Chapter 750: If I Come

    Chapter 750: If I Come

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    On October 12th, after having a crazy day in Saint Herner City, Zhang Tie and 1,000 people of Ice and Snow Wilderness boarded the airboat of Golden Roc Bank and passed through the demon north wind belt of Oro Strait, targeting for Eschyle City.

    On that day, although it felt a bit cold, the entire Eschyle City held a carnival. All the residents of this city came out of their homes. Even the neighboring tribes and foreign immigrants poured into Eschyle City as they wanted to witness the dignified lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Since the result of the duel was transferred back, the entire Eschyle City had been boiling up. Peter Hamplester's reputation reached a new high.

    Exterminating Demon Snake Island, having Poseidon's pet appear in the duel water, cleaning the fleet of Rainard Clan in a split second, conquering Ewentra Archipelago and chopping the mace muling of Sacred Light Empire, all the above were major events in the north waters and were extremely mysterious and legendary. Through mouth-to-mouth talk, it evolved into many versions. No matter which version it was, Peter Hamplester was always resplendent. In some versions, Peter Hamplester almost became the incarnation of God; especially the process of the appearance of the intriguing huge deep-sea monster was regarded as a sacred symbol and an indisputable god's manifestation.

    After 5 years, when Zhang Tie reappeared in Ice and Snow Wilderness at this moment, his dignity and influence had reached a new high and shocked the entire north waters.

    Although Zhang Tie's airboat had not arrived, this didn't weaken the onlookers' passion. Additionally, besides witnessing Zhang Tie, they also wanted to take a look at the legendary aircraft from Eastern Continent which passed through the devil north wind belt.


    "It's time to establish a country!" Guan Xiyi told Zhang Tie as he pointed at the territory of Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago in front of a huge map in a room of the airboat, "The land area of Ice and Snow Wilderness covers more than 20 million sq mile; plus 10 million sq mile of water in Ewentra Archipelago, as long as you decide to establish a country, your country will cover 30 million sq mile which contains both water and land. Oro Strait will become the inland sea of your country. In a long period after Waii Sub-continent collapses, this territory will become the key tunnel that connects Eastern Continent and Western Continent. The value of Ice and Snow Wilderness will also stand out. Additionally, this territory can be a key base for humans to pin down demons on Waii Sub-continent! Based on the current situation, the relation between Ewentra Archipelago and Ice and Snow Wilderness has to be unified and administered by an alliance, administration or nation so as to make everything official."

    It was a secret talk between Guan Xiyi and Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie had already joined Gold Power Law of Taixia Country and become an invisible gold CEO of Gold Power Law in Waii Sub-continent. Therefore, Guan Xiyi, as a visible CEO, became Zhang Tie's only contact person.

    After joining God Power Law, Zhang Tie had to pass a period of probation, after which, Gold Power Law would open more secrets and resources to Zhang Tie. After joining this organization, the higher one's position was, the more one would know, the more resources one would be able to use and the more power one would have in the organization. In the words of Guan Xiyi, if one reached the level of mountain head, that person would have a great influence in position and energy in Taixia Country, not to mention Gold Power Law. If one wanted to reach higher levels, besides comprehensive strength, his contribution to Gold Power Law would also be referred to. There were always many confidential organizational agendas in Gold Power Law, which determined many people and powers' life or death, rise or fall. Those who were able to push these agendas would gain according to contribution values. When one's contribution values reached a certain degree and other hard conditions were satisfied, that person's level in Gold Power Law would be raised.

    Watching that huge map behind Guan Xiyi, Zhang Tie faintly nodded to Guan Xiyi's analysis. 'It's indeed the right moment for Ice and Snow Wilderness to establish a country. Elder Turin and Elder Gouras have implied it to me for many times these days. The heads of the wild bear tribe, fire bear tribe and sea bear tribe also implied almost the same thing to me. I have to integrate the power between Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago so as to have my followers being confident to face the increasingly more severe situation. The trouble and crisis caused by the mace muling of Sacred Light School in Ice and Snow Wilderness is the best warning. If Ice and Snow Wilderness was already a nation, the mace muling of Sacred Light School would not bring such a shock to the tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness, even if he was a knight. Because Ice and Snow Wilderness is not unified, that jerk found chances to make troubles in Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago. '

    The nation was a barrier and fortress towards foreign forces and a set of stable profit distribution and guarantee system inwards.

    'The current situation is as follows: outwards, Ice and Snow Wilderness faces the growing fierce battle flames across Blackhot Humans Corridor; inwards, Ice and Snow Wilderness faces the new development opportunities and the increasingly larger cake of interests due to the Tribal Axis Railway, a lot of immigrants and the improved survival conditions of Ice and Snow Wilderness. As a result, Ice and Snow Wilderness reaches a key cross.'

    All the clans' heads and elders in Ice and Snow Wilderness had figured this out.

    "This time, my most important target is to integrate the strength between Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago!" Zhang Tie admitted frankly.

    Zhang Tie didn't mention establishing a nation. It was acceptable for a knight to establish a nation though, actually, many nations across Blackson Humans Corridor didn't have knights at all. However, Zhang Tie didn't have such an ambition to establish a nation. So many people's belief in him became a heavy responsibility for Zhang Tie, which drove him to do something. When what he wanted to do became difficult, he might encounter powerful opponents at any time. Therefore, he had to handle them with tricks. This stimulated him to grow mature.

    Zhang Tie didn't have the ambition to establish a nation; however, the reality forced him to display a great ambition. Because if he didn't have such an ambition, it was equal to sparing chances to other ambitious guys. Actually, many times, when you learned to do what you didn't want to do, you were growing mature.

    Every time he came to Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie felt that he would grow mature a lot.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Guan Xiyi burst out into laughter, "I'm always curious that those major clans of Ewentra Archipelago actually have other solutions to deal with this conflict. However, it seems that their proposal of betting on the duel seems to be especially prepared for you. Through this bet on the duel, you could not only handle the problems facing Ewentra Archipelago instantly at the minimal price, but also handle the crisis facing Ice and Snow Wilderness at the minimal price when you put the Tribal Axis Railway as the mortgage. If this is a trick, it's really perfect. You alone have played it so well. How terrifying you are, young man!"

    "Ho...ho...perhaps this is the so-called coincidence!" Zhang Tie put it off.

    Actually, whether it's in Eastern Continent or Western Continent, there are some secret methods that could influence others' minds without being discovered. They could influence someone to do something in the unconsciousness according to the will of the caster..." Guan Xiyi explained faintly.

    Zhang Tie was shocked; however, he still pretended to be innocent, "Ahh, is there such a secret method?"

    "Affection Fascinating Valley, Bloody Soul Temple, Dream Stealing Sect, all of these marvelous sects from Eastern Continent have such secret methods!"

    "Ahh, If I come to Eastern Continent, I will definitely pay a visit to the three sects for such secret methods. How amazing they are!"

    Guan Xiyi revealed a benign smile...

    Zhang Tie also replied with a smile...

    The topic then came to an end. The two people had a privity.

    Since the beginning, Guan Xiyi didn't ask Zhang Tie how he could control that terrifying huge deep-sea monster. Neither did Zhang Tie explain it to him. Each person had his own secrets, especially knights.

    At this moment, a faint knock drifted from outside. Xu Tao's voice sounded outside the backroom, "We're arriving at Eschyle City!"

    Before the two people walked out of this room, Guan Xiyi told Zhang Tie, "If you want to establish a nation, the three bear tribes will be a trouble. If you did not handle them properly, you might have a big trouble later on!"

    Zhang Tie smiled, "When I step into Eschyle City, the three bear tribes will not be any trouble anymore; instead, they will be guilty!"

    Guan Xiyi faintly frowned as he didn't know how Zhang Tie could be so confident.


    After a few minutes, under the cheers and gazes of numerous people in Eschyle City, the airboat of Golden Roc Bank slowly landed on a large-scale airport outside Eschyle City.

    When the cabin was put down, Zhang Tie appeared outside the hatch door firstly.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, the entire city burst out ground-breaking exclamations.

    After waving towards them, Zhang Tie walked downwards along the gangway...

    When Zhang Tie's feet touched the ground of Ice and Snow Wilderness once again, all the golden sea-buckthorn trees in the periphery of the entire airport, on the roadsides and in the wild of Eschyle City put forth blossoms at the same time ahead of the flowering phase...

    The entire Eschyle City was like a dreamland in a split second...

    The loud cheers and uproar slowly stopped while everyone was shocked by what they saw.

    The followers of Ancient God School outside the airport, especially the earliest followers of Zhang Tie had burst out into tears due to extreme excitement. At the sight of Zhang Tie, all of them felt the real God descending as they all knelt down piously...

    Someone started to recite the contents in "Book of Eternity". Gradually, the sound could be heard all over the Eschyle City as loud as thunderbolt...

    "The God says, I stand among you in the face of a commoner. I am a member of you. The divinity is also in your hearts and in everything else!"

    "The God says, I will not manifest my dignity in terms of my throne. However, if I come, you will see it for sure. Because that's a marvel. Even grasses and woods will know it..."


    Almost at the same time, all the golden sea-buckthorn trees' petals withered within the territory of the demon bear tribe, mountain bear tribe and black bear tribe in Ice an Snow Wilderness...
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