Chapter 752: Better Men

    Chapter 752: Better Men

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    After hearing the knocks from the door of the carriage, Zhang Tie moved his eyes away from the roof of a church in the distance.

    Before any person came in, given the footsteps, Zhang Tie knew whom they were.

    "Come in!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

    Waajid, Zhang Tie's bodyguard, also a bear-killing fighter of the huge bear tribe, pushed open the door and took some guys in.

    "Lord, I've brought them here!"

    "Hmm, you can leave now!"

    After receiving Zhang Tie's order, Waajid threw a glance at those guys as he seemed to warn them to be polite, before moving back quietly. After that, he closed the door.

    Zhang Tie was familiar with those guys, those condemned criminals who were sent to Selnes Theater of Operations as cannon fodder--Hillman the old dog, Michelle the warehouse keeper, Figo the vet, Dinar the manager and Da Vinci, the broker of the slave trade in Stars Viewing City of Huaiyuan Prefecture.

    Zhang Tie saved these guys in Selnes Theater of Operations and took them to Huaiyuan Prefecture and told them to execute a task with Da Vinci--buy a steamer ticket for those poor slaves and transport all of them to Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Over the past two years, they had been doing this. With the coordination of Spencer Clan, they had already transported more than 200,000 slaves to Ice and Snow Wilderness. Furthermore, they established 3 towns outside Eschyle City to hold those slaves.

    After 2 years, all of these guys had changed. Hillman the old dog looked like a real businessman of a major clan; Michelle the warehouse keeper looked a bit more shrewd; Figo the vet looked as tender as a real doctor; Dinar the manager looked a bit merciful while Da Vinci the broker in the slave trade in Stars Viewing City looked fat.

    They all wore wholly new elegant clothes. When they entered the carriage, after knowing that Peter Hamplester was going to meet them, they all looked a bit restraint and scared. After all, there was such a great gap between them and Peter Hamplester in status. Peter Hamplester was the Lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness. They had heard about the legends of this person on the first day they came to Ice and Snow Wilderness. By contrast, they were just small figures who worked with slaves. In their eyes, even the steward of Spencer Clan was a big figure, not to mention Peter Hamplester.

    They wondered how Peter Hamplester knew their names and why would Peter Hamplester want to meet them.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, these guys were all shocked as they found that this Peter looked similar to Zhang Tie.

    When the others still looked unbelievable, Hillman, who responded it firstly lowered his head and dared not see Zhang Tie's face any longer. The others also discovered something as they lowered their heads too. Da Vinci immediately changed his face. In a split second, his forehead had been covered with fine sweat beads.

    They all understood what outcome they would face if small figures like them discovered something that they shouldn't have known.

    "Take a seat..." Zhang Tie said kindly as he pointed at the two rows of luxury sofa inside the carriage.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's raw voice, these guys' hearts palpitated at once. Hillman the old dog's lowered his head while Da Vinci almost fell down.

    "You..." Figo the vet became stammered while being kicked slightly by Dinar on his side. He then hurriedly shut up.

    Sitting on the sofa in a restraint way, they all looked strange which contained both shock and fear. They dared never see Zhang Tie's face.

    "I'm very satisfied with what you've done these couple of years!" Zhang Tie opened his mouth.

    Although Zhang Tie was sitting still inside the carriage, his battle qi had already penetrated through the walls and deck and covered all the sounds and shocks inside the carriage. This was a usage of battle qi which could only be mastered by knights, also a practical skill being used to prevent eavesdropping during conversations.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, these guys didn't know what to say. Only Hillman the old dog sighed as he raised his head once again, "Your Excellency, we've not lived up to your expectation; perhaps this is the only thing we feel a bit proud of!"

    "I heard you've changed a lot!"

    "Actually, during the past two years, many people said we changed many slaves' lives; truthfully, we were changed by slaves!" Hillman watched Zhang Tie as he said, "Michelle married a girl who lost all of her family members in the war. He's now a police sergeant of a police station. He has become a father this year. Figo became a real vet; he teaches many students how to cure diseases for livestock and how to survive in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Dinar invented a senior papermaking technology with twigs and leaves of sea-buckthorn trees. He's now a boss of a factory with over 3,000 employees. In some harbor cities in the south of Blackson Humans Corridor, the name Da Vinci has become many slaves' hope to shake off pains!"

    "What about you?"

    After thinking for a second, Hillman replied, "Previously, my only target was to make money; however, now I find that there're many other things that one desires for. When you walk in a small town, if all the residents that you see smiles towards you, appreciates and respects you, trusts you and watches you with their sparkling eyes, shakes your hands with warm, exciting and quivering hands, you will also change. Although it's good to have money; it's even better to be appreciated and respected by others!"

    Zhang Tie knew that Hillman's words were true. When they took those slaves to Ice and Snow Wilderness by ship, they were actually changed by those slaves. These condemned criminals who were destined to be cannon fodder on the battlefield seemed to find back their lives as they entered another stage of life.

    After Michelle, the former thief lord, became the police sergeant of a police station, all the thieves disappeared from the town. The security of the town almost became the model of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Figo the pervert reaper had become the most respectful vet in the places neighboring Eschyle City. Besides those slave students, many small and medium-sized tribes and villages dispatched young men to learn vet skills from him. Dinar, who survived on making and selling fake certificates and documents had also put his talent in the right place. The senior paper that he made with golden sea-buckthorn twigs and leaves were exported to Ewentra Archipelago and became the best printing paper for high-end commercial documents. Da Vinci founded two primary schools in those slave towns. Hillman the old dog who had almost made Cross Star Commercial Bank go bankrupt became the key person in the overall plan of slave redemption.

    The redemption of those slaves and those righteous deeds made every one of them strive to be a better person.

    Actually, anyone could become a better person as long as he wished to change.

    Zhang Tie was very pleasant as he witnessed these people's change. Although these guys' quick development was out of Zhang Tie's imagination, they were doing something meaningful to the final analysis.

    "Hmm, we have no vet school in Ice and Snow Wilderness, Figo, do you wish to be the headmaster of the first vet school in Ice and Snow Wilderness?" Zhang Tie asked which shocked everyone else at present.

    Figo raised his head immediately with an unbelievable look, "You won't kill us?"

    "Killing is not the reward for those who are loyal to me! Additionally, you did pretty well, why would I kill you?" Zhang Tie blinked his eyes.

    "Because..." Figo became silent at once.

    "Because I look similar to someone that you know?" Zhang Tie smiled, "Do you think that one who took you out of Selnes Theater of Operations is that cruel and terrifying?'

    'How could small figures still survive themselves after knowing this secret?' Hillman looked at Zhang Tie with a surprised expression.

    "Perhaps, when you walk out of this carriage, you will forget about that secret completely!" Zhang Tie's voice became faintly penetrative.

    Even senior hypnotism could help people forget about some specific memory, not to mention secret methods such as "Soul Forbidden Skill".

    "Do...do I continue to do that?" Da Vinci stammered.

    "Yes, you can. You can expand it but in a different way. You may have a better effect if you do this on behalf of the government!"

    "On behalf of the government?" Da Vinci watched Zhang Tie with a dubious look.

    "For instance, you can do that as a deputy director general of National Immigration Affairs Bureau!"

    After hearing this, Da Vinci became thrilled as his face blushed at once.

    Zhang Tie then moved his eyes on Dinar, "I was told that your paper has a good market. You can expand the production scale and employ more people. If you could have some more inventions, I would consider to grant you with the patent right!"

    Dinar also became thrilled.

    "What about me?" Michelle asked in a bashful way.

    "Don't you think it's the greatest undertaking for a man to be a good father and a good husband?' Zhang Tie watched Michelle.

    Michelle's face blushed at once.

    "But if you had too many babies and could not feed them in the future with your salary, I have a position for you which has a high payment. You can consider it!"

    "What position?"

    "Senior security advisor of the police station of Eschyle City. This title allows you to feed more than 20 babies!"

    "Ahh..." Michelle also became thrilled as his lips quivered. He didn't know what to say while his eyes became watery.

    Zhang Tie looked at Hillman, "I have many things to deal with in Ice and Snow Wilderness. I need a steward now..."

    Hillman instantly stood up as he bowed towards Zhang Tie deeply by putting his right hand on his left chest, which was both elegant and noble, "Your Majesty, it's my greatest honor to win your favor."

    'Your Majesty?' After hearing this appellation, the others just watched Hillman with a dumbfounded look. Only Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "What a cunning old dog! You really have a sharp observation..."


    When they left the carriage, besides Hillman, all the others felt that something had disappeared from their mind. However, they couldn't remember what had disappeared. They were all very excited about having met Peter and longing for their bright future...

    Hillman felt a bit strange; because since they left the carriage, given their tones and looks, all the others seemed to forget some things when they talked about Peter...

    A sound appeared in Hillman's ears at this moment, "As my steward, you can know a bit more than the others. You will have a broader vision and become clearer about your own instance. Never let me down!"

    Hillman's heart pounded as he bowed deeply towards the carriage once again...
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