Chapter 769: Im the Leader of the Hurricane Corps

    Chapter 769: I'm the Leader of the Hurricane Corps

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    At 10 am, October 10th, Zhang Tie came to the encampment of Hurricane Corps outside Stars Viewing City after holding the rotating chakra ceremony.

    The moment Zhang Tie's vehicle arrived at the gate of the encampment of Hurricane Corps, he had seen two rows of senior commissioned officers standing outside the gate, waiting for him.

    Zhang Tie let Zhang Long park at the gate. After that, he got off the vehicle.

    "Corps Leader Mushen!" All the senior commissioned officers gave a salute to Zhang Tie at the same time.

    In the corps, all the commisioned officers would call Zhang Tie corps leader, instead of elder regardless of their titles and ranks.

    After glancing at them, Zhang Tie nodded. As he had seen some of them at the rotating chakra ceremony, he didn't feel strange about them.

    Zhang Su, Zhang Tie's cousin was also in the greeting crowd in a military uniform of lieutenant colonel. According to his rank, Zhang Su was standing behind the team as a lot of colonels, senior colonels and major generals were in front of Zhang Su.

    Zhang Tie knew that this Hurricane Corps must know the relation between him and Zhang Su. Watching Zhang Su didn't come out to flatter him, Zhang Tie nodded inside. Through such a small detail, Zhang Tie could see the strict discipline and style of Hurricane Corps.

    Half of them were Hua commissioned officer, the other half were of other human races.

    Hurricane Corps was composed of slaves when it was established by Huaiyuan Palace. Therefore, many commissioned officers in the corps were slaves originally. Therefore, Zhang Tie was not surprised at the sight of these commissioned officers with colorful skins. The Breaking Sun Corps composed of the disciples of Huaiyuan Palace and other Hua disciples had long been dispatched to the Eastern Continent by Huaiyuan Palace as the trump card of Huaiyuan Palace to safeguard the undertaking of Huaiyuan Palace in Youzhou Province, Taixia Country.

    Zhang Tie also saw some other familiar faces among these commissioned officers who were greeting him. They were all influential figures on the Hidden Dragon List in Hidden Dragon Island. Although Zhang Tie didn't make an exchange with them, he could remember their looks. He could even remember the name of that tall and robust guy--Zhang Wumu 1  .

    When Zhang Tie was in Selnes Theater of Operations, this guy was also there. However, Zhang Tie was in the airship troop. This guy was in the demon-hunting squads on the ground. Although they were fellow apprentices, they didn't have a chance to see each other after staying in Selnes Theater of Operations for over one year. They could only see each other's name on the Military Exploits Namelist.

    This time, their statuses were utterly different.

    Zhang Wumu watched that former "junior fellow apprentice" in Hidden Dragon Palace with an intricate look.

    Zhang Tie watched these commissioned officers; these commissioned officers also watched the youngest knight clan elder in Huaiyuan Palace. After all, only a few senior commissioned officers were qualified to attend the rotating chakra ceremony; therefore, most of these commissioned officers had not seen Zhang Tie.

    In the eyes of these commissioned officers, Zhang Tie was excessively young. According to the legend, Zhang Tie was 23 years old. However, everyone thought this new corps leader was just 16-17 years old. He was completely a handsome boy. At such a young age, commoners were not even allowed to join the army, not to mention taking the position of the leader of Hurricane Corps.

    Zhang Tie knew what these commissioned officers were thinking about. However, he didn't care about that. After promoting to a real knight, Zhang Tie had understood the first law in knight's world--just ignore the thoughts of all those below LV 15. Because that was meaningless to knights.

    "As it's my first time to see Hurricane Corps, you can show me around the camp first!" Zhang Tie directly walked into the camp. After exchanging a glance with each other, those commissioned officers hurriedly followed up.

    Many people were a bit amazed as they had not imagined that the new corps leader could have such a strong qi field. 'It's far from the innocence that should be owned by a young man at his age. Even though this new corps leader had stayed in Selnes Theater of Operations, he was just a common soldier, how could he form such a strong qi field and confident attitude?'

    If they knew what Zhang Tie had experienced these years, they would not have thought this way.

    What Zhang Tie had experienced could overwhelm everybody else at present, whether in Ice and Snow Wilderness, Selnes Theater of Operations or in trouble-reappearance situations. This explained why Zhang Tie was so confident.

    Wouldn't a guy who had killed 3 knights be able to overwhelm these commissioned officers?

    The encampment of Hurricane Corps covered over 30 sq miles. Over 400,000 soldiers gathered here. All the living and training facilities were well matched here. The entire encampment was like a base and a fortress. It was full of killing qi everywhere. On the way here, Zhang Tie saw numerous soldiers of Hurricane Corps training themselves to the utmost. Looking in the distance, Zhang Tie saw battle-qi totems rising from the training ground. The fierce battle calls and collisions kept going.

    Zhang Tie just looked around as he listened to the introduction of the commissioned officers on his side.

    If it was not compared to that super demon corps, Hurricane Corps was a powerful force among all the human corps across Waii Sub-continent. The comprehensive quality and battle force of its commissioned officers and soldiers could definitely match the trump card of Norman Empire which had been dispatched to Selnes Theater of Operations.

    Zhang Tie felt pretty satisfied.

    They soon came to the training field of armored forces. This training field was below the hillside. Hundreds of armored vehicles and steaming tanks were running on the training field, causing the dust to cover the entire training field. There was a discarded armored vehicle in the middle of the training field which was taken as the target. When those armored vehicles and tanks rushed towards here, they all aimed and fired at the targeted vehicle...

    A broken-down steaming tank was parked on one side of the training field while the members of that tank were trying to repair it intensely. Zhang Tie then walked towards that broken-down tank, followed by all the commissioned officers of Hurricane Corps.

    "Stand at attention..." At the sight of so many commissioned officers, the captain with the rank of the second lieutenant who was repairing the tank with a sweaty face hurriedly issued an order to all the other members of that tank. Closely after that, he stopped what he was doing and stood at attention, causing a sound "Pah".

    "What's the matter with the tank?" Zhang Tie asked.

    That second-lieutenant platoon leader didn't know who was this young man. However, watching no other commissioned officers dared to speak, he knew that this young man had a great background.

    "Sir, something is wrong with the steam pressure-limit lock inside the turret of the tank. We're repairing it!" The second lieutenant looked a bit elder than 30. Although he was a white, short man, he had a loud voice.

    Zhang Tie nodded as something was wrong with the steam pressure-limit lock inside the turret of the tank. Therefore, the javelin-shaped ballistas were taken out of the tank and put on the ground beside the tank tidily.

    Zhang Tie picked one and weighed it in hand, "Can you penetrate through that targeted tank with this?"

    'Alright, just a newbie with some background who wants to take a visit to the camp of Hurricane Corps...'

    The second-lieutenant platoon leader complained inside; however, he dared not show his mood on his face; instead, he replied loudly, "No, sir, if we want to attack the armored target of the enemy, common steam ballistas are a bit weak. We can disable the maneuverability of the enemy's armored vehicles with customized gel flame ballistas."

    "Actually, as long as we've got enough strength and speed, even a common ballista could destroy an armored vehicle!" Zhang Tie said as he threw the ballista towards that abandoned armored vehicle over 1 mile away.

    With a thunder above the training field, it took the ballista less than 1 second to tear apart that target armored vehicle like a terrifying lightning bolt falling from the sky after flying over 1,000 m. Besides, that target flew dozens of meters away like a toy being kicked by a kid and turned into pieces completely...

    Besides, a big hole of over 3 m in width and over 2 m in depth formed at the ground where the armored vehicle had just stayed.

    After hearing the loud sound, all the armored vehicles and tanks which were training, scattered right away as their drivers thought the camp was suffering an attack. Watching them from afar, those armored vehicles were like tadpoles being scared away by a shark which suddenly intruded in the fish tank...

    The common ballista became destructive by Zhang Tie's hand.

    Those commissioned officers behind Zhang Tie and that second-lieutenant platoon both who had just answered Zhang Tie's question became dumbfounded as they trembled and felt breathless.

    With such a terrifying bow, even a LV 15 battle spirit would be killed right away.

    Elder Muray, the former corps leader of Hurricane Corps, also had such a great battle force. However, nobody could do it so easily.

    'Is this man the new corps leader?'

    Until then did all the commissioned officers of Hurricane Corps refresh their recognition of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie patted the dust off his hands as he smiled towards those commissioned officers, "Well, I've almost looked around the entire camp. Show me the conference room. Let's have a meeting. I will declare some decisions!"
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