Chapter 751: The Power of Belief

    Chapter 751: The Power of Belief

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    On October 13th, only after less than 1 day in Eschyle City, Zhang Tie had already left for Gozdari Plain in the north once again along with all the representatives of Ewentra Archipelago and the heads, elders of all the bear tribes and priests of hierons of Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    It could be said that all the big figures in the north waters of Blackson Humans Corridor were sitting in this exclusive luxury train.

    Those who guarded this train on both sides were the cavalry regiment--Thor's Hammer, the most powerful force in Ice and Snow Wilderness. As the train set off, more than 7,000 strong xiphodons also started to move, causing a ground-breaking sound.

    At this moment, even without the protection of Thor's Hammer, no force across Blackson Humans Corridor dared find this train any trouble. Because almost 6 knights from Ice and Snow Wilderness were on this train, which could scare anyone else.

    After getting on the train, Zhang Tie relaxed himself in the luxury carriage after leaving the most important question to those clan heads, knights, priests of Ice and Snow Wilderness and those representatives of Ewentra Archipelago--How to establish the nation.

    Zhang Tie clarified two principles about establishing the nation.

    First, he would fulfill his promise to the major clans on Ewentra Archipelago. After establishing the nation, Ewentra Archipelago would have an autonomous parliament. The basic rights of major clans and the commercial prosperity and vitality on Ewentra Archipelago would be guaranteed.

    Second, Ancient God Church would be the national religion of the new country and the largest religion in the north waters of Blackson Humans Corridor. The new country would unify the state and the religion.

    After posing the above two principles, Zhang Tie left the other questions to those people such as the garrison, taxation on Ewentra Archipelago, the adjustment of the trade relationship between Ewentra Archipelago and Ice and Snow Wilderness, the integration of the battle forces of both parties, the guarantee of the interests of all the tribes on Ice and Snow Wilderness and the manifestation of the rights of clan heads and elders in the new country...

    As long as those people being involved with these topics reached their agreement, Zhang Tie would accept their consensus.

    Everybody was clear that Zhang Tie had made a great sacrifice and concession to the reunification of the Slav tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness. In the eyes of all the Slavs, this was a great, brilliant decision. As for the two principles that Zhang Tie had posed, they were actually almost the established facts.

    After the train set off for less than 5 minutes, even though it was a few carriages away, Zhang Tie could still hear the old wild bear roaring, "If all the bear tribes divide their own territory clearly, who will manage those small and medium-sized tribes on their territory?"

    "Small and medium-sized tribes should have the right to free migration. They would be under the control of that bear tribe whose territory they entered!" Elder Rodolfo replied.

    "If so, your iron bear tribe will have a great benefit. Because of the existence of the Tribal Axis Railway, most of the small and medium-sized tribes will choose to settle down near the railway. In this way, your power will expand greatly. By contrast, no small and medium-sized tribe would like to settle down in our sea bear tribe as we even lack food. If you have the right to manage those small and medium-sized tribes within your territory, we will be lagged far away by you in the future!" The head of Sea Bear Tribe protested.

    "Iron bear tribe always develops fast due to many reasons; instead of our right to manage small and medium-sized tribes. Even five fingers on a palm have different lengths, when do the tribes have the same strength?"

    "Can we make a compromise? Fox and leopard tribes are not allowed to migrate without the consent of bear tribes whose territory they are in. Wolf, eagle and rat tribes have the freedom to migrate!" The head of fire bear tribe opened his mouth.

    "This would cause a big chaos. As fox and leopard tribes are free in Ice an Snow Wilderness, bear tribes have no right to manage fox and leopard tribes. We cannot forbid them to migrate freely!"

    "What else? Do we need to spare a territory for each tribe starting from rat tribes?"

    "I disagree!" Elder Rodolfo protested, "Iron bear tribe has so many small and medium-sized tribes in its territory, what else do we have if each small and medium-sized tribe has one territory? As we all need to submit the same exit fee when we leave Eschyle City, why do we have different territories?"

    "Don't distinguish territory then?" The head of fire bear tribe murmured.

    "Without clear division of territory, how do our bear tribes protect our rights?" Some elders instantly protested.


    In another carriage...

    "Ms. Olina, through the negotiation of the major clans in Ewentra Archipelago, we decided to select you as the speaker of the autonomous parliament in Ewentra Archipelago. Please take our advice!"

    "Yes, this position is very suitable for you, Ms. Olina!"

    "Only when Ms. Olina takes this position will it be the largest guarantee for the interests of Ewentra Archipelago!"

    Closely after that were the praises in unison...


    Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile as he shook his head. Compared to the party of Ewentra Archipelago, the party of Ice and Snow Wilderness was in a chaos, which made Zhang Tie puzzled.

    'Forget it, let them go and quarrel, as long as they could reach the conclusion.'

    After putting his powerful knight's consciousness from all the carriages, Zhang Tie started to appreciate the scenery on both sides of the railway.

    In each a few meters, a tall and strong fighter stood on both sides of the railway.

    Compared to 5 years ago, Ice and Snow Wilderness had changed a lot.

    Zhang Tie saw towns and villages and smoking plants on both sides of the railway after leaving Eschyle City. Many villages had roads while more vehicles were running on the road in the wild. It was prosperous everywhere, which could not be seen several years ago.

    Watching the train passing by, many people waved their hands towards the train. Many of them knelt down on both sides of the railway and prayed piously.

    Zhang Tie even saw the emblem of Ancient God Church on the roofs of the churches in those villages and towns.

    Actually, Zhang Tie didn't know the emblem of Ancient God Church until yesterday. However, each time he saw it, Zhang Tie would look strange; because the emblem of Ancient God Church was square outside and round inside compared to the emblems of other religions such as a cross. It looked like a copper coin in ancient Hua times. However, an ancient copper coin was round outside and square inside.

    The emblem of Ancient God Church originated from the big stony tanks being used to store water when Zhang Tie manifested the God's will in the underground ruins. At first sight, it was absolutely the vertical view of a big stony tank. However, as an emblem of Ancient God Church, it was also granted with a sacred religious meaning like a cross.

    --The round shape symbolizes each one's complete divinity while the square shape symbolizes that the divinity is indestructible. Additionally, the four corners of the square symbolizes the four sacred, brave deeds recorded in the "Book of Eternity", namely, one's sacred deed to himself; one's sacred deed to others; one's sacred deed to all the creatures in the world and one's sacred deed to the mother nature and the universe. The first sacred deed refers that one could completely abandon all the evil things; the second sacred deed indicates the perfection of righteousness; the third sacred deed implies the perfection of affection while the fourth sacred deed means the perfection of intelligence.

    Even though the "Book of Eternity" was expressed by Zhang Tie orally, Zhang Tie was still dumbfounded by that pattern and its meaning. All this was "discovered" by his followers, who believed that everything that Zhang Tie did in the underground ruins contained fantastic meaning, including the 7 tanks being used to hold water. After their careful study around the clock, they finally "deciphered" the sacred code hidden in the big tanks. They were driven ecstatic like having discovered the truth.

    As to why there were 7 big tanks instead of 6 or 8 or other numbers, in the eyes of the followers of Ancient God Church, this also contained a sacred meaning. Everyone believed that Zhang Tie was actually telling everybody else that the ancient god created everything--because all the lives of pregnancy cycle were integral multiple of 7; for instance, mice's pregnancy cycle was 3 multiple of 7; rabbit's pregnancy cycle was 4 multiple of 7; cat's pregnancy cycle was 8 multiple of 7; dog's pregnancy cycle was 9 multiple of 7; lion's pregnancy cycle was 14 multiple of 7; human's pregnancy cycle was 40 multiple of 7. Humans had 7 holes on their face; ladybug had 7 spots on their back...

    The ancient god created sound; therefore, music was composed of 7 musical notes...

    The ancient god created colors; therefore rainbow had 7 colors...

    The ancient god created everything; therefore, the periodic table of elements took 7 as a cycle...

    After returning to Ice and Snow Wilderness this time, Zhang Tie sensed the terrible strength of that religious seed that he had sowed for the first time...

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