Chapter 755: The Eve of Coronation (I)

    Chapter 755: The Eve of Coronation (I)

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    On the evening of October 26th, Zhang Tie sat together with the three elders of the huge bear tribe once again after 5 years.

    Since Zhang Tie arrived at Elzida Mountain yesterday, he had been meeting all sorts of people the entire day.

    Those who came to see Zhang Tie were major figures below the three elders of the huge bear tribe, backbones of Ancient God Church and the three elders of the demon bear tribe, mountain bear tribe and black bear tribe.

    It was a necessary step for Zhang Tie to be completely familiar with the huge bear tribe and turn Gozidari Plain into his own territory by meeting the major figures of the huge bear tribe.

    Gozidari Plain was the basis for the huge bear tribe to be the most powerful tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    In Ice and Snow Wilderness, Gozidari Plain, which covered over 1.8 million sq mile, was a treasured place which contained rich water and plentiful resources. This treasured land bred the most powerful huge bear tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Now, this treasured place would become the most important foundation for Zhang Tie to ascend to the throne of Tsar. If he wanted to control this foundation, he could not only rely on the three elders. After all, the three elders could not determine all the things across Gozidari Plain. Those who mastered the real power in huge bear tribe below the three elders were the heads, generals and priests. Priests were noble in the huge bear tribe, who directly influenced and controlled over 70% of the population and economic resources of Gozidari Plain. It was of great importance for Zhang Tie to get their allegiance.

    When Zhang Tie settled down at the foot of Elzida Mountain, these heads, generals and priests queued up outside the hieron to be called in by Zhang Tie.

    In such a case, in order to display that he thought highly of the huge bear tribe, Zhang Tie promised that each of them had a chance to talk with Zhang Tie alone. In this way, Zhang Tie could have a deeper impression of these major figures. Meanwhile, those guys could also have a chance to express their allegiance to Zhang Tie.

    With the super great memory of knight, as long as Zhang Tie met these guys, he would be able to bear their names, looks, abilities and features in mind completely. Additionally, Zhang Tie's majestic image and authority would root in these guys' hearts.

    It only took Zhang Tie a couple of minutes to meet each of them. However, It took him over 10 hours to meet all the 100-odd people.

    After then, Zhang Tie called in the backbones of Ancient God Church, who were Zhang Tie's die-hard fans and treated Zhang Tie as the Ancient God. Zhang Tie fixed the sacred orders and classes in Ancient God Church with them.

    After that, Zhang Tie met the elders of the demon bear tribe, mountain bear tribe and black bear tribe.

    Nobody knew what Zhang Tie talked with the three elders. After their talk, the heads of the three tribes who had been kneeling down in the grey palace finally gained Zhang Tie's forgiveness and picked themselves up from the ground in an embarrassed way one after another.


    After the secret talk with the elders of the demon bear tribe, mountain bear tribe and black bear tribe, it was already the evening of October 26. Soon after the three elders left, Elder Gouras, Elder Toles and Pontiff Sarlin had already entered the room.

    It was a study room being used for holding classics in the hieron of Elzida Mountain, which was solemn and mysterious. Usually, the three elders of the huge bear tribe would negotiate about major issues here. After Zhang Tie arrived here, this place was used to receive guests for Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie had been receiving all sorts of people around the clock. Therefore, when the three elders came in, they had waiters served some food and drinks.

    Watching the food in the room, Zhang Tie made a bitter smile. Thanks to the three elders, otherwise, he had forgotten that he had not eaten for a day.

    As a knight, he could not eat or drink for 1 week. However, due to the super great ability of knight, he also had a much greater appetite and demanded more food that could supply his physique and energy.

    Now that they had served the food and drinks. Zhang Tie directly devoured them like a wolf. As he would be coronated tomorrow, Zhang Tie wanted to be in the optimal state.

    After eating some exotic fruits, two pieces of bread and some sea-buckthorn wine which carried some aura, Zhang Tie finally stopped.

    "Across the Ice and Snow Wilderness, the golden sea-buckthorn in Gozidari Plain is the best. Compared to that in other places, the golden sea-buckthorn wine in Gozidari Plain is worth 20 more silver coins per barrel!" Elder Toles opened his mouth when he saw that Zhang Tie stopped eating.

    When Zhang Tie was enjoying the meal, the three elders were waiting silently on one side. Perhaps, nobody else across Ice and Snow Wilderness dared let the other knight elders watch him eating.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile to Elder Toles as he had not imagined that people in Ice and Snow Wilderness could rename his mutated iron-black sea-buckthorn as golden sea-buckthorn. In the lab of Castle of Black Iron, for the convenience of classifying and differentiating these mutated plants from its biological families, Zhang Tie marked it as sea-buckthorn No. 1.

    Although the seeds of the golden sea-buckthorn trees were gifted by Zhang Tie, the three elders had reached a privity and didn't ask Zhang Tie anything about the seed.

    "This golden sea-buckthorn wine is indeed nice!" Zhang Tie nodded as he put down the glass and started to watch the three elders, "Coincidentally, as the three elders are here, I have something to tell you!"

    After exchanging a glance with each other, Elder Gouras uttered, "We also have something to tell you!"

    Zhang Tie acted in an easygoing way in front of the three elders. Soon after Elder Gouras finished his words, Zhang Tie had continued, "Now that I mentioned first, I will tell you about that first. Hopefully, you will not be too amazed!"

    The three elders nodded.

    Zhang Tie triggered his spiritual energy and isolated the room from the outside with his battle qi in a split second. In this way, whatever they talked about would not be eavesdropped by others.

    Before telling that, Zhang Tie hesitated, "Hmm, actually I've some secrets that you don't know!"

    After hearing this, Elder Gouras' and Elder Toles's eyes flickered. Only Pontiff Sarlin revealed a faint smile. At the sight of his smile, Zhang Tie felt that Pontiff Sarlin seemed to have long known about that.

    "My current look is not my original one. I'm neither Hebrew or Slav. I'm actually Hua. When I came to Ice and Snow Wilderness, I applied disguising medicament. My current look has also been disguised. I've not imagined that I'm the very person in the prophecy of Pontiff Elzida. Therefore, please forgive me for my disguised look. I don't want to cheat you!"

    After pouring out his secret frankly, Zhang Tie felt relieved inside.

    Perhaps, he should keep this secret to others across Ice and Snow Wilderness; however, if he even didn't expose it to the three elders of the huge bear tribe, Zhang Tie didn't know who else could he believe in. Even after becoming a tsar, if he didn't have someone to trust in, it was actually a grief. It would be meaningless no matter how much power did he have. It was not even as cool as becoming a landlord with the billions of gold coins back on the Eastern Continent.

    Whereas, although Zhang Tie exposed his secret, he had his bottom line. Zhang Tie didn't expose the secret of the body-changing bloodline, which he didn't mean to tell anybody else temporarily.

    If a person didn't have anyone to expose his secret to, it would be a grief; however, if a person exposed all of his secrets, it would be silly.

    Needless to say, given the expressions of Elder Gouras and Elder Toles, Zhang Tie knew they were shocked; however, Pontiff Sarlin looked relatively calm.

    "Is that the meaning of the prophecy of Pontiff?" Elder Gouras slowly murmured after a short while.

    "What prophecy?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity.

    "Although our lord's look belonged to himself, his original look could not be identified by others..." Elder Toles murmured, "This was a prophecy revealed by Prophet Sarlin when you came to Ice and Snow Wilderness 5 years ago."

    "Pontiff Sarlin, you've long known that?" Zhang Tie looked at Pontiff Sarlin as he had not imagined that Pontiff Sarlin could see this.

    "I just saw an obscure part, not all of them. I could see your two faces in different scenes!" Pontiff Sarlin said calmly, "Your original look is not important to Ice and Snow Wilderness. The most important is that you're the very person who could bring hope to everybody else. You are the only one who could change the fate of Slavs in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Your original status and look are just your appendages. Take your current name Peter Hamplester as an instance, it's just a symbol of you, but it doesn't represent all of you!"
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