Chapter 767: Bidding a Farewell

    Chapter 767: Bidding a Farewell

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    On November 9th, an airship base outside Yiyang City...

    Before boarding the airship, Princess Candis turned around and ran into Zhang Tie's arms and gave him a deep kiss.

    "Darling, I miss you so much, will you come back for me?"

    "I will!" Zhang Tie patted her butt with a smile.

    Watching the two people embracing each other, all the other representatives of Raymlan Empire disappeared.

    Princess Candis was a stunner. In the past one week in Huaiyuan Prefecture, this woman brought Zhang Tie a lot of pleasure. As a result, Zhang Tie had a deeper understanding of the word princess. In one word--all the princesses in fairy tales were deceptive!

    "You promise me..." Princess Candis urged.

    "I promise!"

    Princess Candis instantly held the thing in Zhang Tie's crotch in an audacious way. Like shaking hands, she started to wave it as she licked Zhang Tie's earlobe faintly and held it in her mouth. She then faintly bit it and slid her tongue on it. The hot and sweet air was exhaled directly onto Zhang Tie's ear, "Darling, you can accompany me for another distance, when the airship leaves Huaiyuan Prefecture, you can fly back. We've got 3 hours left..."

    Princess Candis' audacity made Zhang Tie embarrassed in the public.

    Thank god, this woman in a brilliant princess' longuette and sable shawl finally boarded the airship. Watching the airship setting off, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh.

    Only after less than a week since the rotating chakra ceremony, the wind coming from northwest had become abruptly cold in Yiyang City, especially in the open airship base.

    Princess Candis was the last one who left Yiyang City among all the guests. On November 5th, Zerom and Captain Kerlin had already left Yiyang City. On the same day, Zhang Tie invited them for dinner. Finally, Zhang Tie saw them off in the airship base. Due to this reason, the two people instantly became stars among the representatives of Armes, the mercenary empire.

    Due to the all-purpose medicament, the exchange between Armes and Huaiyuan Palace grew more intimate these years. Armes required more help from Huaiyuan Palace; therefore, the major mercenary groups in Armes brought Zhang Tie a big gift.

    Due to the sparse demonized puppets disasters across Waii Sub-continent and the demand of rich men and business groups for safety brought the heyday of mercenaries and mercenary groups at the beginning of the holy war. Mercenaries and mercenary groups might be the only human professions and organizations that would appreciate the arrival of the holy war and chaotic world. In the former holy wars, many fierce and powerful people appeared in mercenaries and mercenary groups. After each holy war, there would always be a lot of mercenary groups or excellent figures in mercenary groups who registered their ambitions to be kings by establishing countries.

    Zerom was now the head of the logistics department of Thor Mercenary Group, who had already established his position in Thor's Mercenary Group. Captain Kerlin who went to seek refuge with Zerom after "being crossed in love" had become a battalion chief in Thor's Mercenary Group.

    Actually, Zhang Tie always felt that Captain Kerlin would not feel comfortable in school or regular army based on his temperament. Perhaps, he would feel freer in a mercenary group. After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie really felt that he was destined to share some feeling with Captain Kerlin. After Miss Daina married a doctor, Zhang Tie and Captain Kerlin were both disappointed.

    After meeting Captain Kerlin and Zerom, Zhang Tie understood many things. All the successes and growths needed to be paid. Some could be seen, some could not. Some could be kept after you made efforts; however, some could not be kept even if you made efforts.

    Previously, he was their students; now, he was the knight elder of Huaiyuan Palace. What a sharp difference between their positions! Therefore, Zerom and Captain Kerlin both looked a bit restrained in front of Zhang Tie. Actually, Zhang Tie preferred that former Captain Kerlin who was always careless in front of him. Pitifully, Captain Kerlin could never be careless in front of a knight, especially when the knight was his student.

    Perhaps, the only thing that Zhang Tie felt unchanged was the trust and friendship between them which was established in Blackhot City. Even though such a trust and friendship was inevitable and utilitarian, it was better than nothing.

    The representatives of Norman Empire left Yiyang City on November 6th. Before they left, Zhang Tie held an independent meeting with Filis, the crown prince of Norman Empire, which made the relationship between Zhang Tie and the royal household represented by Filis much closer.

    Filis didn't leave Yiyang City by an airship, but by a train.

    Filis was responsible for Taian City on behalf of the royal household of Norman Empire. The area combining Taian City, Yunzhou City and Qihai City that Norman Empire bought from Huaiyuan Palace was called Bennolisburg, which meant the fortress of hope in the language of Norman Empire.

    Norman Empire's royal household took Bennolisburg as a hope to stabilize people's heart domestically and seek for rejuvenation in the future.

    Colonel Leibniz was left in Yiyang City by Filis and became the head of an agency of liaison of Norman Empire in Yiyang City. It was needless to say whom this agency of liaison was going to contact. In 2 months, with the evacuation of the forces of Huaiyuan Palace and elders, Zhang Tie, the head of Hurricane Corps and a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace would become the most powerful figure of Huaiyuan Palace in Waii Sub-continent. Although Norman Empire didn't have to flatter Zhang Tie, they had to establish a good relationship with him at least.

    Although Colonel Leibnitz was left in Yiyang City, the 100 beauties whom Zhang Tie had not seen was returned to Filis. Zhang Tie was even thinking about returning those women on Long Sight Peak to the elders of Huaiyuan Palace, not to mention those women gifted by Norman Empire. Zhang Tie thought free love was the best. Additionally, Zhang Tie was sure that if he took these beauties from Norman Empire, Lan Yunxi would never marry him in the future. On this aspect, it was nothing different between Lan Yunxi and the other women as they were all possessive, 'My love affairs in Blackhot City had made Lan Yunxi very unhappy. If I remained unchanged, Lan Yunxi might be disappointed with me.'


    Taishi Clan's representatives also left Yiyang City on November 6th. This time, Taishi Clan gifted 25 tons of gold and a top-class rune longsword with double attributes to Zhang Tie. It was already a big gift for small clans like Taishi Clan in Jinyun Country. Therefore, before they returned, Zhang Tie asked Jinwu Business Group to load 50,000 vials of all-purpose medicament on the airship of Taishi Clan as a gift.

    Taishi Ci's eyes turned a bit red before he boarded on the airship. His dad also had a good impression of Zhang Tie. However, Zhang Tie felt a bit embarrassed by Taishi Ci's long-leg younger sister Taishi Nichang, who looked back at him a couple of times before leaving...
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