Chapter 748: Force Majeure

    Chapter 748: Force Majeure

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    The sudden terrorist attack was like spraying water over the burning oil, boiling up the entire duel water.

    On those luxury cruisers and warships in the distance, even if those passengers and crew didn't use the telescope, they could see clearly the huge, black whip which was longer than 1,000 m. At first, it pointed towards the sky. Closely after that, it slashed down, arousing a huge wave of dozens of meters in height.

    After falling down, the huge wave gradually faded when it reached miles away. However, the surging tide still bumped those luxury cruisers and warships.

    In front of such a terrifying power, all the onlooker became dumbfounded. After that, all of them made the same reaction at the same time--escape away from that monster under the seawater as fast as possible.

    Those onlooking deluxe yachts and warships were of different sizes. At this moment, they were escaping in all directions like tadpoles being frightened by crocodiles.

    On the airboat, all the clan heads from Ice and Snow Wilderness and representatives of major clans from Ewentra Archipelago even CEO Guan Xiyi of Golden Roc Bank were stunned by what they saw. Connar, the face of the head of Rainard Clan turned pale. Meanwhile, he trembled all over. That mace muling of Sacred Light School widely opened his mouth, which could even hold a goose egg.

    The huge shadow gradually showed its body out of seawater. Meanwhile, seawater flew off its body like a waterfall as it gradually raised as high as a mountain...

    When that marine creature showed itself, Rainard Clan's fleet's nightmare didn't stop right away.

    Before a heavy cruiser fell back onto the seawater, another extremely terrifying, long whip-like tentacle broke out of the seawater and rolled up that heavy cruiser. Closely after that, it directly threw that heavy cruiser over hundreds of meters away in the air like throwing its own toy...

    Those on the airboat might not forget this scene for the rest of their lives--an over 10,000-ton heavy cruiser flew in the air, rolled and smashed onto the seawater over 1,000 m away. From then on, it didn't appear anymore...

    All the sailors of the fleet of Rainard Clan cried due to despair.

    In front of a monster, those onlooking deluxe yachts and civilian warships were fragile tadpoles while Rainard Clan's fleet was at most crayfish in front of a pre-historical crocodile.

    That Rainard Clan's heavy cruiser being thrown away was lucky; because another two heavy cruisers were rolled up by that kind of terrifying tentacles and smashed against each other at the same time. The later two heavy cruisers were twisted at once. When they were raised up, the despaired sailors on the cruisers shrieked and hurriedly jumped into the sea.

    The two twisted heavy cruisers were like an iron hammer and pontil in two hands. Closely after that, that hammer and that pontil were respectively smashed towards the rest battleship and heavy cruiser of Rainard Clan's fleet, causing a huge wave once again. When the huge wave relieved, everything came to an end. Rainard Clan's fleet had disappeared in the sea...

    The whole process only took a couple of minutes.

    Until then did that creature fully reveal its huge head which was as wide as 1,000 m like a hill.

    Black body, monstrous, fiery, huge pupils, once being gazed by which, the crew members on the airboat would feel a great stress.

    "Moo..." That creature uttered like blowing numerous huge conchs on the sea at the same time. The loud sound caused seawater within hundreds of meters to jump like pearls in a jade plate and formed ripples.

    That sound contained a bizarre strength. When it reached to the two battleships whose one side and bottom were covered with numerous starfish and conchs, those starfish and conchs hurriedly left the two battleships like receiving a dignified order...

    When those starfish and conchs left the battleships of North Wind Fleet, a mysterious figure hiding in the seaweeds under the sea 7-8 miles away from the duel water was destroyed by the animal controlling method while his head exploded...

    The bloody smell attracted the neighboring sharks. Only after a short while, that person had disappeared at the seabed.


    "Poseidon...Poseidon's...pet..." A representative of a major clan on Ewentra Archipelago's side stammered while turning pale.

    In Slavs' myth in the north water, the most powerful huge deep-sea monster was the pet of Poseidon, the sea god. Poseidon always rode this pet and cruised across all the waters. Whenever he reached a new water, he would display his dignity and order all the aquatic creatures by blowing the conch of sea god...

    At this moment, all the representatives on Ewentra Archipelago's side became extremely flurried when they remembered what Zhang Tie said just now. Many people's calves were trembling. They dared not even watch Zhang Tie's face as Zhang Tie became dignified and sacred in the hearts of them.

    "I'm so sorry about the accident facing the fleet of Ewentra Archipelago; however, marine creatures' influence towards Ewentra Archipelago belongs to force majeure. This will not break the fairness between two parties. Will Ewentra Archipelago continue to respect our spirit of contract?" Zhang Tie became glassy-eyed as he asked in the expression similar to that of Connar.

    Zhang Tie had displayed the so-called force majeure to everybody else!

    With trembling pale lips, Connar looked around and found that all the representatives of Ewentra Archipelago were lowering their heads so as to avoid his gaze. At this moment, Connar realized how ridiculous and naive was what he had done. In front of this man, his tricks displayed nothing but his stupidity and shallow knowledge...

    Connar thought, "Even if the entire allied fleet of Ewentra Archipelago expanded by 10 times, there's still a pile of building blocks floating on the sea, Do Ewentra Archipelago really expect to protect their interests and safety by a pile of toys?"

    'Peh...' Connar forcefully swallowed his saliva...

    Brightman, the head of Willies Clan in Gantiadu Island had already stood up and deeply bowed towards Zhang Tie. After that, he put his right fist onto his left chest, "Ewentra Archipelago will respect the sacred contract between us. From today on, the entire Ewentra Archipelago will be under the ruling of Peter Hamplester. You will be the only ruler of Ewentra Archipelago. I pledge to be loyal to Peter Hamplester on behalf of Willies Clan in Gantiadu Island!"

    Closely after Brightman were the other clans' representatives of Ewentra Archipelago, who hurriedly stood up and expressed their stance, "On behalf of Gantis Clan..."

    "On behalf of Sevey Clan..."

    "On behalf of..."

    If struggle became meaningless, no clan would be as silly as a mantis which ran towards the rolling wheels of vehicles. This was the survival of law of all the major clans of Ewentra Archipelago. With the protection of such a great man, it was actually good for all the major clans of Ewentra Archipelago.

    None of the representatives were idiots.

    Connar, the head of Rainard Clan also stood up slowly, "On behalf of Rainard Clan in Akray Island, I pledge to be loyal to Peter Hamplester!"

    At this moment, Connar finally understood why Peter selected his fleet to fight North Wind Fleet as it was a severe warning to Rainard Clan and the force on its back. 'Perhaps from the beginning, Peter had not planned to let Rainard Clan's fleet leave this water...'

    After throwing a deep glance at Zhang Tie, Guan Xiyi's eyes flickered before he opened his mouth, " Now that both parties have no objection about the result of this duel, as the supervisor of this bet and the warrantor of the performance of this contract, Golden Roc Bank officially declares that Peter Hamplester and Ice and Snow Wilderness have become the winner of this duel. After that, Golden Roc Bank will continue to perform its duties and supervise both parties to fulfill the contract." Guan Xiyi then smiled at Zhang Tie, "Congratulations, Peter Hamplester, from now on, you will be the richest person in the entire north water of Waii Sub-continent. After deducting 0.5% of the 270 million gold coins that you won as the service charge, Golden Roc Bank will transfer the rest of money into your personal account. You can withdraw them from any branch of Golden Roc Bank on any continent. We can arrange a professional financial management team to serve you in the administration and use of such huge amount of money."

    After hearing this, everyone on the airboat remembered that Peter Hamplester had taken his Tribal Axis Railway as a mortgage for this bet. Through this duel, Peter Hamplester still held the Tribal Axis Railway; besides, he made an additional enormous amount of money...


    Soon after Zhang Tie's words, the mace muling of Sacred Light School noticed that Elder Turin and Elder Gouras threw malicious glances at him. Therefore, he instantly flew out of the airboat as fast as a meteor...

    'You want to escape? No way!' Zhang Tie's eyes turned cold as he followed the mace muling out...
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