Chapter 770: Three Lines

    Chapter 770: Three Lines

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    In a large conference room of Hurricane Corps, hundreds of commissioned officers were sitting still, chesting out and gazing at Zhang Tie.

    Many of them were guessing about the decisions that the new corps leader would make.

    Until then were many commissioned officers still immersed in Zhang Tie's lightning bolt-strike.

    There was a huge military battle map on the wall behind Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie watched that map with his back against the commissioned officers. After a short while, he took three colorful marker pens and drew three lines, one in red, one in yellow and one in green...

    The red line cut through the Kalay Mountain Range in the middle of Blackson Humans Corridor.

    The yellow line cut through the boundary between Jinyun Country and the north of Qilan Country.

    The green line cut through Yuanjiang River in the north of Huaiyuan Prefecture.

    Watching the 3 lines, all the commissioned officers became silent. Many of them even faintly frowned as they had no idea about the three lines.

    After dropping the colorful marker pens, Zhang Tie turned around and watched those commissioned officers of Hurricane Corps, "Two months later, the main force of Huaiyuan Palace will complete its evacuation from Waii Sub-continent. By then, our Hurricane Corps will become the last remaining force of Huaiyuan Palace on Waii Sub-continent. Many among you might wonder about the tasks of Hurricane Corps in the future. I will explain it to you in the simplest way!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie turned around and pointed at that red line, "Kalay Mountain Range is the watershed of Waii Sub-continent and will be the first battlefield of Hurricane Corps. In the future, when demons completely occupy the north of Waii Sub-continent, Kalay Mountain Range will be the last natural barrier for the demonized puppets corps to move southward. That was to say, countries in the south of Waii Sub-continent would definitely encounter a sharp collision with demonized puppets corps. Kalay Mountain Range would be the second Selnes Theater of Operations. However, due to its special terrain, few human troops could enter this region. My first requirement is that fighters above LV 9 across Hurricane Corps should divide into 3 batches. Each batch will enter Kalay Mountain Range in every 4 months so as to be familiar with the combat environment in Kalay Mountain Range. They could make preparations for the battle in the future. Kalay Mountain Range is the guerrilla battlefield of the fighters above LV 9 of Hurricane Corps. I authorize all the commanders of the 3 batches entering Kalay Mountain Range the right to make decisions at his will. In this region, you're absolutely free and don't have to listen to anyone's guidance. Everything on the battlefield will be determined by the commander according to the situation."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the commissioned officers at present were shocked. It meant that all the fighters above LV 9 entering Kalay Mountain Range could have a great freedom. What a right!

    "As for the region from the north of Jinyun Country to Kalay Mountain Range!" Zhang Tie said as he pointed at that region between the yellow line and the red line, "This is the second battlefield of Hurricane Corps. Demonized puppets corps have not been completely suppressed in this region. Sparse demonized puppets disasters still break out here and there. This region is the battlefield of the airship troop and maneuverability troop of Hurricane Corps. You only need to stick to one principle in this region--Hurricane Corps don't need to pay for the battle in this region. You can refer to how those mercenary groups adopt tasks or directly cooperate with those mercenary groups. I'm not interfering with the details!"

    After hearing this, a major general couldn't help but raise his hand. Zhang Tie nodded towards him. That major general stood up and asked, "Corps Leader Mushen, did you mean that our Hurricane Corps could take risks like those mercenary groups?"

    "Why not?" Zhang Tie had the commissioned officer take a seat before saying, "How could Hurricane Corps fight without money? What would fighters eat and drink without money? How would our equipment be maintained and updated without money? Huaiyuan Palace is not a charity that can save the entire Blackson Humans Corridor. If you can exterminate demonized puppets and save humans, you deserve to make money! Why couldn't we do that like mercenary groups? As a human corps, we will definitely disptach elite troops to kill demonized puppets for humans so as to safeguard the human barrier Kalay Mountain Range. I, on behalf of Huaiyuan Palace, declare that all the copper coins that Hurricane Corps make on the battlefield from today on will be kept and distributed freely in Hurricane Corps. You don't need to submit them to the clan."

    At the beginning, those commissioned officers thought that Zhang Tie was just a merciless clan knight. After hearing Zhang Tie's declaration, most of them exchanged a glance with each other before becoming excited. Nobody disliked money, emperors, pedlars or soldiers. 'If the corps leader really issued this order, Hurricane Corps will have a "bright" future.' As for the ability to exterminate demonized puppets, of course, Hurricane Corps was much powerful than those mercenary groups. Additionally, the honor of Hurricane Corps could not be matched by common mercenary groups.

    Speaking of money, the atmosphere across the conference room became different.

    Zhang Tie then pointed at the red line, "This area in the south of Yuanjiang River is the base that Hurricane Corps need to safeguard now as the 3rd battlefield of Hurricane Corps. On the 3rd battlefield, Hurricane Corps should maintain the security and order of the three cities. In the adjustment of the establishment of the corps, the troops that safeguard the three cities should strengthen their fielding ability and the ability to handle emergencies!" Zhang Tie then pointed at that red line on Yuanjiang River forcefully, "This red line on Yuanjiang River is the lifeline of our corps, Huaiyuan Palace will not have Hurricane Corps be their cannon fodder. Therefore, when the vanguard of demons arrives at Yuanjiang River, it will be time for the entire Hurricane Corps to leave Waii Sub-continent for Eastern Continent by sea. Hurricane Corps will not fight demons to the end on Waii Sub-continent. Whereas, we should also try our best to fight demons. If that day really arrives, I expect to see such a scene--Over 90% of commissioned officers and fighters in the corps are still alive. Additionally, as men, none of you is regretful as you've done what you should do. Some of you grow stronger, some have more money. We all stand on ships and erect our middle fingers towards those demon b*stards and shout loudly, 'The war has just come to a start, we've not been defeated yet!'"

    All the commissioned officers of Hurricane Corps immediately understood what they should do in the future.

    After figuring out the three lines which were drawn by their new corps leader, everybody in Hurricane Corps knew what they should do in the future. Each commissioned officer could see the future of Hurricane Corps. Due to the holy war, Hurricane Corps would be more powerful and more cohesive. Perhaps, they would have troubles, they would not lose their lives. This was rightly what each commissioned officer and soldier of Hurricane Corps looked forward to.

    With three lines, three battlefields and three tasks, the man had fixed the tone of this adjustment in the establishment of Hurricane Corps, namely, to be practical, free and intelligent.

    By then, all the commissioned officers of Hurricane Corps were conquered by this new corps leader.

    It was really Hurricane Corps' fortune to have such a nice corps leader from the battle force, means, intelligence and styles.

    After glancing over all the commissioned officers in the conference room, Zhang Tie asked, "Is there any more question?"

    All the commissioned officers then shook their heads at the same time.

    "Alright, you can go to work now!" Zhang Tie waved his hands like a class monitor who had just assigned the homework, "From today on, I will always cultivate in the moving palace of corps leader. You can handle the remaining things yourselves. Remember to give me a brief report about the corps in each half months. Don't report trivial things to me!"

    Of course, Hurricane Corps had its own running mechanism. Zhang Tie didn't want to waste time caring about those details. He only needed to determine the overall strategy for the corps. As a knight, the key was to improve his battle force. If he could promote to earth knight, it would be more powerful than having 10 corps. Of course, Zhang Tie would not lose the substance.

    After exchanging a glance with each other, the commissioned officers of Hurricane Corps stood up and gave a solemn salute to Zhang Tie. After that, all of them left the conference room except for a major general director and a senior colonel counselor of the moving palace of the corps leader. The two commissioned officers were both chief commanders in the moving palace of the corps leader of Hurricane Corps who were directly responsible for Zhang Tie.

    "Cousin, wait a second!" Zhang Tie uttered.

    After throwing a glimpse at Zhang Su, all the other commissioned officers left, including the major general director and the senior colonel counselor.

    Watching all the commissioned officers leaving the conference room, Zhang Su came to Zhang Tie's front in a bashful way. He didn't know what to call Zhang Tie, elder, corps leader or cousin...

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he patted Zhang Su's shoulder, "Do you believe that I could still steal food from the table before our family members start to eat at home? Do you believe that my mom could still pinch my ears and my nephew could still have a sh*t or pee on my head? Although being a knight, I'm also a human; I've also got my family members and brothers. If you keep acting in this way, I will complain to the other clan elders that you're discriminating elder!"

    With a faint smile, Zhang Su finally took off his cap in a bashful way as he scratched his hair, "Honestly, if you don't utter, I will not dare speak to you!"

    Zhang Tie replied with a big smile, "I returned to the old mansion last night. I had a supper and a good sleep there. After knowing that I would come to Hurricane Corps today and stay with you, the old man and all the other family members were reassured!"

    Zhang Su revealed a bitter smile, "My mom must have requested you to dispatch me out of the frontline troop. She was always worried about that before. With such a good chance, she would not give it up!"

    "Hahaha, son knows his mom well. Aunt has already told me about that. But I did not agree with her!"

    Zhang Su became faintly stunned as Zhang Tie's reply was out of his imagination.

    "I told aunt last night-- my elder brother is a righteous man, who's arrogant and unyielding. If you did this, you would destroy him. He would definitely be unhappy about what you did. However, If I did that, I was not taking care of him; instead, I was looking down upon him and would not be his brother from then on. Therefore, I can't promise you. As I'm his brother and idol and I want to continue to be his brother and idol, I won't interfere with his life in the camp, whether he was to be promoted or punished. If he fought to the death, as his brother, I will revenge for him by chopping off one demon knight's head and take it to sacrifice him!"

    Zhang Su's eyes turned red at once. However, he didn't drop off tears; instead, his smile became more brilliant. He patted Zhang Tie's shoulder forcefully for three times and said, "That's my good bro!"

    Zhang Tie then took out a medicament container and passed it to Zhang Su, "Take it!"

    "What's this?" Zhang Su asked out of curiosity.

    "I've made a lot in this rotating chakra ceremony. It contains some vials of high-performance medicament, which might be useful on the battlefield!" Zhang Tie found that Zhang Su was a bit hesitated. Zhang Tie then revealed an exaggerated look, "Are you expecting me to fight demons to death?"

    "Hahaha..." Zhang Su burst out laughing as he instantly grabbed that medicament container...


    After half an hour, being accompanied by the major general director and the senior colonel counselor, Zhang Tie came to the moving palace and took a look around there.

    As the moving palace of corps leader was where clan elders always lived and worked. Of course, it was not bad.

    The moving palace had a very good environment. Being located in a valley, it was like a park in the encampment of Hurricane Corps.

    The front part of this moving palace was where the corps leader worked while its latter part was where elders lived.

    The cultivation center of elders was in an underground palace below the residence of elders. The underground palace was designed as a strict military facility, which could prevent from alchemist's bombs.

    Zhang Tie was very satisfied with this environment.

    After saying something to the major general director and the senior colonel counselor, Zhang Tie entered the underground palace alone.

    When elders cultivated in the underground palace, the gate of the underground palace could only be opened from inside. Additionally, there was an emergency escape passage in the underground palace, which only elders knew about.

    This underground palace was over 100 m in depth. It was pretty hidden. If clan elders were cultivating here, nobody could wake them up unless through the special communication means from outside during an emergency.


    With a muffled sound "bang...", Zhang Tie closed the gate of the underground palace and locked the thick alloy gate from inside. After that, he started to look around this place carefully.

    This underground palace looked very strange in a very special structure. It was a colossal round space which covered tens of thousands of sqm. It looked like the Taichi diagram of Hua people. The yang part referred to the artificial building while the yin part maintained the look of a natural underground cave. The two parts felt pretty coordinated.

    On the side of the artificial building, there were a lot of rooms with different living functions. The space here was illuminated by many senior fluorescent stones on the walls. By contrast, the other side maintained a pitch-dark natural look.

    There were a lot of 1.7 m-high high-end crystal columns, which were placed here from outside. Due to the crystal generators, this underground palace contained a very active energy which felt pretty comfortable. Undoubtedly, one would maintain his best state when cultivating in such an environment.

    Besides those crystal columns, the ground of the other half of this underground palace was covered with sorts of plants which produced fresh oxygen without natural light. Due to the existence of those plants, the air in the underground palace was very fresh.

    Two brooks with different sources and flowing directions flew by those plants. There was a shoal of red petite fish swimming in each brook jubilantly while those plants' black pine nut-shaped fruits and exotic pedals which fell into the brook became their food.

    The water sources came from subterranean streams, which was drinkable. The fish was also special which was extremely picky and sensitive about their living environment. If something was wrong with the water, the fish would die firstly, sending a warning to the people who wanted to drink water. As there were two brooks, when one had a problem, the other one could be used as a substitute.

    When the underground gate was closed, the living materials here was available for a clan elder to cultivate up to 50 years here.

    Zhang Tie sensed the privilege as a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace once again. Such a place was luxurious for anyone who wanted to enter meditation here. Such a delicate, distinctive underground palace without any loophole in 100 m depth could not be made by common clans.

    After taking a round in the underground space, Zhang Tie became completely reassured.

    Zhang Tie saw 21 earth-element crystals shining a golden light on a stony table in a room of the artificial complex.

    After taking one, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. He waved his hand and transferred all the earth-element crystals into Castle of Black Iron. After that, he also entered Castle of Black Iron...

    Since he left for Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie had not entered Castle of Black Iron for a long time.

    'It has been over 50 days. It's time for me to enjoy the fruits of the small tree...' Zhang Tie thought.
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