Chapter 761: Tianfang City

    Chapter 761: Tianfang City

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    After having a sound sleep last night, the bit of fatigue caused by over 1 month's journey outside was cleared. Zhang Tie became spirited once again.

    Knights could not just cultivate and fight. With proper relaxation, they could even maintain a greater vitality and more sensitive thinking.

    So did Zhang Tie. As it was still far away from the formation of his earth chakra, Zhang Tie became relaxed. He just kept the regular rhythm. Many black iron knights could not break their realm for 100-200 years.

    The morning air in Yiyang Mountain was as fresh as the crystal being cleansed by the thawed ice from the Elzida Mountain. After taking a breath of the refreshing air, Zhang Tie felt spirited all over.

    After getting up, Zhang Tie took a bath. He then put on a new set of clothes before leaving the elder's pavilion on Long Sight Peak for the Shrine Palace.

    There were all sorts of items in the elder's pavilion, including hundreds of clothes, hats, shoes and socks in different styles. All the daily goods provided for the clan elders by Huaiyuan Palace were real, top customized items. Take the black robe on Zhang Tie as an instance, although it looked similar to common silk robes, Deacon Yu told him that it was made of a special python silk in Eastern Continent. Python silk was a rarity. It was said that 50 g of python silk was worth 5 kgs of gold. In Waii Sub-continent, as python silk products were imported from Eastern Continent, they were more expensive and rarer.

    Python silk could not be attacked by dust. Due to its special, dense flexibility, it could not be penetrated through by powerful bolts. It looked nice, clean and tidy like a piece of natural soft armor. In Huaiyuan Palace, python silk products were special provisions. Only the clan elders and some big figures in Zhang Clan could use them.

    Besides the robe, even the upper outer garment, lining and trousers were made of top raw materials in excellent workmanship. Even Zhang Tie's pair of cloud-ascending shoes was customized artificially, which was very delicate all over.

    Since he came to Yiyang Mountain last night, only after half a day, Zhang Tie already had a feeling--How good it is to be a clan elder!

    It was just the beginning. Zhang Tie knew that the privilege of elders of Huaiyuan Palace would not just be such a small material treatment and some beauties...

    As he kept breathing the fresh air on Yiyang Mountain, Zhang Tie strode off the Long Sight Peak leisurely. When he arrived at the Shrine Palace, it was not 6 am yet. After waiting there a couple of minutes, Elder Muray arrived on time.

    Realizing that Zhang Tie arrived here a couple of times earlier, Elder Muray nodded faintly as he appreciated Zhang Tie a bit more. Although it was a trivial thing, it indicated the importance of Huaiyuan Palace in Zhang Tie's heart.

    Although he was satisfied, Elder Muray didn't show it on his face. After greeting Zhang Tie, he put it straight, "Let's go!" Closely after that, he rose in the air, followed by Zhang Tie.

    Elder Muray kept flying ahead of Zhang Tie. After rising above the clouds tens of thousands of meters high, the two people rushed towards north like meteors.

    Xian Prefecture of Lan Clan was neighboring Huaiyuan Prefecture. Taian City in the northernmost part of Huaiyuan Prefecture was adjacent to Shunjiang City of Lan Clan with Yuanjiang River between them. However, Taian City had been sold to Norman Empire by Huaiyuan Palace.

    Over the past 1 month, with the evacuation of a lot of Hua people, besides Taian City, Yunzhou City, Xince City and Qihai City were also sold by Huaiyuan Palace to Norman Empire. Norman Empire had connected Taian City, Yunzhou City and Qihai City and formed a firm base on the north bank of Yuan Jiang River.

    Xince City was sold to the Mercenary Union of Blackson Humans Corridor. After selling the above 4 cities, Huaiyuan Palace only had 3 coastal cities, respectively Yiyang City, Golden Sea City and Stars Viewing City. Among them, Yiyang City was the core region of Huaiyuan Palace and Zhang Clan. Golden Sea City was the significant industrial and manufacturing base of Huaiyuan Palace. Stars Viewing City was the northernmost portal and the encampment of the Hurricane Corps of Huaiyuan Palace. Like a firm steel tripod, the three cities became Huaiyuan Palace's final base on Blackson Humans Corridor.

    Elder Muray moved as fast as 800 miles per hour which was higher than Zhang Tie's "cruising speed". After thinking for a second, Zhang Tie had realized that Elder Muray was testing his flying ability. This speed had already been much faster than the average speed of most of the black iron knights. 'As the Mountain of Brightness is not far away, Elder Muray doesn't need to fly so fast at the cost of his vigor.'

    It might work if Elder Muray tested other new knights with this high speed; however, it was like testing whether a fish could swim for Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie's "cruising speed" would reach above 700 miles per hour, it was very easy for him to increase by a bit more than 10%.

    It only took the two knights more than half an hour from Yiyang City to Taian City.

    From their perspectives in the air, airships landed in Taian City from north one after another, unloading passengers.

    At this moment, over 70% of fury-level airships produced by Huaiyuan Palace were sold to Norman Empire and were used for the evacuation of the population in the entire empire.

    Anything, once reaching a scale, would be splendid just like the airships below Zhang Tie's feet at this moment.

    Watching those airships, Zhang Tie couldn't help but imagine how he would shoot down these airships rapidly if they belonged to demons.

    They soon flew over Yuanjiang River. After that, Elder Muray realized that Zhang Tie was not flying hard. Therefore, it refreshed his opinion about Zhang Tie's ability. He then decelerated to 600 miles per hour.

    "You're cultivating Five-elements Earth-look Sutra?" Elder Muray talked to Zhang Tie in a secret soul-transmitting manner.

    "Hmm, yes!" Zhang Tie replied calmly.

    Elder Muray then watched the white protective battle qi over Zhang Tie with a dubious look, "Could Five-elements Earth-look Sutra improve one's flying ability?"

    "I don't know. Perhaps, my physique has improved after being struck by that lightning bolt. I also feel the difference between this "Five-elements Earth-look Sutra and the contents in the secret book!" Zhang Tie replied as he started to convert his battle qi. In a split second, the protective battle qi became as flexible as water as the white light which represented gold turned into purple-black which represented water. Closely after that, it turned into green which represented wood. Then, it turned into red like fire. Finally, it turned into yellow which represented earth.

    Each level higher the cultivator reached, he would have a power of the five elements. After promoting to the knight, the cultivator could freely convert his battle qi among the five elements and advance his battle qi to five-elements battle qi. Zhang Tie was displaying this ability.

    Watching Zhang Tie's performance, Elder Muray didn't doubt him anymore; instead, he let out a sigh, "You'd better not reveal the secret that you were struck by a lightning bolt in the future. Otherwise, I'm afraid that many disciples of Huaiyuan Palace would like to be struck by the lightning bolt on purpose!"

    "Haha, fine!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

    King roc could be a fish in the water, a bird in the sky; King roc could go deep into the abyss and suppress all the evils or fly as fast as wind and thunders in the sky so as to devour the stars. It had numerous, mysterious changes. After promoting to the knight, Zhang Tie was granted with a special "knight's consciousness" by the "King Roc Sutra". He could almost imitate all kinds of battle qi below emperor-level secret knowledge that he was familiar with. As long as he read that secret knowledge of any battle qi, he would be able to imitate it easily. According to the difficulty of the secret knowledge, he could at least imitate 60% of them.

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to display the powerful ability of "King Roc Sutra" in front of an elder of Huaiyuan Palace.

    Real powerhouses usually hid their true talent. Therefore, Zhang Tie just imitated the "Five-elements Earth-Looking Sutra" by the "King Roc Sutra".


    After flying over 700 miles towards northeast along Shunjiang City, Zhang Tie saw a city being surrounded by green mountains. It was not large but was featured by the nonchalant elegance of Lan cities.

    Elder Muray landed on the top of a mountain outside the city, followed by Zhang Tie. After that, they went downhill and entered the city from a gate in the south.

    The moment Zhang Tie stepped onto the cyan stony road in the city, he had sniffed a rich fragrance of flowers. All sorts of exotic flowers were on both sides of the urban roads. The entire city was like a big garden as was indicated by its name Tianfang City.

    'Is the Human Knights Union Mountain of Brightness on Waii Sub-continent located here?'

    Zhang Tie had a limitless curiosity about the Mountain of Brightness as he imagined about the magnificent scenery on Mountain of Brightness.

    After walking through the roads for over 20 minutes, Elder Muray stopped in a remote lane, "Here we are!"

    Zhang Tie looked around with a vacant expression...

    Elder Muray pointed at a medium-sized pawnshop in front of them...

    There were three Hua characters on the signboard outside the pawnship--. Almost half of its primer faded away. It seemed a bit miserable.

    Zhang Tie became stunned for quite a while...

    'Is this...the Mountain of Brightness? The most powerful Human Knights Union on Waii Sub-continent?'

    'My God, even the Sacred Golden Orchid Empire's embassy in Jinyun Country looks much more advanced than this place.'

    If not the solemn look of Elder Muray, which reminded Zhang Tie that it was not a joke, he had long turned around and left...
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