Chapter 753: Arrival

    Chapter 753: Arrival

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    The xiphodons' clop broke the tranquil wild of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Being escorted by Thor's Hammer, Zhang Tie rode a tall and mighty xiphodon and looked around the familiar wild while feeling hot.

    At this moment, with a wind blowing over his face, Zhang Tie seemed to see the cold, stubborn and beautiful face under the mask.

    It only took Zhang Tie one day to arrive at the south of Ice and Snow Wilderness by xiphodon since he got off the train. All the golden sea-buckthorn trees in the south wild of Ice and Snow Wilderness blossomed at the same time. All the golden sea-buckthorn trees were greeting their creator, the Lord of Ice and Snow Wilderness in their own pattern.

    On the way, wherever Zhang Tie passed by the train, the roadside golden sea-buckthorn trees blossomed in advance like a carpet being paved with fresh flowers.

    Needless to say, at the sight of such a scene, everyone knew that it indicated the arrival of the most sacred God's manifestation and the God.

    Each mile northward, Zhang Tie's great reputation would spread to all directions with the sacred halos. People would come from all directions and gather on the roadside of the railway in order to look at this fairytale in the secular world even from afar. Even if they could not see Peter, they would also feel satisfied when they saw his train.

    The elders, heads of tribes and priests were still quarreling and bargaining with each other in the carriages when the twilight of the reunification of Ice and Snow Wilderness had already illuminated the land and made numerous Slavs blood boiled.

    Gangula and a team of the wild bear cavalries were riding xiphodons ahead as Zhang Tie's vanguard. They passed by some small tribes and villages. All the residents poured out of their tribes and villages. Many of them were kneeling down in the wild and watching the mighty xiphodon cavalries rolling over.

    Even if some tribes and villages didn't know what happened these days, at the sight of Childe Gangula the mad dog of wild bear tribe acting as a vanguard ahead of the team, they would know that the one behind Gangula and the xiphodon cavalries of the wild bear tribe was unusual. It would not be so majestic even if the head of wild bear tribe arrived.

    Those who didn't know what was happening were just watching aside while those influential ones such as heads of small and medium-sized tribes within 1,000 sq miles had been spirited in most brilliant and solemn clothes and converged in the grey eagle tribe with their most trustful subordinates in the most humble way.

    When Gangula's banner was still over 20 miles away from the grey eagle tribe, the vedettes of the grey eagle tribe in mountains had already rushed back one after another. When he arrived at the periphery of the base of grey eagle tribe, he couldn't stand but shout, "They're arriving; they're arriving; they're just 30 miles away..."

    "They're arriving; they're arriving; they're just 29 miles away..."

    "They're arriving; they're arriving; they're just 28 miles away..."

    The vedettes rushed into the grey eagle tribe one after another, boiling up all the people in the grey eagle tribe.

    Meanwhile, some guys were as anxious as ants on a hot pan.


    Soon after Setton walked out of the residence of O'Laura had a lot of guys swarmed up.

    "What's that? Doesn't O'Laura wish to come out?" Elder Juventus, in a grand dress, was oozing sweat all over his forehead.

    Setton just shook his head.

    "What should we do then?" Elder Olier became flurried as he threw his glance at Elder Mocco.

    Elder Mocco glanced at those big figures from all the other tribes, then the residence of O'Laura. Finally, he let out a sigh, "Let's go greet them. O'Laura could wait for that person here but we cannot!"

    After hearing Elder Mocco's words, all those surrounding O'Laura's residence let out a sigh like being remitted from a punishment as they hurriedly nodded.

    "Elder Mocco is right. If we also waited here, it'd be really impolite to our Lord!" The head of wind wolf tribe, an uncle of O'Laura, who came here first also uttered with a benign look, "As O'Laura's uncle, I saw her growing up. Perhaps, O'Laura is still a bit nervous at this moment, we'd better not force her to do that. I will have some of her female cousins accompany her here; just spare some free time for her!"

    As the head of wind wolf tribe explained, he threw a glance at a noblewoman on his side. The woman then called three 16-20-years-old beautiful girls to enter O'Laura's residence.

    Watching all these, although those people from small and medium-sized tribes remained silent, they despised it very much, '5 years ago, without Peter, the grey eagle tribe had long been annexed by the wind wolf tribe. You want to show your friendship to O'Laura now? When O'Laura was struggling in the grey eagle tribe, where were you?' But it was a marvelous world. If O'Laura didn't go to work as a rewarded hunter for money, she would not recognize Peter and would not have all these today. Perhaps, this was the God's will.

    Although they were having all sorts of thoughts, nobody was stupid enough to mention what happened 5 years ago. Otherwise, the shameless affairs about Elder Juventus and Olier might be exposed, which would be too embarrassing in such a situation. If anyone dared to make others unhappy at this moment, he had to escape away from Ice and Snow Wilderness from then on.

    "Whether do we need to...greet them...now?" Elder Juventus looked at them one after another with a poor expression. The one standing in front of Juventus was much nobler than him. He dared not offend these people even when he held immense power in the grey eagle tribe, not to mention now.

    "Let's go!" Elder Mocco nodded as all the others rode on their own horses and rushed out of the grey eagle tribe.


    O'Laura in a mask was watching that "eagle's eye" finger ring on her finger in the room. Since she put on this finger ring 5 years ago, this finger ring had not left her finger.

    At this moment, a maid reported to her from her back. O'Laura turned around and saw her aunt and some female cousins walking into the room with a big smile.

    Watching these relatives, O'Laura recovered her composure as she asked, "What are you here for?"

    "We are here to help you!" That noblewoman twisted her butt over here.

    "Help me?" O'Laura asked with an amazed voice behind the mask like having heard something ridiculous.

    That noblewoman then revealed a thorough smile as she comforted O'Laura faintly, "Don't you know that the man's 9 women could never match you? The enchanting fox is a widow, who's destined to be that man's mistress in Ewentra Archipelago. Sabrina's dissolute personality had been spread across Ice and Snow Wilderness before she met that man. The 6 woman of Spencer Clan stays with him just for the interests and political demand of the clan. Therefore, you will definitely become the first queen of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Woman's fight in the imperial harem of the king is as ferocious as that between men on the battlefield. You will meet many opponents in the future. You need cousins to help you. As they are from the same clan as you, they will not betray you. Having them on your side, they will become your eyes and ears; they will help you manage the imperial harem of Ice and Snow Wilderness and enable you to be the most powerful woman across Ice and Snow Wilderness!"


    Gangula's team encountered those who came out of the grey eagle tribe to greet them from 10 miles away. Although Gangula looked docile in front of Zhang Tie, it didn't mean that he also treated these people kindly. At the sight of them, Gangula didn't get off the xiphodon; instead, he just looked down at these guys in the grand dress who were trying their best to make a bitter smile.

    These people also looked at him in the same way as in usual days. Therefore, Gangula didn't pay attention to these people.

    After looking around, Gangula frowned, "Where's O'Laura?'

    "We...the head...feels uncomfortable!" After the three elders of the grey eagle tribe exchanged glances with each other, Elder Juventus plucked his courage to reply.

    Gangula's face changed. However, after thinking about something, he bore it.

    After exchanging glances with each other, those people confirmed their suspicion.


    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie arrived with Thor's Hammer. Everybody here was shocked by the mighty Thor's Hammer. The Thor's Hammer was once the most powerful Cavalries Group in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Now, after Zhang Tie, they looked as overwhelming as being capable of breaking everything in front of them.

    The arrival of Thor's Hammer made the horses of those who welcomed Zhang Tie moved backward out of panic. Their owners could almost not control them.

    Zhang Tie stopped 20 m away from those people. After glancing over them from his xiphodon, Zhang Tie saw many familiar faces, Elder Juventus, Elder Olier and Elder Mocco who once tortured him a lot, Nurdo and Salem were also behind the crowd, who dared not look into Zhang Tie's eyes out of awe. Besides, many of them were unfamiliar to Zhang Tie. However, Zhang Tie could probably judge their status from their costumes.

    "Setton, you look darker!" Zhang Tie smiled at Setton.

    After hearing Zhang Tie talking to him firstly, Setton instantly chested out as he smirked and didn't know what to say.

    "Elder Mocco, you look more spirited!"

    Elder Mocco put his right hand on his left chest with a smile.

    After hearing Zhang Tie greeting Setton and Elder Mocco, numerous admirable eyes fell on the two guys.

    "Where's O'Laura?" Zhang Tie asked Setton.

    Setton just threw a glance at Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie then understood that O'Laura remained unchanged.

    "Well, we will talk later when we come back!" Zhang Tie watched those who greeted him and issued the order. Closely after that, he clamped the belly of the xiphodon by his legs and rushed towards the base of the grey eagle tribe.

    In this case, it seemed that they could be satisfied only by Zhang Tie's one word. Those guys then chested out and rushed back towards the base of grey eagle tribe together with Thor's Hammer.

    When they reached less than 2 miles away from the base, Zhang Tie caught sight of O'Laura.

    O'Laura in a mask was riding a Xiphodon which was gifted by him and looking in this direction on a green hill, skirt waving in the air.

    Zhang Tie raised his hand while the entire Thor's Hammer stopped.

    Zhang Tie and O'Laura then looked into each others' eyes for quite a while silently.

    Zhang Tie's blood boiled as he felt that they had departed for 2 decades instead of 5 years.

    How many 20 years does a person have?

    In the entire north waters, Zhang Tie only had 2 women in his heart, namely Olina and O'Laura. The latter's unlucky bygones and sensitive and lonely heart under the camouflage of her icy and stubborn appearance made Zhang Tie's heart ache.

    Everything came to an end at this moment.

    O'Laura moved. She didn't move towards Zhang Tie; instead, she rushed towards the wild in the distance, closely followed by Zhang Tie.

    Without receiving Zhang Tie's order, nobody dared to move. Until Zhang Tie disappeared in front of them did they exchange glances with each other.

    "Ahem...ahem...everybody, go back to the base of grey eagle tribe!" Zhang Tie's bodyguard Roslav coughed faintly.

    "Erm...is that okay...do we need to dispatch someone to protect them..." A head of a small tribe uttered.

    "Do you think that a knight who killed a mace muling of Sacred Light Empire need any bodyguard?" Waajid replied faintly.

    Everybody was shocked and remained silent...


    When the two xiphodons kept running at full speed, Zhang Tie and O'Laura soon rushed into the wild over 30 miles away from the base of grey eagle tribe. Additionally, Zhang Tie gradually caught up with O'Laura.

    As Zhang Tie whistled, O'Laura's xiphodon stopped right away, causing O'Laura to exclaim. Zhang Tie instantly flew off his xiphodon and hugged O'Laura. Closely after that, they rolled into the 1.7 m high brushwood in the wild. Zhang Tie then pressed O'Laura under his body.

    O'Laura struggled and started to kick and punch Zhang Tie. However, Zhang Tie tightly hugged O'Laura.

    "Do you know when I cultivated in the tower of time, I always thought about you? During that period, I even dreamed about being beaten by you like this!"

    Closely after hearing Zhang Tie's words, O'Laura stopped. With undulating chest, she just gazed at Zhang Tie firmly.

    Zhang Tie watched her eyes behind the mask and said, "You missed me for 5 years; however, I missed you for 20 years!"

    This word completely broke O'Laura's icy mental defense line...

    They just watched each other in this way...

    Some liquid flew off O'Laura's cheeks. Zhang Tie slightly took off O'Laura's mask, exposing that cold, beautiful face which had been covered with tears.

    "I'm telling you that from today on you don't need to wear this mask as nobody can dare harm you anymore!"

    The metal mask changed into iron filings and fell off Zhang Tie's hand...

    They started to kiss forcefully. It tasted a bit salty...


    On October 25th, that luxury exclusive train drove into Gozidari Plain, causing all the golden sea-buckthorn trees to blossom across Gozidari Plain on the same day...

    Two hours before they got off the train, a complete plan for establishing the nation was finally brought to Zhang Tie. After Zhang Tie read it, with a distant steam whistle, the train slowed down and finally arrived at the terminal station in the north of Tribal Axis Railway.

    When Zhang Tie read the plan, all the heads, elders of tribes of Ice and Snow Wilderness and the representatives of major clans of Ewentra Archipelago stood in Zhang Tie's carriage with solemn looks. They focused on Zhang Tie and waited for this man to make the final decision.

    In usual days, nobody could allow these people to stand still for 2 hours. However, at such a critical moment, nobody complained about that. Because the 2 hours determined the future of a nation and refreshed the history of north waters of Blackson Humans Corridor. It would turn on a wholly new page of Slavs' history.

    It was a great honor for them to stand here and witness how all this happening.

    Nobody would feel tired at this moment...

    After the train stopped, Zhang Tie raised his head and rubbed his temple by one hand. Closely after that, he replied, "I agree!"

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