Chapter 747: Whip of the Fury

    Chapter 747: Whip of the Fury

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    "F*ck, this father chipped 2 million gold coins. What's wrong with North Wind Fleet?" The rich guy of Ewentra Archipelago who chipped 2 million gold coins in North Wind Fleet yesterday roared on the observation post of the luxury cruiser. Given the performance of North Wind Fleet, everyone knew that there was some emergency. However, due to the long distance and poorer visibility, this rich person could not see clearly what happened on the side which was closer to sea level. Therefore, he became very anxious.

    Very few onlookers actually knew what happened. Some of them also caught sight of the huge iron-magnetic starfish on one side of the two battleships of North Wind Fleet; however, they only took in a deep breath.

    "B*stard!" That rich person on the observation post of that luxury cruiser forcefully threw his telescope into the sea while watching the flames and smoke on the two battleships.

    It was a nice day. Under the bright sunshine, the sea water below the luxury cruiser looked crystal and blue. It was of a high visibility.

    When he threw away that telescope, the rich person lowered his head and found that the sea water below the cruiser was a bit deeper than that just now. He thought it was the shadow of the clouds; however, he found no clouds when he looked up.

    "What's wrong?"

    When others paid attention to the duel water in the distance, that rich person glanced over seriously and found that this water was indeed a bit deeper than those in the surroundings. If he did not observe it seriously, he might not have recognized that. There seemed to be a huge shadow under the sea water.

    All of a sudden, that rich person felt goosebumps all over while a sense of terror rushed to his skull from the sea water along the spine. He was frozen instantly while his face turned pale.

    The shadow under the sea water was moving.

    The front part of the shadow was like a cloud, which extended over 1 mile forward from the bottom of the luxury cruiser towards the duel water. The latter part of the shadow was still covering that water of that cruiser.

    'This is not a shoal of fish as it is bigger and moving faster than the latter. Additionally, the shoal of fish always changes its shape during movement. However, that shadow is very large and moving as fast as a torpedo under seawater in a fixed shape. It's more like a moving mountain under the sea; instead of being a shoal of fish. However, mountain under the sea won't move. Therefore, that shadow must be something alive...'

    'A living thing? Under the seawater? As large as a mountain?'

    The moment this thought occurred to the rich person's mind, he froze and almost fell off the observation post.

    Closely after that, the rich person shrieked miserably, "Move the ship, move the ship out of this water at full speed..."

    Ocean was always mild; however, it would also become berserk sometimes. No matter what, this ocean was covered with a thick mysterious veil. Once this mysterious veil was exposed, the object behind the veil would bring people a sheer terror.

    No matter what was that thing under the water, when it was large enough, it made everyone so scared and intend to escape away from it as far as possible.

    When the rich person exclaimed, he slid off the mast and rushed towards the cab of the cruiser. As a result, the steward who was walking towards him with a glass of wine was knocked down, spraying the wine over the ground.

    When that luxury cruiser turned around and started to escape at full speed, the North Wind Fleet in the duel water had to make a tragic choice--the four heavy cruisers started to leave the two battleships and accelerated towards the fleet of Rainard Clan.

    Those who had experience in the sea warfare knew that North Wind fleet was going to create a chance for the two battleships to fire at the opponent in a short distance at the risk of losing the 4 heavy cruisers.

    As long as the distance between battleships and target was less than 3 miles, the power, force of penetration and precision of shells would reach a new high. As a result, the battle would be extremely fierce. This was North Wind Fleet's only choice to have its main battleships offset the advantage of the opponent. Meanwhile, it meant that they had prepared for sacrificing their own vessels so as to attract the attention of the heavy cruisers of the opponent.

    Fighters of North Wind Fleet were performing their promise to Zhang Tie at the risk of their lives--North Wind Fleet might not be the most excellent sailors; however, they are definitely the bravest sailors. North Wind Fleet could not ensure the victory of such a duel; however, it could ensure that each commissioned officer and soldier who participated in the duel would like to die for victory!

    "Why?" A whiskered captain of a battleship of North Wind Fleet outside the duel water punched onto the diamond-shaped 1,000 mm-thick armor of the turret under the main cannon of the battleship, spraying blood all over...

    All the commisioned officers and soldiers on the battleships of North Wind Fleet outside the ring dropped tears and wished to surge forward to replace their partners. They knew that they might lose the battle; however, they had not imagined that they would lose the battle in this way.

    Those common soldiers and commissioned officers didn't know why so many huge iron-magnetic starfish appeared. But they were sure that it was a mean trap.

    The airboat didn't send any signal to exterminate the duel, which meant this duel would continue.


    On the airboat, watching Zhang Tie stretching his arms still, someone thought that Peters was driven mad due to the great stimulation. 'How could he order Poseidon to do something? Is he lunatic or wanting to exterminate this match in an expected way by pretending to be an idiot?'

    The representatives of the major clans of Ewentra Archipelago were recalling that contract. They tried to remember whether there were some loopholes in the contract which could be used by Peter.

    Zhang Tie remained still for 1 minute.

    Even Ms. Olina watched Zhang Tie with a bit of sorrow.

    With a glassy-eyed look, Elder Turin just glanced at that mace muling with a cold look.

    Donder was also full of doubt. 'What the hell is this brat doing? Does he really think that he can change the situation just by pretending to be a jerk here? No way. Even if this brat has some precautions, he should at least have someone pass his message. Otherwise, his personal performance is nothing but a sh*t. None of those at present are passing a message or sending a signal from Golden Roc Bank or Ice and Snow Wilderness. Is this boy playing telepathy?'

    Donder moved his eyes on Guan Xiyi when he found the latter was just watching Zhang Tie with narrow eyes. 'It seems that Guan Xiyi is also confused about Zhang Tie's plan. Actually, Golden Roc Bank has precautions to exterminate this duel; however, the right lies in Guan Xiyi's hand. Now that this brat doesn't need the help of Golden Roc Bank, Guan Xiyi kept silent. Therefore, we could only see what plan does this brat have.'

    Gongsun Liniang had a despised perception of Zhang Tie. Given her look, she was obviously doubting, "How could such a rubbish guy become a knight?'

    Among all the others at present, only Elder Gouras was still a bit confident about Zhang Tie, which didn't come from Zhang Tie, but from the prophecy of Pontiff Sarlin--Zhang Tie is the ruler of all the oceans in the world. How could such a person suffer a great loss in the north water of Blackson Humans Corridor?

    'Pontiff Sarlin won't make a mistake!' Elder Goura tightly clutched his fist as he constantly implied himself, 'Pontiff won't make a mistake. Therefore, we will not lose this duel.'

    "Ahh, what's that?' Old Bell's grandson shrieked while the eyes of all those at present moved back to the huge crystal optical imaging device on the airboat.

    However, many people didn't see anything special.

    "The shadow, the shadow under the sea water..." Old Bell's grandson shouted which aroused the attention of many people.

    Right on the optical imaging device, they saw a huge, terrifying shadow moving towards the fleet of Rainard Fleet rapidly in the ocean.

    The shadowy color was just a bit deeper than that of the sea water. Therefore, if not observed it closely, they could not notice it.

    'Is that cloud's shadow?' The same thought occurred to many people's mind. It was really too huge that many people mistook it as a natural phenomenon at the sight of it.

    "Zoom in..." Guan Xiyi uttered while the water where the fleet of Rainard Clan was gradually enlarged and became clear...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie opened his eyes as he watched the representatives of the major clans of Ewentra Archipelago and said, "The whip of the fury of gods have already arrived!"

    'What does that mean?'

    Whereas, before the representatives of the major clans of Ewentra Archipelago realized that, an extremely terrifying black pillar rushed to the sky in a ground-breaking manner like a heaven pillar, causing an ear-deafening shrill shriek. When it reached over 1,000 m high above the seawater, it forcefully slashed towards one battleship of Rainard Clan's fleet like a flexible long whip when everyone widely opened their mouths...

    The terrifying long whip moved so fast that the air above that water shrieked like a piece of cotton being torn apart, which was even louder and shriller than the booms of the salvos of the cannons of the two fleets and could be heard from over 100 miles away...

    When a huge mass multiplied by a great speed, it would cause a terrifying, unimaginable destruction.

    Almost nobody could see clearly what happened at that second. Everybody could only see a long whip slashing into the ocean, which caused a sea wave as high as dozens of meters rolling in all directions. The rest ships of Rainard Fleet were tossed high and fell down heavily. After that, they bumped helplessly like dinghies...
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