Chapter 746: The Will of the God of Brilliance

    Chapter 746: The Will of the God of Brilliance

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    In such a fierce duel, as long as one battleship lost its speed, even though it kept firing, it could be easily targeted.

    The starfish was a mutated iron-magnetic species. As heavy as a rock, each of them could firmly attach to the metal bottom of ships. Generally, there were always sea creatures like starfish and conch at the bottoms of those big ships. However, at this moment, there were countless starfish and conchs over the bottoms and one side of the two battleships. As a result, the battleships increased their weight sharply, causing a greater resistance in seawater. Additionally, the two battleships faintly tilted. In this state, the battleships slowed down and had a poorer firing precision.

    When the front 2 battleships slowed down, the other 4 cruisers behind them had to slow down too, causing a chaos in the formation of the entire fleet at once.

    Nobody could imagine such an event before.

    Gongsun Liniang had already rushed downside there as fast as a meteor and directly dove into the sea...

    All the passengers of the airboat could see many sailors rushing to the decks and flushing off the starfish and conchs from the shells using water cannons. However, it seemed not to work. Because the starfish and conchs being flushed off only accounted a small part of the total amount of starfish and conchs. Actually, more starfish and conchs were attached to the bottoms where water cannons could not reach.

    As a result, the speed of two battleships of North Wind Fleet gradually decreased from above 20 nautical miles per hour to about 10 nautical miles per hour.

    Seeing this, not only people on the side of Ice and Snow Wilderness sprung up, even the numerous onlookers outside the duel water were in an uproar. Due to the far distance and poor perspective, many people could not see the true situation facing North Wind Fleet. Therefore, they didn't know why the North Wind Fleet slowed down abruptly. This was nothing different than committing suicide.

    When the North Wind Fleet slowed down, the fleet of Rainard Clan kept accelerating towards their opponent as heroic as cavalries on battle horses...

    Starting from 15,000 m, the cannons of the two fleets roared once again. When the fleet of Rainard Clan got out of the firing range of North Wind Fleet, a sharp difference appeared between the two fleets--Rainard Clan's fleet was struck by 3 shells; however, North Wind Fleet was struck by 9 shells.

    All the passengers on the airboat witnessed such a cruel outcome. The big fires on the two battleships seemed to predict the outcome of North Wind Fleet. Given such a situation, with 3 more rounds, the two battleships of North Wind Fleet would be disabled completely. They would be sent to the bottom sooner or later.

    All the people on the side of Ice and Snow Wilderness were driven mad.

    The old wild bear roared as he pointed at those guys on the side of Ewentra Archipelago and asked, "B*stards, did you do that?"

    "I don't know what you're talking about." Connar, the head of Rainard Clan replied calmly, "I could only command my fleet; instead of those sea creatures!"

    After Connar expressed his stance, Gongsun Liniang, the female knight of Golden Roc Bank, had already flown out of the sea.

    "Nobody is found at the seabed of the duel water." Gongsun Liniang said icily.

    When the two fleets fired, Gongsun Liniang had already searched over the water. However, she didn't find anybody else over there. It didn't mean that nobody found the trouble, though. As for such a vast ocean, if someone really hid underwater away from this narrow duel water, he would be hardly discovered by even 10 knights, not to mention Gongsun Liniang herself. If someone really hid there, he might be a marine animal controller now that he could drive these marine creatures. Given such one's diving skill, viability and hiding ability underwater, this one must be a rare master among animal controllers. He could even order these marine creatures to make aggressive behaviors from hundreds of miles away.

    Of course, this was just a possibility. As no evidence was discovered, it was not persuasive.

    Elder Turin stood up with a grim look, "This duel has already lost its fairness and justice. I request Golden Roc Bank to terminate this duel!"

    "I disagree!" A representative of a major clan on the side of Ewentra Archipelago stood up, "By far, there's no evidence of unfairness!"

    "What's wrong with those starfish and conchs?"

    "Only the sea would answer you!" That representative replied calmly as he bowed towards Guan Xiyi, "According to the agreement, neither of the two fleets are allowed to leave the water since it starts unless someone who has nothing to do with the two fleets appears in the duel and attack one party's fleet. Only in that situation could the very party proposed to terminate the duel. Otherwise, the two fleets have to fight to the end. Although some interference happened, the interferents were just some marine creatures, instead of the crew of our party. These marine creatures are not exclusive to Ewentra Archipelago. They belong to force majeure. Therefore, Ewentra Archipelago doesn't have to take the responsibility for it. Neither does the opponent have the right to exterminate this duel due to this reason. Otherwise, it would violate the spirit of the contract which we commonly respect. The spirit of the contract is the foundation of the prosperity of Ewentra Archipelago and the guarantee of the creditability of all parties. As the supervisor of this duel and the warrantor of the implementation of this contract, Golden Roc Bank should maintain the sacredness of the contract."

    When that representative stood up and spoke, Donder, who always served the side of Ice and Snow Wilderness, silently displayed his palm in front of Zhang Tie as he took the glass. There was a line of words in his palm--As long as you have any request, we will be able to make another emergency to terminate this duel.

    After reading it, Zhang Tie threw a glance at Donder and kept silent.

    After saying that, the representative sat down. Everybody on the airboat then moved their eyes onto Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie remained calm as he watched Connar, the head of Rainard Clan and asked, "Do that guy's words represent the opinion of all the clans across Ewentra Archipelago?"

    "The life of Ewentra Archipelago lies in the prosperity of commerce while the life of commercial prosperity lies in the spirit of the contract. I don't know whether it is like this in other places; in Ewentra Archipelago, as long as one contract is established, the contract would be most sacred. I'm very sorry for the emergency facing North Wind Fleet. However, the influence of marine creatures in North Wind Fleet indeed belongs to force majeure. Therefore, it's still fair. Ewentra Archipelago's choice implies with our contract!" Connar's eyes sparkled.

    "Spirit of the contract? I like this opinion. Just keep it going. I indeed "admire" your "respect" to the contract..." Zhang Tie smiled as he accented the two words "respect" and "admire", making the representatives of the major clans from Ewentra Archipelago twist their bodies restlessly, "But do you know what is the real force majeure?"

    All the representatives of major clans from Ewentra Archipelago exchanged glances with each other as they were confused about Zhang Tie's meaning.

    "Only the will of the God of Brilliance is the real force majeure!" The mace muling of Sacred Light School raised his scepter as he rushed to answer Zhang Tie's question, "You're still not too late to confess under my mace. The God of Brilliance has already displayed its will through the ocean. This is a warning, also your last chance!"

    Zhang Tie threw a scornful glance towards that mace muling of Sacred Light School like watching a lump of ** being wrapped by brilliant silk, "Do you know why I didn't ask your name until now? Because all those blasphemers are worms on sacrificial altar in my eyes. They are not worthy enough for me to know their names!"

    "You..." The mace muling of Sacred Light School was so furious that his face turned red. Gongsun Liniang threw a glance at him with narrow eyes. He then panted and glared at Zhang Tie, "I will see how long you can stand!"

    Zhang Tie stood up. Looking up at the sky, he closed his eyes and stretched out his hands with sacred brilliance on his face like praying and embracing the endless void. At this moment, Zhang Tie uttered a magnificent sound, "Poseidon, I order you to display your will in a furious way in the name of the God of gods so that the blasphemers could see the true majesty of God and nonbelievers who only believe in money see the strength of the God..."

    The moment Zhang Tie uttered this, all the representatives from both Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago watched Zhang Tie with a dumbfounded look--What does that mean? Could Peter order the sea god? Are you kidding me? Is he driven mad after seeing that North Wind Fleet is going to lose the battle?'

    The mace muling of Sacred Light School fleered like watching a joke...

    Donder revealed an unacceptable look. He had not imagined that this brat had mastered such a pretending talent only after a few years. 'Given his current pious and dignified look, he's completely different than the guy who felt guilty even by changing a new package for an old commodity...

    Soon after Zhang Tie's words, a huge, terrifying shadow swam across the water...

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