Chapter 759: Double Statuses

    Chapter 759: Double Statuses

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    On the evening of October 31st, the Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace, Yiyang Mountain...

    Elder Muen, Elder Muray, Elder Muan and Elder Muyu were sitting together with crossed legs.

    "The chakra rotating ceremony will start in 2 days, do we contact Zhang Tie at this moment?" Elder Muan asked with a faint frown. As Zhang Tie had left Huaiyuan Palace for over 1 month without any message, it was only 3 days left. If not Zhang Tie had already promoted to a knight, the 4 elders might have dispatched people to find him.

    "As Zhang Tie said he would come back before November 1st, we will wait for another 3 hours. If he still doesn't come back at the dawn, we will contact him!" Elder Muen suggested.

    As a clan elder, of course, Zhang Tie would not eat his words. Now that he said he would come back before November 1st, he would come back for sure unless there was an accident. Even if Zhang Tie had to prolong his schedule, he would also contact the clan elders in advance. Now that Zhang Tie didn't contact them, it meant that everything went well. If the elders asked him in advance, it would indicate that they were doubting his self-protection ability. It was okay if Zhang Tie was still the innocent teenager like before. However, as Zhang Tie was going to be a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace formally, they should pay attention to the degree. If elders had conflicts due to such a trivial affair, it would be embarrassing.

    All the 4 elders thought about this point. Therefore, the moment Elder Muen mentioned it, the other elders nodded right away. They only needed to wait for Zhang Tie another couple of hours. They would contact him if Zhang Tie was still not back by then. In this way, they looked more meticulous and would not arouse Zhang Tie's misunderstanding.

    "Today, the elders of all the other 5 major clans of Jinyun Country have arrived at Yiyang City with their representatives. They've settled down in their own clan mansions. The elders of Li Clan and Dongfang Clan of Qilan Country also came to Yiyang City with their representatives. Norman Empire dispatched their crown prince to attend the chakra rotating ceremony. All the other heads of major clans or representatives of countries across Waii Sub-continent who had close ties with Huaiyuan Palace have arrived these days as well. Raymlan Empire and Berdi Empire also dispatched their royal members to Yiyang City with precious gifts!" Elder Muyu said.

    "Raymlan Empire and Berdi Empire? But why?"

    All the other elders became shocked when they heard the names of the above two countries. Although they were called empires, like the other empires of different sizes across Waii Sub-continent, their empires were not widely accepted by the outsiders. The two countries were in the poor national strength. Each of them only had one knight, namely their No.1 knights. Huaiyuan Palace didn't have close ties with the two countries either. Long Wind Business Group only had some trade contracts with the two countries. What were they here for?

    "It's said that Zhang Tie met the two No. 1 knights on the way back to Huaiyuan Palace. Therefore, although their No. 1 knights didn't have free time to attend the chakra rotating ceremony, they still dispatched some people here to attend it!" Elder Muyu explained.

    After knowing the reason, the other elders smiled. 'After having one more knight, even two strange countries came here for establishing relationships by dispatching royal members, how majestic is the Huaiyuan Palace!'

    "Pitifully, if not the holy war, the chakra rotating ceremony would be much more solemn. Due to the threats of demons, many people could not attend it. The entire north region of Waii Sub-continent was in a chaos. Only Norman Empire arrived here from the north. I remember that 5 countries' representatives attended the chakra rotating ceremony from the north when Elder Muyu and Elder Muan promoted to knights!" Elder Muray sighed.

    "In a chaotic world, knights would be more valuable. Although fewer people could attend this chakra rotating ceremony, everyone knew what it meant by having one more young clan elder in Huaiyuan Palace!"

    "Umm, how's the battle situation in the north these days?" Has the super demon corps been discovered?"

    "Since the battle in Upton City, the Demon General and the super demon corps have been disappeared. I'm afraid that they are recovering their loss. I've not heard any mesage about them these days. Those Three-eye Association clans in the north are reorganizing a lot of demonized puppets so as to gradually and steadily approach to Norman Empire. Norman Empire and all the other human countries in the north also accelerated their pace to evacuate the population. No major events happened in the north these days. However, there was an intelligence from Long Wind Business Group yesterday. The Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago in the north water had declared to be unified on October 27th. A new country called the Sacred Iceland Kingdom was founded. A person called Peter Hamplester has already been coronated as the tsar of Sacred Iceland Kingdom. He has ruled the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago and been unrivaled across the north water."

    "I remember that each Slavs' bear tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness has at least one knight. The most powerful huge bear tribe is said to have 3 knight elders. How did Peter Hamplester unify the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness?" The other elders were faintly shocked by the news.

    "According to Long Wind Business Group, Peter Hamplester is the very hero who saved all the Slavs according to the prophecy of the Prophet Pontiff of Slavs. When he came to Ice and Snow Wilderness 5 years ago, he gained the allegiance of the huge bear tribe. Additionally, he pacified a tribe's demonized puppets disaster. Besides gaining the trust of the two major tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness, he even founded Ancient God Church and won numerous believers across Ice and Snow Wilderness. This time, he convinced the entire Ewentra Archipelago. According to the lengend, the process that Peter Hamplester convinced Ewentra Archipelago was marvelous. All the witnesses said that Peter Hamplester was the incarnation of the Ancient God. It was said that he even had Poseidon serve him by exterminating a fleet of Ewentra Archipelago. After that, he beheaded a knight of Sacred Light Empire. From the on, he convinced all the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago!" Elder Muan explained.

    The so-called God's will was nothing but sh*t in the eyes of the elders of Huaiyuan Palace. They knew clearly the rules in this world. If God's will indeed existed, there would not be a holy war. Just let the Ancient God clear all the demons.

    "It turns out that Peter Hamplester is a fierce and powerful person. We'd better have Long Wind Business Group pay more attention to him!" Elder Muray suggested seriously.

    "Guan Xiyi the CEO of Golden Roc Bank went to Ewentra Archipelago by airboat. Later on, he sent Peter Hamplester to Ice and Snow Wilderness by airboat. Guan Xiyi even attended the coronation ritual of Peter Hamplester in the hieron of the sacred mountain of the huge bear tribe..."

    After hearing this, the other elders became faintly dumbfounded. They exchanged a glance with each other before forcing a bitter smile, 'Golden Roc Bank is really something. Now that CEO Guan Xiyi was there, it means that the Sacred Iceland Kingdom is supported by Golden Roc Bank. The two parties might have already reached privity. The Sacred Iceland Kingdom might become a key base and spokesmen of Hua people in Waii Sub-continent...'

    In this case, Long Wind Business Group should better make a plan ahead of Ice and Snow Wilderness and find an exit in north water for Huaiyuan Palace. It might have a great effect in the future.

    "In this case, we can have Long Wind Business Group contact the Sacred Iceland Kingdom first and set a senior officer for the business group in Ice and Snow Wilderness. We can dispatch our right hand over there..."

    "Hmm, we can have Zhang Taibai pay a vist to Peter Hamplester on behalf of Huaiyuan Palace at a proper time..."


    The elders determined a major event for Huaiyuan Palace briefly.

    Right then, the four elders' hearts pounded as they exchanged a glance with each other. Closely after that, they walked out of the Shrine Palace at the same time...

    When they reached the gate, they raised their heads at the same time and saw a meteor flying towards them in the dark sky.

    "Whoo..." Elder Muen let out a deep sigh, "Thankfully, he's back!"

    The 4 elders exchanged a smile with each other before feeling relieved.

    The meteor soon arrived at Yiyang Mountain when a figure landed in front of them.

    "Sorry for being late, 4 elders!" Zhang Tie cupped his hands towards the 4 elders with a smile when he stood outside the Shrine Palace.

    Zhang Tie had just left Ice and Snow Wilderness before dawn today, after over 9 hours of flight and 7 hours of journey in the ocean, Zhang Tie finally reached Huaiyuan Prefecture. Nobody would believe at such an amazing speed.

    The 5 people returned to the room in the Shrine Palace where elders usually negotiated about events.

    The moment Zhang Tie took a seat, Elder Muyu smiled, "We were talking about you just now. You've left for over 1 month; if you didn't come back in a couple of hours, we would have to contact you by the remote-sensing crystal!"

    "Hmm, I've been to Ice and Snow Wilderness these days!" Zhang Tie replied as he rubbed his face. He thought that it was time to tell the truth to the elders of Huaiyuan Palace.

    The other elders were stunned at the same time. As they were talking about Ice and Snow Wilderness just now, they had not imagined that Zhang Tie had been to Ice and Snow Wilderness these days.

    "A big event happened in Ice and Snow Wilderness these days, have you met that Peter Hamplester?" Elder Muray couldn't wait but ask.

    "Erm..actually...I'm that Peter Hamplester!" Zhang Tie scratched his head in a bashful way.

    "Pah..." The teacup fell off Elder Muen's hand, spraying the tea water over the ground...
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