, they glanced at that object.

    The moment Zhang Tie saw that did he remember a thing that his elder brother told him--Taixia's Airboat!

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