Chapter 768: Responsibilities

    Chapter 768: Responsibilities

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    After seeing off Princess Candis, Zhang Tie saw a black sedan parking on his side silently.

    This was an exclusive vehicle for the elder of Huaiyuan Palace, a super luxurious sedan imported from Taixia Country, Eastern Continent.

    This sedan shared the same brand with the super sports car Faire Dragon T9 that Zhang Tie once drove. However, they had utterly different styles. If Faire Dragon T9 with sharp lines belonged to those rebellious youngsters, this square, stable vehicle was definitely the favorite of elders.

    Being lowkey, its 5 m-long and 2 m-wide body and the square silver and crystal grates of its head made it dignified. However, what made this car more majestic was its license plate. Compared to the other license plates in Huiayuan Prefecture, this one only had a golden bow instead of any number on it. Across Huaiyuan Prefecture, only the license plate of elders' sedans was the symbol of power and majesty.

    After the car parked, the driver hurriedly got off and pulled open the door for Zhang Tie.

    This driver was not a commoner, but a LV 12 great battle master who had accepted strict training. The driver himself was enough to handle many troubles.

    The driver's name was Zhang Long, the offspring of Zhang Clan in Huaiyuan Palace. He was definitely loyal to Zhang Clan.

    After Zhang Tie entered the car, Zhang Long closed the door from outside. After that, he returned to the driver's seat and drove the car out of the airship base.

    "Elder Mushen, where are you heading for?" Zhang Long asked respectfully.

    "Take me to Yiyang Mountain first!" Zhang Tie replied as he leaned against the comfortable pillow on the backseat and gradually relaxed himself.

    Zhang Long then drove towards Yiyang Mountain. Meanwhile, the double glass between the cab and the backseats silently rose up, enabling Zhang Tie to have a good rest.

    Until he saw Candis off did Zhang Tie feel like truly completing the rotating chakra ceremony, which had actually come to an end one week ago, though.

    The Faerie-dragon vehicle had very luxurious trim--bright platinum and ceramic decorative sheets, dark purple sandalwood grains and comfortable crocodile-skin seats. As for commoners, over 5,000 gold coins was already a high price; however, it was trivial to Zhang Tie. In this rotating chakra ceremony, Zhang Tie had received over 1500 tons of gold, which were worth at least 60 million gold coins. Plus all the other gifts, he had received over 100 million gold coins for sure.

    However, not each knight could receive so many gifts when holding the rotating chakra ceremony. Zhang Tie understood that most of his achievements were benefited from the brand "Huaiyuan Palace". Like celebrating babies' birthday, the gifts that he received on his birthday could never match that of those babies in Gregory Clan. This displayed the different influences of different clans.

    With the license plate of golden bow, the vehicle "Faerie-dragon-Elder" went through Yiyang City without hindrance. On the way, many vehicles in front of this vehicle gave way to it voluntarily. At the cross, traffic policemen would even block the other vehicles from the roads on the left and on the right, allowing this sedan to access to it in advance. Zhang Tie watched the flow of people on the streets.

    He could sense the change in Yiyang City--the number of Hua people on the streets was decreasing while the number of people coming from outside was increasing. A lot of Hua people would leave Yiyang City by passenger liners every day for Eastern Continent. Meanwhile, a lot of people would pour in this city from the north of Blackson Humans Corridor each day. Some were seeking for a shelter, some were seeking for a chance to move their whole families away.

    The housing price in Yiyang City had already increased 3 times compared to that 5 years ago when the holy war broke out. It was even hotter than cooking oil by fire.

    A large number of properties and industries of Huaiyuan Palace in this city had been sold out constantly in the past couple of years at high prices. Due to the abnormal prosperity brought by war, most of Hua people in Huaiyuan Palace and Huaiyuan Prefecture realized a nice evacuation.

    Those who first bought industries and properties of Huaiyuan Palace and the other Hua clans had sold them at higher prices. However, many people were still craving for that, which indicated a thriving market demand.

    Nobody knew when demons could reach here. Therefore, nobody knew who would pick up the last plate. It was like beating the drum to pass the parcel. Until the one stopped beating the drum would someone else be the final idiot.

    Watching the prosperous scene in Yiyang City, Zhang Tie faintly narrowed his eyes. He knew that the prosperity here would not stagnate until the demonized puppets corps climbed over Kalay Mountain Range. As the final protector of Huaiyuan Palace in Waii Sub-continent and the leader of Hurricane Corps, Zhang Tie was actually not responsible for fighting demons at the risk of his life; neither would he be the savior. Instead, he preferred that these cities could maintain prosperity as long as possible and Huaiyuan Palace could extract the value of these cities to the utmost. In a euphemistic and noble expression, his responsibility was to keep smooth the southernmost tunnel in Waii Sub-continent, it might be the last maritime escape tunnel for many people to have a chance to leave out of here before the arrival of demons.

    The other clans of Jinyun Country almost adopted the similar strategies.

    Zhang Tie was clear about his responsibility.

    A knight was enough to safeguard 3 cities.

    After arriving at the foot of Yiyang Mountain, Zhang Tie got off the car and came to the Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace.

    Compared to the extreme, brilliant Shrine Palace 6 days ago, the Shrine Palace at this moment looked completely different. Dense steel frames and a ceiling were put up outside the entire palace like a bird's nestle. A lot of craftsmen in Huaiyuan Palace were busy disassembling the entire Shrine Palace in a very high efficiency.

    As Huaiyuan Palace would leave Waii Sub-continent, all the items of this Shrine Palace would be disassembled, marked with serial numbers, packaged and transported away by the sea. After they reached Youzhou Province, Taixia Country, the entire Shrine would be restored vividly.

    As one of the elders left on Yiyang Mountain, Elder Muen was standing out of the Shrine Palace with hands on his back. Raising his head, he faintly narrowed his eyes and watched the Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace with a reminiscent look.

    The dusk almost fell, Elder Muen was bathing the sunshine, showing a longer yet lonely shadow on the ground. He was watching workers dismantling the Shrine Palace with an intricate feeling.

    Until Zhang Tie walked to his side did Elder Muen move his eyes away from the Shrine Palace to Zhang Tie. He sighed, "When we built the Shrine Palace, even Lord Huaiyuan had not imagined that this Shrine Palace would be dismantled. This palace witnessed the vicissitudes of Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace over the past two centuries. I really feel a bit sorry about it being dismantled!"

    Zhang Tie could understand Elder Muen's mood faintly. After all, there were so many guests in such a brilliant palace a few days ago; but now it was going to be dismantled and taken away, leaving nothing else. Such a sharp change from prosperity and brilliance to tranquility would indeed bring people a sense of vicissitude.

    "I think Huaiyuan Palace and this Shrine Palace would definitely root in Taixia Country and have a bright future. More and more knights of Huaiyuan Palace would hold their rotating chakra ceremonies here!" Zhang Tie smiled.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Elder Muen instantly got rid of the sentimental state with a smile on his face. As elders of Zhang Clan, their mentalities were much more mature than commoners. Few of them would be mired in such a poetic, sentimental state. Elder Muen was just sighing due to the scenery. After hearing Zhang Tie's word, Elder Muen recovered his composure at once.

    "It's already a perfection that this Shrine Palace had witnessed another knight of Huaiyuan Palace before leaving Huaiyuan Prefecture!" Elder Muen said as he touched his long mustache. After that, he threw a glance at Zhang Tie, "Has that princess from Raymlan Empire left?"

    "Yup!" Zhang Tie answered frankly. He knew that the romantic affair between him and Princess Candis could not escape the eyes of the other elders. As that woman always stayed with him these days, he didn't mean to disguise to be innocent in front of the other elders. Additionally, such an affair could not ruin his image at all, "I'm back to bid farewell to Deacon Yu and the other girls on Long Sight Peak. I will go to Stars Viewing City tomorrow. Besides cultivation outside the city, I would always stay in the encampment of the Hurricane Corps. Later on, I will have less time to visit here. Elder Muen, can you take those beautiful girls away? As they are at such a nice age, I don't want to harm them. Please take them back and give them a rearrangement in Taixia!"

    Elder Muen became silent. He knew that Zhang Tie had stuck to his limit when in the elder's pavilion on Long Sight Peak these days. Besides, Zhang Tie even returned the 100 beauties gifted by Norman Empire without even looking at them. Although Zhang Tie liked beauties, he also had his bottom line. Although being a bit romantic, he was far from lady killers.

    'As Zhang Tie is on the equal footing with the other elders, if he dislikes it, nobody else can force him to do that. Now that this way doesn't work, just call it an end. Anyway, after promoting to a knight, he has a greater longevity. If he wants to have a baby, he will have no problem for 200-300 years. Just consider it later. Additionally, Zhang Tie has already got 3 babies, which is a contribution to Huaiyuan Palace. Take it easy!'

    Elder Muen nodded.


    After handling the affair on Long Sight Peak, Zhang Tie directly had Zhang Long drive him back to the old mansion of Zhang's family in Golden Sea City.

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to go back to the old mansion after becoming a clan elder...

    When he arrived there, it was already dark. Even though, the guards of the old mansion became spirited at once at the sight of the golden bow-shaped license plate. Two people hurriedly opened the gate for Zhang Tie. After that, one of them hurriedly went to report to the family members in the old mansion.

    When Zhang Long parked the car and opened the door for Zhang Tie. All the family members of the old mansion had been waiting for Zhang Tie in the courtyard, some of them were Zhang's guests.

    "Elder Mushen..." Watching Zhang Tie getting off the sedan, everybody hurriedly bowed towards Zhang Tie except for Zhang Tie's grandpa.

    Zhang Tie sighed inside at the sight of their movements as he revealed a genial smile, "Ahh, I've just come from Yiyang City. I'm expecting to have a meal at home. Just prepare a couple of dishes for me. No waste..."

    The words "I'm expecting to have a meal at home" made everybody hyper.

    The grand madam walked out of the crowd first. She went to take a look in the kitchen and had the cooks prepare supper for Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie's two aunts also hurriedly went to help grand madam.

    After Zhang Tie posed his requirement, it became a major event in the old mansion.

    Under the excited look of Zhang Haitian the old man, Zhang Tie walked to his front and called grandpa. After that, he supported the old man by his arm and returned to the main hall which was crowded with all the other family members.

    Even the guards and servants became spirited, not to mention those family members in the old mansion.

    The two guests in the old mansion found a chance to introduce themselves to Zhang Tie. After that, they left satisfactorily.

    What an intricate feeling for Zhang Tie!
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