Chapter 742: An Encounter between Acquaintance

    Chapter 742: An Encounter between Acquaintance

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    Even Zhang Tie, who had known airboats before, was shocked at the sight of it for the first time, not to mention those commoners.

    Since the airboat appeared, there had been over 100 traffic accidents in the urban streets across Saint Herner City in the next few hours. The moment those drivers caught sight of such an object in the air, they became stunned. As a result, they crashed into neighboring cars.

    The moment Zhang Tie's group went ashore had he received the report that Golden Roc Bank dispatched a knight and some major figures by an airboat to supervise the duel between North Wind Fleet of Ice and Snow Wilderness and the allied fleet of Ewentra Archipelago for the sake of the fairness of the duel and the effective execution of the agreement after the duel.

    Holy sheer terror!

    At this moment, the power of Golden Roc Bank was well displayed while the airboat suspending above Saint Herner Island became the best showcase of the wealth and background of Golden Roc Bank.

    Soon after Zhang Tie returned to Navyblue Castle, Connar, the head of Rainald Clan, Brightman, the head of Willies Clan and all the representatives of major clans across Ewentra Archipelago had converged in Navyblue Castle once again.

    Previously, as Zhang Tie didn't come back, Golden Roc Bank didn't arrange the communication between all parties; after Zhang Tie returned, in order to display Golden Roc Bank's impartial stance, the airboat landed as the big figures in the airboat would meet both parties on behalf of Golden Roc Bank.

    In order to welcome all the parties, Navyblue Castle prepared a grand banquet tonight.

    When the dusk almost arrived, under the gaze of all the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago and all the big figures of tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness, that airboat slowly descended.

    Everyone, including Zhang Tie, were raising their heads and watching that airboat descending slowly with all sorts of shocking eyes on the side of the airship base outside Navyblue Castle.

    When the airboat was in the air, it made people on the ground less suppressive. However, when it slowly descended and showcased its complete body to the public, many people on the ground felt breathless.

    Superficially, that airboat was completely like a steel battleship which was longer than 200 m. How magnificent it was!

    With a raising, grim golden roc's head, the airboat's 4 sharp and beautiful streamlined waistlines and 2 wings were covered with golden plume-shaped grains. Like the relief "four-winged golden roc" of Golden Roc Bank, it was so brilliant that it made people dumbfounded. Meanwhile, it made people greatly depressed like the entire heaven was covered. At the bottom of the airboat were auspicious blue and white clouds which were featured by Chinese characters.

    The airboat slowly descended silently like a stick of light plume.

    "How powerful are Hua people!" Elder Gouras who was standing on Zhang Tie's side was shocked by that airboat.

    "In front of such a giant, any airship is just a balloon. This airboat can destroy any kind of airships only by hitting them without having to use any weapons." Elder Turin let out a faint sigh.

    In this age, the main raw material of airships, even battle airships was light wood. Even though the armors on the air sacs of hard airships could only be defensive to common bolts and light ballistas outside a certain distance. However, any airship was just like a balloon in front of steel spike.

    All the onlookers showed an awe-stricken look, including Zhang Tie; however, Zhang Tie was more proud of being a Hua people.

    The airboat suspended when it was about 2 m above the ground. Under the illuminance of a lot of fluorescent lamps, the entire airboat became still. Closely after that, a metal hatch door slowly opened outward and finally landed on the ground, providing a ramp for passengers to disembark.

    Zhang Tie walked over there firstly, followed by many big figures of Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago. In such a case, of course, Zhang Tie walked ahead of all of them.

    Xu Tao, the manager of Golden Roc Bank's branch in Eschyle City, who had met Zhang Tie twice appeared at the hatch door and walked downstairs firstly while being followed by a Hua woman who was wearing a set of brilliant female armor and carrying a pair of swords on her back.

    At the sight of that woman, besides widely opening his eyes, Zhang Tie was shocked because he felt a familiar sense--Knight!

    That woman was a knight. It was Zhang Tie's first time to see a female knight; precisely, a female Hua knight.

    Besides long, beautiful hair, she looked as tranquil as water with slim eyebrows, raised nose and a hot figure. Her age was unidentifiable. She might be at her 40s or 30s like Ms. Olina. She might also be several times elder than Olina. Knights could live as long as 400 years. As long as one promoted to a knight, one's physical functions would be activated completely. Knights would grow old very slowly. If that knight paid attention to daily maintenance using some rarities, her real age would be unidentifiable. Therefore, although she looked about 30 or 40 years old, that woman might actually be 130 years old or 240 years old.

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to see a female Hua knight. Therefore, he couldn't help but gaze at her for a longer time. The female knight sensed it as she also threw a glance at Zhang Tie. The moment she caught sight of Zhang Tie, the female knight's eyes gleamed instantly. However, when she found that Zhang Tie moved his eyes onto her breast and stared at it for a short while, she became furious.

    'Huge boobs. Additionally, they look very elastic.' Zhang Tie commented. When he moved his eyes back, Zhang Tie sensed the female knight's killing qi. Zhang Tie then felt a bit embarrassed as he transferred his eyes onto that person behind the female knight.

    The one behind the female knight was an odd-looking man at his 60s in a cyan Hua robe. Zhang Tie noticed that the sleeves of the old man were embroidered with three ancient Hua coins which were round outside and square inside. Given his qi field, Zhang Tie knew that he was definitely a big figure in Golden Roc Bank.

    The old man was followed by some retinues.

    Zhang Tie then moved his eyes back from the hatch door. Closely after that, Zhang Tie saw a very familiar face that he could never imagine among the retinues.

    That face looked a bit rounder after such a few years. It indicated that that guy lived well these years. However, no matter what, Zhang Tie could still identify the extremely familiar crafty and dreadful look.

    In the clothes of the retinues of Golden Roc Bank, Donder looked forward seriously. However, when he caught sight of Zhang Tie, he rapidly blinked towards Zhang Tie.

    'F*ck!' Zhang Tie almost sprung up.

    'How could Donder be here? How could he stay with the people of Golden Roc Bank? Additionally, that guy blinked towards me just now. Obviously, he had identified me. No way! Even Huaiyuan Palace don't know about my real status, how come Donder know that?'

    A series of questions occurred to Zhang Tie's mind. Zhang Tie became puzzled immediately.

    "Your Excellency, this is Gongsun Liniang, the knight who's responsible for the execution of the agreement of this gamble on behalf of Golden Roc Bank..." Zhang Tie recovered his composure instantly when he heard Manager Xu Tao's introduction.

    Besides Zhang Tie and the other two elders, all the others were shocked when they knew this beautiful Hua woman carrying double swords was a powerful knight.

    All the rustics from Ewentra Archipelago were shocked so much that their mouths were widely opened. The heads of tribes from Ice and Snow Wilderness also popped out their eyes as they shrugged. A female knight, with her powerful qi field, made all the men below knights tongue-tied.

    Zhang Tie cupped one hand with the other as all the other people around him made the same hand gesture towards Zhang Tie--Shaking hands was the greeting rite of Hebrews while cupping hands was the greeting rite of Hua people.

    After throwing a faint glance at everyone else, Gongsun Liniang cupped her hands towards all the others.

    "This is Guan Xiyi, the CEO of Golden Roc Bank who's responsible for all the affairs across Waii Sub-continent!"

    Zhang Tie cupped his hands once again.

    Compared to Gongsun Liniang's cold look, Guan Xiyi's smile was more comfortable when he cupped towards Zhang Tie's party.

    Seeing such a big figure, all the representatives of major clans across Ewentra Archipelago looked honorable.

    Manager Xu Tao then introduced all the major figures across Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago to that female knight and the CEO of Golden Roc Bank.

    After this process, Zhang Tie welcomed the group of people of Golden Roc Bank into Navyblue Castle.

    On the way, Zhang Tie peered at Donder in the retinue of Golden Roc Bank, who looked less attractive. Zhang Tie then threw a glance at Manager Xu Tao, who revealed a profound smile towards Zhang Tie...

    'F*ck! How could Golden Roc Bank know my real status?' Zhang Tie was still puzzled by this question until now...

    'However, I'm sure that this group of people of Golden Roc Bank is here for me, instead of the battle...'

    Zhang Tie became very depressed about his secret being exposed.
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