Chapter 765: The Rotating Chakra Ceremony

    Chapter 765: The Rotating Chakra Ceremony

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    Entering the void realm without any desire!

    Zhang Tie entered meditation overnight with a clear mind. He became relaxed all over in a special state. Gradually, the day broke.

    When the sound of footsteps drifted from outside the attic, Zhang Tie was muttering--The law of the heavens is mysterious; the law of the earth is stable. If the heaven was not extremely mysterious, the spirits of all things would not exist; if the earth was not extremely stable, all things would not be carried out. Due to the mystery of the heavens and the stability of the earth, all sorts of mysterious phenomena of sun, moons and stars appeared in the sky and elements of water, fire, soil and rocks formed on the earth. Due to the changing phenomena in the sky, all things were nourished. Due to all things' mysterious responses to the phenomena in the sky, they finally showed themselves to us. Therefore, the mysterious and stable abstruseness led to everything, accepted everything and contained everything.

    "Elder, the blessed moment has arrived!" Deacon Yu's voice sounded outside the room.

    After opening his eyes, Zhang Tie saw two teams led by Deacon Yu and Yiyang Mountain and those women in the elder's pavilion of the Long Sight Peak cupping all sorts of clothes and tools and watching him with a respectful look.

    Zhang Tie had been familiar with today's procedure. At the sight of this scene, Zhang Tie just stood up silently while stretching out his arms.

    Those women swarmed up at once and started to dress up Zhang Tie as soon as possible.

    After a few minutes, those women left. A deacon then passed a mirror to Zhang Tie to let him watch himself.

    A crown made of violet gold which symbolized the good fortune of a fighter, a robe with a python pattern, a jade belt and gold hooks on it; a double-colored jade pendant, a pair of shoes with auspicious clouds and a unicorn pattern on it, a demon-killing sword on his waist. Watching such an image in the mirror, Zhang Tie, aged just 16, was shocked by his majesty.

    All the women in the elder's pavilion were obsessed with Zhang Tie's new image.

    As the old saying went, "People became dignified by high-end clothes while horse became excellent by its saddle. Even Zhang Tie felt that he looked pretty handsome at this moment."

    Zhang Tie nodded, "It's fine!"

    After that, Zhang Tie followed the two teams of deacons out of the elder's pavilion on the top of Long Sight Peak.

    When Zhang Tie walked out of the elder's pavilion on Long Sight Peak, the first ray of sunshine reached the Shrine Palace of Yiyang Mountain.


    A distant yet vigorous and firm bell ring drifted from the highest peak of Yiyang Mountain and reverberated around the entire Yiyang Mountain. Even residents in Yiyang City heard the sound.

    When the bell rang reached the foot of the mountain, it sounded across Huaiyuan Prefecture at the same time.

    At that moment, both sides of the square outside the Shrine Palace of Yiyang Mountain had been crowded with people. However, nobody uttered any sound. They were just waiting for the major character.

    When the first bell rang, Zhang Tie, on the mountain path, started to release his battle-qi totem.

    Even though it was daytime, a brilliant battle-qi totem could still be seen above Yiyang Mountain. Just like wanting to match with the sun's brilliance, it could be seen from 100 miles away.

    It was a five-element battle qi that Zhang Tie imitated according to the "Five-element Ground-look Sutra". The "Five-element Ground-look Sutra" was just a viscount-level secret knowledge. Although it was not the most powerful one, it was extremely brilliant.

    At the sight of the battle-qi totem rising in the sky from the mountain, all the onlookers on both sides of the square outside the Shrine Palace became faintly excited. Although so many people came to attend the chakra rotating ceremony, not every one of them had a chance to watch the knight's battle-qi totem rising in the air from such a short distance.

    Watching the rising battle-qi totem, many people's eyes became eager.


    With another bell ring from Yiyang Mountain, everybody across Yiyang Mountain felt like their hearts were pounding.

    With the constant bell rings, Zhang Tie walked frankly towards the Shrine Palace one stage by another on the golden carpet which extended from the Long Sight Peak. At every few meters, there was a disciple of Huaiyuan Palace in a ceremonial robe on one side of the mountain path, who would give a salute to Zhang Tie when Zhang Tie passed by them.

    Under the guidance of the two rows of deacons, when Zhang Tie reached the outside of the Shrine Palace, the bell had rung 27 times as was scheduled.

    Zhang Tie saw all sorts of onlookers on both sides of the square of the Shrine Palace, male or female, old or young, familiar or strange.

    Zhang Tie instantly caught sight of those family members from the old mansion in Golden Sea City. They were in a special location. Zhang Haitian, the head of Zhang family, Zhang Haitian's wives, Zhang Tie's uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces, 50-60 people in total.

    Zhang Tie was so thrilled that his face turned completely red. Even his mustache was quivering. All the other members of Zhang family were chinning up and chesting out and watching Zhang Tie with enthusiastic looks. Zhang Su was also watching Zhang Tie with an intricate and awe-stricken look.

    Zhang Tie's powerful knight's battle-qi totem was oppressive to everybody below the knight. Those cultivators could sense Zhang Tie's power especially.

    Zhang Tie faintly nodded towards those people from Zhang's old mansion, which made many of them excited.

    What a clan's honor! From today on, Zhang family in Golden Sea City would be dignified and respected.

    Actually, the family members in the old mansion of Zhang Clan had already sensed the honor from the number of onlookers.

    Zhang Tie noticed familiar faces one after another from the crowd.

    Zhang Tie caught sight of Zerom and Captain Kerlin standing in the stand area below the banner of Armes, the empire of mercenary. Zerom looked more mature than before with a mustache, who was able to control his facial expression at the sight of Zhang Tie. Captain Kerlin the cyclops widely opened his mouth which could even hold an ostrich's egg as he constantly rubbed his eyes.

    "Zerom, it's truly that little jerk. Do I see the wrong person?" Captain Kerlin whispered to Zerom.

    "You jerk. Shut up if you don't want to die. Do you want Huaiyuan Palace to chop us and feed our meat to sharks?" Zerom maintained a faint smile as he stomped onto the Cyclop's foot, causing him to show his teeth in pain.

    Zhang Tie sniggered inside. How could the two guys' little tricks and whispers escape from his senses?

    Zhang Tie still revealed a smile towards them. Many people in the area of Armes revealed a shocked expression like being favored.

    In the stand area for Norman Empire's onlookers, Zhang Tie saw some familiar faces too--Reinhardt, Leibnitz, Guderian of No. 39 Regiment of Iron-horn Corps were standing on the side of a 40-year old blonde man in a royal dress. Watching Zhang Tie passing by them, they all gazed at Zhang Tie with widely opened eyes. It seemed that they wanted to identify whether Zhang Tie was the same person that they were familiar with.

    The 40-year old blonde man moved his eyes from Zhang Tie to the 3 people who were familiar with Zhang Tie. The three guys exchanged a glance with each other before faintly nodding. It seemed that they had confirmed Zhang Tie's status at the same time. The 40-year old blonde man then revealed a brilliant smile towards Zhang Tie.

    After the stand area of Norman Empire's onlookers, Zhang Tie noticed Princess Candis of Raymlan Empire. Seeing Zhang Tie walking in front of her, dignified Princess Candis even ogled Zhang Tie.

    Then, he saw an old friend, Taishi Ci, whom he met in Heavens Cold City with a slim-leg beauty on his side. A purple-faced old man who looked similar to Taishi Ci was standing in front of them. At the sight of the old man, Zhang Tie knew that he was the head of Taishi Clan.

    Zhang Tie nodded towards Taishi Ci, who immediately became excited as he whispered to that beauty on his side, "Look, I've told you that my brother Zhang Tie is very loyal. He still remembers me!"

    "Who knows whether he's greeting you or not?" That beauty argued in a low voice as she gazed at Zhang Tie like being drawn by a magnet on Zhang Tie's body.

    "Brother Zhang Tie..." Taishi Ci wanted to argue...

    "Shut up, Zhang Tie is now an elder of Huaiyuan Palace. Who's your brother?" That purple-faced old man turned around and swore. Taishi Ci instantly shut up; however, he still made a grimace towards Zhang Tie.

    After that, Zhang Tie noticed the representatives of elders and young men from the other major clans of Jinyun Country. The only one that Zhang Tie was familiar with among those elders was the Lan elder whom he met in Selnes Theater of Operations. However, Zhang Tie also saw some familiar faces that he had ever met in Selnes Theatre of Operations among those young men.

    Besides the Lan elder who maintained a smile towards Zhang Tie, all the others revealed intricate expressions. With one more young knight and a clan elder at 20 years of age, Huaiyuan Palace immediately overwhelmed the young generation of all the other clans, causing a great stress to all the other clans...
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