Chapter 749: Killing the Mace Muling

    Chapter 749: Killing the Mace Muling

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    Elder Turin and Elder Gouras also flew out of the airboat closely after Zhang Tie.

    It seemed that mace muling had mastered a secret method to fly at a high speed. In a split second, he had reached 400-500 m away. Average knights could barely catch up with him; unfortunately, he encountered Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie had been noticing his movement. Therefore, the moment the mace muling moved had Zhang Tie moved as fast as him.

    Holding the sword in his hand, Zhang Tie closely chased after that mace muling of Sacred Light School while his sword qi rushed to the sky and grew fiercer. When he narrowed the distance to less than 100 m, Zhang Tie wove his longsword while a sharp sword qi turned into dozens of sharp sword-shaped qi and flew towards the back of that mace muling, which directly blocked many directions around that person.

    After feeling the power sword qi behind him, the mace muling had to change his direction. However, in such a split second, he was caught up by Zhang Tie, who had long prepared for that moment.

    Zhang Tie directly accelerated and started the adventurous and cruel close combat while his longsword radiated the strong brilliance.

    That mace muling of Sacred Light School greatly changed his face as he had not imagined that Zhang Tie could attack him so ferociously. For knights, the close combat was like a bayonet-charge. It was completely a match on strength, speed, defensive power, the power of battle qi, striking distance, perception and knight's consciousness on battle elements such as the relative relation between space and time. If any party made a mistake, he would explode into pieces.

    "Would Ice and Snow Wilderness fight Sacred Light Empire?" That mace muling shrieked with a solemn look when he responded to Zhang Tie's ferocious attack.

    If his opponent was not Zhang Tie, that mace muling might be able to escape away; however, in front of Zhang Tie, who cultivated King Roc Sutra, he lost his advantage in speed.

    After finding that Zhang Tie was not moving slower than him, that mace muling completely changed his face.

    "What you've done in Ice and Snow Wilderness is no different than seeking for a war. Do you think that you can access to Ice and Snow Wilderness freely? From today on, the entire north waters will be the tomb of blasphemers like you!" Zhang Tie scolded as he kept releasing sword qi towards the mace muling.

    At this moment, Elder Turin and Elder Gouras arrived. They didn't join the battle; instead, they just kept their eyes on Zhang Tie and the mace muling. When the two knights started the battle, the airboat had already retreated over 1 mile away. Gongsun Liniang was watching this battle without blinking her eyes above the airboat.

    The words between Zhang Tie and that mace muling were transmitted to the airboat clearly.

    "Attention, please. Golden Roc Bank will not interfere with the disputes between Ice and Snow Wilderness and Sacred Light Empire. Those who want to interfere with this dispute, please leave the airboat" Guan Xiyi glanced around and said faintly.

    After hearing this, all those at present swore inside, 'Leave the airboat? What the f*ck! The airboat is still in the air. Besides knights, who else could be able to leave it? All the knights are staying outside the airboat.'

    However, more than 99% of those at present had witnessed a battle between knights before.

    Compared to the duel between two fleets, the fight between two knights was more intriguing.

    Commoners could not see clearly the battle process in the distance. They could only sense two illuminating objects colliding with each other ferociously in the distance. When the two illuminating objects crashed, powerful, sharp sword qi and battle qi flew in all directions, all of those flying towards the airboat was blocked away by the female knight.

    'What the hell! How could the aftermath of the battle reach beyond 1 mile?'

    Everyone in the airboat was shocked by such a battle.

    The heads of bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness and the representatives of major clans across Ewentra Archipelago were all fascinated by such a battle, 'Compared to steel and steam, this is the real top strength in this age.'

    Watching the battle in the distance, Guan Xiyi's eyes flickered. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

    After experiencing the "life or death" duel with the demon knight, Zhang Tie had completely consolidated his knight's realm. Additionally, during this period, Zhang Tie didn't stop his cultivation. Although having not formed his earth chakra yet, Zhang Tie's cultivation base still improved a bit.

    The mace muling was powerful. At least in Zhang Tie's knight's consciousness, this mace muling was a bit more powerful than Jaray, the No. 1 knight of Raymlan Empire. Zhang Tie made his conclusion from this mace muling's speed and responding ability in the air.

    However, he was still unable to defeat Zhang Tie as Zhang Tie's strength was also in speed and responding ability. By contrast, that demon knight, who had been killed by Zhang Tie, was more powerful and robust.

    Perhaps having been used to the dignified and tricky life, this mace muling lacked rudeness a bit.

    Rudeness could only be formed on the battlefield at the cost of countless blood and lives. It was the coagulation of arrogance, confidence, killing qi, fierce and powerful battle force.

    All the knights were powerful. However, Zhang Tie felt that the most important spiritual quality of knights should be rudeness instead of power.

    In others' eyes, Zhang Tie was very rude. Besides his powerful and sharp swordsmanship, Zhang Tie could attack his opponent through each part of his body. Sometimes, he could collide with others at a high speed...

    Through constant collisions, the mace muling's battle qi gradually grew thinner and tumbled-down...

    However, Zhang Tie's killing intent remained unchanged...

    At the same time, the mace muling's face turned grimmer.


    Seeing Zhang Tie slashing his longsword towards him, the mace muling of Sacred Light School suddenly clasped the blade using his hands at the risk of wounds as he shot his eye light towards Zhang Tie and roared, "Go die..."...

    At the sight of this, Elder Turin and Elder Gouras changed their faces at the same time.

    Right then, Zhang Tie felt something rushing into his mind and targeting at his mind sea. However, it was blocked by that shield incarnated by his god's rune "Fixing Soul" and disappeared immediately, leaving a bell ring reverberating in his mind.

    Zhang Tie became shocked, 'Spiritual attack?'

    Zhang Tie didn't stop his movement. He continued to push forward his longsword and stabbed it into mace muling's body after breaking through the remaining protective battle qi.

    "You..." The mace muling widely opened his eyes which seemed to say that he didn't believe that Zhang Tie was not influenced by his spiritual attack.

    'No way, no way!' If he could, he really wanted to ask Zhang Tie about the reason...

    However, Zhang Tie didn't spare any chance to him. He drew out the longsword and chopped off his head right away with a sparkling light...

    Zhang Tie caught his head by another hand while the headless corpse of the mace muling dropped off. When it reached about 1,000 m above the sea level, a huge tentacle broke out of the water and rolled it into the bottomless mouth...

    After that, the legendary marine lord, the pet of Poseidon raised his huge eyes and looked up into the sky. Closely after that, he slowly sank to the bottom and disappeared in the vision of the public.

    WIth the mace muling's head in his hand, Zhang tie flew back to the airboat.

    Watching Zhang Tie kill a knight of Sacred Light Empire within half an hour in front of the public, all the representatives of Ewentra Archipelago looked at Zhang Tie with an indescribable look, which contained too many things such as awe, shock, fear, excitement, worship, etc..

    "Bang!" Zhang Tie threw that head with open eyes onto the ground, which rolled towards the feet of the heads of mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe.

    The three guys were on the side of the representatives of Ewentra Archipelago. However, when the representatives of Ewentra Archipelago pledged to be loyal to Zhang Tie, the three guys became isolated like dirt instantly. They just stood in the airboat in an embarrassed way. Even though they wanted to leave, they couldn't do it.

    At this moment, watching the head in a brilliant fish-head hat rolling to the side of their feet, the three heads felt weak all over. They even had no ability to resist if Peter wanted to kill them.

    "We..." The head of mountain bear tribe finally squeezed out a word.

    However, Zhang Tie wove his hand to stop him.

    "In front of the tomb outside Eschyle City where over 1.3 million Slavs are buried in. I've said that I will not have Slavs chop Slavs. Therefore, I will not kill you. After the airboat lands, you can leave for free. However, from today on, you [three tribes] are not allowed to be crowned with the name of bear tribes. Because you've betrayed the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness and all the Slavs instead of me. You are not qualified to use the totem and symbol of Ice and Snow Wilderness and Slavs as the name of your tribe..."

    Under the disgusting gazes of other tribes' heads and retinues of Ice and Snow Wilderness, the three heads of bear tribes quivered...
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