Chapter 764: Decision

    Chapter 764: Decision

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    Zhang Tie rubbed his eyes as he raised his head from the pile of books.

    He was occupied in books for a whole day.

    All the books were about human lives and network before the Catastrophe. Besides, there were some gnosis about cultivation and notes of clan elders of Huaiyuan Palace. Those books were collected in the library of Hidden Dragon Island while those gnosis and notes were collected in Yiyang Mountain; especially the gnosis and notes which contained many secrets of Huaiyuan Palace and various knowledge of the knight's world and could only be read by elders of Huaiyuan Palace.

    Although it took Zhang Tie one day to read them, it was worthy.

    Mountain of Brightness was human knights' union and the most powerful human organization. Additionally, the Mountain of Brightness could be described as a web server in the network term before the Catastrophe. The knight's crystal plate was the information access of this web server. Each knight could connect their spiritual energy with the web server of Mountain of Brightness through their own knight's crystal plate and shared the resources inside it.

    Each knight was the registrant of this network forum. Each one's byname in Mountain of Brightness was their username or web name. Based on their levels, they could have different accesses. All the resources were open freely to the knights with higher levels; namely, knights with lower levels could not access to higher-level resources.

    Earth knights could browse all the resources about the section of black iron knights; however, black iron knights could not access the resources which were open to earth knights.

    That was a network!

    The information network before the Catastrophe was electrical network; however, this network constructed by crystals was a quantum network.

    Knights' strong spiritual energy, knights' wealth and purchasing power and knights' importance to humans determined that only knights could access to Mountain of Brightness.

    Those with weak spiritual energy could not access to it; those lacking money could not afford it. What a reality!

    This network could not be built by humans in this age. According to the notes of those clan elders of Huaiyuan Palace, Mountain of Brightness was actually a prehistorical secret treasure excavated from the underground world together with Xuanyuan Hill. It was a product of crystal civilization that humans developed by crystals numerous years ago. According to the legend, this Mountain of Brightness was an extremely huge piece of crystal right in Xuanyuan Hill of Taixia Country. Since the Mountain of Brightness was discovered, numerous elites in Taixia Country had been studying about its usage.

    The main component of the crystal was silicon, which was the best carrier for information storage and transfer. Silicon was the most abundant element in this world. Actually, the entire land was mainly composed of silicon. Therefore, according to the opinion of an academism which was obsessed with the study about the functions of crystal, this world could be treated as a huge crystal in the universe. The pieces of this huge crystal were not independent; instead, they were exchanging information around the clock. These pieces of crystal could form a huge crystal information network in the unified energy field of the universe through intercommunication. In a certain period of human history, people used special functions of crystal to develop a brilliant civilization.

    In black iron age, humans excavated and inherited some functions of crystal such as lighting surging points, making long-distance communications and building the only information network.

    In black iron age, human civilizations vanished and gained rebirth.

    Zhang Tie's byname in Mountain of Brightness was Chakra's Tiger. Zhang Tie was curious about the bynames of the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace.

    However, this question was forbidden in the knight's world. All the information about a knight in the Mountain of Brightness were confidential.

    Those materials left by the elders benefited Zhang Tie a lot. Until then did Zhang Tie realize that he had entered the Knight's world completely.

    Zhang Tie looked outside and found a golden sunglow hanging over the skyline, illuminating the windows of the study room on the entire second storey of the attic.

    Zhang Tie picked himself up and leisurely went off the attic.

    Deacon Yu and two beautiful servants of Long Sight Peak were waiting outside the attic. Watching Zhang Tie coming downstairs, the three women put their crossed hands on the left waists. After that, they lowered their bodies and faintly bowed towards Zhang Tie.


    Besides beautiful looks, their etiquette also made Zhang Tie comfortable.

    When they lowered their bodies and faintly bowed towards Zhang Tie, they were displaying their delicate curves and special, enchanting feminine temperament. Each time Zhang Tie saw the greeting etiquette of Hua women, he would feel very special and polite.

    All the women on Long Sight Peak had excellent figures, white skin and black hair, which fit the aesthetic standard of Hua people very much. Deacon Yu made a peony-shaped bun while the other two made a double conch-shaped bun and a flying fairy-shaped bun respectively. The peony-shaped bun was mature and elegant, the double conch-shaped bun was naive and witty, the flying fairy-shaped bun was brilliant and flexible. The three women's hairstyle matched with each other. Additionally, all of them were wearing fluttering long skirts while faintly exposing their plump breasts. Zhang Tie glanced over their bulged chests and curved butts as he stealthily swallowed his saliva faintly.

    Honestly, Zhang Tie was impulsive to raise the three women's jaws by his finger.

    "Ahem...ahem...get up!" Zhang Tie issued the order as he moved his eyes from their bodies. Meanwhile, he exclaimed inside, 'How sharp is the beauty trick of the elders! No man could bear not opening up and sowing on the 'fertile land' 1  while facing them all the year round.'

    The three women got up with a faint blush. Due to the sharp instinct, they had sensed Zhang Tie's glance although they didn't raise heads.

    "Elder, you've not eaten food for a whole day. Do you want to eat some?" Deacon Yu asked with a faint blush.

    Zhang Tie touched his belly as he replied, "I will have some then. And, put away those books and secret gnosis and send them back to Hidden Dragon Island!"

    Closely after Zhang Tie's order, someone had collected the books.

    "Hmm, fine, are you going out now, Elder?"

    "No, I'm just going to take a walk on the Long Sight Peak and breathe some fresh air!" Zhang Tie explained as he walked out of the attic.

    Seeing Zhang Tie walking out, Deacon Yu threw a glance at the two women on her side. With a faint blush, the two women lowered their heads and followed Zhang Tie out.

    When Zhang Tie came to a lookout pavilion in the courtyard, he looked at the beautiful mountainscape and the shimmering sea level at the foot of the mountain in the distance and let out a long sigh.

    Standing on the Long Sight Peak, the scenery was pretty good with an open vision. Besides the scenery on Yiyang Mountain, the ocean in the distance could also be enjoyed. All in all, Zhang Tie felt pretty open-minded and relaxed here.

    Zhang Tie felt that he had gotten rid of the pile of books and secret gnosis spiritually.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie heard faint footsteps from his back. He looked back and found he was followed by 2 beautiful girls.

    "Elder, as you've read books for a whole day, you must be tired. Ziyun and Ruxuan wish to help you relax yourself..." The beautiful girl in the flying fairy-shaped bun asked bravely with a blush.

    "Fine!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, the two girls moved into the lookout pavilion in an enchanting way. After that, one of them took out a jade flute from the wall of the lookout pavilion while the other took out a qin, a seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to a zither. In a split second, the flute and the qin sounded while a distant music reverberated around the lookout pavilion. The music was as melodious and soothing as white clouds in the air and as natural and elegant as pines in the breeze which matched with the scenery pretty well. Watching the golden sunglow in the distance and listening to the melodious rhythm, Zhang Tie was immersed in the nice realm.

    'Knight is just the first step for me to climb towards my peak. It's just a beginning. For the rest of my life, I will never live up to this body. I will definitely reach the highest mountain peak and see the scenery under it.' Zhang Tie muttered to himself.

    After making this decision, Zhang Tie felt that he became spirited at once while an ecstasy filled his body.

    After a while, the sun set off while the golden sunglow gradually faded away. The night breeze felt a bit cold. After hearing a pause in the music, Zhang Tie turned around while the two women stopped too.

    The woman who was playing the qin was that with the flying fairy-shaped bun. Facing the cold night breeze, her movement slowed down a bit, causing a musical note to lose its agility faintly. However, she had not imagined that Zhang Tie could observe it. Watching Zhang Tie turning around, the woman's face became completely red. She had not imagined that this young elder was so proficient in music. Of course, she didn't know how Zhang Tie lived for 15 years in the tower of time with the imitating bloodline.

    Zhang Tie came to the front of the woman. After that, he pressed down a string with one finger and plucked it by another hand, causing an agile, nice note from the long qin, leaving an elegant sound curl.

    Both girls blushed. Only after hearing the very musical note, the two girls had already known that they met the real music master. They had not imagined that Zhang Tie was proficient in music besides having promoted to the knight at such a young age.

    "Please forgive us!" The two girls exchanged a glance with each other before hurriedly getting up and asking for Zhang Tie's punishment by lowing their body.

    "Ha...ha...ha, nice scenery, nice music and better people. How innocent you are!" Zhang Tie burst into laughter, "Get up!"

    When the two women got up, Zhang Tie couldn't help but pat their curved butts...

    "Ahh..." They exclaimed at the same time as they almost sprung up.

    "Hmm, it's getting cold. Remember to put on warm clothes later on. Although your skirts are nice, they are a bit thin. I'm enjoying such a good scenery, but I cannot make you catch a cold!" Zhang Tie joked as he left.

    The two women blushed at once as they exchanged a glance with each other. As they realized that Zhang Tie was so fickle, they silently reminded each other.


    In the dining hall, Deacon Yu had prepared well the supper for Zhang Tie.

    When Zhang Tie ate, Deacon Yu just served him on one side.

    "Have you eaten? Come on, let's have it together!" Zhang Tie asked casually.

    "Youlan has finished supper!" Deacon Yu shook her head as she explained, "As we're going to hold the rotating chakra ceremony tomorrow, this supper should be made of vegetables according to the regulation. Are you accustomed to it, elder?"

    Zhang Tie watched the over 10 assorted vegetable dishes and revealed a smile, "It doesn't matter. From today on, just prepare 3 dishes and 1 soup for me in each meal. No need to be so wasteful!"

    "Yes, sir!"


    After dinner, Zhang Tie took a bath and changed his clothes. He then entered meditation with closed eyes in the elder's pavilion and waited for the rotating chakra ceremony...

    Incenses were burning in the elder's pavilion.
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