Chapter 757: Imagination about the Capital City

    Chapter 757: Imagination about the Capital City

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    If a clan could afford over 40 million gold coins, it was definitely a top clan as it was an enormous amount of money in Ewentra Archipelago. Very few clans and business groups could afford such a huge amount of money. However, it would be too poor if an independent kingdom with about 20 million people could only afford such an amount of money.

    Zhang Tie knew that such an amount of money included the profit of about 10 million gold coins that huge bear tribe had just won from the bet. After deducting this profit, it meant that the entire huge bear tribe could only afford 30 million gold coins, which could not be able to build half a capital city.

    After hearing Elder Toles's report, Zhang Tie realized how poor were these tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness. 'Among all the bear tribes, the iron bear tribe is the richest tribe, followed by the huge bear tribe. However, the huge bear tribe could only afford a bit more than 30 million gold coins, not to mention other smaller tribes. No wonder the other tribes would covet the Tribal Axis Railway. As long as they were instigated by someone else, they would be driven mad. How motherf*cking poor!'

    'In this age, wealth accumulation could only be completed in two ways: first, through prosperous commercial trade, such as Ewentra Archipelago; second, through industrialization. A high-efficient industrial production could create wealth. Pitifully, before I came to Ice and Snow Wilderness, the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness far lagged behind the average level in this age from both commercial trade and industrialization. Otherwise, this place will not be named as wilderness. Whereas, without prosperous commerce and industry, how could they make money? Only by exchanging wool for herbal medicine? Of course not.'

    "I wonder how the financial income of the huge bear tribe is accumulated?" Zhang Tie asked the three elders.

    "The huge bear tribe is located in the hinterland of the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness. Although Gozidari Plain has fertile land, it's relatively isolated. Foreign businessmen could barely come in. Therefore, our trade is not developed. Previously, Ice and Snow Wilderness mainly had three sources for financial income: first, our tribe controlled the trade of xiphodons across Ice and Snow Wilderness; second, we sold surplus grains each year; third, we discovered a large-scale gold mine in the north of Gozidari Plain--Harimace Gold Mine. This mine provides us over 800,000 gold coins each year! Besides, we have silver and copper mines, which can produce about 150,000 gold coins in total per year..." Elder Toles replied as he took out a gold coin and gave it to Zhang Tie.

    'Over 800,000 gold coins meant more than 20 tons of gold per year. It's good.'

    After taking that gold coin, Zhang Tie found that its front side was marked with a huge bear while its backside was marked with Elzida Mountain. The two patterns were both composed of simple lines. The gold coin's toothing was not fine. Besides, there was a line of small Hebrew words around the two patterns--"Pure Gold Coin Cast by Huge Bear Tribe, 25 Grams in standard weight".

    Compared to the delicate locomotive gold coins produced in Andaman Alliance, besides being enough heavy which allowed it to be circulated in the market, the gold coin cast by huge bear tribe didn't look nice. It might be related to the poor industrial power of the huge bear tribe.

    After giving it back to Elder Toles, Zhang Tie let out a sigh, "As I made some money from this bet, I will assume all the fund for building this capital city. I prepare to spare 90 million gold coins to establish the new capital city. The huge bear tribe only need to fix the address in Gozidari Plain for me!"

    At present, Zhang Tie was qualified to be the No. 1 tall, rich and handsome guy in the north water of Blackson Humans Corridor. As Zhang Tie joined Gold Power Law, Golden Roc Bank didn't ask for any service charge from him at all. Therefore, all the 297 million gold coins were transferred into Zhang Tie's personal account. He could withdraw them in the name of Zhang Tie or Peter Hamplester. Besides, he plundered an enormous amount of money from Senel Clan in Tokei City, the capital city of Titanic Duchy which was put in the safe of the palace tree in Castle of Black Iron. Those items contained 540 tons of gold, 14.68 million gold coins, gold checks which were worth 47.6 million gold coins and over 600 crates of all sorts of gems, jewelry and rare metals, the total of which were worth above 210 million gold coins. Thanks to the plunder, Zhang Tie almost gathered all the wealth of Titanic Duchy. As it was inconvenient for him to take them out, Zhang Tie just put them in Castle of Black Iron. Plus 297 million gold coins that he won in the bet, Zhang Tie's personal wealth had reached above 500 million gold coins. He was really as rich as a country!

    He could completely bear it by taking out 90 million gold coins from such an amount of money to build his own capital city in Ice and Snow Wilderness. By doing this, he could consolidate his dominant position in Ice and Snow Wilderness and increase his influence in Gold Power Law.

    'Additionally, after establishing this city, I could make money through many channels. I will make profits sooner or later. Eschyle City could bring over 2.8 million gold coins to Spencer Clan each year. I don't think the capital city of Sacred Iceland Kingdom at the cost of 90 million gold coins would bring me less income than that.'

    After realizing that Zhang Tie was so generous, the three elders of the huge bear tribe became silent as they didn't know what to say. Even the total amount of money of the 8 bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness might not match Zhang Tie's total private wealth.

    "I suggest establishing the capital city in the delta region at the foot of Elzida Mountain which is close to Mari River and Ginqing Lake. This region covers over 80,000 sq miles. It is surrounded by a wide area of woods. There are some large-scale coal mines, iron mines, copper mines and silver mines not far from it. We only need to build two short-distance railways to connect these mining areas with the capital city and the Tribal Axis Railway. Given its good environment and great potential in development, after establishing the capital city, a lot of towns and industrial parks could form rapidly in Ginqing Lake Delta Region. Additionally, after establishing the capital city, the city could develop its water transportation based on the abundant water resource of Mari River and Ginqing Lake. Furthermore, Mari River is linked with Lankast Gulf in the northeast of Ice and Snow Wilderness. Although Lankast Gulf is very cold, it thaws in 8 months of each year, during which period all the vessels below 1,000 tons could access to the ocean..." Elder Toles said seriously. Although nobody was richer than Zhang Tie across Ice and Snow Wilderness, nobody was more familiar with Ice and Snow Wilderness than these elders at present.

    After recalling the scene on the way here, Zhang Tie asked, "Isn't the grey palace situated in this region?"


    "Alright. Just establish the capital city in this Ginqing Lake Delta Region. It'd better contain the grey palace. I will entrust Golden Roc Bank to be responsible for the establishment of this city. You only need to supervise their work!"

    "90 million gold coins. It's enough to build a much more magnificent city than Eschyle City. The urban area of the entire city could cover over 1,000 sq miles..." Elder Gouras sighed with full emotions.

    The moment he imagined that he would have his own city in Ice and Snow Wilderness after a few years, Zhang Tie became a bit thrilled. However, he soon forgot about this event. Actually, he only needed to pay for that. All in all, in Zhang Tie's memory, Golden Roc Bank could make use of too many resources. As Zhang Tie didn't know how to build a city, he just left the work to experts.

    Right then, Zhang Tie heard a voice which he had not heard for a long time in his mind, "Castle Lord, have you forgotten about that? Agan is the best building expert. If you hand the task to Agan, he must be very happy!"

    In a split second, Zhang Tie became faintly stunned, "But can Agan leave Castle of Black Iron?"

    "Agan cannot leave Castle of Black Iron; however, he could design the blueprint of the capital city for Castle Lord. As long as you spare some time to fly around the Ginqing Lake Delta Region, I will tell Agan about the topography of that region. Agan will then design the blueprint for you. You then hand the blueprint to the part of Golden Roc Bank!"

    Zhang Tie really looked forward to the abilities of his three servants. 'Now that Heller, who's always meticulous, recommend Agan to finish such a task, I think Agan will never let me down.'

    Zhang Tie then promised Heller...
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