Chapter 756: The Eve of Coronation (II)

    Chapter 756: The Eve of Coronation (II)

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    Zhang Tie had not imagined that Pontiff Sarlin had long known something. He was a bit shocked by Pontiff Sarlin's precise prophecy and these elders' fast reaction. It turned out that nothing was serious when his secret status was exposed. He couldn't bear the stress brought by the double status in Huaiyuan Palace and in Ice and Snow Wilderness 5 years ago. However, after promoting to a knight and mastering the gentle strength, Zhang Tie didn't feel anything serious by exposing the secret to these elders at least.

    With a bitter smile, Zhang Tie watched Pontiff Sarlin, "I've not imagined that you've already known that. I wonder what else can you see about my future!"

    "Future is a maze of time and space. Even the great prophet pontiff had limited control over the future, not to mention me. Last time, when I saw parts of your two looks, I gathered too many people's strength; meanwhile, it had reached my upper limit. After you promote to a knight, nobody can penetrate through the power of time and space which is full of possibilities and changes on you. By then, even if the prophet pontiff revived, he could not see clearly your future road, either." Pontiff Sarlin explained as he shook his head.

    After hearing Pontiff Sarlin's words, Zhang Tie became faintly stunned as he had not imagined such an effect after promoting to the knight. However, Zhang Tie became reassured completely. No matter who he was, if he knew that his secret might be exposed by someone else at any time, he would always feel uncomfortable and feel being monitored.

    "My true name is Zhang Tie, a member of Zhang Family, Huaiyuan Palace in Jinyun Country!" Zhang Tie put it straight.

    After unveiling the secret of disguised look to the three elders, Zhang Tie didn't need to continue to conceal his real status to the three elders. Even though they didn't know his true status for the time being, as long as he returned to Huaiyuan Palace to attend the chakra rotating ceremony and became one clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace, the three elders would guess something for sure. Additionally, the three elders had many methods to figure out his true status. Therefore, it was not as good as exposing it to them at this moment.

    The three elders exchanged a glance with each other once again.

    "What will you do if we cannot accept your true status?" Elder Gouras asked all of a sudden.

    "It's simple. After the coronation, we can make a performance, telling others that Peter Hamplester committed suicide during meditation due to distractions!" Zhang Tie replied casually, "After all, by then, Ice and Snow Wilderness have been unified. Without me, the college of elders would also be able to manage all the affairs in the Sacred Iceland Kingdom. I've already finished the job that was entrusted by the Elzida, the great pontiff. I've also tried my best to change myself. As for the future, we have our own things to deal with. I'm now the creator who could save everyone. I will leave the Tribal Axis Railway to you. As I've gained too much here, I will not take anything away from here except my beloved women. I want them to deliver babies for me in the Eastern Continent!"

    It was the three elders' turn to make a bitter smile this time. Only Zhang Tie could do that in such a handsome way. Actually, if a knight didn't feel free in Ice and Snow Wilderness, he didn't have to stay here. Wherever a knight was, he would always be a top person and would enjoy the best treatment. In his clan, he could become an elder; if he wanted power, he could command a corps of about 400,000 people. He could also establish a country in a remote place. If he wanted a social position and privilege, a lot of countries would strive for supporting a No. 1 knight. There were really not too many things to recall with nostalgia in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Additionally, Zhang Tie was not obsessed with power and wealth since the beginning. Otherwise, he wouldn't go away from here for 5 years. During the past 5 years, Zhang Tie had a lot of chances to share the great benefit brought by Spencer Clan and the Tribal Axis Railway, even in Gozidari Plain. Actually, Zhang Tie didn't take away even one gold coin from Ice and Snow Wilderness these years; instead, he left the seeds of golden sea-buckthorn trees and golden potatoes, which deserved to be priceless treasures in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    "Only we three know your real status now. It's the top secret in Ice and Snow Wilderness. We will help you conceal it. As Peter Hamplester is rooted in people's hearts deeply. Many commoners will not accept it if you suddenly change to Zhang Tie, which will also arouse a great turmoil in Ice and Snow Wilderness. You'd better continue to perform as Peter Hamplester. As for whether do we expose it to the public in the future..." Pontiff Sarlin also rubbed his forehead as he let out a sigh, "It depends!"

    The other two elders both nodded.

    Zhang Tie also nodded.

    After putting it straight, the last concern after becoming the tsar was also handled.

    They all let out a sigh then.

    "What else do you want to talk with us?" Elder Toles asked.

    Zhang Tie smirked as he rubbed his face, "Of course, I've got two more things to tell you!"

    "Go ahead!"

    "I want to build a capital city for the Sacred Iceland Kingdom in Gozidari Plain!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's wish, the three elders were shocked once again, 'It's truly a major event.'

    After carding his train of thoughts, Zhang Tie expressed his opinion, "The only city in Ice and Snow Wilderness now is Eschyle City. It's the foundation of Spencer Clan. According to the agreement between us and Spencer Clan, although we cannot use Eschyle City as the capital, it's not proper as it feels like we're bullying them. It works for a short period; however, the relationship between us and Spencer Clan will be broken sooner or later. Father should not rob his son. Additionally, Eschyle City is too close to the sea. As long as demons attempt to break in Ice and Snow Wilderness, Eschyle City will be the destroyed firstly. As this city lacks strategic depth, it's not proper to be the political center of Sacred Iceland Kingdom."

    The three elders just listened to him while nodding seriously.

    "When I came here by train these days, I was always thinking about this question. After meeting the heads, generals and priests of the huge bear tribe, I fixed my decision!"

    'If I want to rule the entire Sacred Iceland Kingdom, I have to build a magnificent capital city. Put it straightly, like how a booth is required for a roadside stall and a fixed office is required for a business group, how can I manage the entire country without a city as the reliance? If not build a magnificent capital city in Ice and Snow Wilderness, how can the ruling authority of the tsar be displayed?'

    'If I want to rule the Sacred Iceland Kingdom, I have to rule Gozidari Plain first. If I want to rule Gozidari Plain, I have to build a magnificent capital city in Gozidari Plain first so as to convince all the members of the huge bear tribe and stabilize my dominant position.' Zhang Tie thought.

    'Additionally, when we build a capital city in Gozidari Plain, the steel, cement, coal and mechanical equipment required by this city will greatly push forward the industrialization of Ice and Snow Wilderness and further release the development and war-making potential across Ice and Snow Wilderness. Over these years, although that industrial area neighboring Eschyle City developed very fast, its scale has expanded by many times. However, a small industrial area covering over 100 sq miles is far from enough for the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness and the Sacred Iceland Kingdom. Additionally, that industrial area and Eschyle City are facing the same problem--being too close to the sea. As long as they are attacked by demons, the entire industrial area would stop its production, causing a series of chain reactions. By contrast, if we build a city in Gozidari Plain, we can play the full role of steel and steam based on the abundant resource in Gozidari Plain. After that, there would be an expectation for the industrialization of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Even a rabbit has three nests, not to mention a country's industrial development layout, which requires us to consider more factors.'

    'Finally, a city requires many labor forces, which will create a lot of jobs. Besides, it could digest the surplus labor forces of the immigrants that keep pouring into Ice and Snow Wilderness and clear up some unstable factors. Additionally, it will drive more investment, consumption and inject new vitality into the development of Ice and Snow Wilderness.'

    After being silent for a short while, Pontiff Sarlin coughed twice, Elder Toles then opened his mouth with a bit embarrassed tone, "Previously, the huge bear tribe was relatively isolated with poor commerce. We had fewer chances to make money. These years, after building the Tribal Axis Railway, the financial standing of the huge bear tribe indeed improved; however, the huge bear tribe could only afford about 40 million gold coins at this moment. It requires at least 60 million gold coins to build a large-scale city, especially a capital city. I'm afraid..."

    'A huge bear tribe could only afford 40 million gold coins?' Zhang Tie finally understood how poor were these guys in Ice and Snow Wilderness...
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