Chapter 760: Long Sight Peak

    Chapter 760: Long Sight Peak

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    The 4 elders felt like listening to a legendary story when Zhang Tie described his experience on the way from Huaiyuan Prefecture to the Ice and Snow Wilderness 5 years ago.

    Zhang Tie only explained the God's will in the underground relics by a word "magic". Although being a magic, only Zhang Tie knew its true secret. As it was Zhang Tie's secret, the 4 elders didn't force him to expose it to them.

    As for the huge deep-sea monster, Zhang Tie said it was a pet that he subdued in the deep sea.

    'Pet?' The 4 elders had to accept this explanation.

    As for others, Zhang Tie didn't want to depict the details. Therefore, he just briefed them all.

    After telling them about his experience of establishing the Sacred Iceland Kingdom, Zhang Tie became unpredictable in the eyes of the 4 elders. Zhang Tie was like being covered by a mist. When they thought that they could see him clearly, actually they just caught sight of one small corner of the iceberg.

    'Thankfully, this guy is a true offspring of Huaiyuan Palace!'

    The 4 elders comforted themselves inside.

    "That's all. Now, only CEO Guan Xiyi of Golden Roc Bank and the three elders of huge bear tribe know my true status, ahem...ahem...nobody else!" Zhang Tie concluded.

    "You mean you could command all the tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness and the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago?' Elder Muray watched Zhang Tie with an unimaginable look.

    "The Sacred Iceland Kingdom is facing a complex situation right now. Those forces on my side can be divided into 5 parts according to the relationship between us: First, the huge bear tribe. I'm the most influential in this tribe. The 3 knight elders of this tribe can provide me with the largest support when in need. However, I cannot have an absolute authority in this tribe until the capital city of Sacred Iceland Kingdom is established. Second, Ewentra Archipelago. None of the major clans on Ewentra Archipelago will be able to resist me. As long as my requests are not too excessive, they can always follow my commands and meet my requests. Third, the iron bear tribe. Nominally, this tribe belongs to me. I'm their protector. Additionally, this tribe will not have conflicts with me about interests. However, Spencer Clan, the domineering clan in this tribe has their own clan interests. Additionally, this tribe has a knight elder who's tricky and aggressive. Therefore, essentially, I'm cooperating with this tribe. Fourth, the mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness. As these three tribes made a mistake before, they were compromising to me on certain conditions. To a certain degree, I could determine the candidate of the heads of the three tribes in the future. They would follow my order on trivial things. However, when it comes to big issues about interests, my words will not work. Fifth, the wild bear tribe, fire bear tribe and sea bear tribe. The three tribes still remain independent right now. They supported me to unify Ice and Snow Wilderness. I also supported them to establish their own regime. Everything between me and the three tribes is founded on common interests exchange. If I wanted them to do something, I could present the equal conditions for the exchange."

    After hearing the introduction of Zhang Tie, the 4 elders of Huaiyuan Palace finally understood that the Sacred Iceland Kingdom was not as unified as it looked. Actually, the internal forces of each part had subtle relations with Zhang Tie. However, now that Zhang Tie could see through the camps in the Sacred Iceland Kingdom so precisely, it indicated that he had already been truly mature. He had a very precise judgment on the domestical situation facing the Sacred Iceland Kingdom. It seemed that the throne of tsar didn't make him puzzled.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, it became a bit quiet as the 4 elders didn't know what to say for the time being. After being quiet for over 10 seconds, Elder Muyu faintly coughed, "This thing is about the top secret of Huaiyuan Palace. Only elders and head of Huaiyuan Palace know that, do you agree?"

    "I agree!"

    "I agree!"

    "I agree!"

    The elders nodded at the same time.

    "Hmm, let's come to an end today. I'm afraid that Zhang Tie must be tired all the way from Ice and Snow Wilderness. Just have a good rest tonight!" Elder Muen told Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie nodded. Now that it was a sincere suggestion, he could not tell them that he was not tired at all. Neither could he tell them it only took him a bit more 10 hours to be here.

    At this moment, something occurred to Zhang Tie's mind.

    "Umm, I was told that knights should get their own crystal plates in the Mountain of Brightness, where's the Mountain of Brightness then?"

    "The Mountain of Brightness is in Tianfang City within the territory of Lan Clan. It's indeed an unnecessary step for humans to promote to knights. If you are free tomorrow, I can take you there!" Elder Muray said enthusiastically.

    "Fine, when?"

    "6 am. Right in the Shrine Palace, we will fly towards there!"

    "Good, I will wait for Elder Muray right here at 6 am tomorrow!" Zhang Tie cupped his hands towards Elder Muray.

    Elder Muray replied with a smile...


    Elder Muen took Zhang Tie away from the Shrine Palace towards the mountain peak behind Yiyang Mountain.

    The two sides of the mountain path were covered with dense woods or flowers. The mountain path was composed of tidy stony stages. On both sides of the stony stages, there was a roadside lamp in each fixed distance, which illuminated the path. Some deacons on duty would pass by them with disciples. When they caught sight of Elder Muen, they hurriedly bowed towards Elder Muen and greeted him.

    Zhang Tie found that they were heading for a different place than the attic where he lived in last time.

    "Elder Muen, where are we heading for? It's not the same way that I walked last time!"

    "There are 11 mountain peaks on Yiyang Mountain, each elder of Huaiyuan Palace has one mountain peak on Yiyang Mountain. As you're the 6th elder of Huaiyuan Palace, you deserve to live in Long Sight Peak, the 6th peak of Yiyang Mountain. When you came back last time, your elder's pavilion on Long Sight Peak had not been established, now it's okay. I will take you there. You will live in Long Sight Peak from then on!"

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he had not imagined that elders of Huaiyuan Palace could enjoy such a great treatment here.


    Only after a couple of minutes, they had arrived at his elder's pavilion on Long Sight Peak.

    The elder's pavilion covered over 6000 sqm. It was a traditional Hua complex composed of terraces and open halls and crisscrossed gardens and bamboo woods. From the best location of Long Sight Peak, Zhang Tie could watch the ocean and the entire Yiyang City in the distance. He could also see the elder's pavilions of the other 4 elders.

    Over 20 people were waiting for Zhang Tie and Elder Muen outside the gate of the elder's pavilion.

    "These people are your servants and clan deacons who will serve you exclusively. From now on, you can have them do everything for you on Yiyang Mountain!" Elder Muen told Zhang Tie.

    At the sight of them, Zhang Tie's look turned extremely strange at once. Because all of them were beautiful Hua girls in skirts aged between 20 to 30. At the sight of them, Zhang Tie felt entering a Shangri-la.

    'Are all the elders' pavilions matched with so many beautiful girls? But they don't seem to have an interest in women...'

    Zhang Tie glanced at Elder Muen in a strange look. Elder Muen blushed faintly as he seemingly had already guessed what Zhang Tie was thinking about. He then glared at Zhang Tie, "Erm..these are specially prepared for you. The servants in other elders' pavilions are mainly male!"

    'For me?' Zhang Tie understood the intention of these elders right away. It seemed that these elders expected him to have more babies. Watching those beauties who glimpsed at him, Zhang Tie let out a sigh inside, 'The clan elders really think too much about this thing.'

    Closely after that, Elder Muen escaped away.

    The moment Elder Muen left, those glimpses became audacious. Zhang Tie could almost not stand that. However, after staying in Ice and Snow Wilderness for so many days, Zhang Tie was more immune to such romantic affairs. Zhang Tie just replied with a faint smile. After that, Zhang Tie told a plump woman in the deacon's skirt among them, "I'm a bit tired today. I want to take some rest first. Take me to my bedroom."

    "Yes, sir!" That female deacon raised her head and glanced at Zhang Tie before leading Zhang Tie into his elder's pavilion. She led Zhang Tie into a tranquil courtyard, where there was a 3-storey delicate attic. Zhang Tie lived there.

    Everything in the attic was comfortable, simple and exquisite. Zhang Tie felt very satisfied with them. As elders had seen all sorts of scenes, being comfortable counted most in their own bedroom.

    "Elder, do you like this layout and style? If not, this disciple will have someone change a new set tomorrow!" The female deacon told Zhang Tie respectfully.

    "Hmm, nice, it's fine. No need to change. Is there a training room here?"

    "The training room is in the basement. The entrance is in the study. Do you need me to show you there?"

    "Hmm, no need. By the way, what's your name?'

    "You can call me Yu Youlan, elder!" The female deacon rapidly glimpsed at Zhang Tie with a faint blush.

    Zhang Tie rubbed his face as he was not used to listen to a woman who was much elder than him calling herself "disciple" in front of him, "You don't need to call yourself disciple in front of me in Long Sight Peak from now on. Just call yourself I or Youlan. The same to all the other girls."

    "Yes, this disciple got it!"

    Zhang Tie watched her helplessly for a second. She then realized what mistake had she made. Her cheeks became redder as she hurriedly corrected, "Yes, sir, You...Youlan got it!"

    "Do you know why the others have dispatched you here?"

    "Yes...I know a bit!" Deacon Yu lowered her head as her face turned completely red.

    Zhang Tie patted his forehead, 'It seems that Huaiyuan Palace really takes me as a stud. I really want to know how those elders issued this "order" to these women. No wonder why those women threw such a strange and bashful glimpse at me just now. It turns out that they have been ready to "sacrifice" themselves.' The moment Zhang Tie caught sight of these women, he had known that all the female here were virgins, including this deacon Yu.

    "Given your look, you should have been LV 11. Where did you learn your battle skills from?" Zhang Tie asked casually.

    "Youlan trained in Hidden Dragon Island 8 years ago!" Deacon Yu replied in a bashful look.

    Zhang Tie faintly widened his mouth, 'It seems that this Yu Youlan is my senior sister apprentice when I was in Hidden Dragon Island...'

    Zhang Tie didn't know what to say.

    "Ahem...ahem...it's too late. I will go to bed. You go take a rest too!"

    Deacon Yu bit her lips with a blush as she asked in a very low voice, "Elder, which girl do you prefer? I will have her here to accompany you!"

    After being asked by a senior sister apprentice from Hidden Dragon Island, Zhang Tie blushed, "Erm...no need. You can leave now!"

    "Yes, sir..." Deacon Yu threw another glance at Zhang Tie before leaving the room in a restraint way. She closed the door, leaving Zhang Tie alone in the room.

    Zhang Tie rubbed his face with a bitter smile, 'After the chakra rotating ceremony, I will become a clan elder. By then, I will find a chance to dispatch these girls to their original whereabouts. I really cannot bear such a special treatment...'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie realized that he had not entered Castle of Black Iron for over one month. He wondered how many fruits could he get from the small tree after his trip to Ice and Snow Wilderness...

    'However, considering that I will go to the Mountain of Brightness tomorrow; additionally, it's inconvenient for me to enter Castle of Black Iron right on the Long Sight Peak. As the other 4 elders were on Yiyang Mountain, it'd be hard to explain it to them if I was found disappeared under their eyes.'

    Therefore, Zhang Tie threw himself onto the comfortable big bed and fell asleep...

    'To be honest, it was pretty comfortable to sleep on a bed alone...'

    'Since I arrived at Ewentra Archipelago, I've not been sleeping alone on a bed for over 1 month.' Such a whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind...

    'Hmm, it sounds a bit shameless...'

    He gradually entered a sweet dreamland...
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